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The Football Managing Mercenary
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  1. awesome, they must have given you a nice wedge to tempt a mercenary like yourself to New Yawk

    Good luck, great journey so far

  2. Followed this one last year as well and glad to see the concept get a second run out this year. Inspired me to do something similar and start in South East Asia where I live and try and make a bucket load of money on a jaunt back home to the UK.

    Good going in the Championship but I have to admit that the sadist in me was hoping you would have some of the same struggles this year that you did on your last go. Keep it up.

  3. Well that wasn't expected. Great season and to cap it off with a move NYC is fantastic, how many $$$'s are you getting from uncle Sam?

  4. Likewise

    I have done a similar challenge and have gone the following route so far.

    York - Conference - Mid table finish -11/2 seasons
    hartlepool - league 2 - 2nd and promotion - 1 seqson
    Swindon - 5 seasons - 2 and 1/2 league one the promoted to championship finished 3rd highest
    newcastle - 6 months sacked - premiership
    Stoke - premie ship - 5 years- last year in Europe but sacked cus of league form
    spurs - premiership - second season in Euro league and looking like a 6th placed finish.

    i am on 25k and not even in the top ten earners yet! Long way to go.

  5. Thanks Stuart. I will try my best, only trouble is, the MLS rules confuse the living hell out of me! This could be interesting!

    Cheers Dave! They certainly didn't let me down!

    Cheers MMcK. Your adventure sounds much tougher then my own. Wheres about in South East Asia are you right now? I was honestly expecting it to be much more of a struggle then it is. I'm still waiting for the inevitable collapse!

    Surprised I was even interviewed for it to be honest Neavie! More then double my current wage, I'll post the exact contract later!

    That's some impressive progress though Bigsum. You're way ahead of me already!

    So it's Toodleoo not just to the Championship but England too!

    With my bags packed and a flight booked across the Atlantic, I'm set for my first ever debut outside of fortress Europa.

    Before I can get myself tooled up with some fine American Fire-arms and insanely large portions of Junk Food there is just enough time to take a look back at what I achieved in the beautiful town of Milton Keynes...

    League One

    Having arrived mid-way through the clubs League One campaign, I somehow managed to blunder my way into a quick-fire race for the title, as the Dons make an impressive push for a spot in the Championship. With the seemingly unstoppable 4-2-3-1 formation in full swing the boys took the League by storm to smash our way into England's second tier.


    Our debut season in the Championship may have come as a bit of a surprise but the boys proved to be unflappable as they take to life in one of the World's most brutal Leagues with ease. With the squad performing way beyond expectations, attention soon came thick and fast for our hot young talent as well as my own services. A remarkable rise for us both!

    A short but incredibly sweet stay in Milton Keynes has the newest club on the block smash their way through League One and now poised and ready for a push into the golden land that is the Premier League.

    Part of me almost wishes I could be the one to take them there...

    ...not my wallet though.

    The Empire State awaits!

  6. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    Great to see you moving to the MLS. Not only is it a step forward in your career but also a chance to see how it works and how someone else goes around with.

  7. Thanks Death Ball. I will do my best to explain it but truth be told it's a little overwhelming already. Apologizes if none of this makes much sense!

    The roll continues!

    Having rocked into Milton Keynes, unsure if my entire career was being aided by one giant dose of luck, I managed to glide into England's second tier in quick succession following two solid seasons with the Dons.

    Time to see if I am as blessed on Foreign soil.

    The Big Apple awaits...

    From the concrete paradise that is Milton Keynes to the City that never sleeps.

    Having cut my teeth throughout some of the sleepiest towns in England, the Loud, busy and traffic filled metropolis, with it's cloud reaching Sky-scrapers and bustling culture certainly feels a world away from little old Grimsby.

    However there is not time for any home-sickness.

    After all, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere".

    Now that's more like it.

    In just one Trans-Atlantic flight, my wage quadruples in size to reach the dizzying heights of Twelve Grand a week.

    With New York City FC part of the world spanning group Manchester City project alongside Aussie side, Melbourne City, it it no sunrise to be quickly impressed by the clubs seemingly vast funds available from the clubs ludicrous wealthy backers.

    Time to see what all that money can buy you...

    ...apparently not a lot. Way to make this career look pointless again gents.

    So first lessons for life in the MLS. Fixtures seem to make no sense what so ever, there is not one but two Leagues and the newest club in New York are the pits in both of them.

    In all seriousness life in America is not exactly simple.

