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  1. big end to the season coming. Hume is a proper player! good luck.

  2. Good month in March, big end to the season coming up!

  3. I love how you've drawn everyone into this false sense of security with your managerial prowess.

  4. Great result against Millwall. Swing in goal difference could be important considering how close it is!

  5. Literally within touching distance Deathball!

    Here's hoping Zanz!

    Thanks dave! Yeah Hume is absolutely sensational. Unfortunately he is definitely set for bigger and better things then Stadium:MK!

    Cheers Dan, keep the faith!

    Don't blow it too soon Neavie! I'm actually enjoying this feeling of being semi-competent.

    Thanks Osullm! It certainly is shaping up to be incredibly tight!

    April 2021

    3rd April 2021
    League One

    The bitterest derby in football? The old against the new as the reformed AFC Wimbledon make the travel to the remnants of their old club for a fierce contest in Milton Keynes. In the battle of the Dons, it was the ever reliable Paul Hume that shone brightest, as his clinical brace killed off the game after just Twenty minutes to ensure bragging rights remain in Buckinghamshire.

    5th April 2021
    League One

    Just two days after their derby day victory the boys struggle to keep up with fellow promotion chasers, Doncaster with a brutal own goal seeing the Dons put down some distance as they make their way to a potentially crucial victory. With only Adam May's goal to cling on to, it's going to take a late rally to send us back into the promotion hunt.

    10th April 2021
    League One

    Not quite the resurgent victory but non the less a hard earned point over recently relegated Burton Albion. Having secured the lead within the first half courtesy of Furlongs finesse finish, a disappointing second saw the Brewers deservedly find a way back into the points with a neat finish leaving our defence once again down on their luck.

    17th April 2021
    League One

    We end the month back to our best as we put four past a struggling Bury side as our attacking midfielders join a rapidly rising Paul Hume on the scoresheet to keep our hopes of a place in the Championship well and truly alive. With just a couple of games remaining we can only hope the club builds on this late sign of form.

    April 2021
    League One

    The League is poised and ready for a sensational finale. With just about every position up for grabs and only two games of the season remaining, it is going to take some solid form from the boys to cap what could potentially be a fantastic debut season at the helm of the Dons.

  6. May 2021

    1st May 2021
    League One

    We book our place in the playoffs with a comfortable victory over The Gas. Having given Bristol Rovers an undeserved lead after just eleven minutes the boys leave it until the second half to put on the style as they romp their way not just into the lottery of the play-offs but remarkably into something a whole lot more special...

    8th May 2021
    League One

    Having somehow broken our way into the Automatic spots, the boys pull off the most sensational of feats as they pick up a two goal victory over Exeter to snatch a place in the Championship at the last possible moment. Having taken the lead within the first half, a buoyant dressing room held its nerve to see out the game and smash their way to England's second tier.

    May 2021
    League One

    ...Erm. I don't know what to really say.

    I would love to sit here and tell you this went entirely to plan and was always my aim since arriving at Stadium:MK...and I will. I need the ego boost. On a honest note, I actually have no idea how both myself and the Dons have managed to pull off a complete smash and grab to snatch promotion but I'm not going to complain.

    It turns out the only thing holding me back was missing was a 4-2-3-1 formation...and potentially a whole chunk of luck.

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  7. What an inspired decision by the MK Dons board to hire you! Congrats on a superb season!
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  8. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    My theory is the players love you and they thought you'd want a relegation dogfight, so they did their hardest to give you one for the next season.

    What an amazing end to the season! Grats for the achievement.
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  9. good to see! you're making this look far too easy this time around, I have a feeling disaster is on the horizon - not that I'm tempting fate....

  10. Woohoo Championship football on the way!

    I'd be banging on the chairman's door to get a nice pay rise after this.

  11. Payrise on the way and maybe even a new club, superb season mate!

  12. well done mate!! big season ahead

  13. Holy hell, way to go! Onwards to the championship, or at the very least, a new club!

  14. show me the money!!!!!

  15. Indeed it was Patrick, totally reasonable and logical in hindsight. Not a complete gamble at all! Also write a damn story already! ...Please.

    Sounds quite plausible DeathBall! You've made me worried for the season ahead already! Thanks as always!

    Thanks Battman, it's no such as tempting fate, more waiting for the expected. I'm also bracing for a sudden collapse.

    Too true Naterr, only thing is I'm also curious if I could make another jump higher up the rankings and don't want to be tied down by a contract just in case. Decision time.

    Thanks very much Neavie! fingers permanently crossed!

    Cheers Wanderer! Don't make me look too bad!

    I sure hope you are right Zanz! I'm always looking!

    That beautiful Milton Keynes kitty must be raided!

    My career has unexpectedly sky-rocketed me to new heights as I smash through League One and into the Championship.

    It turns out I wasn't the only one to experience some upheaval this year...

