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Dans Journey Around the World [Take ll]
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  1. Dans Journey Around the World [Take ll]

    Dans Journey Around The World [Take ll]

    Hello and welcome to what I hope will be my one and only career for FM17 as I return to a challenge I attempted back on FM15. Back then I went on to play through 91 completed seasons, reaching the year of 2106! I'm now back to try again and see if I can better that.

    Back then, for anyone that didn't follow, I picked up many trophies and enjoyed travelling around the world experiencing new leagues and new challenges.

    The aim is simple, attempt to travel around the world picking up every single trophy possible. Now I know that sounds ambitious, but many of you know I like to challenge myself, I know its probably not going to happen but I wish to scoop as many cups and league titles as possible,. I'm not completely sure how I'll go country to country but have decided on this setup.

    Here is what the challenge holds country wise. Obviously Europe is the most difficult to complete as there are 34 playable countries with plenty of leagues and cups to play through. Africa should be the easiest to complete on paper as it only has one playable country and that's two divisions in South Africa, North America has two countries, Asia has eight (including Austrailia) while South America has six.

    I have decided to start within the home nations, fully loading all playable leagues in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, with hope that I'll be able to find a job here easy enough and get the ball rolling on such a challenge. I've decided on these to try and keep it a little more 'realistic' than starting in the likes of Australia etc. Its time to build a name for myself in the United Kingdom to begin with...if I can get a job.

    Career History:
    Dundela - 13.07.2016 - 02.04.2018 (Resigned after 628 days in charge)
    Kidderminster - 02.04.2018 - 14.12.2019 (Resigned after 421 days in charge)
    Institute - 31.01.2020 - 03.05.2020 (Resigned after 93 days in charge)
    AFC Fylde - 16.01.2022 - 18.06.2022 (Resigned after 153 days in charge)
    Oldham - 09.10.2022 - 22.05.2023 (Resigned after 225 days in charge)
    Notts Co - 13.12.2023 - 01.07.2024 (Contract expired after 201 days in charge)
    Dundalk - 15.01.2025 - 01.03.2026 (Resigned after 410 days in charge)

    Trophy History:
    NIFL Championship 2 - May 2017 (Promoted via Playoffs)
    Steel & Sons Cup - December 2017
    Vanarama National League North - May 2019 (Promoted via Playoffs)
    NIFL Championship - May 2020
    Irish First Division - October 2021
    Vanarama National League - May 2022 (Promoted via Playoffs)
    FA Trophy - May 2023
    Sky Bet League Two - May 2024
    Leinster Senior Cup - June 2025
    League Cup - September 2025
    Premier League - October 2025
    Senior Challenge Cup - November 2025
    Presidents Cup - March 2026

    Country Completion:
    England - 4/12
    Northern Ireland - 3/9
    Republic Of Ireland - 6/7
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  2. Good to see you've brought this career to FM Base Dan. I'm sure it'll be entertaining. KIU.
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  3. We shall see what happens Shedender.

    Meet The Manager

    The manager himself, nothing really ever changes about my manager, I always go for the same sort of thing, mainly because I like to try and keep it a little realistic on the way and give myself a challenge at the same time. Well, lets meet 'Dan' the manager who will take on the challenge and enjoy numerous of expensive trips around the world, lets just hope we have a job to pay for them!

    Here is 'Dan', born in Chard down in the South West of England and about to begin his managerial campaign. Apart from a bit of Sunday league football, and the odd bit of coaching, hes a newbie to the footballing world who wishes to be known about in the near future. A 'tactical' manager sees that aspect of my game the highest along with player knowledge, all my other stats are pretty much rubbish. Support Liverpool, following Yeovil, Dortmund and Real Madrid so obviously would love to manage those four along the way to managerial greatness but we shall see.

    Here is the 'Job Centre' on day one of my managerial reign and hopefully it won't be long till I'm with a team and earning my living. Obviously some of these jobs are out of my reach early on so I won't even waste my time applying for them. However I have picked out three jobs I'd love to be considered for and would be 'trophy worthy' in season one and they are Dundela and Newry City of Northern Ireland and Stirling of Scotland. I'll also apply for Bishops Stortford and Weston Super Mare to get my name out there.

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  4. What a challenge, im defo gonna be following mate, good luck.
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  5. Thanks Tracz, hopefully keep you interested.
    The first step into Management

    First thing first was to get my name onto the job list, making myself available to the clubs that were open to me. I decided to rule out any job I one hundred percent knew I wasn't ever going to get. So that left me with five jobs to apply for that I felt was achievable with my current status. These were two in England, two in Northern Ireland and one in Scotland. And so, all five of those teams were notified that I was interested.

    So my name went into the hat for all five jobs and all five came back offering me an interview in just a couple of days. I ended up travelling around England, Scotland and Northern Ireland to try and get myself a job. It wasn't too long until not one, nor two, but all five clubs had got back to me, offering me a contract, now it was time to narrow them down. I immediately ruled myself out of the Stirling job following @Shedender taking that job on his career and I felt this should be different. I also didn't fancy either the Weston Super Mare job, despite being just down the road form me or the Bishops Stortford job as these were never going to be 'title challenging' jobs. This left me with a trip to Northern Ireland, but which side..

    Both contracts from the Northern Ireland sides were very similar and there wasn't much between them. Both offered me a part time contract until June 2016 and paying me just £150 per week. Not great! Dundela would give me a wage budget £200 more than Newry City were offering. The other main difference was Dundela board want me to 'earn promotion by winning the title' . Whereas Newry City want us to reach the promotion playoffs.

