Why is this player valaution so poor.

  1. Why is this player valaution so poor.

    he should be worth at least 20 million,i have 2 star players valued at that so whats causing this,has been a solid player for a few seasons for us.

  2. Why is this player valaution so poor.-valuation.jpg

  3. It could be that he hasn't played internationally yet. Also, is your club in the any European Competitions? How is he performing in those?

  4. We only qualified for the champions league this season , i entered the league with only a 4000 seater stadium so its been tough,i have 1 star players that has more value than this guy,juventus and other big teams want him, i haven't experienced this with any other player over the 50 past seasons,it must be a bug

  5. Fuck me you are in 2070?!!! I genuinely am lost for words for your capacity not to be bored stiff!

  6. I had the same problem with a regen goalkeeper, he was easily in the top 3 best keepers in the world but only valued £1.4m and was forced to sell him to Real Madrid for £4m. Was worth 10x that

  7. How's your club reputation that sometimes affects player values?

  8. I thought being in 2025 was good haha

  9. Does it matter? I mean if you're not going to sell him it doesn't matter what his value is.

  10. here he is 5 years laterWhy is this player valaution so poor.-marzoratti.jpg

  11. and the current PL table Why is this player valaution so poor.-lgetable.jpgNot bad for an 89 year old.Liverpool still haven't won the league....

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