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From literal rags to worldwide fame. Yelizaveta's rise from the mud.
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    Modern Day Legend

    From literal rags to worldwide fame. Yelizaveta's rise from the mud.

    In the poll I made in Katsumi Touko's story, another journeygirl won 2-1 over club save. While I'm yet to install that extra RAM, I decided to risk it and load every league, including my Tercera Activated database. This save I'm using three file rolling saves, weekly save, automated, plus the usual rotating filename every so often. To protect against crashes later on, as she finds better jobs and some countries and leagues may turn into no way in hell she's accepting working there and no teams to want as feeders for hers, leagues and divisions will be turned off.

    In Beta I made a save with all and the settings (except nationality) I'd use to see what teams would take the manager and choose nationality. Criteria would be country from which I received more Interview offers. Got several clubs offers. Three Ukrainian and three Indonesian, though I ended taking an Scottish team. Since criteria was number of interviews offered rather than jobs actually offered, it was left to a choice between Ukrainian and Indonesian. Since last save was an Asian, I chose the European.

    So, here it is Yelyzaveta Kunets:

    She was born in Sevastopol, Ukraine. Later her family moved to Ilovaisk, where her father moved to work at a school and her mother at the train station. She studied and was going to move to University to study engineering when the war with Russia began. With war blazing around the city and Crimea annexed by the Russians, the family fled the country as refugees to Poland, leaving everything behind. Eventually they managed to get some cash to move on to England, where the language wouldn't be such a problem, as they speak fluently enough: English is the most common foreign language, besides Russian which is obligatory.

    But that just happened. The family had just enough to rent their house and find some low quality, low paid jobs. So now Yelyzaveta has to pull her weight, forget about university and get a job. With no qualifications and no wish at all to be a cleaning lady; seeing one advert from a very small football club basically offering anyone a chance, she's decided football may be her best way to get meals daily for all her family without cleaning other people's houses or streets. She's watched football since she was small, she's read all she could from blogs and websites on tactics and players and training and what not, at least when she had a house and internet connection instead of a tent on the mud. She is sure she can take a team and do enough to earn her pay and not lose her job. She's a fan of Real Madrid for its great success thorough its history, as well as Manchester United spell under Alex Ferguson (and now Mourinho, whose style she enjoys a lot), Dynamo Kyiv as the more classic of team of her country and Red Bull Leipzig, simply because she hates all the idiots who hate on them because they got loads of money, like having money was bad, like sleeping on the mud with tattered rags was any good.

    It should be clear that's why she starts with no past experience and no coaching qualifications at all. That may be a bit of an issue with those attributes we determined at the end of Katsumi's story that don't grow if at all; but on the other hand it may be a way to finally confirm that, assuming that, as in other games, low attributes grow faster than high attributes.

    Crimean because the game has Crimean (possibly to avoid angering Russian and Ukrainian players? "Hey, we don't want problems, so Crimea will be independent here and screw your political feuds") and wanted to justify the title that I should be giving the story if I don't forget or change idea just before posting (I write first in notepad then copy paste to the forums).

    I wanted to make her the youngest possible; but for some reason, when I choose 1996 as her birth's year, it gets turned into 1995. Either bug or there's a minimum age, I guess 20 years upon game start, but I didn't want to remake her yet again, so she stays 20 years old instead of the intended 19. From a very fast read over Wikipedia's article on Ukraine it seems Russian is obligatorily taught in Ukraine, henceforth why she speaks Russian, Ukrainian because Crimea has been Ukrainian when she was born and today de jure even if it's Russia de facto. English because according to Wikipedia again? that's the most frequent foreign language studied and in the Beta the first job was in Scotland.

    I think that is all.

    Portrait was made using face recognition on a heavily manipulated (to remove contrast) image of Elizabeth by OlchaS (you can find it at Deviantart).

    Plans regarding the save:

    - Keep track of wages and likely expenses for a four members family at varying levels of luxury as story progresses: losing her job is no joke. No seeing an attractive but not very likely opening and rush to apply risking a sack if her savings aren't built up to sustain her for a year.

    - Money is important. While this won't be a mercenary save like that great story DerbyJack made in FM16, she's known poverty and hunger. Having money to eat isn't a joke. Having savings to face unexpected events isn't a joke. She may choose a more attractive team for a little less money, but if difference is relevant, go wallet! Relevance of money is relative. If the offers are in the range of 100€ p/w she will take the job for racist, sexist, Russian team X for ten euros more. If it's in the 100K€ she won't just to earn 5000€ extra.

    - Interview says keep DoF? It means leaving everything to him that he can control. Needs to surpass best past successes of the club to prove herself before taking control of anything. Yes, that means if that's Real Madrid, doing that is impossible. Unless the president were to sack hm and not hire a new one, then that'd mean she's being given full responsibilities.

    - Realistic searches: The search screen allows you to search players by attributes among all that are known to the team scouting network. Searching among those players will be fine; but no by attributes. I don't know how limiting this may turn to be as I don't know all the search criteria there are; but it may have a positive in which by attribute you may get players that fit what you want but fail to show because the lower value of the range is below or not known. Instead of attributes, perhaps one of the criteria Yelyzaveta will trust more, due to her having known complete poverty is money: player value and wages. If searching by player description, would that be acceptable? (i.e. "flamboyant midfielder", "poacher" and the like).

    - First point of success for Yelyzaveta: Reach €10K p/w wages, to ensure she can provide high living standard to each member of her family.

    - Second point of success: Reach a top division of one of the top European countries.

    - Third point of success: Be hired by Real Madrid or Manchester United. PSG, Juventus, Bayern, even Liverpool or Barcelona or Manchester City would work, though these later would be annoying.

    - Fourth point of success: Win the Champions League.

    - Staff will be hired by placing adverts, at least until the team is so big one can think adverts would be answered by a huge load of people. Maybe even then.

    I think that is all.

    P.S. - I know in another thread I wrote I don't follow stories that feel like they think it's a novel and some parts of this post may seem like this is going to follow that path, but nope. Format for the story isn't yet fully decided. Probably continuing Katsumi's story style, though I was considering making it more weight towards the images side. I will try not to make posts too long. This one should perhaps be the longest.

    Disclaimer - I don't know if there are many Russian, Ukrainian or Crimean players around here or anybody for which the events that are going on there in reality have a heavy emotional load. They're used for flavour for the story and justification of some choices on the manager created and how things are going to be done. In no way I think it's a light matter that should be trivialized, but that doesn't mean it can't be referenced in fiction. I know what my position is regarding it, but this web is not the place to ellaborate on them or discuss the matter; so they may or may not be along what obviously would be Yelyzaveta's views, it doesn't matter and nobody here cares about your thoughts on that matter (but without the hostile edge this phrasing may sound as having). If something of here bothers you because it's incorrect in some way, my apologies, if it's because it offends your ideology, you can keep your ideology to yourself (as well as mine to myself, no hostility tone meant there).

    EDIT: I discovered an important error with my database, which means I will have to restart the save. Luckily it was very early, so I hope to get back to that point very quickly. Changed her birth date and nothing, she's not born 31/12. Also, it's two days fmshots hasn't loaded for me, so I'm uploading to imgur again.
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    It begins! 1st June 2016 - First job.

    There are a lot of teams with a vacancy in the manager position. I go through all and apply to all teams that seem low enough level to at least think of gambling it on someone like me, though only a few from Spanish Tercera that pick my fancy. I rule out teams with Amateur status.

    Two teams call with an offer for work: Algeciras C.F. offer 300€ p/w and Alcobendas Sport 500€ p/w. Both are Semi-Professional. There are still some Professional teams, closer to top level, that are yet to answer; but there's no way I'm letting pass this chance! I choose Alcobendas Sport, no doubt. And they're expected to finish better than Algeciras, which is a nice bonus. They were also involved in some bribe scandal or something like that, I think, but who cares? This is more than dad earns per month. In fact, in a month I'll earn more than the rest of my family together.

    I'm given that translation from some tweets from the fans. Seem not to have gone as badly as I expected.

    Financial situation isn't good, but at least it's not too far in the red. We should get it into black with a few well chosen friendlies. Meanhwile, loans and maybe one free transfer.

    Lass and Liivak were transfer listed. They're on high wages for their transfer status, but they can do very good for the team. Castelló will remain transfer listed, but I won't make an effort to sell him. The most glaring weakness we must deal with is the lack of a second goalkeeper. A fourth centreback wouldn't be bad to have.

    We have no physios and only the head scout. Hiring Physios is a necessity, scouts would be good to have if they're not asking a lot. I place the ads immediately. I also send Rubén Reyes to search for a back up keeper.

    Coaching is awful at the moment and with just me and Frieire, we've got too much to worry about.

    This is the first tactic we'll be testing. My preferred one that I feel should get the results we need.

    This is the secondary, looking more at the squad I have. Perhaps dropping the midfielders closer to the defence.

    I find out Alcobendas has no affiliates at all, so I request the board to find a parent so we can loan players without paying their wages. They accept it.

    The first signing doesn't make the fans happy. There's hardly anything better that is affordable, though, and we need that back up keeper.

    The board comes to me to recommend one of four parent club choices: Liga Santander's Real Betis and Deportivo Alavés and Liga 1 2 3's Levante and Lugo. While a top division would be expected to produce the best youth players, it's also a bit reputation gap, so their players are less likely to accept our loans, therefore the choice is between the two second level teams, of which Levante is better due to their better youth recruitment. In fact, of the four, Real Betis is the only better than Levante.

    The staff is completed and coaching is just a little better.

    Fabio Castelló is foreign player and that is not allowed in Tercera, so he must be out. But he's refusing, happy to get the cash for doing nothing. A bit of a jerk, as it's about finding another club, not losing the job. At any rate, I'll let him go to another club even if it's on a free.

    Nobody wants him, even in a free, so we're stuck with him.

    So far, this is what I have earned and spent, after finding this small apartment in the outskirts and getting extra clothes (yay!).
    Money earned: 2.500€.
    Money spent: 2.020€
    Money sent home: 480€
    Money saved: 0€

    It's way too soon to expect her to learn Spanish or anything about football.

    With the salary and expenses calculated, Yelyzaveta won't have any saves build up while she's on this contract.

    PS - I made an important error in the Tercera Activated database, so I restarted it. In the original they offered 475€ p/w instead of 500€ p/w.
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    July 2016 - First job.

    The next step is to use the Levante link and ask for loans of a rigth back, a centreback, a good looking midfielder and a goalkeeper. They reject the keeper for not having more than two, the midfielder rejects us. So does the fullback a day later. And the last player a week later.

    Another thing I did, even before that, was to set a small league with Getafe, Córdoba and Levante, which should provide us with €60K. Three days in a row. With our limited squad and the season not too far, I'll only use the first team players for one match. The rest shall be played by the... nevermind, we don't have youth players. Fine, the second and third we'll pray to be free of injuries

    Ignore the three goals against. We were fairly competitive. For twenty minutes we were level on possession and had same amount of chances. Sadly, Muñoz's butter hands gifted them what should've never been a goal. He did again at the start of the second goal. The third goal wasn't because of him though, but the guy with the ratings blamed the first two on the defenders, that did their part rigth.

    I changed instructions to minimize chances of injury. We scored a goal so I'm happy. Ferrera has some other problems. I will keep an eye on a loanee keeper who can do his job.

    With those two games we're in a €59K positive balance, which means the club can pay me a coaching course!

    Looking forward at the normal friendlies, I think there are some teams we should avoid playing. I will be remaking the friendly schedule, though before that we still have a praying day to get through.

    We scored another goal, and had two good plays to score again. This would've make me optimistic were not both keepers seem crappy: Perera because he's just not good enough and Muñoz because he can't catch a static, sticky ball covered with glue in his hands. The bad news is we have two players who picked up knocks: Álvaro, first defensive midfielder choice, and Pablo Iglesias, back up.

    Iglesias' injury is just a week long. Álvaro's allows him to play through injury. I've chosen to tell him to play through it with protective equipment. However, unless he appears in great condition, he won't play.

    Balance has plummeted to €14K in the red. Why? Last match against Getafe was expected to make thirty thousand more.

    One idea I'm going to do to get some funds is: offer a two teams worth of players trials. Use them for one or two friendly cups or leagues and, if some of them turns to be good, I'll sign as long there is wage budget.

    A decent match against a Segunda B team. We could've scored a second if referee didn't disallow a goal for a player that had nothing to do with it. Their goal was a gift by De Pedro, who tripped when all he had to do was put his foot in front of the ball to intercept the pass.

    We sign Lolo Yedra on a non contract deal. He's not young, but he's by far the best player we could bring. Fans are concerned by the great amount of centrebacks because of the many players we have on trial.

    A friendly to win in which we did just that. Tested the 4-2-3-1 for the last twenty minutes. Two changes too late to test the players, just to get two tired players out of the pitch.

    I choose to keep the current pitch dimensions.

    I give the trialists their first chance against top division Real Betis. We hold them up fortwenty five minutes and get a goal. A few players have earned a contract, I think. Tomorrow they'll have their second chance, as this is a cup to get money.

    Terrible first half with the 4-2-3-1. In the second half we get a few shots, even on target. There won't be more of these friendly competitions against teams we can't hope to beat.

    A few players are offered contracts.

    Garrido hit the ball on Álvaro to gift a corner in which Díez extremely soft, he barely deviated the ball, allowed their equalizer. Later Garrido made the assist for the winner. Too many shots off target. Then again, most of the players aren't quite used yet to playing or the system. Two of the tree trialists approached for contracts have played.

    The first of the trialist is the left back we needed. Can fight for first choice with De Pedro. Fans are happy with it.

    Next to sign is Kity, back up for midfield. Fans aren't as happy about him, but as they say, back up is his role in the squad. He provided a good assist and some good plays against Real Betis, so I think he earned his place.

    The last is an extra midfielder to provide further depth in the middle. He should be able to play any position in the centre and adds some further versatility. I don't see why the fans aren't happy with this deal. Well, I can figure it: he's not rated high in friendlies, but he played against top division teams.

    With the squad completed, all the remaining trials are ended.