    Without dragging it out much more, I took the Dundela job, I had delayed them to think it over but in the end it made perfect sense, I'd head to Northern Irelands bottom tier of football to begin my football management reign and begin to make a name for myself, hopefully the right name at that! The fact they expect the title gives me what should be a perfect starting block to potentially grab a trophy in my first year of management.

    Next Post: A quick look at Dundela...
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  6. Will be following to see how you get on.
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  7. I came across your save on sortitoutsi last year Dan and I read through a ton of pages to find out how your journey went so I'm happy to catch your career early on this time haha! Good luck with it!
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  8. Wow Dundela. Who lol. Good luck mate
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  9. Thanks Frank!

    I appreciate that 1magine, good to have you on board this year and hopefully it lives up to the last attempt.

    Got to start somewhere Tobey Mason!
    A quick look at Dundela

    I've not got long to make my mark here at Dundela before the season kickstarts, infact, I have less than a month to get things sorted the way I want them. So without further ado, its time to show you a quick rundown of the squad and the staff I currently have at my disposal before I get to work, I'll then update at the end of the short pre season I got to come with what I've done.

    The squad I have at my disposal is a fair size, with a few players I will look to get rid of and hopefully improve over the next month before competitive action kicks off. We're also currently over spending on the wage budget so players do need to leave this summer to reign it back in and get the clubs finances in shape whilst I'm here to.

    Staffing here won't take long to show you, just the five members of staff if you count the Chairman, Jack Majury and myself. I have Paul Foy as my assistant manager whilst a goalkeeping coach in michael Burns and a coach in Paul Moore. I'll be looking to increase the size of the staffing room here as well

    Next Post: Pre Season Round Up - August 2016
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  10. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Mid Season Round Up - 1st January 2017

    I've struggled to decide how to update this this year due to how quiet the forums are these days. Its pointless me updating month by month as one I'll get board and two the comments just won't be there. Hopefully by doing it twice a season I'll keep most of you on board and it won't feel like you're commenting all the time. (Your comments keep me motivated to play and update!). I've made a steady start to my first few months as manager and heres a quick run down on our league and cup campaign going into January 2017.

    Well we've been involved in plenty of cup competitions this season already, infact we've played in four different cup competitions. We had a superb run in the 'Steels and Son Cup' coming to an end in the Semi Finals as fellow league 2 side Sports and Leisure knocked us out. Loughall thumped us in the League Cup in extra time. We had drawn 2-2 over ninety minutes before it went downhill. To date we're still in the Irish Cup, however I feel that'll come to an end when we play Linfield.

    Our league form started brilliantly as we went on to win our opening four games, infact, winning seven out of our opening nine matches. Unfortunately lately our form has taken a big dip as we've picked up two draws and a defeat in our last three league matches. We'll need to turn this around come the start of football in January if we wish to hit our media predictions of that top spot.

    That late dip in form has seen us slip down to third place and now we are eight points behind Newry City at the top of the table, a side I turned down the chance to manage at the start of the season following a successful interview. I turned them down as I didn't think they had the credentials, this could turn embarrassing. Tobermore United are second just couple points ahead of us.

    I'm also gaining my first coaching qualification.

    Next Post: End of Season Round Up - May 2017
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  11. Hope you do well mate. First title on the way?
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  12. Thanks Tobey, it'd be nice to get a first trophy in my first year here...
    End of Season Round Up - May 2017

    And so we're on to the end of season one and with any luck striking the first of many, many trophies off my list. We were set in a good position going into the final ten games of the season sitting in third place but not too far off the two teams ahead of us, one of them Newry City, a side I turned down pre season as I felt they weren't right for the league title, am I about to eat my words, first a look on our cup run.

    Just one cup game since the first update of the season and that was the fifth round tie in the Irish Cup against Linfield. As expected we crashed out against the top tier side. We were holding them at one a piece at half time thanks to a Ben Roy goal, but slipped away second half.

    Two defeats, two draws and six wins were our final ten results this season. We've performed well in the second half of the season, its been a tough run but we gave it our all. A couple of big defeats, costly ones, the four three and five one defeats, the latter against Bangor much to @Shedender's delight I'm sure. But how did that leave the table at the end of the season.

    Newry City claim the league title on goal difference! Goal difference. Their freescoring selves saw them win it by seven goals with us finishing second, meaning we'd head into the promotion playoff come the end of the season. We finished three points ahead of Tobermore United in third. Previous league champions last season Limavady United, were relegated!

    First leg saw us away at Larne who were fighting for survival in the first division whilst we wanted to earn promotion. I knew a narrow defeat would leave us still in the competition for promotion and that is what happened. A single Mark Hillen goal in the fifteenth minute gave Larne the lead going into the second leg.

    Despite not having the best home record this season (won five, drawn two, lost four) I felt we could take on anyone and that proved to be the case. It wasn't about who had the most shots, or the most possession, its what you did with it that counted. And we did much more with it. Gourley netted a penalty eight minutes from the break to bring it level on aggregate. Second half we ran riot with Roy, Halliday and Simms all netting to round up a four nil win and a four one win on aggregate. We had promotion!

    Trophy one ticked off!

    For now I've kept my job at Dundela, but I am looking to see whats about.