    The MLS Eastern Conference contains just the clubs along the Atlantic side of the States with the top half going on to some seemingly random Cup tournament involving the Western clubs with the winner being crowned MLS Champions, essentially rendering the entire League pointless.

    Alongside this gloriously complicated League system runs the MLS Supporters Shield. This would be the closest thing to a League we know across the pond, with a straight forward race to the title combining the two divisions together. Although this would logically seem the most important isn't, with the title being very much a secondary to the MLS Trophy...God Bless America!

    Regardless of the bizarre League setup, one thing remains clear.

    New York City FC is in dire need of a boost.

    Time to light up the world of Soccer!

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  8. you should change the name of this story to: The soccer managing mercenary

  9. Good luck in America, I get the feeling you'll need it with this team.

  10. Hopefully I can educate them on the error of their ways whilst I am over here Bashuijsmans!

    Thanks Zanz! Unfortunately so do I!

    With America deciding that the season will run from March to October, my Summer arrival actually has me flung straight back into work.

    With New York City's young legacy in the balance and Three and a half months of football remaining it is time to get this American potential powerhouse back on track.

    Time to see just what a ton of Emirates money can bring in...

    Apparently it can buy you an absolute tonne of mediocre players, devoid of motive and drive.


    With a jam packed squad at my disposal and someone available to player in absolutely every position that ever existed in football, I'm faced with a rather different problem then usual. I need to clear some space.

    With the MLS having an incredibly strict wage structure and literally every players wages crucially important to the miserly Sixty Three thousand pound cap, I'm going to need to send players packing from New York like one of Trump's finest Immigration schemes.

    Before I get to thinning the squad down, there is just enough time to take a look at two of New York City's finest prospects.

    The clubs longest serving player and an Icon in tiny Luxembourg. Maxime Chanot is the heart of the New York's defence. With six seasons of MLS football under his belt and a brief foray in European football, the central defender is one of the most experienced players in the team and will be crucial if we are to turn this team around before the end of the season.

    Having learnt the trade with the Galacticos, the son of the legendary Zinedine Zidane is a level above his colleagues at The Yankee Stadium. Despite never breaking into the Real Madrid first team, the Twenty Seven Year Old brings with him the mental attributes of a seasoned professional and will be pulling the strings behind our lone front-men for years to come.

    On a side note, as another lesson on the MLS, you may have noticed Enzo raking in an impressive Twenty-Six and a half Thousand pounds a month. The reason we can get away with the Albanian midfield general in the MLS budget is because he is one of two current Designated Players in the Team. For those like myself that didn't know it essentially means that despite technically taking up half of the budget on his own, his designated status means that his wage amounts to just Seven Thousand Pounds of it instead.

    It's going to take a while to get used to this whole Soccer thing!

  11. Yessssss! Finally made it through this all again haha! Been reading twenty-two pages for the past two days and been meaning to read it for the past two weekss!! Been to busy with my own story and playing the same amongst other things. Glad to have caught up now though and I'm looking forward to being a regular reader and being able to comment on your progress as it happens. You've done well so far(what's up with that?) and I must admit I'm a tad gutted you've left MK Dons as I was enjoying your progress with them. Glad it's to America though as I was happy to see that link whereas I didn't want you to go to the land of OZ!

  12. Really looking forward to seeing how you get on in the states. I did a few seasons with new York red bulls in a pentagon save a few versions back. Just wait till the draft comes around.

  13. Thanks very much 1magine! That's some staying power! Cheers for stick with me, I have absolutely no idea how things are actually going so well but I'm not going to waste any time trying to find out what I've started to do right! I was also slightly disappointed to leave the beautiful surroundings of Milton Keynes but at least it is some comfortable progress!

    Thanks yescomeon!, how did you find it. So far I already feel well out of my depth!

    June 2022

    25th June 2022
    US Open Cup - 4th Round

    The US Open Cup is the oldest Cup competition in the country and suitably set the scene for one of the newest rivalries as two clubs from the Big Apple go toe to toe. With pride at stake, my debut with the disappointingly named "Pigeons" saw us claim bragging rights with a comfortable, Sagna inspired victory getting things off to an impressive start.

    29th June 2022
    US Open Cup - 5th Round

    The on-loan French striker continues to showcase his talents as he rattles in a hat-trick to send us into the next round of the competition in impressive style. With Philadelphia currently ahead of us in the League standings its becoming rather confusing as to how the richest club in the country has managed to fall so low. Time for me to carry this form into the MLS.

    A Tidy start to life in the States.

