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Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'
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  1. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'

    After all most 10 months away (albeit the odd short save here and there) I have decided to throw myself straight back into FM and what better way to do so then with a story.

    After hours of deliberating I come to the conclusion I have no idea who to begin my first save with this year. With that in mind I have decided that rather than pick a team to focus my story around with set objectives, I would rather put all focus on my manager’s story. That way if I find I start to lose interest, I will just resign and move on.

    Manager Bio

    Name: ‘Bullardinho’
    Age: 28
    Born: London
    Favourite Team: Newcastle
    Traits: Determined, Outspoken, Motivated, Ruthless, Borderline Sociopath.
    Preferred Playing Style: High intensity, Hard tackling, Organised.
    Managers Moto: ‘If it aint broke, you obviously didn’t hit him hard enough, stamp on the c**t!’

    So as you can tell, our man is going to be a no-nonsense kind of manager. He isn’t going to take any prisoners and he will not accept failure.

    Although I would normally start at the bottom with a save like this, I am not sure Mr Bullardinho would get very far without at least some credentials to back him up. With that being said, I am going to give him a bit of experience and a few qualifications and see where he ends up.

    Will ‘The Bully’ make it to the higher echelons of world football, or will his career sink faster than Ron Atkinsons after ‘that incident’..

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  2. Managers Profile

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Profile.jpg
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ID:	1081583

    So there we have it, 'The Bully'. Doesn't look particularly menacing but rumor has it is could kill a man with just a stare. At the moment his profile looks relatively balanced but I am sure over time we will see some radical changes. I also like that his only disliked personnel is currently David Moyes, I would like to think it's not only because he is a Sunderland manager, but also because he is such a wet lettuce.

    Opening Offers


    Click image for larger version

Name:	Coventry Offer.jpg
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ID:	1081584

    Shrewsbury Town

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Shrewsbury Offer.jpg
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ID:	1081585

    Admitidly neither of them really appeal to me but everyone has to start somewhere. The first thing I am going to look at is there determination, aggression and bravery.. I don't want a team of pussys!

  3. 7th October 2016 - Still Unemployed


    • Coventry Reject Bullardinho in favour of Stuart Pearce - The Coventry chairman decided to go for 'The Physco' instead of 'The Bully'.
    • Bullardinho Turns Down Shrewsbury Approach - The club just wasn't the right place for me to begin my career.

    Current Insecure Jobs

    Aston Villa
    Aue (German 2nd Division)
    Racing Club de Lens

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  4. 20th November 2016

    Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    The Bully Takes Charge at Kaiserslautern

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Kaiserslautern News.jpg
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ID:	1081731

    So after being unemployed for a few months, I received several offers in the space of 2 weeks, the most appealing being Bury in League 1 and Kaiserslaurten in the German 2nd Division. Given the gulf in class between the two clubs, the difference in the contract offered and the fact that the german outfit are full of determined, aggressive and hard working lads, this decision was a no brainer.

    Media Reaction

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Media 1.jpg
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ID:	1081736

    People don't exactly seem too convinced by my appointment, fuck 'em I am gonna have some fun!

    Club Overview


    Click image for larger version

Name:	league 1.jpg
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ID:	1081740


    Click image for larger version

Name:	results 1.jpg
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ID:	1081742

    My Key Players

    Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-moritz.jpgBullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-ring.jpgBullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-przybylko.jpg

    All three of these lads show very good aggression, determination, work rate and teamwork, they are gonna be the back bone to my team. Unfortunately our all centre-backs lack in these departments, so I will certainly be looking to bring in some replacements with a little more steel.

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  5. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    First Match

    Stuttgart (3rd) Vs Kaiserslaurten (17th)

    Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-foto.jpg


    Click image for larger version

Name:	Stuttgart.jpg
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ID:	1081780

    Yeah OK we were playing one of the strongest sides in the league, but that is no excuse, we was shocking in this game. After I gave them a right kick up the ass, they did seem to improve in the second half but it still wasn't enough. Much improvement needed!

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  6. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    December Results

    Click image for larger version

Name:	december results.jpg
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ID:	1081790

    After our poor showing in my first game in charge some changes were definitely needed, I had to be fair to the players and admit that my tactics probably weren't right against Stuttgart. I decided to focus solely on defending and being hard to break down. It clearly worked with our first back to back wins of the season, the second coming against 4th place Heidenheim. The result to St. Pauli was infuriating as we dominated the game but failed to take our chances. As a result 3 players have been banished to the 2nd team until they can prove to me they deserve a place in my team.