    Carlo Ancelotti Luis Enrique Diego Simeone
    Manchester United Barcelona INTER
    £150,000 per week £150,000 per week £105,000 per week

    Everything has changed...except Luis Enrique.

    In a bizarre turn of events all three men hold on to their place within the top three but both Carlo Ancelotti and Diego Simeone both enjoy a surprising change of scenery.

    Having been comfortably ahead at the top of the standings, Carlo Ancelotti snubs German giants Bayern Munich, taking a huge One Hundred Thousand pound pay cut and snatching up the reigns at Old Trafford to replace the disappointing Zidane at Manchester United.

    With Acnelotti's surprising arrival in the Premier Leave, Diego Simeone also take the opportunity to confuse the footballing world as he unexpectedly ends his long term career with Ateltico and instead joins former European heavyweights Inter Milan taking a hefty Seventy Five Thousand pound drop in wages to try and restore some long missed glory to the San Siro Stadium.

    With the managerial heavyweights essentially making a mockery of my personal challenge for riches it would be safe to say my goal isn't exactly looking quite so glorious...

    Derby Jack
    MK Dons
    £4,400 per week

    With the managerial world suffering some kind of beautiful realisation that money isn't as important as writing a footballing legacy, many would take the time to question their motives and re-evaluate their place in the beautiful game...

    Not me.

    With the top of the earnings now lower then ever before, my career somehow blundering it's way to the top and another five hundred pounds making it's way into my wallet every week courtesy of a welcome promotion bonus, for once I am actually reaching the promised land!

  16. Superb work to get promoted DJ! nearly at the top of the pile now.

  17. Congratulations on promotion to the Championship, DerbyJack

  18. Thanks for your encouragement mate! what are these guys doing taking a cut in pay! I'd take that as a insult and a mockery to you and start kicking on this season!!

  19. I have been reading this since it began and have started a profile to comment how good it is and how interesting it is to read. Keep it up as it gets me through work.

  20. Cheers Dan, getting ever closer!

    Thanks alot Stuart, time to get my name in for the running at the iPro next.

    I honestly think their may have been some kind of soul searching meeting between all the higher earners. It seems they think money doesn't make the world go round! Fools!

    Thanks very much EnglishYeti, welcome to the forums, another for the ranks of work readers! We are growing!

    With a monumental season awaiting and MK Dons first ever in the Championship drawing ever closer, a hugely important transfer window awaits...

    A massive transfer window for the club has a very busy exit swing into life in frantic style.

    A host of releases has the club ship out thirteen players at the first opportunity with three more players joining them out of the club on the back of a trio of minor transfer fees.

    With defender, Cole Kpekawa the only major departure the club managed to cling on to its promotion winning stars despite Milton Keynes drawing the attention of many of England's biggest clubs.

    Key striker and future England Star, Paul Hume is a wanted man.

    With the likes of United, Chelsea and Liverpool rumoured to be interested in his services we manage to cling on to the clubs brightest prospect since a certain Deli Alli by convincing him to stay until a club reaches his painfully low release fee of just Thirteen and a half Million pounds.

    For the time being Hume remains a Don.

    Time to see who we brought it to try and make the stay worth his while...

    From: Out of Contract
    Cost: Free

    First signing of the clubs glorious arrival in the Championship, is a rather damp squib as we scoop up the recently released Ollie Whitbread to fill in at right-back. The former Chelsea youth has plenty of potential to become a leading defender at this level and even back in the Premier League should he play his cards right. Also Glorious Mutton-chops.

    From: Southampton
    Cost: £300k

    Taking over on the opposite flank comes Jake Vokins. The left-back found himself surplus to requirements in the depths of Southampton and a fortunate transfer request soon had the Twenty-One year old on his way to Milton Keynes for a knock down price. The determined defender will add some much needed quality to our back line.

    From: Sunderland
    Cost: £60k

    With the squad bolstered by two young players with barely ninety minutes of professional football between them, we soon turn our attention to Sunderland as we look to add some experience to the squad with the signing of veteran winger, Elliott Bennett. The player has a wealth of knowledge of the hard football to be expected in the Championship and could be crucial to our seasons success.

    From: Out of Contract
    Cost: Free

    Continuing to add some footballing know-how to the club, we snap up the recently released James Tomkins. Having held his own among the nations best in the Premier League for a number of years, the centre-back will be looking to end his career on a high as he looks to shore up a young defence for the brutal season to come.

    From: Manchester United
    Cost: £350k

    The club continues to throw players through the entrance of Stadium:MK as they make a quick raid on the youth ranks of the Ancellotis new club, snapping up central midfielder, Kieran Barratt. The young playmaker has the potential to be a clinical player in the middle of the field and will be looking to gain some much needed experience this coming season.