    Having had a comfortable start to life with the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, it's time to up the pace as I make my bow in the MLS next month.

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  14. Not a bad way to start that eh?

  15. nice change of pace going to America, I've been meaning to do a save in America so will see how yours go before I attempt it!

    I have been tempted to do a "yes man" challenge after reading yours. essentially agreeing to any job matter if it's a step up or down...

  16. Good luck in 'merica mate! Should be good however I cant stand the country rules wise

  17. glad you have gone to America for a change. Good luck!

  18. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    The leagues are basically: two conferences, teams play against each other twice in some and three times in others, but no idea how. First you get one of the title, I don't remember which was which and I'm too lazy to scroll up and check, if at the end of the regular season you are top of the combined table. From there you go into a play off for the other title, first you get one from a conference from a play off among their teams, another from the other conference from a play off of its teams and the winner of each conference play each other for the final title, which I think is the Cup thing. Both titles I think grant you access to the American version of the Champions League.
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  19. Nice start mate! that wage cap is crap though!!! lets hope you can get notice by the big teams with all the things trump has in place

  20. I enjoyed it I seem to recall, it was pretty easy domestically. Pretty mediocre players in Europe can do a good job over there, Ched Evans (this was a while a go now mind) led the line for me and scored a lot. Left for Mexico as the Mexican teams kept beating me in the Champions League. If I recall correctly there is no youth intake, you take it in turns to pick players in a draft, the best team goes last, but as part of transfers you can trade draft picks. It's an absolute clusterfuck, but I think you can do an auto pick or leave it to your assistant.

  21. that draft thing sounds pretty decent! let us know if it is that way mate

  22. I was quietly surprised however I'm slightly less keen to try my luck in the MLS...

    You must be desperate if you are going to judge it on me Naterr. I'm easily confused and genuinely useless at this game! Do it, would be good to see someone who is actually good at this do it some justice!

    On face value I completely agree Dan! Hopefully it's just a matter of breaking through.

    Thanks alot Battman!

    God Bless you DeathBall. You have just become my user manual for America. Completley forgot about the American Champions League, that would do the CV some good!

    Cheers Wanderer, I completely agree. Was rather disappointed given that this club is absolutely loaded! At least I can waste it all on three gloriously over-paid designated players!

    Thanks yescomeon. Think I'll definitely be raiding Europe as soon as the window opens...perhaps not for Ched Evans. I've had a brief look at the draft thing as it completely threw me but I think you've hit the nail on the head...I'm still sending the assistant though!

    I'll keep you posted! Prepare to be disappointed!

    July 2022

    6th July 2022

    Having quickly asserted myself in The Big Apple with a debut victory over Cosmos in the US Open Cup, I swaggered my way into The Red Bull Arena keen to cement my place as the Footballing Maestro in The Empire State... It didn't exactly go to plan. My MLS debut ends in a humiliating Hudson Derby defeat as the table topping Red Bulls condemn the new boys to another convincing defeat.

    9th July 2022

    Things didn't exactly improve in the next game either. The free-scoring club I took over in the Cup just last month seems to have all but disappeared in the League as Chicago Fire control a decidedly boring game of football with just one solitary goal late into the first half proving to be enough to drop heads and ensure another loss for the club rooted at the bottom of the table.

    16th July 2022

    A much welcome point has me finally get off the mark in Major League Soccer as on-loan striker Abdoul Sagna nets a brace to bring us back into the game at The Yankee Stadium in an intense battle against United. Despite having Afro-haired midfield general, Axel Witsel in their ranks the mid-table club could only watch helplessly as they let the points slip out their hands.

    20th July
    US Open Cup - Quarter Final

    Our fellow MLS opponents seemed nervous in front of their expectant home-crowd with the game only bursting into life within the final Twenty minutes. Having pulled our way back into the game with a late Sagna equalizer we seemed set for more cup glory until Columbus rallied with the final kick of the game to dump us out of the competition in brutal style.

    23rd July 2022

    New York is mine! In less then convincing fashion we take quick advantage of the MLS's insane scheduling to claim quick revenge over cross-town rivals, New York Red Bulls. Having kept up with the League leader's intimidating pace, it took a deflected own-goal to give City their deserved break through which we clung on to with grim determination.

    30th July 2022

    We round off my first taste of life in the world of "Soccer" with a hard-earned point against Orlando City. With Kaka long gone the The Lions have turned to fellow Brazilian, Luiz Gustavo. The Bundesliga hero grafted hard for his team with two well worked assists keeping them in the game despite Sagna's continued efforts.