    League Table

    Click image for larger version

Name:	league 2.jpg
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ID:	1081794

    Well despite the fact we have won 2 of our 4 games since I joined, we now sit bottom of the league as we go into the month long mid-season break. Many changes needed and a overhaul may be required.

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  7. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    First Signing

    Gokhan Gul - £190k

    Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-g%C3%B6khan-g%C3%BCl1.jpg

    Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-gokhan-gul.jpg

    At only 18, Gokhan has his whole career ahead of him and he already has some really decent stats. He fits the bill for the type of players I am looking for and I hope he can become a key player for us.

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  8. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    January Transfers

    Click image for larger version

Name:	transfers.jpg
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ID:	1082269

    These are the band of men who I have entrusted to rejuvenate our season. I know a little about Joao and McManaman from English football, I know both have a little bit about them. Schulz is a quick left wing back who shows great determination, aggression and a high work rate. Kalmar is not traditionally my kind of player but we needed a bit of back up in the attacking midfield department and the options in the market were limited.

    Mid-Season Friendly Results

    Click image for larger version

Name:	friendlies.jpg
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ID:	1082271

    I decided I wanted to keep the players fresh during our mid-season break and to set up a few friendlies against competitive opposition, especially as I was yet to find our best formation/line up. Goals were seemingly hard to come by, apart from a superb 22 minutes against Liberec which saw us come back from 2-0 down to win 3-2. I learnt a little about the team during this break, I am confident that with a few tweaks to our tactics and the new additions, we should show some improvements in the second half of the season and easily avoid relegation.

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  9. Good story mate enjoying it so far.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Tobey Mason View Post
    Good story mate enjoying it so far.
    Cheers mate

  11. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    February Results

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Feb Results.jpg
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ID:	1082274

    Looks like the break away from competitive fixtures did us the world of good. Two superb back to back wins upon our return from the winter break were top notch. Our defence was organised, tough, resolute and fearless, we restricted our opposition to minimal chances and our attack was lethal on the counter.
    Even the cup loss to Dortmund was superb, of course they were the better side on the day, but we dug our heels and gave them a match, I was very proud of the performance. The following two games were disappointing, a sending off from our captain Ring was a big factor in the loss to Sandhausen, although I can’t really blame the lad, it is an occupational hazard with the way I set the team up and my instructions to him are designed to live close to the edge.
    Despite the fact we come out on top in our ‘6 pointer’ match against Lions, this result has been marred by a post-match altercation between myself and the club captain Ring following yet another sending off in what was his first match back from suspension. Alexander has since requested to leave the club, I am hoping we can resolve this issue but for now he shall be training with the reserves.

    League Table

    Click image for larger version

Name:	LEague 3.jpg
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Size:	130.4 KB
ID:	1082276

    Our decent form including 3 wins out of 5 in the league sees us leap-frog our way out of the relegation zone. I will not accept anything less than a solid mid-table finish now. Arguably the hardest part was getting us out of that sinkhole, now we are only six points off 6th place, I expect us to continue our climb and push for top half.

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  12. I like the challenge you 've picked and also the layout of your story. I will be following !
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by kolas79 View Post
    I like the challenge you 've picked and also the layout of your story. I will be following !
    Thanks very much. I appreciate the follow!

  14. This is an interesting idea and one I've followed on previous FM saves where I've not known who to manage and have therefore tried to live by some managerial characteristics. I'll defiantly be keeping an eye on this save!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by neavie pops23 View Post
    This is an interesting idea and one I've followed on previous FM saves where I've not known who to manage and have therefore tried to live by some managerial characteristics. I'll defiantly be keeping an eye on this save!
    Cheers dude. Yeah it was just too difficult to choose this year, I am happy with my choice so far though, I am enjoying the challenge of Kaiserslautern.

  16. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    March - Mid-April


    Click image for larger version

Name:	March april.jpg
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Size:	66.4 KB
ID:	1082478

    March started off with a bitterly disappointing defeat to Braunschwig, we let in a sloppy early goal via a mistake from Stipe Vucur, usually I would have chastised the offender but Vucur has been superb this season. I berated the team at half time and this seemed to have the desired effect as we equalised shortly after the restart, only to concede again through another lapse in concentration late in the game.

    Next up was the derby against Karlsruhe and the clash between myself and their manager Tomas Oral. Whilst this derby is not a local one, nor is it particularly historic, it didn’t stop me and Mr Oral going at it like we were McGregor-Diaz. The Karlsruhe boss started this tit-for-tat war of words and I think it is fair to say I won it. We were far superior to the team that was somehow sitting in a flattering 2nd place. Everyone played well but loanee Lucas Joao was superb.

    Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-oral-comments.jpg

    Dresden were our next opponents before yet another 2 week break, I wanted to make sure we secured a win here no matter how we got there. We defended resolutely, we controlled large periods of the game and once Gul and taken the lead shortly after the break (after another dressing room bollocking) we always looked like we would go on to win.

    Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-moritz-injury-1.jpg

    Some sad news during the two week break. Moritz is a good player and this injury means we will need to rely on club captain Alexander Ring, to fill that void. Ring has only made a handful of sub appearances since our falling out, this could be his opportunity to redeem himself.

    Despite being top of the league, Hannover were in poor form, in fact we were there only win in their previous 5 matches. We did battle well and I can’t fault the team for that. Not much else I can say really and the team performed to my expectations.

    The game at Dusseldorf has to be my favourite since I took over at the Fritz-Walter-Stadion. After going 1-0 up early on, we were soon down to 10 men after an early sending off for Daniel Halfar. We then conceded two goals before half time and things were looking bleak. I cannot repeat what was said in that changing room at half time, but the comeback speaks for itself. The effort from those 10-men after the break was second to none, they chased everything, won every second ball and played as if we had the extra man. Games like this are the reason I wanted to be a manager.

    The thumping of Bielefeld typified our current form. We were sharp, we defended with courage, we attacked with purpose and we played with passion. Lucas Joao was superb again as his grabbed his first hat trick for the club, but all of it was possible thanks to our resolute defence, Gokhan Gul in particular has been a revelation since I signed him in January.

    League Table

    Click image for larger version

Name:	league 4.jpg
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Size:	134.1 KB
ID:	1082481

    At this point our 2.Bundesliga status was looking pretty secure for next season. Our recent results actually make us the joint second most inform team in the league, I wonder where we would have been had I have taken over at the beginning of the season.

    Remaining Fixtures

    Click image for larger version

Name:	remaining fixtures.jpg
Views:	1375
Size:	34.7 KB
ID:	1082482

    A mixed bag for our last four matches of the campaign. I think 6 points from the final 12 available would be a good result but every side is beatable in this league in my opinion.

    Last edited by Bullardinho; 26/10/2016 at 09:13 AM.
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  17. Name:  images.png
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    Club Captain Confirms Exit

    Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-csm_alex_ring_d426c0107c.jpg

    So it looks like we are going to have to accept that Alexander Ring is unwilling to back down following our disagreement early on in the season. I am not upset that we are losing Alex as he hasn't really made any impact since my arrival, I am more annoyed that we are not going to benefit financially from his departure. Ring is free to leave the club at the end of the season due to the expiration of his contract and he is not willing to settle any differences. So be it, whilst it is a shame to lose a player of his quality, I will not stand for petulance in my team, it's my way or the highway.
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  18. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    Final Results

    Click image for larger version

Name:	final results.jpg
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Size:	38.6 KB
ID:	1082498

    I may have underestimated Wurzburg coming in to this match, maybe a little over confidence on our part or maybe just naivety, they were playing for their survival and they can count for a lot. I think both teams defended well and created some decent opportunities, although we did create the better and we really should have taken the 3 points from this one.

    The result at Nurnberg was decent, they were competing for a playoff place going into the game and they never even looked like challenging us, we were now unbeaten in four and looking like a top side. Lucas Joao’s goal now makes him our top scorer this season with 9 goals, quite a feat considering he only joined us on loan in January.

    The last two results of the campaign against Stuttgart and Heindenheim were disappointing and I feel they have undone all our hard work in the second half of the season. We could have finished with high spirits and high confidence, instead we will go into the summer break with a lot to think about. To be fair Stuttgart won the league with victory over us but the emphatic nature of the result is what irks me most. That’s three games out of the final four without scoring and that will certainly be reviewed over the summer.

    Final League Table

    Click image for larger version

Name:	final league.jpg
Views:	1366
Size:	137.4 KB
ID:	1082499

    So that's what the final 2.Bundesliga table looks like. I am a little disappointed as I feel we really should have been finishing in the top half after our strong resurgence, but it is what it is. There will be a large overhaul of the squad this year as I really want to give the team a strong identity. I know that if we can get the right players in, with a strong spine to the team, we will push for promotion next term.

    Next up - Season Review

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  19. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    End of Season Awards

    Click image for larger version

Name:	awards.jpg
Views:	1367
Size:	104.9 KB
ID:	1082502

    I do not know who it was that decided the Team of Year but I strongly disagree with many inclusions. LB has to be Nico Schulz, the lad has been a superb addition on loan. Gokhan Gul has been our second best player since joining and fully deserves the other CB place next to Vucur. Lastly Lucas Joao has not only scored more than Przybylko in less games, but he has made twice the impact. As for Thilo Kehrer winning second place in the Fans Player of the Season, I am lost for words.