    The last friendly is almost the landslide it should; but I let Ferrera in for the last half hour and he showed to be a complete inutile. His technique can be described as jump flailing his arms and pray the ball hits in squarely just not in the crotch. I need another keeper and send him back to his club. Murci had a great start, until he got a bruised shin and had to go off.

    Awaiting the possibility of swapping Ferrera for some other keeper, either on a free or on a loan, those are our signings. The needed to complete the 22 men squad.

    The friendly cups helped keep the balance close enough to positive. We'll have to see the impact of the season. We also need to consider the regular friendlies didn't provide any income, just expenses.

    Wait, she has improved in a lot of attributes, some already past update. I said she didn't because I was so not expecting any change after that little time, I didn't even look. Determination has gone up to 3 from the initial 2. Working with youngsters and fitness are the only coaching attributes that haven't grown. Adaptability and level of discipline are the ones that have remained in mental. Still no word of Spanish.
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    August 2016. Season begins.

    The squad bonus is set to medium. We have no budget to increase it and I won't take from the players money.

    We've got the goalkeeper we needed! Fans are understandably happy. What a signing. It had to be on loan, with no cost at all. Were we to get some money, I'd be happy to sign him for good.

    Our best player of the squad and will be first choice from the first match. Obviously, Pablo Ferrera has been sent back to his club.

    ((FFS, no foreigners in match squad so Liivak and Lass can't be used. Gotta uodate the database >.)

    Murci starts as rules are nonensical and don't allow to field either Las or Liivak.
    Domínguez sets us ahead with a head Pedraza lets in clumsily. They seem to get superiority in midfield from Álvaro being more worried with covering the defence than pressing the midfield, which gives them an apparent edge and they end capitalizing on a Lorente mistake to set things level.
    At half time, the only change is Jony in for Murci, as the later is recommended to play no more than one half. No more changes are made and second half proves me right with Quique scoring, assisted by Jony. Later they go 4-3-3 attacking and put some pressure, but their attacks fizzle out as fast as before.

    The first of two strikers loans to have a back up to Murci. He's very much average. There is another waiting, so fans shouldn't be too angry.

    The other is indeed quite good. It means Falcón will be just as an insurance against injury crises.

    Abad is in the bench and Yedra starts despite his lack of sharpness.
    We look the better team, create the better chances. This time it's Parla's turn to gift the goal, by gratuitously vacating the rigth side of the area for no reason good or bad.
    Get a new keeper who can pick a ball because the one you have can't, then see him pick one tame ball just to drop it inside goal.

    PS Flut by default shows some hide attributes; but I've changed it so they aren't shown. If you guys spot something like that in a screenshot, point it out please so I change to another that doesn't show anything I shouldn't show until I remove it.
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    September 2016.

    Abad and Parra start for fitness, the rest are the same players.
    We do nothing during the first half. But I don't see any issue from the tactics, so I keep things like they are. At half time I just turn to counter attacking style as I think they can benefit from a little narrower and slower play. They moved to a flat 4-3-3.
    The change works and we get the goal in our second shot. We have some more decent attacks as do they, though ours are better. With all level I choose to close down the game in the last ten minutes moving the wingers back. Their best opportunity was stealing the ball from Parra, but that happened too close to the touchline and was quickly thrown away when Parra recovered it and sent it back to Gil.
    I'm considering the problem with our system is not enough players in the attack.

    Óscar Domínguez strained his heel in training and will be out for three weeks. Jony will then have his chance.

    It seems it's standard in this league to start 4-4-1-1 and go flat 4-3-3 in the second half. We have the first, we'll see if the later also happens.
    We play the best half including preseason. However, it's due to the lack of quality of the opposition. They twisted Quique's knee, which makes it clear we need a winger. The third striker can play there.
    Second half almost sees them scoring, between their increased aggressivenes in attack and our players' disinterest. They don't change to a 4-3-3 though. I make the final two changes with the goal of providing match fitness.

    Quique is out for two months.

    Raúl Díez joins the injury list for a couple weeks next.

    Óscar Domínguez is in the bench with the idea of giving him a few minutes towards the end of the match. Most other teams have played, a win means going up to second place.
    We start strong, though San Fernando isn't a bad team and level things after some minutes. However, our chances are better and we get the goal, while Gil shows is quality picking the ball from a striker that took advantage of Parla's missed header.
    Second half follows same pattern, with a penalty by Yedra making their best chance, also missed. We get several good chances that go narrowly wide or saved, so it's a bit annoying when the goal comes, it is a lucky rebound.
    That's second position. It's good to see Domínguez return with a goal.

    We again play Sunday, meaning we know a win sends us top of the table. Domínguez returns and Jony moves to the right, otherwise the same team. Raúl Díez is already training, but not yet fit to play, besides Parra made a great match against San Fernando.
    This time the start is poor and I have to order to play counter. Soon after Domínguez scores a superb lob from a narrow angle.
    In the second half we have more chances, but even more wasteful than when they didn't train attacking moves. Near the end then Gil stays too much on his line and the centrebacks push up too much and allow a side to side cross for their equalizer. With changes already decided I went more offensive but still some good windows of opportunity are wasted with poor decissions.
    Chance to go top missed, but we're now level with the teams ahead.

    It seems that the season hasn't improved the finances. It will be hard next season unless we can get some profitable friendlies.

    She still doesn't speak a word of Spanish.
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    October 2016.

    We visit ninth placed team. Deep midfield, on one hand I might do well closing down more than usual; on the other hand, dropping back might attract the strikers to increase their gap from midfield. We'll go as usual and see how it goes before making any change.
    It's a good half in which things work without changes. All front three score and Nevado gets very close. However, we concede twice: one from a good shot from a free kick and a damn joke in which a centreback gets the ball of their striker, who falls down, then smash the ball at him and it rolls slowly past Gil.
    Second half sees them scoring from a corner and I fear they'll pull up some second joke to concede the equalizer. Luckily that doesn't happen. Instead, Murci scores our first goal from corner, which is also his first of the season. That after I made changes to kill the match: simply keep the ball and dribble less.
    We go second, drawin only with the top team. A great match in that we got a very good ratio of our shots on target. Disappointing though that Gil didn't save any shot on target, just one that was going wide, gifting them a corner.

    Lorente asks for more first team football. He's fast but not too good in the air. Yedra hasn't shown to be great anyway. I follow Franco's advice and he accepts the reasoning.

    Same with Muñoz a couple of days later.

    Raçul Díez makes it back to the starting eleven and Lorente is in the bench.
    It's a bad first half in which we let Rayo look the better team. Falcón wastes our only decent attack, which was a counter, losing the ball in the corner of the area when he had a clear pass to Abad.
    The small changes done, Óscar to attack, Jony and murci in for Falcón and Abad, aren't enough. We get a few shots at the end with a few more changes (Óscar set to attack, Murci as deep lying forward and asking them to shoot more from distance), one wide by a small margin.
    A chance to get beyond a match from Rayo B lost; but they're one of the better teams so I'm not unhappy.

    Aravaca are twelfth. We're favourites. Álvaro is suspended and Pastor comes in for him. Iglesias and Kity are tired from the U19 friendly I scheduled to build their fitness. Jony had poor matches, so Falcón is starting in the wing.
    Poor first half, in which we almost get lucky twice. Abad is told to play a bit deeper and Parra comes in for Díez due to his card.
    We are again about to be lucky at the start of the second half and, though further changes make things look better and they get a man sent off near the end, we fail to get a good attack.
    With this result we may drop beyond a match of the top place. Not good.

    Mid low table team comes from our own city. Team is unchanged except by the return of Álvaro. Friendlies in the U19 are helping build sharpness of the bench players to start rotatin soon. There are a few tactical tweaks: Abad plays deeper and Nevado will roam and all will pass longer.
    Again I see a poor first half. Passes are too long and too often lost, also I suspect by holding the ball, the wingers are making their life harder.
    We look better in the second half, Murci misses a couple of very good chances to score. But seeing the goal isn't coming, I ask them to attack, though not playing faster and make corners different. We end winning in the later minutes from a corner.
    The result is good; but not so the performance. This has helped to see that the players aren't comfortable with a long passing game and neither winger does well holding the ball. Trival Valderas drew their past game so we stay two points behind, now in second place.

    We visit Atlético de Madrid's B team. They're the favourites but I still field the same system, with lower pace this time. Lorente has his chance. Murci comes in due to Abad's poor recent matches.
    This is the reverse of past match so far: good performance but bad result due to a De Pedro mistake that forces Lorente to leave his position. Jony had the equalizer but it was brilliantly saved. Nevado also had a good chance. Only change will be bringing González for Parla to avoid risk of a second yellow.
    We have more quality chances during the second half, but one is saved, one hits the post and the last went very narrowly off target.
    Truthfully an unlucky match. Any other day we'd have won comfortably, today we'd not have lost without De Pedro's mistake.

    I think we've noticed the absence of Quique with those scoreless matches.

    Our first full league month and finances keep going down.

    She has started to speak a little Spanish.
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    November. 2016.

    With the finances getting worse, the money received from transfers won't go to the transfer budget any more.

    What? This is outraegous!

    ((The database has an issue in which second season's play offs don't get played. This year editor didn't generate an error with end dates like in the past and I didn't simulate beyond the second season starting ))

    Yedra is back to starting team and so are Abad, Falcón and Parra. Quique recovered from his injury but it's still far from fit, so he's in the bench.
    Again a very quiet first half with little happening. Small changes to the midfield movement instructions for some less roaming improved things but not enough.
    Second half had changes with mixed effect. The changes had the midfield working better, but leaving the front line isolated. Quique came in and made things better, but I also brought Murci in for Abad. Murci got in much better positions, but his finishing was woeful.
    More dropped points and a missed chance to get up along Trival.

    Pablo Iglesias got a three weeks injury in the U19 friendly.

    We can't play Gil because he's loaned from them. Lorente returns as this match I want to see what about using a high line with the two fast centrebacks we have.
    Things work much better this match. We reach half time still without a goal, but the quality of play is much improved. Midfield supports the offense well, the front three move much better and we recover the ball better, though Getafe B prove to be a good team and manage to create some chances, though not great. We have the better ones, but their defenders are fast and arrive for last ditch tackles that prevent two easy tap ins.
    Second half follows suit. When I'm considering moving to a diamond Abad put us ahead. It was disappointing then to concede from a free kick that few straight into the corner behind the barrier. I guess I can't blame Muñoz, who otherwise has made a good match. Luckily, Abad brought a penalty in the closing minutes that Nevado converted.
    Back to play off spots. I think Lorente has earned his request for first team football, despite not getting a good rating (6.4 before Abad's goal), as the system seems to have worked much better with a high defensive line and he's the only fast centreback along Parla to implement it.

    We lose Óscar Domínguez for a month in training.

    Murci returns after Abad's poor recent form. Lorente repeats with the high defensive line.
    The match started looking very well, but soon it went to hell. First Quique got a knock and I had to get him out to protect him from worse injuries. Then Álvaro stupidly picked two yellow cards. From there nothing could be done. Muñoz did very well in his new chance to impress, but I think Gil will be back.

    Quique is out for two month. This is the end to our season.

    We're again favourites to win. We keep the system with the necessary rotation. I may change to a narrow system while both Quique and Domínguez are out. I also need some new winger.
    This is another disaster, except without starting good. Players keeping the ball, standing still till ball is taken. Then Lorente does it and they pull a play like they were Benzema and Ronaldo to get ahead. Instructions to stop that silly behavior do nothing and then it's De Pedro's turn to get two yellow cards. This time changes gave us three good attacking plays; but one sees Murci leaving the ball behind for the defender to pick, the second Abad shooting from a bad angle when he had a clear pass and the last is Falcón in front of goal sending the ball wide beyond the area.

    A very bad month, like this we won't do anything.

    Top of the table is now way far. No winning the group. Falcón and Murci need replacement.

    But here's the problem: finances are poor.

    She finished the coaching studies and now has National C.

    P.S. I said I'd not make searches by attributes; but I forgot to mention the exception to that: "search players similar to" will be acceptable as it's not something in which I can set them. Often when I use that it looks for some attributes I'm not interested and the other way around.
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    ((Ehm... I posted the update for November in the database thread. I've moved it to the post above, editing the last entry that I place here. I also notice the December entry is missing. I don't know if it was eaten when trying to post or I also did in the wrong thread. It is sadly the first, so I can't recover the post Here is the fixture list and table, not shown the two months long injury to Falcón:


    January 2017.

    The second half of the season starts against the bottom team. Domínguez is match fit, bit not so Quique, however I keep the 4-1-3-2. Depending on how things go we may move to the 4-3-3 or advancte the defensive midfielder to attacking layer.
    A bad initial minutes in which we let them have two chances precede a turn of the tables and we control the rest of the half, with Falcón scoring one of the several chances.
    We reach the half time looking good and keep it during the second. Though our lead is just one goal, I change the two men front to give some fitness to Domínguez and Abad, moving to the lopsided 4-1-3-1-1 we've used already. Abad's first action is to get a penalty that Yedra scores. But this wouldn't be a match of Alcobendas if the defenders didn't switch off with an advantage, Yedra then gives a penalty and later shows he doesn't know how to turn to allow them their second. Luckily between those two goals, Domínguez made a superb assist for Abad, so we end winning. Still, those two goals aren't just silly defenders, it's also weakness of the system that let a lot of space behind.
    A good performance stained by two poor defensive plays that sends us back to play off. Not unhappy in the end.

    Yedra gets a cold and again he's sent home without asking me even if Lluna says I can decide.

    Then Falcón is out for a month and a half. I probably should look to loan another striker.

    Same system and only the rotation demanded by injuries. With the wingers back in fitness, I will likely make some tweaks to the 4-3-3 and return to it in the next matches.
    We are the better again, Murci takes a deflection from a long shot by Díez to score easily; but later they send a ball over the defence and Gil somehow gets the idea that throwing himself flying horizontally at the striker instead of low to cover the likely low shot is a good idea. So much for fast defenders.
    With Pastor in for Iglesias (yellow card) and Domínguez in for Abad (match fitness) we get an instant result and recover the advantage. We keep the dominance with several chances that are narrowly missed. As they change to a 3-4-3 I go 4-1-4-1 to try close the match; but they make one great play and Gil doesn't quite cover his post well so we end throwing two more points again. Murci had a last minute chance with the 4-3-3 but he missed.
    If the first goal had been like the second, I'd be satisfied with the good performance, but given how Gil made a clown of himself and these "fast centrebacks" don't seem able to catch a rheumatic tortoise if they're closer to our goal with the ball, not so much.