    From: Manchester United
    Cost: £750k

    The youth ranks of the Red Devils proves to have a wealth of frustrated young talent, lost despondently in its depths and another quick bid has us sign another impressive young English talent as we steal away the beautifully named, Angel Gomes. The Twenty-One year old will be looking to take over as our lead attacking midfielder and his impressive all-round stats could see him make a huge impact just behind the mighty Paul Hume.

    From: Chelsea
    Cost: £7.5k per month

    Continuing to snoop around the ranks of some of the Premier League's best we stumble across right-back Dujon Sterling. With Ollie providing some much needed cover for the position, Streling arrives to well and truly plug the gap. At Twenty-Two the centre-back is poised and ready to make his mark on the scene, a season long loan with the Dons could soon have him impressing Chelsea manager, Pep Guardiola.

    From: Out of Contract
    Cost: Free

    Final arrival in a frantic window see's us fill in the last gap in our defence as we bring in veteran defender Richard Keogh on a player / coach basis for one final season of Chamionship football. The former Derby County captain has the mental attributes of a born leader and alongside Tomkins will be crucial to bringing the best our of our solid young defenders.

    A massive window.

    With no fewer then eight arrivals in the club and the squad bolstered across the field, its not exactly been a bad window for once, however there was one massive highlight.

    Paul Hume and his massive Premier League bound forehead remain with the Dons.

  21. Preseason

    10th July 2021

    An important Pre-Season gets underway in disappointing fashion as we slip up against lowly Cambridge. With a Championship season now just a matter of days away the boys are going to need to be a lot more clinical if we are to stand any chance of surviving in such a cut-through league.

    15th July 2021

    Thankfully the boys waste little time in showcasing their true ability in the very next game as they cruise past Crawley with Joe Mason netting a brace as he looks to gear up as the Dons lead striker should boy-wonder, Paul Hume eventually lead the club. At least we have some depth upfront it seems.

    17th July 2021

    With the Premier League giants seemingly content to bide their time on the bids for Paul Hume, the future England superstar wastes little time in showcasing his talent as he bangs a hat-trick past non-league Chesham. Whilst i love seeing this super young striker find the back of the net, knowing his days with us are well and truly numbered does hurt a little..

    20th July 2021

    ...The important thing though is that for now at least Hume remains in an MK Dons shirt. The young striker makes it to victories in a row as he strides into fine form with the opening game of the season now looming on the horizon. A debut season for both himself and the club could have dramatic impacts on both of their futures.

    Whilst Hume steals the plaudits late into the pre-season, there's still plenty of time to show-case the formation that could hopefully see us cling on to life in England's second tier...

    That ever present 4-2-3-1 formation remains rooted in place as I look to continue my fine form with the attacking lineup.

    Having first bumbled my way into the formation, I have enjoyed nothing but success. It seem's I might have developed myself a new trademark formation. Forget the Christmas Tree, its all about flooding the pitch with attacking midfielders.

  22. Lovely read, good to see you've kept Hume and had a mostly successful preseason. Now, time to take the Championship by storm eyy?

  23. Thanks alot Zanz, much appreciated. I've never had a truly amazing prospect on my hands in the last few games but Paul Hume is certainly worth the wait. Shame I'll only have him here on a short term basis!

    August 2021

    7th August 2021

    Our first taste of life in the cut-throat world that is League One and we are soon given a fine example of just how tough the league can be as the Owls shoot into the lead within just four minutes. To their credit the League's new boys held their own eventually getting a deserved break-through courtesy of the dominant Paul Humes to salvage a debut point.

    11th August 2021
    EFL Cup - 1st Round

    The League Cup soon comes around and a tussle against League One's Colchester soon turns feisty as second-choice striker, Joe Mason is soon sent hobbling off the pitch with a nasty looking injury but the cropped front-mans loss was our gain as the unflappable Paul Hume took to the field to rifle home a second half winner.

    14th August 2021

    We return to League action and are once again given a stern wake up call as we are humbled by promotion hopefuls Brentford. Having knocked on the door for the last few seasons, Brentford will be looking to snatch a spot in the top-flight this time around with Geordie striker, Andy Carroll keen to see both himself and his new club back in the Premier League.

    17th August 2021

    An absolute barnstormer of a match has former Premier League side Fulham and Championship debutants MK Dons go toe to toe with both sides throwing all they had at each other in an eight goal thriller. In the end a cruel red card late in the second half killed off any Dons hopes of taking anything from Craven Cottage as Fulham took immediate advantage.

    21st August 2021

    The League is certainly proving to be harsh for the new boys as another chance at claiming the clubs first victory in the Championship is scuppered by a bizarre own-goal. With a one goal lead, some desperate defending saw the ball flung around the box with a deflection cannoning off Whitbread's shin and into the net. Gutted.

