Choosing an Affiliate.

  1. Choosing an Affiliate.

    Hey guys,

    just looking for some advice regarding the choosing of an affiliate club. I'm managing Nancy Lorraine and have just been promoted to Ligue 1. The board have let me choose an affiliate. We've got a 3 star reputation.

    Do my chosen club need to be a certain amount of stars less than me, for example is 2 stars not enough of a drop?

    Also, should I bare anything else in mind, such as their location as well as obviously their facilities?


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    from memory (so could be wrong) the stars doesn't matter because I vaguely remember having some of the big Brazilian clubs as an affiliate with Liverpool so it was a 4.5 star with a 4 star affiliate.

    The key thing for me is always facilities because you may wanna poach some youngsters and send some youngsters out there too. I remember in a Benfica save I had Anderlecht, Legia, PSV & Sofia as my affiliates and they constantly got to the group stages of the Champions League with the help of my youngsters so they benefited from that too. European football would be another strong consideration.

  3. It depends on what you're going to use the affiliate for, if you're loaning youngsters to the affiliate then you want the best of the bunch, if it's just for scouting or to sell merchandise then the star rating isn't too important.

  4. Depending on what you want in an affiliate ie developing your youth/getting work permits/local talent or commercial reasons will result in different things being important. If you want them for youth development/local talent or work permits then the facilities available are paramount, after all you don't want a potential star not developing due to shoddy coaching or a crap pitch. If it is for commercial gain then how wonderful the ground is less important than a large fan base.

  5. Thanks for the advice guys, it's very helpful

    i picked a 2 star team with great facilities but unfortunately didn't notice they already have 4 affiliates, so it was rejected

    got to wait now until the board let let me try again.

    Im planning on using it for developing my youngsters and for poaching decent prospects.

  6. Chose a 3 star Brazilian team with no affiliates and it didn't work sadly. I wish the board would let you instantly pick another club to try rather than waiting for months.

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