    July 2022
    MLS - Eastern Conference

    July 2022
    MLS Supporters Shield

    Having ended the month on the back of three game unbeaten streak, all be it a decidedly weak one, I have already made an impact with The Pigeons. However I'm not sure I can take much of the credit as a completely hapless Montreal Impact struggle their way to just two points last month to kindly prop us off the bottom already. American hospitality at it's finest.

  23. The Pigeons? Surely not!

  24. Impact, Fire, Revolution, Galaxy, Earthquakes, Rapids....and Pigeons. It's the only nickname I've found for the club not exactly the most gung-ho Murican name in the world is it? There is however one dedicated fan who goes to every game as a giant Pigeon so...yeah.

    August 2022

    13th August 2022

    With the Leagues across Europe now back up to speed, we take inspiration from two of our very own talents from across the Atlantic as the unstoppable French striker, Abdoul Sagna and son of French legend, Zidane combine to see us easily past bottom of the table Montreal. The Canadians are certainly making hard work of life across the border.

    20th August 2022

    On the back of our comfortable victory over Impact, we go toe to toe with D.C United and are quickly slapped back down to reality. The club from the capital showed little restraint as they picked us apart despite our early goal, with physio-room veteran and part-time striker Daniel Sturridge rounding off the result with an impressive third goal.

    27th August 2022

    Our European duo once again combine to give us a sign of intent late into the season as they manage to keep us in the running against a determined New England. Having twice gone into the lead it seemed The Revolution were about to condemn us to back to back defeats but free-scoring loanee Abdoul Sagna had the final say dragging us back into the game with ten minutes remaining.

    August 2022
    MLS - Eastern Conference

    August 2022
    MLS - Supporters Shield

    With the boys losing just the one solitary game in a short month of football, we have actually managed to climb a place in the Supporters Shield as lowly Western Conference side, Minnesota push us further away from complete humiliation. So generous. With just two months remaining, it seems our end of season goals will simply be to maintain our currents standings. Massive goals!

  25. Definitely a weird one! Zidane is a good player to have and the striker Sagna seems to be good as well! Bit surprised to see Sturridge's name there tbh.. There's always time for goals next season haha

  26. Sturridge in America?? WTF! what wages is he on? is he prolific? Come on mate finish strong! your home form is looking ok

  27. Everything is bizarre! I'm impressed with both of them to be honest! So was I, apparently his star has certainly fallen quite far.

    He is actually earning just over £92,000 a week. Given some of the wages in Europe he's slipped a little. Hardly but then again it seems everyone in America is struggling to lay down any form. Cheers Wanderer!

    September 2022

    2rd September 2022

    The Penultimate month of the season kicks off in fantastic style as we cruise our way past some more lock Canucks in the shape of Toronoto. Another convincing performance from Abdoul Sagna continues to keep the on loan striker at the forefront of the race for the Golden Boot, with the Montpelier whiz kid dragging his adopted club up with him.

    10th September 2022

    The Twenty-One is quickly developing into one of the finest finishers in the country and has already been ear-marked as one of the clubs future designated players for next season. With another point winning brace helping the club to come from behind against an impressive Chicago Fire, we are surely in for a race to sign him permanently to the club.

    17th September 2022

    The boy can't help it! With just seconds remaining on the clock it seemed we were headed for a disappointing goal-less draw but in the home of both Rocky and The Fresh Prince, Sagna ensured he would continue his own impressive American legacy as he fires in a late duo of goals to continue our impressive late form. Unfortunately however one man would not be with us to round the season off...

    24th September 2022

    With Enzo's foot now apparently hanging on by a thread, the club rolled out against Western Conference side, Houston Dynamo. In another bizarre move from the world of "Soccer", The two conferences meet ten times every season, made slightly more bizarre given there's eleven teams in the leagues. Without our Algerian powerhouse we struggled our way to a respectable one goal draw.

    September 2022
    MLS - Eastern Conference

    September 2022
    MLS - Supporters Shield

    Operation hold on with grim determination and pray for the end of the season is under full swing! Having ensured we leave Montreal stranded at the bottom of the Eastern Conference we have even managed to improve our position in the Supporters Shield as we leapfrog Seattle to climb yet further away from the foot of the table.

  28. October 2022

    1st October 2022

    With the end of season just four games away the boys seem determined to end the season on a high despite their being no real possibility of climbing any further up the standings but a midfield demolition job saw City cruise past Revolution as we continue to show some real signs of intent for next season. America will await the re-birth of the Pigeons!