    25th August 2021
    EFL Cup - 2nd Round

    The next round of the League Cup brings out the big guns and with it comes a Paul Hume masterclass. The wonderkid takes his opportunity to showcase just what a Premier League giant can gain should they meet his Thirteen Million release clause with a sensational hat-trick the only downside of which came with a late injury that could well prove costly...

    28th August 2021

    No Paul Hume but the boys still do their utmost to secure what could eventually prove to be a crucial point as they frustrate a down-trodden Sunderland. Having seen the Black Cats snatch the lead just before the break, the boys rallied almost instantly as new-boy Angel Gomes backs his first for the club with a fine effort and a deserved equaliser.

    August 2021

    Despite losing just the one game this month the club finds itself cruelly shoved down into the relegation dog-fight already. With fate and the fixture list very much against the Dons, it is most certainly not the time for panicking at this early stage. Easier games and hopefully some good fortune is on the horizon. Keep the faith.

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  24. September 2021

    11th September 2021

    Making a start upfront in the place of injured duo, Mason and Hume, Dujon Sterling fires home within just the first seven minutes. The right-back come lethal sharpshooter,shows no signs of nerves as the lone striker, secures the first victory for the club with his first goal infront of the Milton Keynes faithful. The season starts now.

    15th September 2021

    The Chelsea loanee is apparently the sharpest off the mark in every game. Within just three minutes Sterling bags his second of the season with not even an early red card dampening the spirits of the battling Dons as they not only see out the match but put a gloss on the finish as Angel Gomes bangs in a second to send the Dons fans home happy.

    18th September 2021

    Despite bagging back to back victories in the second month of the season, the boys are left frustrated by a struggling Rotherham side as they battle their way to a point in a decidedly solid performance. The Millers dominated the majority of the play but some strong defending saw us claw a point away from the frustrated away side.

    22nd September 2021
    EFL Cup - 3rd Round

    The League Cup exploits come to a surprising end as bottom of the table, Cardiff City secure a late victory and a place in the next round of the competition as the clubs second half-fight back fades out just minutes before the final whistle with Ryan Fraser dumping us out of the competition with a fine finish deep into extra time.

    25th September 2021

    With heads stooped low following their cup exit and tired legs letting them down in their third game of the week, Nottingham Forest take quick advantage to secure a well earned and comfortable victory to give us a quick reminder of just what it takes to truly survive at this level. It's not going to get an easier from here.

    28th September 2021

    Will Grigg is well and truly on fire as the Northern Irish striker opens the deadlock after just Twenty Six minutes to send Reading on their way to victory as the Dons fitness issues continue to grow. With the matches coming thick and fast, injuries hindering our early hopes and the Championship being predictably brutal we can only hope the pace eases up soon.

    September 2021

    Picking up their first victories of the season, the squad had early hopes of smashing their way out of the battle at the foot of the table but a late collapse of form soon has they back into the danger zone, with Europa League battling Hull City propping them just above the relegation zone courtesy of their three game deficit. Tough times.

  25. when Hume is back hopefully he can kick you on. Not doing to bad.... hopefully soon a PL team comes knocking

  26. I'm sure he will, the boy is far too talented to dwell at this level! Hope so Wanderer!

    October 2021

    2nd October 2021

    With our place in the Championship very much on the line, the boys struggle to find a way into a tough game against Huddersfield with a second half goal breaking the deadlock with a toothless front-line unable to drag the boys back into the game. All we need to do is hold on to a handful of points until we can bring back the prodigal son, Hume...

    16th October 2021

    ...Speak of the devil. Marking his return from injury Hume opens the scoring in a dominant performance from the Dons just after the ten minute mark and his return to the goal-sheet brings out the best of his talented team-mates as they rattle the goals past a crest-fallen Burnley to keep the drop zone at bay.

    19th October 2021

    Unfortunately the relief was short-lived. With Hume still being eased back into the starting line-up, fellow returning striker Joe Mason marked his own return to first team football following his two month absence, with a fine goal after the break but it proved to only provoke a dormant Barnsley as they turned on the style and roll to a comfortable home victory.

    23rd October 2021

    That's more like it. Rapidly developing midfielder Seb Rowan shows-off what he has in the locker with a drilled effort just minutes into the game buts its a Paul Hume hat-trick that stole the show. The lethal teenage finisher, seems keen to make up for lost time and his clinical finishing certainly has him on the right track to burst back on to the scene.

    30th October 2021

    The club remains unable to put down any kind of form as they struggle their way to a point against a promotion chasing Bristol City. In a tit for tat first-half neither side was able to break the deadlock until The Robins re-emerged from the break in determined form snatching the lead until the eighty-first minute when that man Paul Hume leveled the playing field to see us claim a point.

    October 2021

    Despite once again struggling our way through the month we have managed to put in some distance between us and those dwelling at the foot of the table with just two victories seeing us climb closer to mid-table safety and above some of the League's longest serving clubs including the Mighty Rams. Progress!