    Next Post: End of Summer Round Up - August 2017
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  13. Good luck for the second half of the season.
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  14. Think you must one of the updates Frank, we just finished the season.
    End of Summer Round Up - August 2017

    The summer has come and gone and I am still here in Northern Ireland and more specifically at Dundela. I was expecting to leave this summer with my main destination being Maidenhead who were relegated from the Vanarama Conference at the end of the season into the regional area. But I failed at the interview and so remained at Dundela. A quick look at the summer, we lost players and staff so it became busy.

    So we were left with no staff and a few players left, I made panic buys by in all seriousness, I feel I've made a good addition to the squad this summer. We go into my second season at the helm with hope of remaining in the league and finishing around mid table, thats what the board want anyway.

    As I said, we lost staff, my assistant left meaning we had no friendlies lined up. Luckily I realised this and organised a few, we won one, lost one and drew one. Onto the season we go.

    Next Post: Mid Season Round Up - 1st January 2018
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  15. Good first season mate, hard to lose out on the title by gd. Are you counting promotion through playoffs same as winning the title in your quest around the world?
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  16. It was frustrating thats for sure Tracz, I have decided I would count promotions via playoffs or second place automatic promotion as winning the title otherwise it makes it even further impossible.
    Mid Season Round Up - 1st January 2018

    The season is well underway this year and we have had a mixed start to the season with plenty of going on. The leagues more competitive this season and we knew it would be a struggle but we are holding our own as you'll see very soon. We've also been involved heavily in plenty of cup competitions which could potentially be why our league form is up and down this far into the season.

    As I said, we've been heavily involved in cup football this year with us already featuring in five separate cup competitions! The Co Antrim shield saw us go all the way to the Semi Finals before top tier side Balleymena United knocked us out, winning five nil. We crashed out the League Cup in the second round losing to fellow second tier side Institute. We were upset by Carrick reserves in the Intermediate Cup second round and another shock in the Irish Cup as non league Brantwood knocked us out in extra time. Finally the Steel & sons cup saw us reach the final where we faced Coagh United.

    Which we went on to win in a narrow game, coming back from one nil down! An own goal gave the third tier side the lead after just seven minutes. Second half we came out flying second half. Jackson hitting a thirteen minute brace to put us ahead. Tomelty leveled for Coagh United seven minutes from time. But that didn't halt us, Halliday broke his scoring duck with the winner four minutes from time! Trophy two down!

    We've had an action packed league fixture list too this half of the season, seeing us play sixteen matches already and we've gone on to pick up six wins, one draw and nine defeats. Its been a mixed start of the season though, originally we made a great start, winning our opening two games and even better we won three of our first four league games. It soon slipped though, with five games without a win. Our form is now up and down.

    The league is as expected this season, we're nearer the bottom than the top of the table. We're currently eight points above the bottom spot in the league and four points clear of Institute in the relegation playoff spot, so we're nowhere near safe yet. Being nine points off the playoffs is seemingly very unlikely this season but we'll continue to push whilst I'm here in charge.

    - I am now undertaking my second coaching qualification.

    - I am also on the hunt for a new job now, as staying at Dundela much longer is wasting time, I need trophies not loyalty.

    Next Post: End of Season Round Up - 1st May 2018
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  17. Nearer The end of the Season Round Up - 2nd April 2018

    The season isn't quite finished yet, we've about a month of football left until I'm two seasons complete in management and making good headway, at least I feel that way. However news has come about which made me decide to update a little earlier than usual Firstly, before the news is shown, a quick look at the results and current league standings for Dundela this season.

    It may be a new calender year, but we're struggling to find any form and with seven of the eleven games remaining this season since the last update now played, we're really struggling. We beat Newry City to kickstart the year but since then we've gone without a win in six games, losing four of them and this has really affected team morale and our chance of a surprise promotion run.

    This leaves the league looking like this with four games to go we are not safe! Just three points outside the relegation playoff spot and the bottom spot leaves us in trouble of potentially being relegated. We do have the better goal difference over both teams below us which may pay in our favor. We've also still got to play Institute, a result there could seal it for us.

    However I won't be the man to try and save Dundela this season, the opportunity finally came up to jump ship and move from Northern Ireland over to England as high flying Kidderminster Harriers were in search for a new manager. I chucked my name in the hat, attended the interview and all went well, they came back wanting me to start immediately and the chance of a trophy wasn't out the question either, as you'll see below.

    Kidderminster Harriers sit up in fourth as I take the job, they're media prediction pre season was third so are bang on target. They're previous manager, John Eustance was sacked and I'm not really too sure why, perhaps a dispute with the board. But now with five games left we are hunting down a playoff spot, or maybe better as we're just six points off top spot Halifax. Our final games are: Skelmersdale (20th), Alfreton (12th), Salford (6th), Boston United (5th) and to finish the season Solihull Moors (16th). It'll be a tight run in, but we can only see what happens.

    Next Post: End of Season Round Up - 15th May 2018

  18. You are doing well chum and good to see you've made the switch from Dundela to Kidderminster. You're already ahead of myself in the terms of trophies and promotion and that's not fair.
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  19. Thanks again shedender. Remember it's a marathon not a sprint
    End of Season Round Up - 15th May 2018

    And now its time for the 'end of season round up' following the last update. As you know, I have taken the Kidderminster Harriers job with just five league games left this season and we were still in with an outside chance of the league title. A good run of form by us and a poor run by the top couple of sides and we were in the hunt. At the very least I was expecting a playoff spot..