    8th October 2022

    Before I start heralding the arrival of an MLS giant, the boys once again prove their worth against another Eastern Conference side, in the shape of Colorado Rapids, with the ever impressive Morales chipping in from the flanks, whilst our French sharpshooter, Abdoul Sagna continues to reign supreme at the top of the goal-scoring charts with another neat finish.

    15th October 2022

    The Twenty-One year old has easily become one of the most valuable players in Northern America despite not even being able to break into Montpelier's first team back home in his Native France. A neat brace see's the striker once again showcase the gulf in class between the continents with young centre back Diego Lopez helping us smash past lowly Minnesota.

    22nd October 2022

    Despite running rampant in the previous three games, the boys are unable to cap a resurgent season with a win as they crumble to a deflating defeat against Portland despite a dominant first-half. With the boys already showing what they are fully capable of, the lengthy MLS off-season cannot pass quick enough as we look to continue our late form into next season.

    October 2022
    MLS - Eastern Conference

    October 2022
    MLS - Supporters Shield

    So the season is over. Having played each Eastern Conference twice and ten of the clubs in the Western One just once the MLS season has come its bizarre end. Having joined the club stranded at the foot of the table, devoid of morale and hope, the boys have managed to turn it around in impressive style with City now emerging as one of the most inform teams in the country.

  29. Given that it has essentially been just four months since the end of the previous season, its easy to guess there has not been much change...

    Carlo Ancelotti Luis Enrique Diego Simeone
    Manchester United Barcelona INTER
    £150,000 per week £150,000 per week £105,000 per week

    All three me have started the season still in charge of their respective clubs with their money-grabbing ways long-forgotten and the beautiful game of football once again becoming the true winner...

    ...I sense weakness.

    With the wage of the top earners now lower then ever, Managers across the world suffering some kind of ephiphany and my career finally finding it's way to the glorious riches found at the top of the game, my attempts at finishing this challenge have never looked better.

    Derby Jack
    New York City FC
    £12,000 per week

    Sweet, sweet money.

    Having landed in the Big Apple, my wages have matched up to the stature of this massive City.

    With Twelve Thousand pounds rolling into my account every week, I can afford to make the most of my new surroundings, the only thing is the real money still remains locked back across the Atlantic, with the Champions League big-boys.

    With my career currently evolving in the world of Hot Dogs and Shotguns, I need to ensure I'm not quickly forgotten.

    It's time to showcase my talents to the MLS...

  30. With a massive four month gap between the start and end of the season, "soccer" takes a back seat in America.

    Fortunately despite the football hibernation, the MLS does make up for it, with one of the most confusing and elaborate transfer windows imaginable.

    Brace yourselves...

    ...First up its the Waiver Draft.

    The MLS to it's credit does nearly everything in it's power to keep young players in the beautiful game.

    With both a Re-Entry draft and a Waiver draft throwing players a lifeline when their contracts have come to a close, clubs throughout the MLS take it in turns as those unfortunate players are essentially auctioned off.

    With clubs taking it in turn to chose the best of the bunch, seeded in order of their League finish, I try my hand at snapping up some hopefully wasted talent...

    From: New York Red Bulls
    Cost: Free

    Having scooped up two released youngster, only one goes on to grab a contract, with Nineteen Year old left back, Michael Collie grabbing up a spot at left-back. Having arrived from bitter rivals, Red Bull, the Bahamian full-back will have to make the most of his developing ability and solid all round physical abilities to win over the City faithful.

    Having found no-one worth our attention in the Re-Entry draft we bide our time until the subtly named "Super Draft" comes around.

    The draft works almost identical to those in the NBA and the NFL, as a host of the finest young talents in the Nation do their utmost to grab themselves a club for the forth coming season...

    From: Sockers FC
    Cost: Free

    With Abdoul Sagna returning to his home club we were in desperate need of anyone with the ability to find the back of the net, when Thai sensation, Anon Booma stepped up at the draft. The Young striker already has full fledged experience in the International Team and with a lethal right foot and the flair of a Galactico he could well light it up in the MLS.

    With the previous management selling the clubs other draft spots, I got just the one chance to snap up some young talent, with the rest of my signings coming in via a thankfully normal transfer window...

    With the strict wage-budget meaning that departures are almost equally as important as departures, I did my utmost to try and clear some space before resorting to mutual terminating and releasing four players to give me some much needed breathing room.

    Having cleared some space, I desperately tried to bring MLS Golden boot winner Abdoul Sagna back to New York with the Emirate's funded club easily able to meet Montpelier's asking price but the board bizarrely deciding that the young striker was not worth gifting one of the clubs coveted designated player spots...Thanks.