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  27. Solid start to the Championship, hopefully when you join a PL team you can sign Hume for them yourself!

  28. Solid progress mate, picking up wins now as well

  29. Loving the story so far mate got me looking forward to the next update!

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  30. Glad to see you making such a quick rise in this story, has been well deserved. Any money in the kitty for January? Or do you predict spending the window fighting off offers for Hume?

  31. Thanks as always Patrick, hopefully I can follow him up there one day!

    Cheers Neavie, slow and steady.

    Thanks alot Steve!

    I hope it continues! Quite a bit actually, even before Hume leaves we have around five million left, his release fee is around Thirteen million as well so should hopefully have us swimming in money!

    November 2021

    7th November 2021

    Our climb up the standings continues in the finest of fashions as we annihilate Hull City courtesy of a Paul Hume Masterclass. With the January transfer window drawing in, a five goal bonanza from the recently called up England star all but ensures his time with the Dons is drawing to a close. Oh how he will be missed in the new year.

    20th November 2021

    Despite rattling in the goals for fun against former Premier League side, Hull in the last game, we are unable to do the same against the Mighty Rams as we battle our way to a hard earned draw. Having taken the lead twice it seemed Derby County had done enough to claim the points until that man Paul Hume saved us a fortunate point.

    27th November 2021

    The prodigal son is unable to save us in the very next game however as we are left stunned by a struggling Cardiff City. The Bluebirds looks set for a shock relegation into League One but are certainly not going down without a fight as a spirited start see's them storm into a two goal lead, that the shocked Dons were unable to overcome.

    November 2021

    A rapidly declining month, started with a bruising victory and ended with a shock defeat. Unsurprisingly our shaky form had little impact upon our standings other then seeing us slip precariously back into the danger zone as we fall into nineteenth place and just a handful of points away from the drop-zone.

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  32. I am actually off for the weekend to the hopefully beautiful Berlin. Going to see if the Bundesliga is ready to take on a lower league maestro!

    Thanks for all the support as always guys, see you next week!

    December 2021

    4th December 2021

    In the same style as last month we kick start December in style as we snatch another three points for our much needed points tally. Having taken the lead through the impressive Harry Chapman, The Seagulls increased our chances of romping to victory with a sloppy red-card and Paul Hume quickly took advantage to put a gloss on the finish.

    11th December 2021

    We continue to wrack up the points as we squeeze our way past a gritty Luton Town. In a frantic ten minute spell, The Hatters came out on top but a spirited fight-back from the Dons saw us eventually overturn the earlier set back as we battled our way to the points, with soon to be lead striker, Joe Mason wrapping up an impressive performance from the boys.

    14th December 2021

    The boys make it three in three as they secure a three goal victory over a rapidly rising Fleetwood. The Trawlermen have done well to battle their way into the Championship but certainly looked like a side devoid of ideas in England's second tier as we strolled to a three goal victory led by veteran winger, Elliott Bennett.

    18th December 2021

    Our run of victories comes to a close as we are held by Championship veterans, Sheffield Wednesday. The Owls aren't exactly enjoying much success this window but a dominant second-half still managed to showcase their status in the league until the clinical Elliott Bennett continued his recent run of form with a well taken penalty to tie up the game.

    26th December 2021

    The month starts to take a true turn for the worst as a lackluster game burst into life within the final ten minutes. Having returned to the score-sheet with just nine minutes remaining Paul Hume looked to have secured the victory until Rovers suddenly burst into life. A two goal blitz turned the game instantly on its head and condemned us to a disappointing defeat.

    28th December 2021

    The late heartbreak in the previous game took the wind out of the boys sails as they switched off either side of the break to gift Leeds with a two goal lead. Despite eventual regaining some composure in the second half courtesy of Roshan Williams headed effort it proved to be too little, too late as we suffered our second defeat in a row.

    December 2021

    Having started the month in spirited fashion that boys managed to do more then enough to claw their way away from the danger zone and have now started to muscle their way into the safety of mid-table. With half a season still to go, we can only hope that the boys can cling on to this relatively safety in their debut season.

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  33. I don't know what's going on but everything is going far to straightforward for you at present. Slow and steady progression was certainly not the message from FM16's story, none the less still loving this and looking forward to seeing which comes first, MK Dons promotion or you being approached from elsewhere.

  34. The season is looking very good to date! What coachng badge are you up to? Surely wont be long until prem team come knocking

  35. 2 decent months mate! how many points is it from the Play offs

  36. Just read from start to finish. Brilliant story and a real talent in Hume, his minutes per goal record looks exceptional

  37. I'm also slightly bemused by it all as well Neavie. It turns out it was the game holding me back not the other way round! Thanks as always!

    I'm up to the Continental B licence now! Big Time! Fingers crossed. Might even be with the Dons if we continue at this rate! Cheers Dan!