    Small changes and I decide to keep the 4-1-3-2 as a better choice against their formation. Yedra returns even if not quite match fit and Pastor comes in for Álvaro.
    First half proves me right and we dominate them. All they can do is two bad shots.
    Second half is Domínguez in for Murci and the variation on the system and then we batter them, but finishing is failing, until the 74th, when Abad finally takes one of his chances. But one goal isn't enough, because the defence has always to try ruin everything, as Yedra stays too far ahead with Lorente too deep and doing nothing to intercept a cross and we end throwing yet more points away. They're lucky this isn't baseball so I don't have a bat at hand to break their #$%& legs.

    The board has increased the transfer revenue retained due to the low wages. Not that it matters much, as I doubt I'd get any relevant amount of money from any sale at this level. Still, it's appreciated and might just be enough for some deals, once they have their non foreign manager nanananana we're not xenophobic nananananana.

    We finally go back to the 4-3-3 after the 4-1-3-2 caused some more missed points through poor defending, for which lack of winger support for the fullbacks may have been a cause. It is tweaked a little trying to match the offensive power of the other formation, with Nevado no longer asked to run forward as a means to have better support and Domínguez set as an inside forward. Also players are instructed to not dribble if they have another choice available. Murci starts due to Abad not being quite in form.
    No more offensive power than before but the same defensive uselessness as Díez doesn't even try to contest the cross. Murci gets a stubbed toe to boot, so we're back to the 4-1-3-2 variation, with Abad in for Murci and Pablo Iglesias in for Nevado. It does work to get us level at half time.
    The improvement isn't much, but it seems the rule is making an idiotic defensive play per system used, as Iglesias, just on top of the target of an indirect free kick, instead of jumping to contest it against their player, moves away and DUCKS. Moving the middle midfielders one layer up we eventually get a superb movement between Quique, Abad and Domínguez to get level.

    Murci will be out for almost two weeks. With no strikers of worth wanting to come on loan, we're elft with one.

    Just one win, this is not worrying, is annoying and infurating at times.

    Now this is perhaps the piece of news about the club that are more distressing, apart from me losing the job over the stupid rule changes. With this increasing debt, there's a chance there will be others losing their jobs and I don't see anything I can do at the moment.

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    February 2017.

    Murci can play one half, but I don't want to risk him, therefore Domínguez will start in the left wing.
    ((Damn, forgot again to get Parla in))
    First half is good in that we dominate them completely, but finishing is again too imprecise.
    During the second half I just change the three players appearing uninterested or complacent. The change isn't responsible for the goal coming after, that starts with De Pedro recovering the ball deep in our half and hoofing it for Domínguez, who reaches their area and makes a back pass for Abad. Second goal comes from Nevado for Abad in clear offside position.
    Finally a win, though teams ahead don't fail and we remain sixth. In next matches we'll play this 4-1-3-2 and once ahead change to the 4-2-3-1 I tested in friendlies but have not used in the league yet.

    Murci and Falcón have recovered from their injuries, but match fitness concerns makes it so Murci starts at the bench and Falcón isn't called up. Parla returns to the starting team. Teams ahead played yesterday and most of them dropped points, so this is a chance to catch up.
    The first half has two parts: the first they control the match and we can't keep hold of the ball, not helping the order to pass shorter; the second where I decide the issue is players aren't looking for passes far enough and playing too fast, so I order them to play slower and play long passing, then out retention of the ball improves vastly and begin to have chances and to be the better team. That is sealed by Abad from a pass from Quique after a superb dribble.
    The doubt for the second half is keeping things as they are, considering we maintained the control after the goal, or give the 4-2-3-1 the chance. I think I'll do the later as we have the players to do so. It seems frail at first, letting them come too easily. It improves by not dropping as back and closing down more. Later I set all advanced midfield layer players in support to encourage them to drop to help the defence. Parla still has some decent attacking plays but fall quite short from being dangerous. For the closing minutes I just drop the wingers one layer down for further safety against crosses that costed us so many wins.
    Finally we managed to hold to a one goal lead. This places us back in play offs.

    Santboiá has made a non negotiable offer to let them Castelló for nothing. He ends contract this season and I've accepted just to take his wages off.

    The transfer revenue retained has been reduced again.

    Murci is not fully fit yet, but I'm giving him a start. Falcón is too unfit so he's not with us and will play friendlies with the U19. A bit of rotation at the back to keep players in competitive mind.
    We're dominant the first half, but their keeper does a good job and we lack a bit of luck and perhaps are taking things too slowly.
    The change of Domínguez in for Murci works and we get two goals before they hack down Domínguez and I have to take him off, so we down ten men when they should've be the ones with ten after a vicious foul by Iu during the first half. We concede one but manage to keep the win.
    We get back in play off positions, with three points margin to boot. Domínguez's injury not being serious would make it a perfect day.

    Two weeks. Could've been worse.

    Muñoz has become restless over his lack of first team time. Sadly we're about to get in a run of matches against top teams, so I can't commit to give him the chances he'd need at this moment.

    This is the first of the big team matches. Rayo B are in second place less than a match from the top. Kity comes in to build his fitness, as the U19 friendlies don't seem enough.
    The first half is a damned joke of defence. Parla first is unable to send the ball out of the pitch and then Lorente waits for the ball in the area, because that's not a place you want to get first to the ball, right? Making it 1-0 for Rayo. Then De Pedro gets this idea that the best thing is to clear the ball weak eight yards in front of goal where the rival striker is for the 2-0.
    Second half is just marginally less bad: at least this time their goal is not gifted to them and happens despite Parla's best effort.

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    March 2017.

    The new month begins with Falcón getting injured for more than a month again.

    Villalbés offers a contract to Kity. The problem in this level is that, since it's not professional, this can happen.

    We'll play the version with Jony on the left.
    We have a good first half, but with the left post of their goal seeming to have a magnet.
    For the second half they are a bit more defensive and we don't get as much. The subs made didn't improve and tactic changes didn't seem to work or be too late.

    Kity rejected Villalbés contract, so we don't need to worry about replacing him.

    Aravaca are right behind us, four points away. This is a good chance to open a gap. Would've been better if that'd be the case with us one place ahead, but it's something.
    What a damned joke of a match! So the new fad among defenders is duck with aerial balls? First cross with two in the right place... they duck. Then free kick, player who wasn't to challenge but could block with the head, ducks.
    Second half is just no screwing around, but doing very little. These idiots just ambling about without really trying ever.

    Another team comes for another of our players, this time it's Jesús Pastor. He's played less than I expected, but still he's a player I'd like to keep.

    I start talks with him, but he wants me to promise several things I can't give him.

    But I can cut them down, removing the promise to play him how he wants and to improve coaching as the board doesn't allow to hire more.

    The youth candidates have a few interesting players; but I will let the staff decide who stays.

    And now against the top team. We'll try the 4-2-3-1, perhaps testing it as 4-4-1-1.
    This half is much better! No joke defending. Risking a tactic like this aimed to attract him hasn't backfired as I feared and we're two goals up, moment I went 4-4-1-1 to provide a little more cover to the fullbacks, who seemed to have a bit too much work.
    We keep the good performance in the second half with the new system, with the expected increase in defensive strength.
    Finally a result to realy be happy with! I was not expecting a win, but as much to keep a point. It's all rounded by getting back to play off spots.

    Pastor signed our contract.

    Nevado gashed his head in training and will have to play with a helmet.

    Against tenth team, Muñoz will have his chance, as the loan doesn't allow Gil to play against tem. Nevado is in the bench as only good replacement to come behind the striker.
    We begin well, with an excellent cross from Jony for Abad to do the hardest thing: miss it. Later he'll reddem himself with a superb shot at an indirect free kick and a tidy finish off Oscar Domínguez pass at the end of a good counter. We end conceding one back from a corner due to a man being left unmarked, though it's more of a good corner by them.
    Second half is as good, without conceding a goal and just scoring one more to complete Abad's hat-trick.
    Another good match to be happy with. Should Alcalá fail to win their pending match, we'll be one place ahead. Top two, however, have gone too far, so a third place is all we can hope for now. Also worth mentioning that Muñoz has made a good match, without responsibility in the goal conceded.

    Top scorer is as good as decided.

    Money keeps leaving the club, so the future doesn't look too bright.

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    April 2017.

    Parra is suspended, Díez returns, which was planned anyway. Garrido also makes a start left. Falcón can play but is not fully recovered. Muñoz has a new chance to impress.
    It's clear from the start that going defensive against them won't work, so we change to a more offensive way of play. It improves but not enough. Pastor gets an early yellow so he gets an early sub.
    Second half sees things improve a little, more in that they find it harder to reach our area, though we get a second good shot that forces a great save. Not much other than that. We got lucky to get a penalty that Murci converted, then we changed to 4-1-4-1 as they began to be more aggressive in their attack.
    The result was decent, but not the performance, apart from the defence, that made a great job, including Muñoz.
    Three point advantage from fifth with six games, not too much.

    Sigh. Falcón had just got back from injury and he gets another for two weeks. Now I'd be for sure sending him back to his club, but we pay nothing so he can as well stay in case he gets healthy some day.

    Nevado returns along De Pedro and Parra. Some in the bench need to build up match fitness. Muñoz has another match as he's earned playing, but next Gil will get back.
    The first half isn't too bad, though I suppose it could've been better. We had a fair number of good chances, even if total shots is too low. We score with a rebound from the barrier in a free kick early and they are limited to poor shots.
    In the second half we get a bit more but with less quality chances. For the last quarter of an hour, as they become more aggressive in their attacks I make some changes to a 4-1-4-1, though it doesn't shut them out enough. Muñoz is forced to make some quality saves which made me rethink who's going to start next match against Alcalá.

    Muñoz is now happy with his time playing.

    One of the more important matchs left in the season. Alcalá are one point ahead, so winning this match is vital to not be far behind more of the teams in play offs.
    We start with a good counter to get ahead. Follow by Abad missing when it was the hardest thing to do. Gil gets a strained wrist but stays on the field because I don't want to lose substitutions to change tactics if needed, then they score from a corner and we miss a chance for a great counter when Quique shoots from midfield instead of sending a through pass for Abad.
    Second half we have several great chances, all blow up, including a penalty over the bar by Yedra.
    Disappointing not to come out with three points, but at least we didn't lose. Trival is too close now.

    Gil will be out for two weeks- If Muñoz keeps his performances up, it's no problem. Also, there's a week without match coming, so he only has to miss one game.

    Jorge González will retire at the end of the season. I should've given him some more time.

    This match will be followed by three matches separated by weeks, almost a month, what in the...? Gil is back from injury already, but tired, so Muñoz starts.
    Another match that starts brilliantly, we go ahead, then concede a set piece goal, not sure if in offside, and then begin a feast of missing easy chances. I should change the forward players for random people picked in the streets. In the second half they had a man sent off, this time with minutes to do something, but they kept missing easy shots.

    Look at the dates of the three remaining matches. Crazy.
    With the database bug, I will resign there regardless of result and remove Tercera from the game.

    That last draw was a missed chance to overtake Alcalá and get more than a match advantage over Trival.


  12. Very interesting story, keep up bruh!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonZante View Post
    Very interesting story, keep up bruh!
    Thanks, will try to!
    __________________________________________________ _____________________

    End of regular season 2017.

    In good news, the league restructuration has been called off, so I may keep working here next season even if we don't get promoted.

    The board offers a new contract. No pay rise unless we go up; but it's another year of work and I can't afford not to take it.

    Muñoz and Lorente start due to their recent form, even though Lorente's hase been in friendlies; but others have also played friendlies and haven't been as good.
    A poor first half that ends without goals and doesn't show a clear favourite ends with the midfield pair with yellow cards.
    Second half is an improvement and we are close to score, but sadly the finishing isn't up to the build up. It's clear some starting instructions are not working well, as every time I tell them to stop clearing to flanks and passing to space, things improve drastically.

    Murci twisted his ankle in a friendly and will be out for the rest of the season.

    We play after everyone else. We need at least a draw so in the last match we can get through with a draw, winning will only give a chance to be third, but won't maker our qualification more assured. Álvaro hasn't been that good, he's picked a lot of cards and he'll be reserved for the next match.
    A quiet match all around. We have the better chances, theirs being from a distance; but yet again we don't get the goals.
    Next match is against Trival, right behind us. A draw will be enough as long as it's without goals, otherwise they will be ahead.

    Pablo Iglesias won't be able to play against Adarve because of his yellow card.

    Most important game so far. A goalless draw or a win means we go to promotion play offs; a defeat or draw with goals, we miss out. Parra makes it into the team as a better tackler than Raúl Díez. Óscar is in the bench as a tool to shake things up if we find ourselves in dire need of a goal.
    First half looked good until the defence became lethargic and let their striker receive in space and take his time to aim. It's all going for goals in the second half.
    The forward players once more ruin a good second half with their incompetence. We have several decent chances to score, probably not as good as to say they should always be goals, but there's no way they can score a goal if they keep sending it to the keeper at snail speed. Five shots on target, not once their keeper was tested.
    It's not a big deal missing on promotion play offs, given they can't get the ball past a turtle.

    Yedra also got injured early in the second half, but only for two weeks, not that it matters much anymore.

    She now speaks good level of Spanish.

  14. Great you got a new contract - I am enjoying this save a lot. Hopefully next year automatic promotion and better finances!
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    Quote Originally Posted by osullm View Post
    Great you got a new contract - I am enjoying this save a lot. Hopefully next year automatic promotion and better finances!
    We'll have to see what I can do with friendlies. Past season they didn't help that much, I think. For all the benefits the first matches provided, the last always had the finances plummeting. I'll probably have to depend on loans.
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    Summer 2017.

