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  1. 1995/96

    Season 1995/96 database for FM16
    First completed/final version 1.01:
    Tested few times, should work

    Please use 16.3.0 patch with our file

    We suggest using the European competition file: European Old Cups 90s

    What’s done:
    All the people were deleted (exception: physios).
    4553 players added
    Leagues that should be playable: Polish, Scottish, English, German and French.
    What’s done in “playable” leagues: players are added (basic info, abilities, potential, position, some attributes), coaches added, some stadiums changed, referees added.
    Leagues that have a lot of players added: Italian and Spanish.
    Some players (with basic info only) from:
    - Champions League teams
    - USA, Canada, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and Argentina national teams.
    - Gremio

    Not done: league structure

    Graphics done by James (thank You once more):

    We tried to make it the most realistic possible. Exception: Marco Van Basten didn’t decide to end his career yet. We loved him too much And Gary Lineker and Alan Smith neither – it was asked by one of our friends who helped us with the database.
    Please test, comment and… have fun.
    We will see if it is possible to continue. The Editor is working VERY slowly with the number of changes that we’ve done.

    p.s sorry for my poor English.
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  2. are you lowering the playes home and world reputation? just so its more realistic and collymore doesnt gost 60 million


    richardkearney7, is it better now?
    Reputation and abilities:
    from 130-140 to 130
    from 140-150 to 138
    from 150-160 to 146
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  4. This is awesome! Great work so far. I wanted to see if you're planning on carrying on with it? As I'm sure you are aware there's plenty more players to add for South America, Scandanavia etc. No Ronaldinho? The only other thing I would say is that some of the CA/PA are a tad high. But this is the best retro database I've seen in years so great work!

  5. Thanks for comments.
    Yes, in our plan, there are a lot of players to be added.
    Ronaldinho - ok, we will add him.
    Scandinavia and South America - not whole leagues, but the best teams and players - yes. (Yesterday, some IFK Goteborg and Rosenborg players were added.)

  6. Fantastic, I have not looked through too much as I have not had the time, but have you added key attributes such as David Beckham being a good free kick taker perhaps a 15/20 at this point? or Ryang Giggs preffered move to 'run with ball down left' for example?

    Also, when do you think it will be complete?

  7. When it will be complete? Honestly, never There is so much to do. We have fun adding players and we hope that some leagues will be playable. And then, we will continue to add other players

    Key attributes - it depends of the league, of a player, etc. and we've lost some data in the transfer from FM2015 to FM2016.

  8. Cool! any chance of latest file?


    Latest version
    A lot of Serie A players added

    Help needed with graphics (kits, logos, facepacks, etc.)

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