    Thanks! Unfortunately Wanderer I cant quite remember from back then but I do know the leading group had pulled away one hell of a gap. Promotion is a very distant dream this time around!

    Thanks very much d82Z. Hume certainly is a potential superstar. Which makes this even more painful...

    For those that are curious by the way, Berlin is beautiful...and bloody freezing.

    The entire season has had this one solitary moment hanging over it since the first ball was kicked...

    ...Paul Hume is out of here.

    The most impressive product to come out of the Milton Keynes since England's midfield general Deli Alli, enters the record books at the Don's most expensive ever player as a Thirteen million pound transfer has him set to continue his growing career at Goodison Park with Premier League side Everton.

    The clubs leading scorer is joined on his way out of the club by another young talent as Youth prospect Jamie Crowther heads for Scottish giants, Celtic for a respectable Seven Hundred Pounds despite having never made a first-team appearance for the club.

    With the club now losing out on a huge chunk of potential and it's leading goal scorer at the same time, the usually quiet mid-season window has suddenly become much louder...

    From: Chelsea
    Cost: £375k

    Having joined the club on loan at the start of the season, the club waste's little time in making his move permanent as we snap up Dijon Sterling for a knock-down fee of just Three Hundred and Seventy Five Thousand. Bargain. The former Chelsea product has already made a huge impact down the right flank even deputizing as our lead striker when Hume was injured...hopefully it wont come to that now he has gone.

    From: Out of Contract
    Cost: Free

    With the clubs leading striker and star player on his way to Everton we turn to one of their own, Frank Mulhern to attempt to fill in the gap. Having been released by the Toffees at the end of last season, the Irish International has been frustrated on the sidelines for half the season but a chance at leading the line for the Dons soon had the Twenty Five year old hungry to make up for lost time.

    From: Stoke
    Cost: £1.4 million

    Why have one replacement when you can have two. Having been limited to reserve appearances with the Potters, Sam Punter put in a late transfer request and we wasted no time in snapping up the sharp shooting teenager. With a lethal left foot and the mental attributes that should have him find the net with ease, Punter could well see Hume quickly forgotten. Fingers crossed.

    With a massive hole ripped in the club following Humes departure, the transfer window was non the less a rather productive one.

    Sterling's permanent signing, a hungry Irish International and a potential teenage sensation have all swelled the ranks as we look to quickly lick our wounds and continue our steady start to life in the Championship.

  38. Did you manage to get a percentage of future fee clause put in there?

    Sam Punter looks like he could be the one that fills the hole left by Hume

  39. No such luck, they met the release clause and that was it. Everything was out of our hands unfortunately. Fingers crossed Punter could be our man!

    January 2022

    1st January 2022

    Before he jetted off for Everton, Paul Hume still managed to keep his head in the first few games of the month as he does his bit in a spirited effort at overhauling a determined Brentford side. The Bees are flying high towards the top of the table and an end to end game between the two clubs saw Andy Carroll's boys continue their pursuit for top flight football.

    3rd January 2022

    Just two days later and we are back at it in the new year with a cautious game against a struggling Fulham. The Cottagers have been unable to push on from their Championship standings for many years now and look set to continue their stay in England's second tier with an Elliott Bennett penalty leaving the Londoners once again frustrated.

    8th January 2022
    FA Cup - 3rd Round

    Any hopes of lighting up the FA Cup from our safe position in the Championship are quickly snuffed our as Premier League new-boys Newcastle send us immediately packing from the competition. Having run the Magpies ragged throughout the entire game a late red card for new permanent arrival Sterling ended our hopes with former Chelsea striker Batshuayi quickly taking advantage.

    15th January 2022

    With our cup exit, we could at least concentrate on the League...Unfortunately that was not such a good thing. With the New Year bringing with it some of the worst form we have had in the Championship we once again slump to a disappointing result as former top flight side, Norwich come out on top as they show us exactly how to see out the game with just ten men. Lessons learnt.

    22nd January 2022

    Another Championship heavyweight helps us see out the month as we welcome the once mighty, Sunderland to Stadium:MK and the boys certainly gave them a rude welcome. A midfield masterclass saw Furlong and Gomes fire us into the lead, with Mason making the most of Hume's recent departure to familiarize himself with the back of the net at the first opportunity.

    January 2022

    With January essentially beating us into submission we once again find ourselves slipping down the table but we still manage to find ourselves holding out in the middle of the table. With the season barreling towards it's finale, fingers are firmly crossed in Buckinghamshire as we hope to cling on to the relative safety lost in the Championship's no mans land.

  40. February 2022

    1st February 2022

    January might have been tough on the battle weary Don's but February certainly got things off in style. Having gone behind after just one minute it seemed Ipswich were about to condemn us to another defeat but new arrival Sam Punter soon had other ideas firing home a clinical hat-trick alongside a determined Furlong as we romped to a sensational victory.

