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Everything has gone wrong...

  1. Everything has gone wrong...

    ... I'm Portsmouth, I won the league in consecutive seasons (League 2 to the BPL), but after winning the BPL my team just crumbled and we were lucky to finish 4th. I trained a new tactic which worked well in preseason, but we lost the first league game 4-0...

  2. ...okay. And?

    If you are just unloading, there is a thread for that. If you are asking a question, its not clear what the question is.

    Success requires adaptation. The AI doesn't "learn" you tactic or anything so sophisticated. Rather, as your reputation goes up, the way they approach you changes because you are no longer the underdog. You become the favorite. Very much like we are seeing with Leicester right now in the Premier League. Last year, teams attacked them, they defended and countered with lethal efficiency. Now, teams sit back more and attack less, meaning Leicester have to find ways through and have more of the ball. It requires tactical adaption.
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