    Fans' team and players of the season have only one surprise: Parla being chosen the player of the season. Otherwise, all as expected.

    I tried to sign David Barca to replace Abad, but at the moment the maximum wages I'm allowed to offer are way too far from his demands. I will wait for the end of contracts so I may be able to offer him more.

    Preseason will last the maximum five weeks, so they have some training before the friendlies begin.

    Qatar World Cup has been moved to Morocco. No calendar weirdness.

    We lose some money from the kit sponsorships.

    New budgets announced. This leaves me with no choice but to live on loans. Almost half of wage budget has been cut off and now we're over the limit. This means I should break with De la Rosa, whose contract ran out but is still linked and receiving some three hundred euros per week. But that means leaving him without a job and, since he's not with us, I can't offer him to try find him a club.

    We get Joan loaned from Levante as the first deal. Fans aren't happy. Useful in having a little more depth behind the striker.

    Next comes to confirm it the goalkeeper, which makes fans happy. This is very good, a key position we needed filling as we only had Muñoz and Gil is a free transfer with no intention to join. What we really need now is a striker. A centreback, rigth winger and third striker would be nice bonus.

    As the squad returns from holiday, it is time to bring two squads worth of players on trial as help to scout and to organize some friendlies against huge clubs in short time. They take the risk of injury out of my main squad in exchange of a chance to get a job.

    La Roda gets Gonzalo Garrido, who asked too high bonuses. We now need a left fullback.

    Jesús Pastor got angry and reported some altercation with me even if he's not talked recently? Though he did long ago ask to reinforce midfield. How? We got no money, we've not yet found anybody worth to fill the needed second striker spot.

    Josep Cadarso joins the team just as a back up in case of injuries. As fans say, he's not prepared to play first team regularly, but we just can't bring anything better.

    From the free trials I brought, I just asked for whoever till getting two teams and I got all veterans. Which is a pity as two of them deserve getting a contract. In a cup match against Deportivo, Aliaga makes a good show. We lost 0-3 but had a decent match, they didn't get a huge load of shots and we had a few, including a very good chance.

    We managed to get the second striker, Ignacio Acha on loan.

    Squad bonus is set to average.

    Alicante gets Parra, after we couldn't offer him a contract close to what he asked.

    The friendlies end with Nevado picking a month long injury.

    We had some matches against huge teams, using free trialists the first two and our main team against Levante. We lost them all 0-3 but I'm not unhappy with them at all. The defeats may have been heavy, but we had long spells in which we looked competitive. We almost scored once against Deportivo, three times against Lugo and Levante didn't have more than a handful of shots during the second half, not many over the full match.

    The cup served to earn a little money, but situation is very bad.

    She finally speaks Spanish like a native.
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    Start of season, August 2017.

    Mancha Real has offered a contract to Kity, so we have done the same.

    I'm not asked about what I think we could reach and the board straight out demands we win the group.

    We begin the season playing the other team from Alcobendas. De Pedro is suspended and Lorente makes it to that position before Cadarso.
    We have a good first half in which we look the better team, even if we don't get that many chances out of it. This time is not the defenders that mess up, but the referee allowing a foul in a free kick to let them a goal they shouldn't have.
    Second half goes similarly, but with Acha missing his one great chance to score the second. We have another good chance saved after moving to a 3-5-2.

    After the match, the loan of Espanyol's Marc Navarro is confirmed. This leaves us with only one more place to fill, currently occupied by an U19 centreback.

    Then we lose Kity, freeing a spot for de la Rosa, meaning we can end Cadarso's loan and search for two loanees.

    It's going to be an intense set of days scouting for players to loan. All midfielders we might be able to bring are so rubbish I could as well bring some youth up.

    We lost play off positions to this team. Today we're considered heavy favourites. Navarro will start in the left. The rest of the team is unchanged, with de la Rosa registered making it to the bench. I think now we have a better selection for the bench to change matches or react to injuries or red cards.
    We start slowly, letting them get close, with a post hit from a corner; but soon we start to push them back and produce chances, with a crossbar hit, too, denying our goal. The worrisome point is both centrebacks picking up yellow cards.
    Come on! Second half we improve massively. We take total control of the match, we make good plays, we get to their area consistently, including four great chances, but their keeper just was having his day.
    The best was the players have shown they have what it takes to win this group; the worst is Quique had to come off due to a strain walking the ball.

    Well... maybe we can forget that about winning anything. Quique is out for three months because I'm sending him to the specialist. "Striking the ball" for crying out loud, he just touched it to place it in front for the next step. He's been the man who made our team work.

    I also decided this past summer, I won't go to Asia, except if it's an offer from South Korea maybe. I won't go either to work at Russia, I don't fancy either shutting up or looking beneath the car, Ukraine because of war or Belarus because it's as small a league as Asians.

    P.S. - Forgot to mention in the summer update: since I'm yet to install that extra RAM, I unloaded some leagues: most Asians and Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Some will take effect next year or next season, though.

  18. Something is up with my computer - I am no longer able to see the screenshots that you post.
    If you do not want to go to Asia or Russia, where would you like to go next?
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    Quote Originally Posted by osullm View Post
    Something is up with my computer - I am no longer able to see the screenshots that you post.
    If you do not want to go to Asia or Russia, where would you like to go next?
    I figure she'd ideally want to stay in Spain and move up there or get some offer from some top league of a small country where she may get some European qualification in a good season. For now, she'd be happy just with a Segunda B job or English League X. A move to South America would only interest her once she has enough to have a chance to manage top level. But that's more of a "if things go really well" thing. With the team in fourteenth place, it doesn't seem to go that way.

    At the start of the save, with no coaching licenses whatsoever, which is the first I start a save with none, I was expecting to start at something like some Asian country or Peru. Then forgot Spanish Tercera has such low reputation it's down there with that kind of country.

    P.S. - I've opened the page with another browser to confirm I don't see them because of being cached and it loads them too.
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    September 2017.

    Tenerife B makes an offer for Pablo Iglesias, but he wants almost rhree time the maximum we can offer.

    We're lucky and he rejected the contract.

    We're big favourites again, we'll have to see if we can get the goals. Abel González makes it into the bench, he's one of the youths promoted to fill the 22 man squad. Due to fitness issues the starting team is unchanged.
    Now this was an excellent first half. We dominate, we get to their area, we shoot and we score.
    What the hell? I hate this team!! Seriously, we're steamrolling them, then referee allows them an offside position, if very iffy, Aliaga makes an exit with no reason to complete their goal, Parla makes the second, but then Aliaga just is napping in goal and doesn't react until it's already in so I have to bring Muñoz and turn to the defensive 4-1-4-1. Then in injury time, despite it being a system to keep men behind they all bomb forward and then stand napping as soon the ball is lost in their area and just stand around or walk at best. DO THEY MAKE THIS ON PURPOSE?! If I had any money saved I would sack them all in the spot and then resign.

    Valladolid B also offered a contract to Iglesias and he rejected that too.

    Only the goalkeeper changes, due to lack of fitness. Aliaga was bad past match and Muñoz is fit and took his chances past season. De la Rosa suffers from food poisoning so he's out of the side.
    This first half is not as good as the previous, but we get the goal fairly early and then make it look solid.
    This time we keep that solidity through the second half, in which Abel González got a chance and he didn't do bad.
    First win of the season that sends us to ninth place. Good to finally get it, unhappy it wasn't before and we're up there among the top four at least.

    What? Abel González is out for almost two days with an injury picked in the match. What a tough guy! He made no sign of it.

    Murci is out for two weeks after a friendly to get match fitness.

    Atlético Astorga offers a contract to Lolo Yedra. This is grave, he's a top defender and I really feel we need him.

    We're again expected to beat them easily. Still no changes to the starting team.
    First half is normal business. We start strong, get a goal, get more great chances we send out, then a defender runs out of position and allows them an easy shot.
    Second half is a copy. First they get a goal disallowed with an offside call I think was wrong, then we go ahead only for the other defender to watch the ball without turning to place himself between striker and goal nor moving to intercept the pass. Finally Óscar Domínguez is taken out with a hard foul and we end with ten men, still one more quality chance sent over the bar and another weakly at the keeper.
    Luckily the top teams aren't winning too much, so we are not out of the fight yet.

    Domínguez will be out for a month and a half in the specialist.

    Yedra takes our new contract offer, so we're safe there.

    Yet again same starting line ups. This will possibly continue for a while, though I may start deciding to play unfit players anyway, since the U19 friendlies don't seem to be doing much. Only Aliaga returns to prove himself.
    The first half is a load of crap. Jony scores with a superb shot but that is all, the rest is giving the ball away and Aliaga proving himself unworthy of playing.
    Changes are made in second half, at first with little result, but when I go to a lopsided 4-2-4 strikerless it begins to work really well, we begin to make chances and Joan finishes a very good team play.
    This should've been a more comfortable win, but getting it was the important thing. With it we've got in touch with the promotion places.

    Abel González will be out for a month with the injury he picked in the match.

    They seem to be slowly improving. Still, they're quite bad.

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    October 2017.

    Getafe have been top team for most of the start of the season, they're second now. I decide to start defensive with a little rotation.
    The first half is very good. They barely get to our area and we get to them, with very accurate shooting, pity their goalkeeper is looking like a top division one.
    Second half was almost as good, they lost a man to a red card, but still their goalkeeper was excellent, as were some defenders putting in last ditch tackles when the goalkeeper couldn't have saved them.
    This is a good result given the opposition and a performance to be optimistic, but given our form up to now it feels so disappointing.

    Jesús Pastor got his nose broken and it will take up to three weeks, but I'll ask him to play with protective equipment. At least I want him to be available.

    We're back to matches that people expect to be easy for us and we're back to the 4-2-3-1, as the defensive version isn't as strong against weaker teams.
    The first half is almost a copy of the previous match, but with many more shots off target and Álvaro scoring from a free kick at the end of it. Both midfielders have picked a card and I don't want to go down to ten men, so they're both being substituted. If they show more attacking play I may go to the 4-1-4-1.
    They don't immediately; but when they change to a 4-3-3 I'm confirmed in the idea to keep things the same way. But this wouldn't be Alcobendas Sport if somebody just didn't sabotage the win. In what is not a disproval of the correctness of my decision, as it was in a free kick, Raúl Díez, who is told to man mark, decides to stand in no man's land, all by himself, allowing their winger to pick the ball and cross it with no opposition. Murci had the clearest chance to get us the win, but Puñal did a good job saving it.

    Yedra is in for Llorente. Raúl Diéz starts, though perhaps I should have given his place to de la Rosa.
    First half is like a full match. We go 1-0, change to 4-1-4-1, go 2-0. Then centrebacks sabotage it with some help at times. So first three defenders are pressing a player with a second close enough to keep it. Parla, who is in the other side, then decides he has to be a fourth looking at them and abandon the striker, so when the ball carrier passes to the second man, he has just the time for an easy pass that ends on the striker having a no brainer. Then three press their right winger, if you understand pressing as "look at them from afar while forgetting their marks" and Yedra steps back away from his as he sees the ball coming to him.
    Murci sets it right in the second half, after they get a red card and I change things to a 4-2-4. Right at the end a deflection goes in for the final 4-2 when playing a 4-3-1-2.
    Again, good result, very disappointing performance.

    Jony hurt his wrist and will be playing with protective equipment. Domínguez is training normally so we'll see how we line up.

    Domínguez starts, Pablo Iglesias starts instead of Álvaro as this is considered a high rivalry match and he's prone to pick cards too easily.
    First half is unlucky. We seem the better, but players keep missing the last pass and they get the one counterattack chance we let them have. This looks like it will be our first defeat.
    The second half is a small improvement and should have given us the draw with Jony's late goal, but it was to be a defeat as the referee made sure allowing them an offside goal at the start of the second half.

    Quique is back in full training, but still tired, so I'm not risking it. Domínguez starts and Jony has earned to start too, so he's moved to the right and Navarro to the back, dropping de la Rosa.
    The first half is balanced. We look the more dangerous more often, but they get the more shots, with a good chance exploiting out high defensive line and a second from a corner after I took it deeper; but we also had one good chance in play and a second that was almost a goal.
    Despite that woodwork and post hit from a corner, making the defensive line deeper proved the right decision and Parla didn't threaten our goal again. On the other side, after a change to 4-5-1 to make our defence more solid, Domínguez got the goal from a Navarro cross and later Nevado was a tenth of a second too slow to double the lead.
    Good win to move back up to seventh place. Still beyond a match from play off positions.

    Surprisingly, given I was asked to win the league, the board is still satisfied with my work.

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    November 2017.

    De la Rosa wants more first team football and I was planning on give him some, so I'll agree.

    What the...? So I promise him more first team football and right away he decides to leave the club.

    Quique returns to the bench. Álvaro is suspended and Iglesias takes his place.
    We have a strong first half with plenty of great chances, but we waste all of them, including a penalty.
    Second half is a copy of the first. More great chances that are thrown off target. So much for making them train attacking movement before the match.

    Quique is still very bad in fitness but he starts anyway,. Nevado is the other rotation introduced.
    Good first half in which we dominate and turn it into goals. Though it could've been more, it's two goals. Worryingly, though, many players seem complacent. Quique is given the first goal after a fre kick hits him in the way in.
    We keep it in the second, after I tell the players not to think all is done and remind them of past matches. Acha is given a goal even if it was an own goal by their defender and at the end we concede one. This time it wasn't a big defensive mistake so I've got no problem with it.
    This result gets us again within touch of promotion places.

    Quique had just come back and now he's again out for a month and a half.

    Lorente is the rotation in this match, apart from Jony returning to start and Abel González to the bench due to Quique's injury.
    We start with a great chance created by Acha that Joan sends to the post in a very poor finishing act, to just after Muñoz giving out a goal by coming out completely not to the ball. We are creating some more good chances so I keep things as they are, but they stop as after half an hour players begin to try dribble through rivals all the time.
    The second half opens with another gift by Muñoz, who's earned the bench for a while, going to pick the ball from the striker's feet waddling like a duck with his legs wide open for an easy goal. Since chances dried up, I changed things to a 4-2-4 with Murci and Acha up top. The change worked wonderfully and between them we got back to win the match, creating as many chances in the last thirty minutes as in the previous sixty.
    With this we draw level points with fourth place.