    5th February 2022

    On the back of their mauling of The Tractor Boys, we continue into the month in style as we sneak past Queens Park Rangers with an emphatic first-half display killing off any hopes the R's had of taking anything from the game. With the midfield in full swing it seems the boys are rallying together in style since Hume's new-year departure.

    12th February 2022

    Our fine form continues as we romp our way past the Millers with Punter making it Five goals in his first Three games for the club as his sensational start to life with The Dons continues to blot out the memory of the Premier Leagues hottest young prospect, Paul Hume. In this type of form maybe the Play-offs aren't quite out of reach just yet.

    15th February 2022

    On second thoughts maybe they are. With a Jake Vokins free-kick firing us into the lead in style we are unable to see out the result as an early red card in the second half for young midfielder Kieran Barratt gifted Forest with a route back into the game, with their veteran Kiwi striker Chris Wood leveling the game with just minutes to go.

    19th February 2022

    On the back of the one goal draw we are unable to return ourselves to our emphatic winning ways as we are held by a determined Reading. The Royals are suffering a season to forget as they struggle to fend off the relegation dog-fight towards the foot of the table but a well earned point at least helped to keep their heads above the water for now.

    26th February 2022

    Having started the month in such ruthless fashion, a sudden realization seems to have brought an end to our run but the boys at least managed to return to winning ways just before February draws to a close as we slide our way past Huddersfield as the ever improving Angel Gomes finds the back of the net to cap an impressive month for the Dons.

    February 2022

    An unbeaten month of football, Fourteen points and a resurgent push for a sneaky play-off spot. With the boys seemingly rallied by the departure of Hume earlier in the year we have found something to truly get the boys fired up. With just three months of football remaining, there is still time to snatch something from our debut season in the Championship.

  41. March 2022

    5th March 2022

    Our unbeaten streak makes a brief appearance into the next month as we tie things up against former Premier League side Burnley. The Turf Moor fan favorite, Andre Gray continued to build his legacy with the club as he twice brought our fellow mid-table opposition back into the game, to salvage a draw and send us home frustrated.

    8th March 2022

    The streak comes to an abrupt end courtesy of a reckless challenge from Kehinde late into the second half. With the boys deservedly finding themselves within the points it seemed we were at least going to take something from the game until Barnsley found a second wind against the ten men to snatch the spoils and ensure our mid-table finish.

    12th March 2022

    The disappointing defeat does little to damped the teams spirits as they continue to impress in England's second tier to thrash lowly Charlton. The increasingly impressive Connor Furlong alongside young Sam Punter continue to do the damage and the duos efforts have actually seen me finally attract some long awaited attention...

    26th March 2022

    With my mind lost in thoughts of Bondi Beach, Bikinis and Barbeques, I took a back seat in the match up against Bristol City. Thankfully a dire first-half ensured I did not miss much with only a trademark clinical Jake Vokins set-piece giving the home-crowd something to cheer about, unfortunately for me, I was left slightly less cheerful come the final whistle...

    March 2022

    So Life down under didn't really work out. Turns out the Aussie's aren't exactly swimming in money. With my contract with the Don's coming to a close at the end of the season it seems I've got two months and eight games to try and do my utmost to either eek out some more money from the board or attract myself a wealthy new club. Challenge accepted.

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  42. Gutted you aren't off to Oz, would have been an interesting twist!
    osullm likes this.

  43. So am I Godfish, never done it before so was genuinley keen to go, however it seems the A-League is rather devoid of cash...

    April 2022

    2nd April 2022

    Not quite the impression I was after but non the less a thrilling game at the KC Stadium at least gave the neutrals something to cheer about. Far from being a welcome opportunity to impress the watching masses, the match saw the emergence of Jake Robertson to the beautiful game as the Arsenal loanee scored his first professional hat-trick as he single-handedly snatched all three points for The Tigers.

    5th April 2022

    Seems that I might not quite be about to make the most of this late opportunity to attract a bumper contract. The Mighty Rams have made a complete mess of this season but a late resurgent push has seen the Rams finally start to climb back up the table with another narrow victory ensuring the Championship heavyweights continue to force their way into a respectable position.

    9th April 2022

    With the end of season blues seemingly sneaking in, Connor Furlong takes it upon himself to bring the club back to winning ways as he nets a neat brace to see of lowly Cardiff City. The Blue-Birds are all but set for life in League One following a shambolic season and the boys seemingly had little mercy for the down-trodden Welsh side.

    16th April 2022

    Having been pushed to the sidelines by his fellow New-Year arrival, Sam Punter, Irish International Frank Mulhern has waited patiently for this moment and the former Everton player certainly didn't waste any more time, with a clinical penalty and a neat second half finish, wrapping up the points against a relegation battling Brighton.