    Annoyingly my stint got off to a poor one all draw against Skelmersdale, a side we should be beating. We only grabbed a point in injury time in a game we were barely in. That was followed by two home wins, beating Alfreton and Salford. However soon followed my first defeat in charge, a three one loss away at fellow playoff chasing Boston United. We ended the season with a one all draw against Solihull Moors on the road, again a team we should be beating. But was eight points from a possible fifteen good enough for the league title? Or even a playoff spot..

    It was, just about! We finished the season in fifth place, occupying the last playoff spot. This was of course my minimum aim after taking over the side sat in fourth place with only five games to go. But now comes the hard work, trying to earn promotion and trophy number three in two seasons of being a manager, via the playoffs. We'd face AFC Telford over two legs whilst Boston United and Darlington go head to head.

    Having seen us win two home games from two since I took charge I fancied our chances in the first leg, however we didn't take our chances infront of goal whereas Telford did and this saw them win one nil thanks for a Lakin goal after twelve minutes, we had it all to do second leg.

    But, no pressure on us, we went on to beat AFC Telford away from home, picking up my first win on the road since taking charge. Croasdale gave us the lead twelve minutes before half time, leveling up the aggregate scores. And seven minutes from time we booked our place in the playoff final as George Taylor struck for us. Our hopes of promotion were still on...

    But Boston had other ideas, we met them in the Playoff Final and that was that, we had blown our chance of promotion and my chance of a third trophy in just two seasons of management. We had originally taken the lead through an own goal against the run of play. But this was righted by Boston before half time, leveling the scores and then an own goal by Lester gifting them the lead. Finally as we pressed on for a late reply, Oliver scored the conclusive goal to seal Bostons promotion to the Vanarama Conference and left us with another season down here.

    Next Post: End of Summer Round Up - 1st August 2018

  20. Yep missed an update, unlucky with Kidderminster.
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  21. When i took over at Kidderminster I was expecting it to be next season anyway Frank, so hopefully we can now do it justice.
    End of Summer Round Up - 1st August 2018

    A quick round up of whats happened this summer on and off the pitch. I never delve into too much detail in these summer round ups as I don't think they're 'too' important. However I've been busy trying to ensure we can extend all contracts of the players here and at the same time bring in some new faces. I definitely feel we have a strong line up this year going forward.

    Just one player in that cost money this season, Jason Davis from Burgess Hill cost us four and a half thousand pounds and I'm sure he'll repay all of that fee. We then went on to bring in three players on loan as well as two players for free from Linfield. On the other side we made five thousand pounds selling Stambolziev to Wrexham and then Tunnicliffe left on a free transfer.

    We've currently got a very big squad and I'm sure some more players will leave before the transfer window closes at the end of the month. We've got a few players who i feel don't quite cut it. At the same time, i think we've got some players who are a cut above the rest in this division and could see us run riot in a couple matches.

    A poor defeat against Wealdstone to kickstart the summer, perhaps getting over the summer off the pitch. However we then went on to pick up three wins and a draw to round up summer on the pitch. Onto the competitive football we go.

    Next Post: Mid Season Round Up - 1st January 2019

  22. Solid enough pre-season, squad looks good in numerous positions, good luck with the season ahead chum.
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  23. Cheers again Shedender
    Mid Season Round Up - 1st January 2019

    Half a season done here in England, my first, first half a season in my home country and here with Kidderminster and its been okay to date. We've had plenty of action on the pitch between cup and league football as we tried to make a mark for ourselves this year and earn that promotion. Our club finances have taken a turn for the worst and we're in a lot of trouble there with our numbers falling further into the red.

    Our cup football this year isn't over yet, and its been pleasing to date. We made a good run in the FA Cup reaching the First Round proper, before we were dismissed from the competition by one tier higher side Morecambe. We gave them a good game though, narrowly missing out two one. In the FA Trophy we'll marching on following beating Salford over two legs, both legs went extra time, in the end after two hundred and forty minutes of football in four days, we won 6-5 on penalties. We face Woking in the Second Round, away from home.

    Our form isn't quite the form of champions as of yet but it is looking very good thats for sure. We've currently lost just five times this season as we're nearing the halfway stage of the season. In fact we're halfway through the league games now. We started the season brilliantly, picking up four wins from our opening five games. Our strikers are free scoring thats for sure as both Taylor, Dieseruvwe and Gnahoua have all scored plenty this far into the season.

    We're not quite in good enough form just yet as Nuneaton are top of the pile and sitting five points clear of second place Harrogate and six clear of AFC Telford who currently occupy third. We're sat down in fifth at the moment, the same place we finished last year and occupying the final playoff spot. We're currently eight points off the top spot of the but we do have a game in hand which I'm hoping we can make good use of.

    Next Post: End Of Season Round Up - 15th May 2019

  24. It's a shame to see down in fifth place come the end of 2018 but I'm sure you anticipated this season to be a difficult one. It's good see you're still in the FA Trophy and it would be nice if you could secure that trophy and the possibility of a promotion to the National League.
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  25. Thanks again Shedender, hopefully we can improve in the league and continue the cup run.
    End Of Season Round Up - 18th May 2019

    My first full season in charge of Kidderminster has now come to an end and I've been in charge over a year now. As well as breaking my first milestone as I hit one hundred games in management earlier in the season. We went into the second half of the season with us in the title race, albeit around eight points off the top spot. We were also still in the FA Trophy which it'd be nice to succeed a good run in.

    We resumed our cup action with the FA Trophy Second Round tie against Woking. We came back from two nil down and forced extra time, this was then finished in a draw so went into a replay. Here we drew two a piece in normal time but a late goal from Gnahoua sent us into the Third Round. We were then dismissed from the competition by Morecambe, the side that knocked us out the FA Cup too.