    We face off against fourth placed team. A win puts us in play offs, but I don't want to lose ground and they're a strong side, so we're going with the 4-1-4-1.
    In the first half they have more shots, but they're controlled shots with no big chance. The best is ours, but Óscar gets his shot at the keeper. The bad thing is all central midfield picks cards.
    The second sees their only great chance sent to the crossbar at the end of the only counter attack they achieve. We get some more too, but are saved. This second half, seeing how we weren't getting to their area I chose to ask the players to shoot from distance, which gave us a fair number of corners, though our good chances didn't come from them.
    Problems were how our right side did nothing in attack and Acha picked a knock.

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    December 2017.

    Just before the last month of the year some players come unhappy with the underperforming. Maybe they should take to the defenders that have kept disconnecting so many matches. Starting by Raúl Díez.

    I calm them down telling them I'm not giving up.

    No rotaton this time, other than Nevado in Óscar's place.
    We control the first half and get one goal, the disappointing thing is it came from a rebound of a poor chance after missing two great ones.
    We start the second half conceding a goal, because this is Alcobendas Sport. But not really. It was a offside that player out the most threatening player but it was the rival's good pick of a pass, not really a mistake by our defence. I guess you might blame Lorente, but that would be stupid as it would mean judging a Tercera team with the standards of Liga Santander.

    With Nevado up behind the striker, a small change of roles is made, given Nevado's poor dribbling skill.
    The first half is what was to be expected when a top half team faces the bottom one. We dominate them completely and get three goals.
    The second half is changes for fitness. They score one through one big mess up in defence, but nothing else happens other than a couple decent chances we miss.
    The only real concern is our aim seems off and so many shots go off target, though not all are to be blamed on the shooters, like that cross Domínguez sent too high for Acha so he couldn't direct it.
    And we're finally among the top four if Alcalá loses their match. Still nine points off the top.

    Raúlz Díez asks for more first team football. Considering I've not used him in a long time and he's first team status, it's an understandable reaction. He had a bad match but generally has not played badly, so I'll give it some time to prove himself.

    We face Móstoles, who are in second place. I would be tempted to be defensive, but I have the feeling the usual system may work better.
    We've done less than with the 4-1-4-1 against the leaders. However, we've had a number of good plays that missed on producing a chance very narrowly, so I'll leave things for the second half as they are.
    Things remain the same nearing the hour of play, but my decision is just to change players: Joan in for Nevado and go attacking for him, Murci in as supporting target man for Acha. It worked and Joan scores two goals from two good plays.
    We move definitely into the play offs with this. We're up to third place.

    Quique is in the bench, back from injury but still far from being fit. Jesús Pastor starts, that's all the rotation.
    Perhaps the best first half yet. Good plays and a result to reflect it. 3-0 up, seems unlikely they'll make a comeback.
    The second half has a goal by Nevado being called off for Acha's offside, that didn't distract any defender, didn't touch the ball, didn't obstruct the keeper's sight of the ball. Ridiculous. Then they had a bit of luck from a free kick and then we again.
    Every starting player rated over 7.0. First half of the season ends with us in play off places.

    Same team as before, but with no keeper in the bench.
    The first half is poor, though we are better than stats suggest. Only three shots, but a few plays that missed the last pass for dead easy tap ins.
    Second half begins with Parla and Díez being idiots again. The run together chasing the point the ball will land, not caring an enemy is right there in front of them in the path to head it in. Acha later gets the equalizer, but we don't get any more goals so it ends in another disappointing draw.

    Almost a perfect month, at least it's the best month so far.

    No coaching course in sight.

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    January 2018.

    Muñoz is now asking for more first team football. I'll give him the chances, but his squad status is down to rotation.

    Álvaro is out because he earned his tenth yellow card of the season during past match. Navarro starts due to his need for fitness. Quique will still be in the bench.
    A good first half gives us just a one goal lead, with a second wonderful chance saved by the goalie.
    Second half keeps the total domination, but with no second goal there was no stopping the draw, as in injury time, Navarro pushes a rival in a corner.
    Another two points thrown away that mean we've dropped out of promotion play offs. But the worst is Domínguez picked up a knock.

    Domínguez will be almost a month out.

    Muñoz will have his chance to impress. Aliaga's not in the bench because I wanted to have Iglesias but not leave Pastor out.
    Mediocre first half. We are clearly the better team of the two, even on this sand surface, but we don't do much with it and, although we could have gone ahead with a couple of shots, it's not like they were that good.
    Second half was the same until the defence once again went nuts and everyone moved out of position and gifted them an easy goal. From there, changes had already been done, the players arrived to the match and we began to create chances and do things, but only one goal could be scored.

    We come next against the team right above Internacional. Minimal rotation. Some news have popped out suggesting I may be sacked, though last time I talked to one of them the board was satisfied, so getting a win is more important than usual.
    This time the players get down to business right away and make a great half, finishing it with a three goal lead. It wouldn't be the first time they throw such an advantage away, though.
    And they almost did it. They disconnected at the start of the second half and conceded two goals; but then Domínguez got a long ball and sent it to Acha for our fourth goal and from there things remained in our control.

    Navalcarnero is a few places ahead of Adarve. Domínguez is back to fitness and starts the game, Álvaro also starts again.
    Poor first half. We do nothing in attack, so changes are needed, but I don't want to miss the chance to play with both Acha and Murci up top, which is why I've been waiting to half time to decide on what to do.
    In the end, the decision is to start with a small change of roles to Joan and Acha.
    After a quarter of an hour and no result, I choose to make the change to 4-2-4 and see how it goes. It works a treat and we get two goals in a couple of minutes. A little later I decide to defend the result and change to a 4-5-1, but right before the changes are done, Murci scores the third. We get very close to his hat trick in the closing minutes, but it ends like that. For once, after so long, we get a win with a clean sheet.
    Alcalá drew their match so we're back among play off positions. So did Getafe B and we're again nine points behind, which are likely too many.

    See? They're not unhappy.

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    February 2018.

    The wage budget has been reduced.

    Yedra had asked me to get him a coaching course. I told him I would so I've fulfilled my promise. The board has agreed. But one for me is too expensive.

    We begin the month against the second placed team, before we go against the first. We've trained defensive movement but play the usual 4-2-3-1. Lorente starts because both Parla and Yedra are one card away from suspension and I don't want to be forced to play only one natural centreback against Getafe B.
    We create a number of good chances, but they get a counter with the striker just in line and, though the defence sends him to a narrow angle, Muñoz ruins the job letting it slip between him and the post. Given the chances created, I give the system the rest of the half to get the equalizer; but failing that at the end of the half, I will change to a 4-4-2. Also, De Pedro will be suspended against Getafe B, which is a problem as he's our only left fullback.
    The 4-2-4 does nothing so I change to a diamond. It gets us some nice chances that are saved. Muñoz makes a great save to claim he deserves his chance after all; but later he just lets another ball go within his reach into the net. The shot was a world class strike worthy of Real Madrid, but still not something he couldn't have saved with a display worthy of our division. And just before the end, Yedra just pushes the offside trap way too much and lets their striker free. Muñoz doesn't do well, but not too bad either.

    We face the top team with de Pedro suspended. Lorente takes his place as he's the one defender I feel can be trusted the most. Díez starts at the other side because in this system he fits better than in the usual, while Navarro will be at the wing. Defensive central midfield as I'm aiming more at not losing. Murci up top because he's a bit faster than Acha and also stronger.
    We hold them nicely during the first half, even get to be the team that has been the closest to get ahead, though it's not too close that we got to be. Parla hasn't played very well, though.
    In the second half we get some real high quality plays, but twice the ball is intercepted right before Murci can apply the easiest finish. We're the only team threatening the other, but we are the ones that lose because the idiot referee refuses to call the clear offside Guito was in. On top of that he booked both Yedra and Parla, the first was justified but the second was no way a card, so he's screwed this match and the next.

    With only one decent centreback to use next game, losing one more may actually put my job at risk, so I'll start looking at other choices. The only two jobs that at the moment might have some interest would be Linares in Andalucía Occidental group and East Fife in Scottish League One. The former is third of their group and likely to end in the promotion playoffs and the later, as the former, has okay finances. The problem with them is I don't know how long I can wait to file an application and sending them now may lose me the job right now for nothing.

    East Fife is expected to finish in play offs, they've trailing fifth by more than ten points but there's enough season left that coming back into the fight would noe be impossible. The squad, however, is poorly build with no wingers and a huge lot of strikers. They've been using a flat 4-5-1 whioch explains how they are underperforming that much and provides an argument to go for this job.

    I applied to Linares, but their interview process is finished. So I guess I'll try East Fife.

    Raúl Díez got a flu. Hopefully he'll accept he can't play while he's got it.

    East Fife has offered me the interview.

    Pozuelo is in the lower half of the table. With not enough players to fill the bench between suspensions and injuries, we start with the 4-2-4 and the youngster Moreno at the back.
    We start poorly and concede from a corner, a melee with one rival ends in a weak clearance by Acha that is picked by a player that shoots with Aliaga unable to do anything. I keep the system and we get back into the match with three goals by Domínguez, Murci and Acha, though before half time we concede a second time from a counter. Pedro Moreno is given a bad rating, but he's not been that bad.
    Second half is slow until the hour is played, then we get again into it, Acha scores one more and Murci completes his hat trick. Good win, our best so far, even though it's not against a top half team.
    Pedro Moreno was given a poor rating until we went 5-2 up, but he's done very well, intercepoting passes and generally making life difficult for the opposition strikers.

    A few days later, East Fife comes with an offer. €125 more per week, which is a nice bonus.

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    New club, East Fife.

    I negotiate the contract, though I don't insist, as soon I get a raise, even if small, I take it. It's already more money than I was getting here.

    Salary: 475€/week = 1900€/month
    Food: 24x30
    Bus: 3.20x30
    Apartment: 600€
    Electricity and so: 200€
    Monthly total = 1616
    Remaining: 284€
    Family contributions: 284€
    Total savings per month: 0€

    Now that I could watch the players in the first training session, I'd say in average they're a bit better than at Alcobendas. The worse are not as bad but the best are not as good. One bad thing is our weakness is in goal, with neither goalkeeper being in level to Muñoz.

    Severn will be our first choice keeper. I think he's what one can expect for this league, so it's not that bad.

    Our key player will be one of two midfielders: either Kevin Moon to start in the middle or Kyle Wilkie in the advanced midfield:

    Kevin Smith has been the main striker for the team so far, with only seven goals. He'll be starting in my system, but I would consider Gordon Smith to be our best choice.

    Just two other coaches to work in training with me.

    Our system will be a 4-3-1-2, which I feel is the most suited to the team. As I promised to play direct football, we'll be using long passes, though I don't ask them to be hasty. We're not going to train another system for now.

    Oh, come on! "Okay finances". They're in debt. I changed job not just because Alcobendas was too close to go south for comfort without having any economical buffer to take unemployment, but because their debt level was too high. For this I would've stayed at Alcobendas, where I was close to promotion places.

    I'm not hiring new staff then. With all this my preparation is done for the next.
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  27. Congrats on the new job. Love the detail on the breakdown of your salary!
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    Quote Originally Posted by osullm View Post
    Congrats on the new job. Love the detail on the breakdown of your salary!
    I wanted to avoid past careers happy job hoping, I keep track of it so while there's no savings for Yelyzaveta to feel comfortable about the chance of losing a job just because some vacancy she has a chance to get she'll be applying, and keep applications to when she's just been sacked or sacking feels too close for comfort. In this case, though I've not taken screenshots and forgot to add it to the narration, job security was on insecure; though the next matches for Alcobendas were looking easy and that 4-2-4 had got a good result, the squad had given up too many winning positions so it's not a given that because it scored six goals against a team, it would be as productive in future matches. Looking at available jobs at those moments, there was only Linares and East Fife as teams with okay finances and doing fairly decent in their leagues.

    Now, since Tercera is 18 groups and I'm still not installing those extra RAM, I'm considering deactivating it, as that would save a lot of processing time and many teams I found didn't have squads filled, some had many greyed players.
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    March 2018

    Uhm, why are they making the question about women in football the main of the presentation press conference? Nobody should give a damn about it.

    We're level in points and they're the favourites. However I'm not making any change to the system I thought best fit for the squad.
    We started polaying better, we should be ahead; but Severn proved the point goalkeeper is our weaker position. It started because Lithgow was too forward without real need; but he herded the striker nicely to a tight angle, it was Severn who didn't save a goal despite not being in a bad position.
    Second half is more active and we both do more, but the score doesn't change. Severn however redeems himself from his mistake, as he saves two or three great chances they have.
    The result isn't good but the performance has not been as bad as the ratings say. It's mostly a matter of tweaking the system. To start, I think our defensive line was too high and was ultimately what allowed the play of the goal to happen. Despite the many shots conceded, including three great chances, the feeling of this defence is better than I had at Alcobendas. We'll have to see, perhaps it is worse and they just had an okay day. Another change to the tactic is to swap both strikers and possibly give Ross Smith preferrence over Kevin Smith.

    We have the youth intake. No great prospects, though some deserve to be signed to the young team. I'll let the staff deal with signing them.

    Ayr are third and favourites. Despite iot also being away, I'm not changing from the main system I think fits us better.
    Again we are the team that creates more during the first half, but the strikers lack the quality to take the created chances and keep sending everything off target. Severn makes a good save for their only real chance.
    Second half followed the same pattern, just until I ask to bring in Kevin Smith in for Sheerin. Just before Sheering shoots and it rebounds off a defender to get into goal. We start to get shots on target after that and Orr completes the score with a header.
    With this we break a ten run of matches without winning, in which all but two were defeats.