    Board Confidence Review

    Click image for larger version

Name:	confidence review.jpg
Views:	1361
Size:	72.4 KB
ID:	1082503

    So the board overall seem happy with the way the I have performed my duties in the past 6-7 months, which I think is fair considering all they asked of me was to avoid relegation and I did that with ease. Notably the squads harmony isn’t great, that’s probably fair given my temperament and my managerial style, I hope to change that though as I look to bring in more players that fit my mentality.

    Social Media Reaction

    Click image for larger version

Name:	social media2.jpg
Views:	1358
Size:	75.0 KB
ID:	1082504

    The fans seem happy with our season as a whole, although Daniel Kischel is right, its been a funny old season for the Red Devils. I am hoping to provide them with much greater stability for the duration of next season.

    Managers Player of the Year
    Gokhan Gul

    Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-g%C3%B6khan-g%C3%BCl1.jpg

    My PotY award goes to Gokhan Gul. This young 18 year has come into our side and played with the ability and experience of a 30 year old. He has a good football brain, he is aggressive, strong and resolute. I will be aiming to tie him down for the next 5 years as I look to build my team around this exciting talent.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	social media.jpg
Views:	1345
Size:	71.0 KB
ID:	1082515

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  20. Enjoying it... looking forward to see who you sign
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  21. Quote Originally Posted by Jakeyboy56 View Post
    Enjoying it... looking forward to see who you sign
    Cheers mate. I am going to be spending many hours scouting the world for the right additions.
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  22. Qualification Completed

    Click image for larger version

Name:	qualification.jpg
Views:	1379
Size:	42.8 KB
ID:	1082525

    After 6 months of studying, I have completed my Continental B License in coaching. I have immediately requested for the funding to study my Continental A License which was approved.

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  23. This is great mate. Coaching badges are a must to get a great team or at least be considered by them.
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  24. Quote Originally Posted by Tobey Mason View Post
    This is great mate. Coaching badges are a must to get a great team or at least be considered by them.
    Cheers buddy. I always make sure I gain as many qualifications as possible, luckily Kaiserslaurten are in a good financial position so the funding isn't an issue.

  25. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    Transfer Budget

    Click image for larger version

Name:	transfer budget.jpg
Views:	1327
Size:	31.3 KB
ID:	1082705

    I am pretty pleased with the budget I have been given, although I don't plan to spend all of it. I will mainly be looking at bringing in players who are out of contract or on loan, I will only be spending if I feel the individual will be a sound investment for the future. We have a total of 13 players leaving at the end of the season due to their contract expiring, but that doesn't mean we will be left short, the first team will stay largely intact.

    The majority of the lads we had on loan last season have signed a new deal to extend their stay for another season, with the exception of Lucas Joao, Zsolt Kalmar and Callum McManaman. Also with the loss of our former Captain Alexander Ring, that meant we had quite a few positions to fill.

    Shopping List

    This is not necessarily a must but I do feel we need to improve in this area if we are to push for promotion current

    An absolute must, thanks to the fall out with Ring, I spent the whole of last season rotating two centrebacks in the DM role, which is not ideal.

    This is a role that was predominantly filled by Kalmar and McManaman last term. whilst I do still have decent options, it wouldn't hurt to improve.

    I did try to re-sign Joao for another term but Wednesday had increased their demands a little to much for my liking. Przybylko is our only genuine option and he isn't enough of a threat.

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  26. Name:  images.png
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    Gul Signs New Deal

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Gul contract.jpg
Views:	1330
Size:	89.2 KB
ID:	1082707

    Sitting down with Gokhan, I could tell instantly he wanted to extend his stay here at the Fritz-Walter-Stadion. I can tell this lad is going to be a special player for this club and I am delighted he has agreed to stay. I have a lot of respect for the kid and I can tell the feeling is mutual. I was unfortunately unable to extend to deal any further than 3 years and his agent was adamant that an £8m buyout clause must be included, not ideal but I can always renegotiate at a later date.

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  27. Name:  images.png
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Size:  7.9 KB

    Khedira Signs For 'Red Devils'

    Name:  177939.jpg
Views: 1331
Size:  21.4 KB

    Rani Khedira - Free

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Khedira.jpg
Views:	1330
Size:	98.3 KB
ID:	1082711

    Obviously not the ex-Real Madrid and World Cup winning Sami Kehdira, but instead his slightly less talented younger brother Rani Khedira. Rani is still a player with potential, he has already tasted 1.Bundesliga football with Stuttgart and RBL, and was previously part of the RBL side that won promotion from 2.Bundesliga in the 2015-2016 season. He has all of the characteristics I look for in a player and also fills the much needed DM position on my shopping list.