    18th April 2022

    Luton are a fine example of just how to drive a club slowly and carefully up the charts and the Hatters showcased their new-found status as a team well and truly on the rise, with a first-half inspired victory that demonstrated just what the former Non-League side have been able to achieve in such a short space of time. Impressive.

    23rd April 2022

    For Fleetwood their own raise up the charts has come to a grinding halt. Having ridden their luck through League One and up into the top half of the Championship, The Trawlermen seemed set to emulate the likes of Bournemouth and Fulham as they aimed to smash into the Premier League but a season to forget and a convincing three goal defeat all but condemned them to an unwanted return to League One.

    30th April 2022

    An incredibly busy of month of football ends in disappointing fashion as we gift Leeds with a comfortable one goal victory at Stadium:MK. With some of the boys seemingly already switching off for the forth coming break, we barely troubled the Yorkshire giants goal, whilst the former Premier League side deservedly took all three points with a rare moment of attacking football.

    April 2022

    With just one game remaining the boys have all but wrapped up their status as a solid Championship club. With nothing left to play for, it simply remains for the boys to end the season in fitting style for their impressive debut season in the League. Time to show them how we do it in Milton Keynes.

  44. May 2022

    8th May 2022

    Well that wasn't exactly the most exciting way to wrap up our debut season in England's second tier. With both clubs having nothing to play for it took Eighty Nine minutes for one of the clubs to actually muster a genuine attempt on goal with Rovers breaking the deadlock to bring an end to a disappointing game. Thankfully my season might not quite be about to end just yet...

    May 2022

    Our first season ends with the club finishing in an impressively lofty, eleventh position. Having started with the club looking to be one of the favorites to suffer an immediate return to League One we ended up taking the entire division as both the club and myself announce ourselves to the Footballing world in style...

  45. Paul who? Looks like you weren't just relying on one player after all, Derby Jack is a tactical genius! Great season, hopefully you can secure yourself a better contract with MK Dons or elsewhere for next season!

  46. A good season finishing 11th DJ! Shame the option of heading to Oz fell through, perhaps a trip to the States is on the cards instead

  47. What is really impressive about your debut season is not only the fact you finished 2 points behind 9th...
    But your goal difference is just phenomenal... 20+ if you could turn some of them low margin defeats into draws or even wins - next year in the championship could be more than just mid table!

    Love the story bro - onto next season!!!

  48. Nice going! solid season mate. NYC could be interesting but will it get you the attention you need to get to the top clubs? will be interesting!

  49. Who indeed Patrick! I honestly still have no idea what is happening or why but I can only presume I have been blessed by the Footballing gods this time around! Thanks as always!

    Cheers Dan, who needs white sand beaches and glorious sun when you can have hot-dogs on tap anyway!

    Thanks alot IpswichFan! I didn't actually realize that myself, although the entire midfield certainly pulled their weight and then some this season! Fingers crossed they can do it again! Thanks again!

    Cheers Wanderer, I wondered that myself, MLS is a bit of a retirement home rather then a breeding ground isn't it?

    Things are still going abnormally well.

    I've somehow continued to ride a monumental wave of good luck all the way to the Championship and the rest of the footballing world has turned their backs on their money-grabbing ways leaving my route to the top wide open.

    This could be my year!

    Carlo Ancelotti Luis Enrique Diego Simeone
    Manchester United Barcelona INTER
    £150,000 per week £150,000 per week £105,000 per week

    Before I get ahead of myself and start rubbing shoulders with the likes of Ancelotti and Enrique, I still have to sit from afar watching the Creme de la Creme at work.

    For new Old Trafford boss, Carlo Ancelotti it was a dream start to his life in Manchester as he leads the Red Devils to the Premier League title, whilst just missing out on the Champions League Trophy following a thrilling final against French giants, Paris St Germain.

    For the ever popular Luis Enrique a La Liga title continued to improve his reputation in the Catalans but despite making an admirable move to fallen giants, Inter Milan, Diego Simeone is unable to transform the Italian side as he struggles to a fifth place finish and a disappointing spot in the Europa League.

    With the top three all hard at work to improve their standings, it only remains for me to continue my meteoric raise to the top...

    Derby Jack
    MK Dons
    £4,400 per week

    My time with the Dons has come to an end...Well my contract has at least.

    Having ridden with the club from League One into a solid Championship position, the Pre-season only remains to see where my future lies.

    As it turns out I did not have to wait for long...

    With just two seasons with the Dons under my belt, the time has already come for me to venture off to pastures new.

    A short trip over the pond and a vague hope that Trump hasn't completely locked the country down by 2022.

    ...The States awaits!

  50. Always fancied having a crack at NYCFC myself so will be interested in how it goes. The MLS rules look quite complex, would be good if you could explain them as you go...

    Very respectable season in the. championship with MK Dons.

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