    This match will be what shuts down any chance to come back to the play off positions or leave the chance inside the edge of our reach. I repeat the side, as looking at them training, I'm not so sure Kyle Johnson is really our best defender. He's slow to get running.
    We make an excellent first half with great attacking play, however finishing lets us down. That makes it clear what is that we need for next season.
    Second half is the same story, changes not being enough. Scott Robinson got injured and that's the worst part of the match, as we don't have midfielders for the bench other than youth players.
    The result means play offs are too far and there's no hopes to get there. It's not a big deal, as I don't think it would've happened anyway. What is clear we need for next season is to bring some back up midfielders, if one starting creator can be found the better and new strikers.

    Three months will Robinson be out.

    We lose Ross Smith, back up centreback / right fullback for the rest of the season to an injury during a U20 match to recover his fitness.

    This one is a team behind us. Losing may mean getting too close to relegation play off spot. With Gordon Smith not being too fit, Thomas Orr takes his place, as Gordon hasn't played too well and Orr's done better from the bench.
    They get a few attacks that look dangerous but end in nothing and we get ahead with two goals, with several more chances to increase the advantage. Though he's the key piece, Brown is going off as he picked a yellow card and I don't want to have him suspended next match.
    We control the match even better during the second half as they don't even once do anything close to threatening even before the red card they picked, though we just score once.
    This seals we don't have to worry about the bottom of the league.

    Another match against a team behind us. No changes to the starting eleven.
    We controlled the match again, going two goals up, but Lithgow almost costs us a goal and a red card and causes a free kick that ends in a goal, so he's out for the second half.
    Second half is perfect, though, we completely shut their offensive play and continue creating, getting a goal with excellent play by Orr holding his space against the centrebacks to receive a long pass and score.

    This good set of results leaves me wishing they had hired me much sooner.

    Severn's third most clean sheets. Half of them with me. I'm certainly happy with the solidity this defence is showing.

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    April 2018

    March manager of the month is a robbery, they give it on same score to Alex Rae because he's at the team at the top. I've got the same with a team that's in the lower half and has just being promoted. I'd say I had it tougher to get those results.

    McAuland comes into midfield, where he had a good match recently. Clearly everyone expects us to lose, they're second in the league and that's underperforming for them.
    They show their superiority in the first half, with Severn keeping us in the game, though he can't avoid conceding one goal.
    After Brown picks a card, I change to a 4-2-4 that works to get us level, but no more. For the later minutes I change to a 4-5-1 to defend the result, but they get an unmarked man in a corner and so we end losing.
    The result everyone expected, but I'm not unhappy as the defence has shown to be up to the task, it's not them switching off or doing stupid stuff that we conceded.

    This is the team just four points ahead. I would very much like to finish ahead of them and we need a win. Assistant says Kyle Johnson is training well and, after Lithgow's poor match, he's having a chance. Gordon Smith will have his goal rewarded with a start.
    We got ahead with a good goal by Sheerin, then Kyle Johnson seals his fate. His place is with Alcobendas Sport, he first mistimes a run to pull an offside trap leaving his man alone and at the end of the first half he scores a ridiculous own goal with no pressure on him whatsoever.
    For the second change, I change both centrebacks as they are booked, plus Kyle not playing again. Gordon Smith shows him how to take the opportunities doing his joib, scoring in the opposition's goal to set us level and seal the win Slatery had provided with our third goal. Forfar makes nothing in this half.
    Two matches left to get ahead of Forfar, one point ahead of us, ver nice.

    We visit the bottom team of the league. McAusland starts in midfield, otherwise unchanged. Jonhson is back to the bench because the twoe extra players who could take his place are injured.
    We go ahead and they begin to get into the match, so changes seem necessary to keep the score.
    The changes, merely standard mentality, work and Gordon Smith scores a second time and they get no more chances.
    Stranraer won their first match in a long time, against Stirling, meaning mathematically is impossible to get ahead of them.

    Last match of the season. We face the top team, which have the title in play, so this will be a tough match. Forfar behind us are facing the second team so it's not very unlikely, though still possible, we'll finish ahead.
    Livingston show that thing people say about champion teams, we do better attacks and better play, but two decent attacks they get to shoot and two goals they get.
    Second half I change to the 4-2-4, I want goals even if we take risks. But it didn't work and they got one in a counter attack. To make things worse, St. Mirren just screwed their game so Forfar will end ahead.

    St. Mirren messed the wrong match.

    Yes! We got money to get balance in the positive. Time to ask for a coaching course.

    What the hell? It's the end of the season, holidays are just a few weeks away.

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  31. Great job so far with East Fife. You should have gotten manager of the month. If you can keep this sort of form a promotion is on the cards next year. You are unlucky with not being allowed to go on a coaching course. Hopefully they will allow you at the end of the season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by osullm View Post
    Great job so far with East Fife. You should have gotten manager of the month. If you can keep this sort of form a promotion is on the cards next year. You are unlucky with not being allowed to go on a coaching course. Hopefully they will allow you at the end of the season.
    If only the move had happened a few weeks earlier, the way Stranraer dropped so many points along the way had it possible until the penultimate match to get into the play offs. Alas it couldn't be, so next year. If the core of the team keeps the level of this end of season it should be possible.

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    Postseason 2018

    The first thing to do as the season ends is to look at the contracts. All the players that have been first choice with a contract running out will be offered a new one. The same for those in the bench that have come in and performed well. Any others will have their contracts run out or offered to other clubs, for free if necessary. To begin with, what I know is we can use a centreback to replace Kyle Johnson and we need at least one striker, also some central midfielders are needed, though we have a versatile squad with players who can pley more than one position.

    Kevin Smith and Crawford are doubtful. Smith has not been bad and can play in midfield, which means he's more likely to receive a new contract, but I'll see what I find in the market before. Crawford isn't much worse than Severn and with Severn proving himself I can as well wait out to see what we can bring in that position.

    Offered new contract to all except Crawford. Scott Robinson asked for too much and Curran doesn't want to hear about coming permanently. Most of them have accepted some pay decrease.

    Next is to try set up some friendly cup or league to get money into the club, though with how in the last day Alcobendas lost a lot, I'm not sure about doing it. I'll decide in may.

    The first player we go for is Scott Agnew from Stranraer. I'm going after players ending their contracts, as our finances aren't too healthy and from what my time here we have a good base to build for a better season.

    Season's club awards have been published:

    So much for friendlies: the players have been given holidays until mid of June. I've not even been asked about when I want them back. I will take mine as soon as I get the initial signings made. Loan work will begin in July.

    The new budgets have been announced. It's just about what free signings will require in fees.

    Agnew has signed.

    Our scout tells me of Allison having a lot of potential and asks me to offer him a new contract. I am definitely about to do that.

    We find a young and very promising goalkeeper to take the place of Crawford. He's already as good as him, if not better.

    Conor Quigley will be our next target to strengthen the defence. He can play centre and left.

    We lost our fitness coach so I'm looking for coaches. Also others, not just fitness.

    Quigley signs. It's important as he already looks our best defender.

    Only one coach has been accepted to be signed. The fitness one, who is very good.

    Ferrie also signs the contract we offered. We now need the striker and some back up midfielders. The later will be looked for in the loan market.

    Bonuses for the squad have been paid out.

    We got Slattery in the team of the year.

    Our sponsorship for next year has gone up, which is always good news.

    From the list of strikers I've made, the best choice doesn't want to come, the second best signed a contract before I got the scouting of the players finished and the others don't quite convince me of their worth. There are two, however, that the scouts rate very highly. One asks for perhaps too much, I don't know if going for the other or perhaps wait to see if I can loan the second choice.

    In first of June the three signings join:

    Though in the end we proved capable of scoring regularly, I still think bringing a better striker is a good idea, though I need to find the right one. We can use also a couple of signings for the midfield. Maybe one starter and one back up.

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    Summer 2018

    Our offer to loan Curran again was rejected.

    We've offered a contract to a young out of contract and a loan offered for another from Dumferline, both midfielders. Andrew McCarthy is the first to confirm his arrival signing his contract.

    And next is Brandon Luke accepting his loan.

    And finally, to complete this season's team, David Hopkirk signs a contract to join on a free transfer to act as a very versatile player for midfield or striker position.

    I still can't have her ask for a coaching course.
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    Preseason 2018

    Just after I prepare the friendlies for the preseason, I'm asked about the season goals. I choose the minimum they are willing to consider, as I don't want to make the players feel much pressure.

    On an interesting piece of news, the squad can use two players on trial.

    Looking over what has gone on in Alcobendas Sport, they've been in a very good form with a lot of wins after I left, but failed in their final two matches to miss the play offs.

    Among the friendlies I miss one more central midfield, with Slattery being moved to left back position; but a scout of our parent Dundee shows they have a very good leftback available for loan we can get without paying anything, so he'll be our last addition.

    I can choose the pitch size for this next season and I decide for a narrow pitch, since we're going to stick to the 4-3-1-2.

    Our last friendly provokes the only preseason injury so far. Luckily it's not serious and we just lose Ross Smith for less than a week.

    The competitive season begins with the League Cup; but with two teams from divisions above in our group I'm treating it as mere friendlies so the rotation of the side will be maintained.

    I can't pay high bonuses so I leave them at middle.

    The bet companies say we should make it to the play offs.

    The preseason ends with two defeats because the league cup made us face the higher division teams later, but it's been quite a good preseason regarding play. We lost against top division Falkirk but it was after being ahead and having chances to get level and win, while against Hibernian we came back twice immediately after the first two goals but it was some bad refereeing that made the defeat by two goals. We've been competitive against top teams. I'm still using just the 4-3-1-2 system. The only downside is not everyone has got to be match fit yet.

    The best about the league cup has been finances, we were just in debt and the end of our participation has given us a positive balance. Enough time has passed to request a coaching course again.

    And this time it's granted! Now I need to find the time for a part time job as I need an extra 250€ as moving here dropped the money I could send home. Maybe sharing my house with someone, but I don't like that and besides it's already quite small house I'm in.

    They're happy with me, which is nice. They only disapprove of our style; but when I promised them direct football I didn't know well the squad and thought I could use a system better suited for that.

    Reputation has increased a little, it's now almost a full star instead of a single spike.

  36. That is great they finally approved your coaching course. As for having less money, seduce one of the youth team and get them to move in and pay half your rent!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by osullm View Post
    That is great they finally approved your coaching course. As for having less money, seduce one of the youth team and get them to move in and pay half your rent!!
    LOL. Then all the press screaming favouritism when he makes a debut. She better moonlight as a thug to beat the journalist some mafia boss dislikes.
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    August 2018

    We start the season against one of the promoted teams and we'll follow next against the other. That is a very good thing as it improves our chances of a good start when we still have many players who've not got up to match fitness. Then again, it's bigger chances to lose against a team we should beat.
    Unlucky first half in which one of their strikers unleash a curled ball even if our scouting of him says he can't do that, but we go level quicky. Referee is being too happy showing cards.
    Second half is just a series of wasted opportunities. The lack of on target shows shows its consequences but I've allowed it because the proportion of on target shots that end as goals has been pretty high so it balances out, however that was not the case today.

    First home match of the season in which we make a good deal of rotation for fitness purposes.
    Oh, come on! Referee is against us. He doesn't call clear offside for a couple of their attacks and then sends Luke off for two tame fouls that could never be a card and everything we do is yellow card.
    Second half and he proves his partiality: Quigley gets clotheslined by Rennie and not even a foul is called. It's the second game in a row referee shows favoritism to the opposition, though in the past it was meaningless. But this ruins out match and hands them the win.

    I've changed nothing, but since the 17.3 patch at start of friendlies it's raining yellow cards like this was FM11. Mind you, I liked FM11's high card count that was more realistic and I wanted a change back to that, but what I don't like is if it's been changed and they just omitted all documentation in the changelog.

    With the last two matches, the first choice team for this season starts to take shape. Huet and Ferrie have always been nervous or uninterested, Slattery will have his last chance to be composed or lose his place to Agnew.
    This first half looks like an improvement over the past matches, past a weak start. We end up with the best chance, sent over by Orr, who may be losing his place as starter.
    We had started to control the match so they had not made a shot since the twentysome minute and that kept being so in the second half until twenty minutes were left, when Slattery had already opened the scoreline and Gordon Smith proved bringing him for Orr was a good decision. Seeing as they were more aggressive in their attack, I changed to a 4-1-4-1 in order to have better cover of the flanks without losing numerical advantage in the middle. They scored once from a corner but that was all.
    Quigley was looking complacent for most of the match, so he's a candidate to lose his spot to Lithgow. Sheerin also is looking complacent so he may join the players losing first choice status.

    We start another cup against the team that's third in League Two. The team is completely rotated because of fitness issues and that it's too close to the next league match.
    It seemed to start very well, with some nice chances wasted by Gordon Smith, then Ross Smith shows his lack of fitness being caught off position and Ferrie doesn't do his part of the job. The rest of the match goes on with Gordon Smith throwing away any claim he could have for first choice wasting chances, going as far as getting in the way to block a shot by Kevin Smith that was going to be a goal.

    The transfer revenue we'll keep has been increased. It's just 30% and I plan no deals so it's not very relevant.

    We're back to the fist choice back, with Kevin Moon and Slattery exchanging their usual roles.
    What the stupid idiots! We control the match, get all the chances, but Orr and Sheering just turn into jelly and just make a pass for the keeper and then two attacks they have the defenders turn into Alcobendas. First they get the idiotic idea that they have all to close down the man in the wing when there's two players in the centre and Quigley can't deal with them both. Then Quigley just don't think needed to keep up to his man to cut a cross and Severn that a cross to the near post is to be dealt jumping to the far post.
    Second half we change to a 4-2-4 just to see the strikers keep unable to hit a barn. At least no more mistakes in defence. Not if we don't count that idea making a deeper defensive line is put two on the ball carrier to follow him all the way to his half without doing anything to get the ball, just lose position by miles.
    In the up side, while the result is worth beating the crap out of the squad, the performance outside those two goals have been much better than in past matches.