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  28. Name:  2-bundesliga-germany-football.png
Views: 1324
Size:  18.2 KB

    New Season Odds

    Click image for larger version

Name:	odds.jpg
Views:	1325
Size:	119.0 KB
ID:	1082727

    So we are 3rd favourites behind the two sides that were relegated from the Bundesliga last season, I think that's fair enough especially considering the talent Bremen have at their disposal. I was surprised considering I am yet to strengthen the side from last season. Maybe our strong showing in the second half of last season has a lot to do with SkyBets promotion odds.

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  29. Name:  images.png
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Size:  7.9 KB

    Rodriguez Moves to Fritz-Walter-Stadion

    Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-francisco.jpg

    Francisco Rodriguez - £300k

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Rodriguez.jpg
Views:	1312
Size:	91.4 KB
ID:	1082737

    I needed an AMC to push for the first team and ‘cisco fits the bill. Another youngster living in the shadow of an older sibling, this time being the Wolsfburg left wing-back Ricardo Rodriguez . He has a good combination of decent technical abilities, along with good aggression, a high work rate and great natural fitness. He isn’t the most determined player, neither is he the best decision maker, but he is still young and I am hoping he will develop those skills in time. Also it seems to have been a good piece of business financially with his value shooting right up to £1.8m.

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  30. Meeting notes - Patrick Ziegler


    Patrick Ziegler (PZ)
    Bullardinho (B)

    B – Hi Pat, please come in. I understand you have some concerns you wish to raise with me?

    PZYes boss, I am worried about the strength of our attack for the upcoming season, we have lost Lucas and with Kacper being our only other frontman in the team, where can we expect the goals to come from?

    B – Ok, I understand your concerns, but between myself, our DoF and our terrific scouting network, we are looking at our possible options.

    PZI get that but the season will be upon us soon and all I keep hearing is rumours that our potential targets are rejecting us for other clubs.

    B – Listen, I have the situation under control. You shouldn’t be listening to rumours, I am your manager and I am telling you we have excellent targets in the pipeline and we should be seeing a new forward join us imminently.

    PZOk that’s understood. I want to make my position clear though, if we do not sign a forward soon, I may be looking to move on to a club that can match my ambitions!

    B – Is that a threat Patrick?.. You have said all you have to say now get back to training.

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  31. Name:  images.png
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Size:  7.9 KB

    Transfer Update

    Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-patrick-ziegler.jpg

    After our previous meeting, I placed Patrick on the transfer list with immediate effect and offered his services to all clubs. I am not going to accept that kind of petulance from any player, let alone one on the fringes of the first team. Luckily 1.Bundesliga side Freiburg come in with an offer matching his value and I think all parties were happy with the deal. Whilst Patrick was correct, we do need another forward and I do have plans to bring one in, I will not allow any of my staff member to offer me an ultimatum.
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  32. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    Pre-season Friendlies

    Click image for larger version

Name:	friendly results.jpg
Views:	1200
Size:	39.4 KB
ID:	1082900

    I am pretty pleased with pre-season friendly results, although I cannot take any credit as I left these four matches down to my assistant. The team are already familiar with our formation, tactics and playing style, I wanted to concentrate on securing new additions to the squad for the new season. We only have 8 days left to go now and with Kacper Przybylko injured during our match against Aachen, we have been left with Osayamen Osawe as our only option up top. Hopefully we will be able to announce a deal for a new No. 9 shortly.

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  33. Name:  images.png
Views: 1187
Size:  7.9 KB

    Red Devils Finally Sign Forward

    Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-quaschner_portrait_02.jpg

    Nils Quaschner - £650k

    Click image for larger version

Name:	quashner.jpg
Views:	1205
Size:	88.3 KB
ID:	1082927

    After weeks of searching, countless meetings and several unsuccessful negotiations, I can finally announce Nils Quaschner will join us on a permanent deal from RBL. Nils was loaned out to Bochum last season and did well, grabbing 10 league goals, assisting 6 times in the process, although I am hoping he will be more prolific for us this term. He has all of the required attributes to fit into our team and I know he will be a good addition to our attacking options.