    Our up and down form continued throughout the second half of the season. We hit some good runs of form, like the six wins in nine games to begin the second half of the season and the new calendar year. But then nearer the end of the season we went on a poor run, twice losing back to back games and that simply isn't the form of champions. We weren't going to win the title, could we hold on to a playoff spot for the second season running..

    Just! We finished three points above Stockport who finished sixth and one spot outside the playoffs, meaning we'd face the daunting route for promotion for a second season running. Nuneaton went on to clinch the title and only automatic promotion spot by six points. We'd now face AFC Telford in the playoff semi finals whilst Salford will go up against Harrogate for two legs.

    How annoyed I was at this result! We took the lead in the tenth minute thanks to Tyrone Williams. We also went on to grab a second before the break thanks to Ross Clarke. The second half we threw it away with a very lackluster performance meaning the first leg of the semi final would see us draw two a piece. We had it all to do in the away leg.

    I'm not sure how we did it! But we came out on top here, I played a more defensive formation with a counter attacking style and it paid off. Digie gave us the lead in the fifteenth minute and Truslove made it two nil on the night just three minutes later. Come half time we were sailing and looking good. Second half we added a third through Croasdale before we quickly conceded. However we did hod on, and reached the final for the second year running.

    What a game this was and what a comeback it was for us in the first ninety minutes. We trailed as Salford netted in injury time of the first half. We left it late to come back but eventually we did with Taylor netting eleven minutes from time. However it looked like we had blown it when Roberts netted for Salford in the ninetieth minute. But our never die attitude prevailed here, we went overload and Davis fired us into extra time. Extra time came and Davis grabbed his second of the day, sending us three two up. Although this time it was Salford' never die attitude with a one hundred and twentieth minute equaliser! Penalties it was, and we held our nerve from the spot as we went on to score all four of ours whilst Salford netted just once! We were promoted! Trophy 3 secured.

    Next Post: End Of Summer Round Up - 1st August 2019
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  26. Well done on another trophy mate. Only a few more to go lol. Staying put or moving on?
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  27. For now staying put Tracz only because I can't get a better job! But I don't plan on being here too long if it doesnt go to plan.
    End of Summer Round Up - 1st August 2019

    Another quick summer round up as I complete my second summer in charge of Kidderminster Harriers and our first now we've moved up in the league as we prepare for life in the Vanarama National League. Just one step away from the football league now. Its been a busy transfer window for us as we've spent the most in the league this year, trying to strengthen to mount another title hunt. I always feel these two leagues don't differ too much in quality so we have a chance to be there or there abouts this season.

    There have been five players to leave us this summer to date, all on free transfers as their contracts weren't worth renewing, they wouldn't play a part for us this season. There will be more to leave this summer I believe. Incommings we've spent over thirty five thousand pounds on four players as well as bringing in three players on loan. Delighted to seal Bransgove on a free transfer after having him on loan last season.

    Admittedly we have a very big squad for the season once again, but I'm hoping that will help us over the season with plenty of squad rotation available. We also have a fair few players under the age of twenty five, so we have a bit of youth and time on our side, just hoping they have the quality too. I'm also still looking for more loan players to come in, if we can find anyone up to standard.

    Three wins and a heavy defeated but an expected one, thats summer round up and we now go on the hunt to try and see what we can do in the Vanarama National League.

    Next Post: Mid Season Round Up - 1st January 2020
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  28. Mid Season Round Up - 1st January 2020

    With the season in full swing now and the festive period of the year coming to an end it was time to see how we were fairing in my first season up in the Vanarama National League this season following us winning promotion via the playoffs last time around. The board expected us to finish mid table, I wanted us to be fighting for promotion and the FA Trophy otherwise it was pointless me being here.

    Well, our hopes of an FA Cup run were dashed before they ever even got started really. Despite narrowly beating Alfreton one nil in the Fourth Qualifying Round, we went on to be knocked out in the First Round Proper when we traveled to Wrexham and they beat us three two in a back and forth affair. Then we got knocked out the FA Trophy First Round when non league Hungerfood caused an upset, beating us one nil.

    Is this really the form of a side with a manager aiming for promotion? Well, only if every other team this season is playing as woefully. We've been poor this year and can't find anything consistant. Once again we had started the season really confidently with three wins from our opening four games and we were sat up in second place just a point off the top. But since then we've not had a run like it. Especially as of late with four defeats and two draws on the bounce leading us to six games without a win and as you can see, I've not quite completed December.

    The table leaves us with little to look forward to. Twenty three league games played this season and we're sat down in fifteenth place and fifteen points outside of the playoffs, its York occupying the last playoff spot, a side I applied to take control of in the summer however knocked me back. Oh how it would of been so different had they of approached me back then.

    And so on the 14th December 2019, moments after Hungerford knocked us out the FA Trophy I met with the chairman and left with my head held, well, slightly high. But I know I may of made things harder for myself by leaving. However as I keep stressing, I'm here to win trophies, to travel to world quickly. Not to be a loyal manager. I've got two coaching badges to my name, hopefully someone will take me on with trophy ambitions before the seasons out.

    Opening Post Update with Career history.

