ITALIA - Foreign players

  1. ITALIA - Foreign players

    Morning Coaches,

    I'm here because of something breaking my mind.

    Short version: trying to sign another Brazilian player to my team. The transfert is always cancelled because I've reached the max of non-European players (which is 2 players).

    I can't find who are these damn players. Here is my team: Camero, Magro, Nem, Miguel & Matheus are in the main team, in the same time, why now I can't recruit another Brazilian guy ?

    Already try to sell 2 of them, still impossible to recruit Luis.

    In my U20 team, got two from USA, could they be the trouble ?


    ITALIA - Foreign players-20170218121012_1.jpg

  2. Look at your transfer history for the season and you'll see the non-EU players you bought. Since you're in the summer, just wait for the transfer window to open and the cap will be reset.

    Edit: Also, selling players won't affect the cap. The cap is purely on players bought, not net player movement.
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