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  34. Name:  images.png
Views: 1166
Size:  7.9 KB

    Three More New Faces

    Louis Thompson - Free

    Click image for larger version

Name:	thompson.jpg
Views:	1184
Size:	91.1 KB
ID:	1082929

    Hendrik Bonmann - £60k

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bonmann.jpg
Views:	1182
Size:	93.4 KB
ID:	1082930

    Korbinian Vollman - £1.2m

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Vollman.jpg
Views:	1177
Size:	92.8 KB
ID:	1082931

    With these three signings finalised, I can’t see us requiring any further additions. I have easily filled the DMC position now with the addition of Khedira and now the young Welsh midfielder Louis Thompson. Although Hendrik Bonmann isn’t necessarily ready for the first team but he is still young and could possibly challenge Andre Weis for the No.1 spot in the future. Lastly Korbinian Vollman comes in to add to our already strong wide attacking options, I feel we may have overpaid a little on this one but options were limited and we needed more depth.

  35. Captain Announcement

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Captain.jpg
Views:	1168
Size:	22.7 KB
ID:	1082932

    I was left with a bit of a dilemma over the captaincy after the departure of Alexander Ring. Whilst our team is now full of extremely determined and strong individuals, not many are natural born leaders, that is except for Gokhan Gul. At the premature age of just 19 years old, I feel this season would be too early to heap that kind of pressure on him, so for now he shall be named the Vice-Captain with the aim of promotion next season. Marlon Frey is for now our best candidate, although it isn’t ideal as he is only on loan. He has been with us for the whole of last season and I am hoping that Gul will be ready to step up by the time Frey returns to his parent club.
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  36. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    July Results

    Click image for larger version

Name:	july results.jpg
Views:	1163
Size:	19.3 KB
ID:	1082941

    We began our league campaign with a terrific win against Aue. Nils Quaschner had a debut to remember, I’m not sure on the records but his first goal must have to go down as one of the fastest goals scored by a debutant in 2.Bundesliga history. He soon followed up with a second just before the 30’ mark. Nils could of have grabbed a hat-trick on two separate occasions but for the woodwork and a good save from their ‘keeper. Great debut from the lad and a very professional win.

    Quaschner grabbed yet another early goal in the win against Sandhausen, continuing his fantastic start for the club. We continued to play well for the remainder of the first half, carving out some decent opportunities. Sandhausen started well after the break, grabbing a goal back 2 minutes after the restart. We didn’t let that affect us though as we pegged them straight back with a well-placed freekick from Zoltan Stieber. From there we saw out the rest of the match with consummate professionalism and the 2nd win of the season was ours.

    League Table

    Click image for larger version

Name:	League table july.jpg
Views:	1164
Size:	120.8 KB
ID:	1082942

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  37. really enjoying this so far, hope you can pull them up to the next division
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  38. Quote Originally Posted by dporter8999 View Post
    really enjoying this so far, hope you can pull them up to the next division
    Cheers mate. I am hopeful we can gain promotion in some way, even if its through the playoffs.

  39. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    August Results

    Click image for larger version

Name:	August results.jpg
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Size:	33.9 KB
ID:	1083027

    A mixed set of results in August, starting with our cup exit at the hands of Aue. I fielded a rotated side for this game as I wanted to concentrate fully on the league this season, that being said it wasn't a bad performance.

    The 1-0 win to Heidenheim was another one of those results I find particularly satisfying. After we controlled large parts of the first half, Nils grabbed his fourth goal of the season just before the half time whistle. From then on it was about making sure we kept our composure and didn't give them the opportunity to get back into the game. Such was our domination, Heidenheim didn't manage a shot on target all game.

    Our game against Augsburg should have been our first real test for the season, I was hoping it would be a good measure on how realistic the prospect of promotion could be for us. Unfortunately it turns out right back Philipp Mwene had other ideas, 3 minutes into the game he got sent off for a reckless challenge, I am all for full blooded tackles but this was ridiculous. From that moment we was up against it and we never really had any chance of taking anything from the game.

    The victory at Braunschweig was a decent one, it was good to get back to winning ways after our last outing. Whilst there was several positives, the game was overshadowed by the sending off of Rani Khedira. It would be fair to say that my instructions are to cause for our recent disciplinary record, but the players themselves need to start taking some responsibility for their actions. Rani now has 4 yellow cards and 1 red in 5 matches. He will be fined and sent to the reserves for a couple of games.

    League Table

    Click image for larger version

Name:	August table.jpg
Views:	1144
Size:	123.5 KB
ID:	1083045

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  40. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    Last Minute Deal

    Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-ainsley_maitland-n_3285810b.jpg

    Ainsley Maitland-Niles - Free

    Click image for larger version

Name:	maitland-niles.jpg
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Size:	92.3 KB
ID:	1083234

    Ainsley may not set the world alight but he does appear to have a fair amount of potential. This deal does go against my preferred criteria but I was willing to take a chance on this occasion, the worst case scenario being we could possibly make some profit in the future.