    Next Post: My Next Venture.
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  29. Brave decision to leave but as you say its trophies that count. Good luck finding your next job,

  30. Thanks Tracz luckily I found a job quickly and hopefully trophy worthy.
    A Quick Return To Management

    I've only been out of the management seen for a month or so but already I wasted no time in getting re employed and as you can see we're heading back to Northern Ireland. Its a job that I wanted before but never became available as I thought they were a title contender last year. Well, they're a title contender this year but have dismissed their manager for some reason.

    And its confirmed, I'm heading to Institute who are still playing their trade in the NIFL Championship 1, the same league I left Dundela in and much to my delight they are still hanging in there, albeit just about. You can also see Institute are sitting up in third place, so we've a real chance of creating something strong to finish the season and see another potential trophy. I'm hoping this could turn in to a short stint!

    We've got a small and very young squad with a lot of members under the age of twenty one, however if they've got the quality on the pitch that the assistant ratings are suggesting then they'll fit into this team just fine by me. I'll get to work immediately having a look at what we've got here, I've got a small bit of time left in the transfer window to make improvements if I find any.

    And here we are, we're currently sat up in third place admittedly six points off second place and seven points off the top spot but I'm hopeful we can put together a title hunting charge with a bit of direct, attacking football. We have ten league games to play through. As you can see, Dundela are bottom of the table, I'd love to see them stay up after they were my first club of the career.

    Next Post: End of season Round Up - 1st May 2020
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  31. Seems like youve landed on your feet mate.
    Good luck
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  32. Thanks again Tracz, its nice to know I've got someone following, its a top job to walk into
    End of season Round Up - 1st May 2020

    So I had taken charge of Institute with just nine league games to go this season and I had the chance to take them to the title should all go well. We went into the final nine games seven points behind the league leaders and six points behind second place. A good run and we'd be there or thereabouts come the end of the year. Could we mount a serious title contention in just over ninety days in management...

    Well would you just look at that form! Incredible stuff as we go on to win seven of our final nine league games which saw us go on to score twenty seven goals and concede fifteen goals, picking up just three clean sheets along the way, but thats not important. I got my reign off to a winning start with a four one win over Loughall, followed by a four three win over P.S.N.I. We don't do boring football Donegal Celtic were the first side to beat us. We had a brilliant tie against league leaders Lurgan Celtic, ending five four as Stevie Griffin nette four of our five goals. In fact, Stevie Griffin netted thirteen of the twenty seven goals we scored in my nine game run. And the title came down to the last day of the season where we needed to beat Armagh and hoped Carrick could at least grab a point against Lurgan Celtic.

    And they did do it for us! Champions!. Its my first league title win and if I'm honest, I thought we were heading for the dreaded playoffs once again this season. But fortunately we've come away with the top spot, on goal difference. Unfortuantely at the other end, my former side Dundela fall out of the league and head back to where I started with them, I'm sure they'll continue to be a yo-yo team this year.

    Job done and out of Institute. I know it was a short stint, in fact my shortest to date lasting just ninety three days and thankfully that was my own decision. Its been a good short stint but I know I'm not going to be able to compete for trophies at Institute next season, that has got to be my priority. So leaving now and taking the league out makes sense. I'll be back with another job soon hopefully.

    Next Post: My next venture...
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  33. Short and sweet, well done on another trophy.
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  34. It sure was Shedender and this one could be just as quick.
    Another Jackpot Job!? - 1st September 2020

    As Suffolk Seasider predicted, I am now heading across the Irish boarder and taking on a job in the Republic of Ireland as a big opportunity came up in the Irish First Division and it was very similar to the most recent Institute job that lasted just over ninety days. This one, could be even shorter should things go my way once again, let me show you what I mean..

    Bray Wanderers sacked their manager with just four league games to go. They were expected to win the league this season after being relegated last season. However they are sitting just outside the playoffs as you'll see in a moment. But I chucked my name in the hat as soon as I saw it and with that they came back with the contract offer. I was shortly interviewed and hired. A four game contract potentially!

    Just one win in six games has seen them slip down to fourth place, still level on points with UCD who they most recently beat who are third. It would seem a two horse race with four games remaining for that second and final playoff spot whilst at the top Wexford Youths and Shelbourne appear to be battling it out for the title. We face seventh place Athlone Town away from home, sixth place Drogheda United at home and then the top two teams away from home, second place Shelbourne and top side Wexford Youths to end the season.

    Next Post: End of Season Round Up - October 2020
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  35. Well done on another title.
    Looks like it could be another one to follow.
    Good luck
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  36. It could be ideal Tracz, a very short stint for a second round running..
    End of Season Round Up - October 2020

    So as you could see I managed to nail another very good job, Bray Wanderers looked very good to me with a big chance of taking a playoff spot and potentially another trophy with it. But there was work to do with four league games remaining. Would it be another quick stint, quicker than Institute even, well, lets see how those four league games unfolded.

    Four games in charge, three wins and a draw, including a huge six goal thriller and four two victory against league leaders Wexford Youths. I began my reign with a trip to Athlone Town, winning one nil through Conor Lynch. My only home game in charge saw us beat Drogheda United. We were two nil up and then conceded a late goal, was worried we'd throw it away but held on. A trip to second place Shelbourne saw us take a point before we beat Wexford Youths four two. Surely enough to secure a playoff spot come the end of the season.

    We had done what we could, we finished third place and in the end three points above U.C.D who toppled under the pressure of a playoff spot. Wexford Youths claim the top spot despite winning just two points from their last four league games. Shelbourne finished second four points behind and three points ahead of us. We'd go into a two legged playoff against them now.