    After that match I commented about the yellow cards, it's been back to normal few cards, so it seems it might have been just coincidence of preseason lack of fitness making them pick more and the patch coming live.
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    September 2018

    They are just behind us, so coming out with a win is a bit more important. Lithgow is not fully fit, but he starts to remake the partnership that past season worked so well.
    We have a first half that is as good in our playing as the past, but even with Lightgow not in good form the defence doesn't make any slip, so we reach half time ahead.
    Second half is Wilkie's turn to sent a wonderful chance at the keeper, not that Gordon Smith or Orr didn't have good chances of their own to waste. But no matter how low fitness he has, Lithgow has no excuse to be by the striker receiving an aerial ball and not even jump. Which is repeated by Sheerin, Ross Smith and Slattery in a corner, forcing a change to a 3-4-3 to chase the goal to level the match, which comes and then we're close to the win in injury time.

    Agnew wants more first team football. Fair request that I will grant him.

    We've been through a two week break due to international matches, so various players are lacking fitness, despite making them available for the U20 matches and friendlies. Agnew starts, Wilkie is moved ahead and Slattery takes his place. Some other tweaks are used: fluid strategy and lower defensive line with higher closing down.
    We keep them into their area the full first half, they only get three shots from bad positions at the start.
    In the second we get two goals ahead, after wasting two onderful chances, because being in the 6 yard box with nobody ahead is when you got to just tap the ball so it rolls superslow that the keeper can reach it. But we finally score. Then defence says it wants to be the Scottish Alcobendas and first concedes from a good corner play, with Severn weirdly moving out of the only possible path to goal ((
    Before the new ME and those long hours improving GK animation I never saw these ridiculous animations of GKs impulsing their jump left but sliding right instead)) and then they decide the right answer to a long ball behind the defence is to stop and watch.

    Orr will be three weeks out with the injury he picked. I'll send him to a specialist.

    After the failures against bottom teams we visit the second one. Same starting eleven with a little of a shuffle in which we exchange the position between the box to box and the advanced play maker.
    After most of the first half being level, we begin to impose ourselves and we do get some good chances, but everyone misses by shooting at the keeper. Hopkirk, however, in his first match as striker from the start has proved to do a lot for the team there. With a yellow card for MErcer early on, I move Slattery to fullback and bring Kevin Moon to the midfield.
    We get our goal in the second half and then I change to a new formation in which we shuffle the front three into winger - striker - inside forward to have some control of their fullbacks. They begin to have lots of shots but of very low quality, so it's all under control. But since they want now to be Alcobendas all over again, Quigley decides that when nobody else is trying to make an offside trap, as keeper sends the ball all the way long, he'll just leave his man and run into space, empty no men to mark in acres space to give them an easy chance finished with quite skill but still should never happen if Quigley had a neuron in that skull of an idiot he has.
    Lithgow will return to first choice as soon as he's fit.

    Ayr are favourites despite being visitors and just ahead in the table. Same starters than previous match.
    After a few minutes I have to change to the wide formation, given Brown's problems to defend the flanks and things start to look good. Their defence makes a pair of blunders but we don't take them. Rose then feels it's unfair so he intercepts a ball and then can't think that keeping the ball is needed, he just touches and leaves it behind for the striker. They do take their chance.
    So with card to Quigley, Lithgow has the second half. A cross is coming to him and a runner is between? My God! Let's avoid going for the ball, let's stop and back away least the runner doesn't get the ball. I go back to the usual narrow system, get one back, but they get one good counter and then I have to take risks and that costs the four from a side free kick.

    Remove the goals conceded by stupid mistakes by defenders who seem to have been possessed by brainless dogs and this would've been such a good month. That makes it specially annoying, because only a few have come from playing a formation weak at the flanks. Next month should see some further tweaks to the system, specially focused on the defensive line: regardless of my complaints one individual mistakes, it all is consequence of my instructions.

    We'd be third or fourth.

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    October 2018

    Wilkie broke an arm in training and I'll send him to the specialist. He's out for a month.

    He should be speaking about the idiotic moments of defenders ruining all my plans.

    McCarthy makes a return to replace Wilkie and Gordon Smith starts in place of Sheerin. I'm tweaking yet again the defence, stay a bit deep and not close down as much, and set McCarthy to man mark their leftback and Slattery their rightback.
    We have a good first half in which the tweaks seem to work very well. The man marking instructions help getting the fullbacks proper help. Offensively Hopkirk confirms what he showed assiting Gordon Smith.
    Hopkirk continues his good performance in the second half, creating chances, assisting McCarthy and then finishing a pass from Slattery. Slattery then fails to intercept a corner and we concede, but later he'll score our fourth to make the win almost a sure thing. There is a second goal, but that one was not from any mistake but good play by Albion taking advantage of what their 4-3-3 can use against our 4-3-1-2.

    The only bad from this past match is Agnew picked a knock and he'll be out for almost a week. It's doubtful he will start next match.

    Scouts said they would use a 4-4-2 but they use that. I repeat starting team. It's been two weeks with no matches, but friendlies have kept most of the squad fit.
    We control the first half, with the only issue being Luke shows sign of fatigue, so he'll be off at half time. We also get a goal from a rebound picked by Gordon Smith.
    Second half they go defensive and it turns much quieter, though we still get some chances. We don't score any more and neither do they, so we end with the win.

    Gordon Smith is there in the fight for top scorer.

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    November 2018

    Orr gets a three weeks injury in a Un20 friendly match.

    Crawford comes complaining for his lack of first team football. His contract ran out. That meant something and he should know it. So I just try to encourage him to find another club.

    He choses to leave the club a few days later. Hope he gets picked by one of the several clubs with interest in him soon.

    This time I got the manager of the month award, as I was the only to win both matches.

    Agnew is now happy with his time playing.

    After yet another two weeks without league matches, we have a few players with fitness problems. Wilkie is back and Agnew is the other not fully fit. They're first but I'll try the usual system.
    They start strong and dominating the match, so I change to the wide system. For some reason, Luke is not very fresh from the start and I don't know why. He's not injured, he didn't play the last U20 friendly, he should be fine. At any rate, the system change works and we begin to make chances until we go ahead. They change to a 4-2-4 and I'll keep things as they are.
    In the second half a mistake by Mercer costs us the lead, as he is watching the players with the ball instead of his man, that gets free for a backdoor. However it was still a good play by them and Mercer had some justification to feel he shouldn't ignore the center. Agnew then makes a superb shot to get us ahead and then they get a great header from a bit of a messy play to make it 2-2. Sheering had the chance to win in the injury time, but he failed to run for it.
    A draw against the leaders is never a bad result, more so if we've been the ones getting ahead.

    McAusland is now the player asking for more first team football. He's been okay in his few appearances, so I will grant him his wish.

    We face the bottom team with McAusland and Kevin Moon rotating in Luke and Slattery positions. We'll use the man marking system to deal with their fullbacks.
    The first half could be improved. We get several chances, one goal, but Stranraer are too many times closer to score than is healthy.
    Second half is the same but without goals. Gordon Smith sent over two great chances, not counting the third that he failed to get to the ball before the keeper. Last half hour was played with the wide system and the last ten minutes of that with a 4-5-1 to close the game.
    We get into play off and close on the top teams, but I'm not completely happy, as I feel we should have got a bigger win.

    Kevin Moon picked an injury that will keep him out for a month.

    Another two week hiatus and now we face the second placed teams. A win would be huge.
    We start well, with Quigley scoring from some pinball and Gordon Smith missing a sitter. Until Severn does something stupid and concedes.
    Due to Severn poor outlook at half time talk he's coming out, so is McAusland because of a card. Quigley stays with his because then I'd run out of subs to change the match.
    In the second half they get ahead with a good play, but we respond right away. Then with more than half an hour to play Quigley picks the second yellow, so I end having to bring Lithgow in for Gordon Smith and we drop Hopkirk to advanced midfield. He gets a penalty for Slattery to score when almost a quarter of hour to finish and then we manage to keep the result.
    We got the huge win. We're now tied with Alloa and Forfar and six points behind Stenhousemuir.

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  42. Congrats on Manager of the Month award! You had a great October and November. Hopefully the defensive errors are finished up with and you can aim for promotion now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by osullm View Post
    Congrats on Manager of the Month award! You had a great October and November. Hopefully the defensive errors are finished up with and you can aim for promotion now!
    If the next rounds are like the first but without throwing away two goal leads, then it should happen.
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    December 2018

    Giving Agnew his chance at the first team was worth it as shown by him being second in the monthly player of the month award. Quigley got the second for the young player award. And I won the manager of the month for the second month in a row.

    We get on the third round of one new cup, in which is the one I was asked to reach fourth round. I rotate the whole team to give everyone a chance to show what they're worth.
    The first half is so bad that only Ferrie can pretend to have made any merit. And McAusland.
    Second half and the first thing is Luke making a senselessly violent tackle to earn the second yellow and make moot the idea to go back to the starting system after I changed to a 4-3-3 early. It ends with a counter in which McAusland is, as asked, too forward and Ross Smith rightly covers for him, but gets passed and Lithgow just abandons his man to try cover a too narrow angle. I leave without a word.

    We get just a few euros.

    Back to the league, with fitness issues and the first choice eleven, except for Quigley who is suspended. Ross Smith takes his place as he was the centreback that didn't mess it up in the goal of the cup match.
    As many matches, we start slow and pick up pace, with a couple of good or decent chances, missed by Gordon Smith.
    Second half substitutions are conditioned by the fact we have a new league match in three days. I hate this competition's calendar, it's stupid. Huge needless breaks that have then to be compensated by gratuitous congestion. We don't get in the game any more and Ross Smith loses his man to leave Michael Rose to deal with two players of which he fails to get ball side of neither to seal our defeat.

    We still have fitness issues when visiting the second to last team. Quigley and Gordon Smith aren't quite fit; but they return to make the starting team.
    It's a quiet first half in which we look better. When I'm considering improvements for the attack, Gordon Smith gets a penalty that he himself converts. Then I apply the man marking and leave things as they are otherwise, since the team seems solid defensively.
    Second half they go to a 4-4-2, start showing some threats, I change to wide system. Then Quigley tries to control the ball and gets it in the feet of a striker, that sends the ball back to the man he's marking well and Rose chases like a headless chicken, abandoning that striker so the ball goes back to him and he scores a great goal. Back to the 4-3-1-2 but no goals come.

    We have a chance to get back into the promotion fight against the second placed team. We still have some fitness issues from the last break. I will use the man marking instructions, but instead of assigning their left back to Wilkie I will assign him to Gordon Smith, as they're using that 4-5-1 system.
    First is the typical slow start to get into things as minutes pass. We get a goal after making some small change to stick to positions as they were getting too disorganized and Wilkie makes a poor control that keeps him from getting the pass to a lone striker.
    McAusland ruins the match in the second half getting sent off with a second yellow card without a talking to. Smith gets a second goal; but then a poor clearance gives them the ball and Severn deals with the high shot by dropping to the ground, then they get the nth worldie long shot first time hit I'm better than Ronaldo goal and to end Mercer breaks an offside trap the other players had laid very well.
    And coming up two matches more in six days. Wonderful calendar, it's either struggle to keep fitness or to fight tiredness. And Slattery got a twisted ankle.

    One month without Slattery.

    McAusland has been suspended for two matches and I warn him next time there will be a fine.

    The day that transfer revenue retained has been decreased again to 5%, the board injects some cash.

    We start a stretch of games away. Suspension and injury brings Luke and Moon back to the starting team and Huet is rotated in due to poor Mercer performances. Just before coming I made a team meeting to cheer the boys up, which seemed to work.
    First half could have been so much better. We have the two best chances, but both Hopkirk and Gordon send the ball stupidly clear over the crossbar. With a small change of instructions (central midfield - defend) Luke has not picked a card yet.
    Second half we don't get those chances, so I make some changes to the system and Sheerin gets a header in. Then the team seems to think again that when winning they can forget all about keeping shape and position so they give them the equalizer.
    I'm so tired of these complacent bunch of idiots I left without a word to them.

    Now we visit the second place without either McAusland nor Brown, so Mercer has to play right. Moon is tired so the other Kevin takes his place. We're changing the man mark so it's Wilkie and Gordon charged with marking the fullbacks so we keep a 3v2 in midfied.
    The first half is satisfying, considering we're playing the second team. We restrict them to a not so good chance. Granted, ours aren't much better, but are more. Keeping tight and close watch on their top assist giver is seeming to work, as well as telling them to be more disciplined.
    Sigh. It all looked so well and then they found a chance to exploit Oyenuga's pace to get ahead. Then Gordon has two superb chances and he chooses the most stupid shot in the first as well as the second: when he has three quarters of goal free in near post he chooses to send it tight to the far post, then just outside the six yard box he just taps it ever so gently. At least this time their goal was properly earned and the players were good.

    What a crap month. Very frustrated. If I wasn't strapped for cash, I'd just jump ship from this bunch of frustrating duck heads. Yeah, I know I should have sacked some of the strikers at summer and bring someone who can kick a ball consistently, but these guys don't earn that much money and there's no guarantee they'd find a team. I'm not sending anyone to financial trouble, unless they're the ones who choose to, like Crawford.

    Luckily the teams in play off positions are not doing that much better, so a string of good results would bring us back to the fight.

    She's got a small increase to her reputation with the new coaching course. A start spike. Every attribute has grown, except working with youngsters, Adaptability and level of discipline. Fitness has gone up only by one, and is the area she's worked the least in. I guess then that thw three that haven't changed may be because they're hard to increase or I don't do much of that, like perhaps fining players or being very critic in talks?

    So next rounds haven't improved like last month, so it seems directo promotion won't happen and play offs are not so sure.
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    January 2019

    Just a few days after the last match, all the midfield and Huet had to come off because of tiredness. Quigley is tired because the other centrebacks are tired as well from U20 match. We had just got through players not fit just to go straight on tired legs. I was going to bring Orr to sit Hopkirk, but tiredness just sends him to midfield. System tweaks include use channels and roam from position for Wilkie, use channels for Gordon and making Mercer wingback defend instead of fullback defend.
    We have a first half that gives us the best result than any full match. At 2-0 I make things slower but keep scoring, some weak efforts, I think their starting keeper must be injured and they're playing with an outfield player or a fifteen year old that saves nothing. We concede once due to bad luck: Quigley tries to block but just gets a deflection that deceives Severn.
    Second half is quieter. They get one more goal from a free kick and we fail to get shots on target.