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  41. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png



    Click image for larger version

Name:	sept results.jpg
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Size:	46.5 KB
ID:	1083239

    A fantastic unbeaten month in September, scoring 11 goals in 4 games without our man of the moment Nils Quaschner, who was ruled out for four weeks with a training injury. I was proud of each performance but the best result for me has to be the derby win against Karlsruhe. We was 2-0 down at half time and the team was performing way below par, I flipped in that dressing room, giving them the grilling of a life time. Needless to say they come out in the second half with a point to prove and with that the rest was history.

    League Table

    Click image for larger version

Name:	sept league.jpg
Views:	1170
Size:	126.8 KB
ID:	1083240

    A gap is opening up already at the top and I definitely did not expect us to start our league campaign so well. With Bremen clearly way off the boil, I think my main competition will obviously be Hamburg St.Pauli and Augsburg, both of whom I believe we can beat on our day. I we can hod onto our position through to the New Year, I strongly believe promotion is a real possibility.

    October Fixtures

    Click image for larger version

Name:	oct fixtures.jpg
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Size:	30.2 KB
ID:	1083241

    I think the league table may be misleading at this point of the season, there is no doubting that all four of these fixtures will be difficult. My minimum expectations are 7 points, if we exceed that I will be happy.

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  42. Great stat to the season and fingers crossed you can keep the form and momentum going. Then again I'm sure with your high standards you won't settle for anything else!
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  43. Quote Originally Posted by neavie pops23 View Post
    Great stat to the season and fingers crossed you can keep the form and momentum going. Then again I'm sure with your high standards you won't settle for anything else!
    Thanks mate. It’s not been a bad start to the season but this league is a strange one. Bremen and Augsburg are by far the best teams in the league, especially with Augsburg have Villas-Boas as manager now, yet both are under performing so far. I have faith in the team but our current disciplinary record and injuries may have a huge part to play.
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  44. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    October Results

    Click image for larger version

Name:	oct results.jpg
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Size:	36.0 KB
ID:	1083487

    Not quite the minimum 7 points I had set out to achieve prior to start of October. Our squad has been severely hampered by niggling injuries throughout the month, Quaschner suffering 2 separate injuries, Przybylko out for 2 weeks, Dittgen 3 weeks and Kerk 2 weeks. To top it all off I received the news that one of our best players so far this season Daniel Halfar will now be out for 3 months.

    Our disciplinary record hasn’t been much better, Reni Khedira was missing for most of the month after receiving a one match suspension for receiving his 5th yellow of the season against Dusseldorf, to then receive another red against Bielfield. A meeting will be held shortly and his place in the squad is at risk. Gokhan Gul and Phillip Mwene also received one match bans for receiving their 5th yellow card.

    Anyway, back to the results. Based on statistics, we should have won all four games this month, unfortunately the only statistic we didn’t come out on top of for the first 3 matches was the most important one. We managed an impressive shot total of 27 against Bremen, together with a not so impressive 6 on target, evidently we had to play a full 90 minutes without a recognised forward.

    Surprisingly our squad was at its most depleted against Bielefeld, with our back-up LB playing on the right, our 4th choice CB playing CDM and MoM Nils Quaschner starting the game at 87% fitness. We still dominated the game and I was relieved we finally picked up 3 points in October.

    League Table

    Click image for larger version

Name:	oct league.jpg
Views:	1122
Size:	129.4 KB
ID:	1083501

    Luckily the majority of our rivals have also been slipping up in October, with the exception of Augsburg who appear to have stepped it up a gear and are now pushing us for the second automatic promotion spot.

    November Fixtures

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Nov fictures.jpg
Views:	1113
Size:	26.4 KB
ID:	1083502

    Next month is going to be a difficult one, with Dresden and Nurnberg being two of the most inform teams in the league. I believe we should be taking the full 9 points, however as of yet we have never managed to get more then two wins in succession.

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  45. Meeting Notes - Rani Khedira

    Click image for larger version

Name:	AACA-Meeting-Minutes-Banner.png
Views:	1098
Size:	25.0 KB
ID:	1083559


    Rani Khedira (RK)
    Bullardinho (B)

    RK – Hi Boss, you wanted to speak with me?

    B – Yes Rani, sit down. Right, I think you know why I have called you in. Your disciplinary record since you joined the club has been shocking, I want to know what we are going to do about it.

    RK – I am just following your instructions boss. You tell me to chase, to go in hard on tackles, to make a nuisance of myself. That is what I am doing, the cards are a consequence.