    The first leg, at home, we dominated the stats, perhaps not possession, but we fired our shots away with fifteen and seven of those on target whilst Shelbourne had just the one shot and managed to score it in the second half. Despite how much we pushed, we couldn't make a comeback and lost the home leg, one nil, a big blow for our promotion hopes.

    We traveled away to Shelbourne for the second leg and it was much of the same story as the first leg, we dominated the stats, including possession this time around, but sluped to another defeat, losing three two on the night and four two on aggregate. We could of had a head start in the game however Lyons missed a penalty. We fell behind shortly after before Benson made it one a piece before half time. Lyons scored a penalty in the second half, eighteen minutes from time, levelling up the aggregate score. However an own goal and then a second for Shelbourne' Mulcahy saw them prevail into the Playoff Final.

    Shelbourne went on to win the Playoff Final as well and won promotion.

    Next Post: Mid Season Round Up - June 2020

  37. Bad luck in the playoffs mate, dont seem to be going well for you do they?!
    Staying put for another season? Bigger jobs available?
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  38. Sure promotion not happening this season isn't the end of the world, always next season Dan.
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  39. Thanks Tracz, I guess I knew promotion wasn't guaranteed, but I had hoped! I plan on staying as we should be one of the favorites for the title this year.

    Hopefully Shedender.
    Mid Season Round Up - June 2020

    Well we narrowly missed out on promotion last year, falling just short in the playoffs as Shelbourne beat us in both legs, despite us dominating the stats. Anyway, I'm honestly not bitter about that, we regrouped over the summer, saw the two teams who got relegated and I fancied our chances to go again this year, so I stayed in charge and now its time to see what we managed to do this season as we've reached the halfway stage.

    Our cup runs have started as we've currently entered three different cup competitions. We beat last years second league winners Wexford Youths seven one to kickstart our first competitive game of the league season. A great win over the side a division higher. However we then lost to Shamrock Rovers, we trailed four one and went on to lose out four three, a good effort from my boys. The League Cup has seen us reach the Semi Finals, where we'll face another side a division above us, Derry City. And the draw for the Senior Challenge Cup third round hasn't been made yet, but we'll be in it.

    Halfway through the league this season and we've been very good, losing just four games and drawing one of our opening fourteen league games so far this season. Drogheda have beat us twice this season already, despite us winning against them in the cup. Hopefully we can continue that and beat them the next two times in the league. We had a big four nil win over league title favorites Waterford United to end the first half of the season, this was immediately after beating Athlone Town four nil as well. But how do these results look in the table..

    Its tight at the top, league favorites and the winners two years against, Waterford United lead the pack by just two points. We occupy second place, trying to keep the heat on the, Cabinteey are currently in third place, four points behind us which has given us a bit of breathing space. Cobh Ramblers, who were relegated last season, are down in sixth place with just sixteen points from fourteen games. Athlone Town occupy the bottom spot with just five points this season.

    Next Post: End Of Season Round Up - October 2020

  40. Doing well with this as usual mate, unlucky last season with the play offs but I'm sure the title would be better this time around!
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  41. Thanks 1magine! We were unlucky but if we win it this year it'l mean more thats for sure.
    End Of Season Round Up - October 2021

    The season has come to an end and we performed very well in the second half of the season breaking records in the process and building up a seventeen game plus unbeaten run. With us still in the title hunt and two cup competitions, it was proving to be a successful enough season here at Bray, but could we get the silverware we were hunting for this year around.

    The fixtures inside the red box are those of the second half of the season. We caused a cupset in the League Cup as we knocked out Derry City in the Semi Finals. A superb showing from us saw us beat them three one and head into the Final where we'd face another Premier side, Cork City, more on that game later. We entered the Senior Challenge Cup i the third round. We beat Cockhill five four after being five nil up with seventy one minutes played!! We went on to knockout Malahide United in the Quarter Finals. The Semi Finals saw us cause another cupset, beating Premier strugglers Bohemians one nil to set up a final with the biggest team in Ireland, Dundalk.

    We were narrow losers against Cork City in the League Cup Final. We done well just to reach the Final and weren't expecting to win it. They lead two nil with forty minutes left on the clock. We created enough chances, Benson brought one back for us with twenty minutes to go and despite how much we pushed on, we just couldn't get ourselves back in the game.

    The Senior Challenge Cup Final was won a little more convincingly than the previous Final was as Dundalk showed us what a top team they are in Ireland and made an impact very early as they raced into a four goal lead inside twenty five minutes. I was worried it could of been a hiding especially when we were five nil down. We went on to save a penalty and then score one of our own before the break. Second half we continued to press and made a name for ourselves, losing out six three in the end, a superb final.

    The second half of our league form ended up being superb, possibly one of the best runs I've ever picked up on football manager. We ended up going twenty one games unbeaten in all competitions at one point as our form looked to go on. UCD were eventually the team in the league to beat us with just two league games to go. We finally got past Drogheda United twice, beating them five two both times. Surely this was the form of champions this time around.

    And indeed it was, before our little blip at the end of the season we had gone thirteen points clear to clinch the title with three of four games remaining. However in the end we won it by seven points of Waterford United who didn't have the best second half of the season on all accounts. It was just myself who won promotion to after Cabinteely beat Waterford United but lost to Shelbourne in the Final.

    And come the end of the season, the thirty first of October, I handed in my resignation and hit the bike again, time to find another new job and continue the trophy winning form i currently find myself in Britain. This here at Bray Wanderers has been good and I've enjoyed it. If this wasn't about trophies I'd probably stay and I believe they'll compete for trophies next season, but its not the job to keep me here. I'll find something new soon with any luck.