    McAusland is now happy with his first team time.

    Since they did so well, I keep Orr upfront and Hopkirk in midfield, with Agnew returning. Moon gets back to the bench and all else is unchanged. They have both strikers affected by some type of injury so hopefully that's going to be a help.
    You got to be kidding me. Brown gets a good cross that is shot at the keeper, one of those journalists and ignorant fans love to say "must be a goal" but aren't really challenging to the keeper, so fine for now, but I think it was Orr who gets the rebound and with the keeper in the ground and half goal in his side, sends the ball back to the keeper. Anyway things are not bad though they could be better. They only had a quarter chance and I had to sub Luke in for McAusland as he had picked an early yellow. Orr keeps being caught offside, which is the reason I stopped picking him.
    Second half defence was doing well, but Hopkirk as the guy guarding the near six yard box corner just watched the ball as everyone except the defender that couldn't reach so we end losing, as when we start to look like we can get back Wilkie gets an injury and w'e're left with ten men.

    Sigh. Wilkie is out for two months. Also McAusland will be suspended for the enxt match.

    Ross Smith is unhappe with first team football. I'm not inclined to give it to him, but on the other hand our main problem is defense (second worse of the league) so I can as well give him the chance to come in and improve things.

    Lithgow is out for a mont with injury.

    Again playing the top team. Not the best time for that. Ross Smith starts as promised. With Wilkie injured and McCarthy not that good passing, Moon is given a run there.
    The start is disastrous, with McAusland making a penalty. Small changes to the system and we almost get the ball to Orr for an easy tap in a few minutes before we get a penalty and then a second goal before the end, a good finish by Moon.
    Gordon beats the goalkeeper but not the post to fail to get us a second goal lead. Then a lucky rebound gets the ball to their striker where Severn can't do anything to give them a morale boost. Then in what I think is more a mistake by Rose than Ross, they get the third. After that we seem to get things back to where they were but our third goal gets rightly disallowed for offside.
    The commentarists are idiots. Stenhousemuir don't deserve this win. Their last goal was their only good chance, while ours were almost all good.

    After playing top team, we play bottom. Then another needles two weeks break. Huet and Luke starts because of suspensions. Agnew is told not to take as much risks with passing is the other change.
    We only get one goal lead in the first half as things seem to work well, but not quite as well the finishing.
    Second half the defence falls asleep as customary to let them get their back and score; but Brown and Orr combine again to get the winning goal.
    Not good letting them be this close to get points. Allison's chance has been too short.

    Stirling sacked their manager and it seems it's rumoured they'll give me the job, but I don't see why would I take it. Nine points behind us and on route to the relegation play off, certainly not a job I want to take.

    I'm informed a youth has had a great leap in mentality.

    It turned to be another crappy month, though it could've been so much better.

    Gordon is still in the fight for top goalscorer.

    As usual, we keep losing money.

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  46. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    February 2019

    After several offers to get Allison for free, we get one with a chance for some money, if not now, in the future. With the promise he has I wanted to keep him, but it's St Mirren, a much higher club that can be so much better for him, so I let him go.

    In the deadline day we get an offer from Ross County to take Severn for free. Rejected, of course. That's all the transfer activity.

    Hopkirk has won January's player of the month.

    Hopkirk returns to striker position. Orr has scored, but been caught off side too many times.
    Ross and Hopkirk make a poor first half. At half time Quigley comes in for Ross and Orr in for Slattery, bringing Hopkirk to midfield.
    With little done after a good chance in the first half, I eventually turn to a 4-2-3-1 that improves things but fails to get results. Gordon misses an excelent chance to assist Orr during injury time. They got their keeper injured, but the substitute was as good as him.
    This is a game we had to win.

    Alloa has sacked his manager, Reid. With all the talk of me being sacked it makes it tempting to apply. The three favourites aren't considered to have that much of a chance to get it; looking at their jobs and past it would be silly for them to want it. If I wait to get sacked, then I may be unemployed longer than my finances allow me.

    Fine, I go for it. The thought of losing this job is too scary. Sharing my house's rent is just to fill what I was lacking from my contribution to family's funds.

    Luckily the board either didn't mind my application or hasn't learned of it. I make a new change to the system: I drop Moon for a more defensive central trio, Hopkirk moves behidn the strikers to give Orr a place in the starting eleven. Huet comes back, as does McAusland and we'll be playing structured.
    The first half is good all in all. The players show a few problems adjusting to the changes to the system but manage to keep them in check and get us a goal. The main worry is the referee filling us of yellow cards and that Slattery, who I'd need to deal with any surprises, has made several mistakes.
    In the second half Gordon and Orr miss two good chances, the first gets it deflected to the post and the later sends it too high, but Orr ends another good combination to score his second. Ross almost gave them a goal but otherwise they were well contained and just got a fair chance at goal that Severn saved well.

    The board provide a new cash injection. Just enough to get positive balance. That means it's time to request a coaching course.

    Severn gets an injury that will keep him out for a bit more than a week. At least we have a decent replacement.

    Severn could be made to play, but I prefer to give Ferrie a chance and protect Severn from getting it worse. Agnew makes it back to starting team and otherwise all remains.
    We almost concede early, but Ferrie is doing a fine job. We get into the game late as usual and Gordon gets a goal.
    Since we give too many shots, I decided to bring Moon instead of Agnew, and then he misses a header in a corner to let them equalize. Changes are then needed to search for the win but Ross makes a late and needless tackle attempt that leaves Dangana alone again and Ferrie can't do nothing.
    Ferrie deserves new chances despite the result.

    Alloa offer me an interview, which I will take.

    And they give me the job! I don't need to share my house. I'll help her to find someone to keep using my current house and search for the new one in the new city.

    Has she lost a corner of a star reputation?
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  47. Yes the reputation has gone down slightly. Hopefully new job can lead to it rising again!
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  48. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend

    There are some unhappy players that I'm told want to leave the club. I don't think I can talk to them yet, since in just a few hours is our match and I need to get them playing.

    The report of the team I have tells me these things about the team: crossing is poor, scoring is poorer than East Fife and we have no depth and the squad is hard working with most of the goals coming from the left side.

    The most used formation is a 4-4-2 so I may use it for today's match regardless of what I find, which seems to point to my 4-5-1 being a good choice.

    I only have the assistant and a goalkeeper coach for training. I'll have to bring some people to the staff.

    Finances are good. Should be well in the positive when I finish my current coaching course to start a new one.

    Our tactics with be a simple 4-4-2 following what they have been playing up to this point, with width in the right side provided by the right fullback and then a 4-5-1 with the fullbacks tasked with providing the width.

    That I think is as far as I can do before getting into the match.
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  49. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    March 2019

    First match with the team just a few hours after arriving. I'll start with the 4-4-2 and we'll see how things go. I may change to the 4-5-1 for the second part. We have a few of our better players out injured.
    Very quiet first half, though we apply some good pressure on them and keep them well under control. For the second half I will use the 4-5-1 without substitutions, as I picked the starting team to allow the change without need for subs.
    Second half might have gone the same way, were not Hoggan deciding the role of a centreback when a ball is sent to a striker is to never move from his chosen position. I know I manage low level teams, but seriously this level of stupidity is ridiculous. Also the constant "I want to pass to 60 yards, let's pat it ever so softly. Now to 5 yards... MAXIMUM POWER!!". I go control, back to 4-4-2, Byrne gets an injury and I change to a 4-4-1, then with no strikers in the bench to a strikerless version of the 4-4-2... we get some chances, but with the kind of passing and fake dribbling (hey, take the ball if you refuse the gift then I'll keep it) none is really good. Wylde also got a knock but with no subs left I had to keep him.
    Seriously, how can this team be this high in the table and East Fife so low? East Fife is much better.

    We lose our only player really able to do some playmaking work for more than half a month.

    Same starting eleven with McInroy in due to Byrne's injury. The system has been changed to have more players joining the attack. McInroy is now support but instructed to move forward whenever possible.
    The changes seem to work. To them passing into space is added soon. We create more, though still not necessarily great chances, the best being tackled just before the shot. The second of such chances however is tackled into Gilmour and we reach half time ahead.
    We begin very strong the second half, with several very good chances, one of which Biabi sends it at the keeper when that was the hardest thing to do. Near the end a good play and less than great keeping let's them draw level, but shortly after Moore takes his quality chance under the keeper to give us the win. From there I changed to a 4-1-4-1 to defend the result.

    We get out youth intake today 7th March. We have a good group. I will be signing most of them.

    A chance to go up to second position. I repeat the system from the past match, with the inclusion of Blair Malcolm in the right wing for his better pace than Gilmour's.
    We get a good match going on, with plenty of chances and controlling it. Moore gets us ahead from a free kick before the referee refuses to give an offside the defence had pulled off masterfuly, but a nice pass by Moore gets Biabi in a great position to score.
    I'll see how things go for the start of the second half, then I may make changes to defend the result.
    Their change to 4-2-3-1 looks dangerous and they get to the area more often, so I swap to 4-1-4-1, which improves things clearly with some more chances. Then a well defended McGuffie makes it level because Munro was where he shouldn't. Back to 4-4-2 that gets a number of good chances and one great chance that are saved or sent at the keeper.
    The good side is both Airdrie and Arbroath lost so we're not with more than a match into play offs.

    Arbroath are fourth, getting a win would make our play offs position safer. Byrne is back from injury and will play, though he's a little out of shape. I'm liking their manager, he's the second ever that, when shaking hands, doesn't grab and hold for too long but lets it done in an instant.
    We have an storming first half. The only bad thing of it is that our first goal, some minutes after Moore shot at the keeper an easy chance, came from an own goal and the rest could be blamed on that. A few minutes after that the same player who made the own goal made a penalty.
    Second half changes nothing. I bring Hynd in because he earned chances in past matches and Gilmour and Pittman for fitness. We add two more goals, one by Hynd who may have earned to start next match.
    We're now a match into play offs. Unfortunately, top spot is now too far.

    Wait, excuse me? What knock during the match?

    I placed an add for several positions and we now have all the coaching staff allowed.

    Back to East Fife. They still have their sloppy run of missing out wins but they failed to compete against Stenhousemuir. McIlduff is back from his injury but quite rited, soe Hetterington starts.
    We have some trouble getting the ball ahead, but have some nice chances, though Moore sends it to the post or was offside. Luke makes a strike that he never showed to be able to get ahead. I'm changing to 4-1-4-1.
    We got the goal with a Curran free kick, but even less getting to their area, so after a long while we went back to the 4-4-2 but still no second goal.
    The good side is the two teams behind lost their matches so we're six points ahead of fifth and four ahead of fourth.

    As so often, it could've been a better month. Still, we've better margin to qualify for play offs and top spot was never a realistic target.

    Balance has taken a big hit this month and a week.

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  50. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    April 2019

    We lose Aidan Wilson, our centreback for the rest of the season to an injury in training. This can be disastrous as I think we don't have a trustworthy replacement. Because he was loaned, he's been recalled away.

    Moore wins the player of March.

    Without Wilson, Marr comes in as he's the less slow of the two choices we have left.
    First half ends with them ahead because the defenders go the idea to take Murhead offside seconds after the pass to him was sent, thinking of closing him only after he had shot and then Taggart, beyond a third of the field chooses to send it to a corner when he had Marr close and was comfortable.
    Second half sees some changes and we get one back, but their only counter is played very well.
    At least we stay safe in play offs with likely two matches advantage.

    We're against the fourth team, a win would be very big to end the season well. Despite the importance of the match, I'm going ahead and give young Darren Simpson a start in the match. He's nearly as good as Marr but faster. Hynd will start despite not being quite fit.
    Simpson does some good pieces of defending and we're the closer to score from play, but it's from a free kick we get ahead.
    Hynd makes it 2-0 early in the second half from a through ball. We move to 4-1-4-1 and they score from a bad defensive play from Taggart, that lets his mark leave him, but we still create a fair amount of chances, if not great and don't concede again. We got Taggart out with a knock though.

    Taggart's injury is a small one and may be available for the next match.

    The boards injects some cash, a week after cutting down the transfer revenue retained to 10%.

    Wylde picks an injury in training, but luckily it's light and he'll be available for our next game.

    Next is Darren Simpson, also a short time, but this time it's too late. I need to take training a bit down.

    As expected, Simpson is the only one not to be back in time. Despite that, he'll be in the bench.
    We have a commanding first half in which good goalkeeping prevents us from getting more than a single goal lead.
    Second half they go aggressive, I change to 4-1-4-1. I am "forced" to bring Hetherington for Taggart, who tired too much and later he just stands in no mans land, leaving Marr to deal with two quick players and that ends with them drawing. That means we go back to 4-4-2 as they go 4-3-3 and more offensive, we again recover initiative with a lot of great chances and finally Malcolm picks his own rebound to win the match.
    We should've won like 5-1. The two teams ahead won so third is our maximum possible position.

    With three matches to go and seven points apart, I don't think winning would make top of the league realistic, even not considering Ayr are just one point behind them. The best for a win is that we may guarantee play offs. Simpson starts again, I changed him/Marr to the left and Hoggan because that places him behind Curran and so have more help and protection against mistakes from his youth or Marr's slow pace.
    First half is frustrating. It opens with a saved free kick that Munro can't hold and everybody standing watch. Only Curran made an effort to get to it, but he was too far. We don't do much, but the little is better than Stenhousemuir, then at the end of the match Brown sends a rocket Munro would've saved if Taggart wasn't unfortunate to be just in the way.
    With a card for Simpson, Marr will have a chance. Simpson has been good this first half, though, other than the first goal where almost all the team failed.
    Second is only a imrpovement in that they don't score and we get an excellent chance during injury time, but still do little. I guess I should have removed the man marking instructions to free Moore for the offense. Marr was a bit worse than Simpson and in a couple of times he showed his lack of pace.

    We are through to play offs by winning one match. Third too unless we lose the other by many goals or Forfar wins by many. In the plus side, we play the bottom two.

    That cash injection made things right. I might even get a new course right after finishing the current one!

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