    B – That is bullshit Rani and you know it. How comes other lads who play in that holding role, with exactly the same instructions I might add, seem to be able to do the job just as effectively but without the bloody record you seem to pick up.

    RK – I do not know what to say. Maybe if you want to continue playing me you will need to change your tactics. Maybe I need a different role in the team.

    B – Maybe I need someone who can follow instructions? Maybe I need to find someone who is capable of playing the role of a defensive midfielder without putting the teams performances in jeopardy. Maybe I need a player with a little more between his ears.

    RK – I don’t know what you want from me, I am doing what you tell me. I cannot help that this style of play gets disciplined.

    B – Look Rani, you are a good player, one of our best, but you need to sort this out. Use your brain, tackling hard doesn’t mean a two footed challenge to the guys ankle, as much as I might enjoy that. I want you to be physical, but do so in an intelligent manner. I can’t keep playing you all the time you are picking up cards like a trainee magician. I’ve got to give you a rest from the first team for a few games, train hard, work with our coaching staff, play a couple with the reserves, if you don’t pick up any cards then I will bring you back into the fold in December.

    RK – Ok boss, I hope you keep your word if I follow your wishes. May I ask what will happen if I do what you ask, I come back to the team, but this style of play continues to get me cautioned?

    B – We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

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  46. Get him told! It would be great if you could actually tell players they were full of shit! Hopefully he will learn his lesson and curb the needless cards (especially the reds)
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  47. Quote Originally Posted by neavie pops23 View Post
    Get him told! It would be great if you could actually tell players they were full of shit! Hopefully he will learn his lesson and curb the needless cards (especially the reds)
    It would be great ay! The in-game conversation went a little like that, I was paraphrasing! Well the next update is coming up and I can confirm that Mr Khedira did indeed make a comeback to the first team.

  48. Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'-kaiserslauten_header.png

    November Results

    Click image for larger version

Name:	nov results.jpg
Views:	1048
Size:	29.1 KB
ID:	1083707

    Now maybe this is just me, or maybe this is a coincidence (I’m sure it is probably the latter), but ever since the Beta was updated, I just seem to have injury after injury. November saw Quaschner (again), Mwene, Dittgen (again) and Maitland-Niles all suffer more injuries, whilst Christoph Moritz has once again been subjected to another long-term absence, approx. 5-6 months (AGAIN!).

    Despite our luck, the squad seemed determined not to let that break us. Our match with Wurzburg was a difficult one, with key players either suspended, injured or banished to the reserves, our squad was depleted to say the least. When we went in 2-0 down at half time, I didn’t hold much hope. After a few choice words and a couple of changes, the team were re-energised and brought the game back level with two very well taken goals, we pushed for the third but it wasn’t to be.

    Going into both games, Dresden and Nurnberg were the two most in-form teams in the league. In truth we didn’t ‘dominate’ either match, we were of course the better side, creating more opportunities and having the better possession, but the deciding factor in each game was two players that put in an inspired performance. Kerk against Dresden and Przybylko at Nurnberg were outstanding, picking up MoM awards for their efforts and lifting to team back to the top of the league.

    League Table

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Nov league.jpg
Views:	1046
Size:	129.1 KB
ID:	1083710

    We are back to the top of the league for the time being, if we can hold this position going into the winter break then I will be over the moon with our first half of the campaign.

    December Fixtures

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Dec fixtures.jpg
Views:	1047
Size:	25.3 KB
ID:	1083713

    On paper our next match against St.Pauli would seem like the most difficult of our games in December, although such is the strange nature of this league, 19th place Paderborn are in better form then 3rd place Augsburg. With the squad being so depleted and the winter break just round the corner, I am just hoping we can get through December without losing top spot.

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  49. 7 points is a good return from those 3 games. Strange how you and St Pauli have had an almost identical record in terms of wins, draws and loses (all but one of your league tables show same results) but that should change when you meet them in December. Fingers crossed you manage to remain unbeaten and maybe open up a point of 3 gap at the top before you can strengthen in Jan.

  50. Quote Originally Posted by neavie pops23 View Post
    7 points is a good return from those 3 games. Strange how you and St Pauli have had an almost identical record in terms of wins, draws and loses (all but one of your league tables show same results) but that should change when you meet them in December. Fingers crossed you manage to remain unbeaten and maybe open up a point of 3 gap at the top before you can strengthen in Jan.
    Not a bad string of results at all, especially considering the state of the squad at the moment. I can’t wait for the January window. Well I have played through December and the league table is about to get even closer, I have never seen anything like it.

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