    Next Post: The Next Adventure...
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  42. Great season mate, pitty about the two finals but im sure youll pick them up in th future.
    How are you keeping note of what youve won/got to win? Must be a huge list haha.
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  43. It would of been nice to see one more cupset Tracz, just wasn't to be, we were never meant to even be in those finals really! All my history is on the first page of the career, opening post.
    Returning 'Home' - January 2022

    We've just entered the new calender year and its a big Happy New Year for me as I've landed myself my next job and as you can tell, I'm heading back home to my own country England. Still yet to venture up north to Scotland but eventually I'll probably get there. The side I've taken on are predicted to finish second this year, however find themselves struggling a little.

    And its to AFC Fylde who become my fifth team to take charge of. They find themselves struggling in the Vanarama National League, currently sitting down in eleventh place having lost three of their last five games, this includes a defeat against my former side Kidderminster who are fairing well in this league. It'll be a tough ask to turn it around this season.

    We're currently eight points outside the playoff spaces and it'll be tough to make the ground up and catch them. However this is a team predicted to finish second this year and hopefully with a bit of guidance we can do that. It'll all be down to the tactics, there is no money in the club so I can't spend anything on the remaining time in January. I may try sneak a couple loan deals in though!

    Next Post: End Of Season Round up - May 2022

  44. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    End Of Season Round up - May 2022

    Having taken charge of an underperforming AFC Fylde side in January we had one main aim this season, hit those playoff spots! They were predicted to finished second before the season began and I've taken charge with them outside the top ten! We were still in the FA Cup and not too far off the playoff spots, hopefully a bit of direct, attacking football could pay in our favor...

    After just a month in charge the TNS job came up in Wales, the biggest job going in Wales and easiest one, I had to apply. Unfortunately I didn't get past the interview stage. I think because I asked them if I could see the season out with AFC Fylde it didn't pay in my favor.

    My first cup game in charge of AFC Fylde was indeed the Third Round of the FA Trophy against Solihull Moors. Here we triumphed, winning three one to send us into the fourth round, the quarter Finals. Wrexham however stood strong and despite us coming back from three behind to three two, we couldn't quite get past them.

    Now this is the sort of form AFC Fylde should of been hitting all season, my 4-2-2-2 tactics on a direct, attacking playstyle has worked once again as we went on to pick up eleven wins, two draws and just three defeats in my fifteen games in charge to the end of the season. We went on a couple of good runs again, surely we had done enough to steal a playoff spot in that form..

    We had indeed, and it wasn't even like we had just scraped into the playoffs, we finished all the way up in third place and just nine points off the league title in the end. This has now set us for another playoff adventure, first we'll face York in a double header in the Semi Finals. If we can bypass them we will be set for a Final against Wrexham or Chester.

    First leg done and dusted and its ended with us claiming a two one victory. We raced ahead after just twelve minutes, Borg opening the scoring. Fourteen minutes into the second half Collins had doubled our lead and we looked safe away from home. We conceded a late consolation goal which I'm hoping won't come back to haunt us in the second leg.

    Very much the same performance for us in the second leg, again winning two one which saw us claim a four two win on aggregate. Murphy gave us the lead however Terrace had leveled things up come the break. Seal put us into the final four minutes from time as we countered against a very heavily attacking York side.

    Well I never saw this coming, we had lost to Wrexham in both my games in charge against them at AFC Fylde, but here we battled for a hard thought win! We were one nil down after eleven minutes and I thought it was another one of those games. However come the break we lead two one, a Kyle Taylor double, two minutes apart doing it for us. Two goals for Wrexham in the second half saw them go three one up however we fought back again, Seal netting a penalty three minutes from time. And in extra time we sealed the deal, Seal with a second goal for us on the night, securing promotion!

    The only bad news is, I will need to come back to the Vanarama Conference National league to win the FA Trophy.

    Next Post: ...
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  45. Well done on another trophy mate. Pitty about the tns job. Sure youll soon be in a new job.
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  46. What sort of computer have you got? Have a good amount of leagues and players loaded yet its still 5star.
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  47. just read the whole thread and loving it, gutting about the TNS job, I did a similar save last year and got the job there, easiest job i've ever had on FM

  48. Thanks Tracz! Just a basic sony vaia I5. Nothing special!

    Thanks for reading and catching up TheFMZone! TNS is the job I'll wait for in Wales, its the only way to complete it quickly!
    Heading Backwards - 9th October 2022

    Things have taken a turn, or two over the last couple of months and I thought it was probably best to bring you up to date with whats happened since we won the league title. Now I've moved on and got myself a new job, as the title suggest, its not really a forward thinking move by myself but hopefully the right one to make.

    In the middle of June as the financial situation at AFC Fylde worsened I decided to hand my notice in, we weren't going to have the money to spend to compete for a second promotion on the bounce and that was my queue to leave, unfortuantely there wasn't anything respectable and title challenge worthy that came up at the start, so I waited it out to see what happened.

    And this is why its a step backwards, on the 9th October 2022 I have returned to the Vanarama National League as I take over Oldham who were relegated from League Two last season. They've had a torrid start to the season, sitting down in eleventh place after fifteen games. However they are predicted to finish up in second. I'm not here for the league title, i'll be resting my stars for the FA Trophy games when they come about!

    Next Post: Mid Season Round Up - 1st January 2023
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  49. Quality story. Look forward to hearing more from it.
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  50. Great story!
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