View Poll Results: Which other team would you like to see me take charge of alongside Newcastle

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  • Eric Cantona - Yeovil City

    6 15.79%
  • Nolberto Solano - Hartlepool United

    6 15.79%
  • Shola Ameobi - Gateshead

    5 13.16%
  • Jesper Grønkjær - FC København

    5 13.16%
  • Phillipe Albert - R.S.C Anderlecht

    1 2.63%
  • Santiago Muñez - unemployed

    14 36.84%
  • Other - please comment

    1 2.63%
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Help with my double save story

  1. Help with my double save story

    I've been playing FM for a number of years but after a few years absence (FM14 was my last save) I plan on going again this year.

    However, I will need your help choosing what to do.

    I'm a bit boring in that I always start off managing Newcastle and try to turn them into the best team in the most successful team in history. At some point in my save I add a 2nd team when I see a team that interests me in need of a manager (FC Copenhagen in FM12, winngin Europa League before turning Wigan into a top 4 premier league team - Winning promotion to League 2 with Gateshead in FM13 and being on course for promotion to League 1 before being poached by Norwich to save there Premier League status when they were bottom with 10 games remaining & finally, taken over a newly promoted Crystal Palace team and finishing 3rd and 4th in successive seasons before taking Monaco to the Champions League final before moving to the US of A and winning the MLS.)

    So this season, as well as trying to win promotion back to the premier league with Newcastle, what else should I do:
    • Eric Cantona taking over at Yeovil Town and getting them to the promising land.
    • Nolberto Solano going back to Hartlepool and trying to make them the number one team in the North East
    • Would you like to see if Shola Ameobi could finally help Gateshead into the football league and take on the big boys.
    • Jesper Grønkjær taking charge at FC København and staying with them until they win the Champions League and become a major European powerhouse
    • Phillipe Albert managing R.S.C Anderlecht becoming the undisputed kings of Belgium and dominate European football
    • or finally would you like the see the star of the Goal! films, Santiago Muñez take his first steps into football management, starting life unemployed and seeing if his rise in the managerial world is a meteoric as his "playing" career.

  2. Thanks for those who have voted so far.

    I plan on starting this on Friday afternoon after finishing work and reviewing the final vote. There is at present an out right leader of the vote but that can still all change with a few other stories still peaking interest.

    I did debate doing a Leeds story with David Batty but thought a dual save with both teams in the Championship would be a bit dull.
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  3. I voted Nobbie as he was always a player I enjoyed watching, although had Tino been an option there would have been no contest!

  4. How about having Cantona take charge of his first professional club (Auxerre currently in Ligue 2) and get him to make them French Champions and Champions League winners.
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  5. Voting over

    Thanks to everyone who voted, with only a few hours to go the results looks unlikely to change. Of the 37 votes cast, 14 (37.84%) have voted to see Santiago Munez being his managerial journey so this story will for the 2nd part of my double save story.

    Thanks again to those that voted. Just for info the poll looked like this:

    Santiago Munez - unemployed - 14 votes / 37.84%
    Eric Cantona - Yeovil - 6 / 16.22%
    Nolberto Solano - Hartlepool - 6 / 16.22%
    Jesper Gronkjaer - FC Kobenhavn - 5 / 13.51%
    Shola Ameobi - Gateshead - 4 / 10.81%
    Phillipe Albert - RSC Anderlecht - 1 / 2.70%
    Other (Eric Cantona - Auxuerre) - 1 / 2.70%

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