    With my transfer targets immediately scrapped I went out into the transfer window, with a wheel barrow full of money determined to make up for my failed efforts with some extravagant spending...

    From: Manchester City
    Cost: £3.7 million

    Returning to my home nation and the Teams parent club, Manchester City, I splash the cash to land experienced defender Nicolas Otamendi with a lowly transfer fee but a whopping £140,000 wage for the forth coming season. Despite being deep into his twilight years the Argentinian is still more then capable of dominating the back line at this level.

    From: Manchester City
    Cost: £2.6 million

    Joining him comes German midfielder, Ilkay Gundogan. Having played a background role with the Citizens through his time in Manchester, the composed play-maker will be looking to run the show for City for a couple of seasons to come. Another hefty wage ensures I certainly make the most of the club's deep pockets as I look to sky-rocket the club to the top.

    Well that was confusing.

    Having bumbled my way through Three pre-season drafts, somehow lost out on-signing a willing and able Abdoul Sagna and brought in two veteran players looking to scoop one last pay-check before retiring from the game, I'm not entirely sure just what happened...

    ...Non the less, It's time to see what we can do!

  31. Nice signings, huge wages but still nice. onwards and upwards

  32. well my mercenary play seems to be going ok, but it's taking ages to make any real money. After becoming a legend at Gateshead (still no idea how i managed that), moving to Nuremburg, then creating a league winning side with Koln, i took a step to Spain with Real Sosobad. 18 months later with a league title in the bag and one defeat all season (i'm convinced my CB took a bung), the mighty Valencia came calling with a wopping £33k per week. they're also bankrupt so i can't see this ending well.

  33. Just read through this entire story... brilliant idea!! will be following to see how you get on...

  34. Sorry for the mini-break. Had a Valentines day to plan and two job interviews within a week. Its been rather hectic!

    Cheers Wanderer, apparently when faced with frustration I comfort myself with big spending...shouldn't be damaging at all in the future!

    Very impressive indeed ratmsm1. You've made some pretty beefy progress already though! Thirty Three Thousand in my career would essentially have you a third of the way to being at the top of the game! Spain certainly seems a good place to make your name though, I predict a stay at the Bernabeu before long!

    Thanks alot darnho! hopefully I'll start to make up for lost time!


    30th January 2023

    With the rest of the footballing world either bitterly fighting their way through the chilling winter months or enjoy a luxurious break away from the cold, the MLS emerges from its long hibernation with The sleeping giants, NYCFC kick-starting their pre-season with a clinical one goal victory.

    11th February 2023

    With the season still some two months away from beginning, we continue to kick-start our path to redemption as we comfortably see off San Antonio. An impressive midfield display saw the top-flight side easily overcome the second division side. With just one more season on my contract, these early results are a good sign of making a quick impact in the States.

    18th February 2023

    From the heart of Texas back to the frozen metropolis of New York City. With a thick blanket of snow covering The Yankee Stadium our Californian opposition seemed sluggish to get up to speed as our fellow MLS opposition collapsed in style with Enzo brilliantly seeing off the hapless Earthquakes.

    22nd February 2022

    Having quickly made himself at home in The Big Apple, Thai International Anon Boonma joined the club on the road for a routine victory over Toronto's second string side. Our draft arrival enjoyed an incredible first run out in the light blue jersey as he bagged an impressive second-half hat-trick to announce himself in the finest of styles.

    25th February 2022

    Our final game of the season has us goes up against the apparently Communist Sacramento Republic. Our Red-Star opposition all but gifted us a charitable victory with a five minute red card, with our ever reliable midfielders finding the back of the net with ease before cruising to a relaxed victory.

    With the Pigeons romping to a fine winning streak in an important Pre-Season, hopes are high for the coming season and it's all thanks to one almighty change...

    That beautiful 4-2-3-1 formation.

    With the additions of Otamendi and Gundogan to the line-up the former lackluster City now look poised and ready to make their long awaited mark in the Land of the Free.

    Time to see if my seemingly lucky formation still works it's wonders when applied in the world of Soccer.

  35. March 2023

    12th March 2023

    My first full season in America gets underway in fine fashion as our Super Draft signing, Anon Boonma enjoys a near perfect debut as he rifles in a clinical brace on the way to a Three goal whitewash of a sorry looking Portland Timbers. With our Thai International seemingly made for this level, hopes are high that this season might see the club finally raise to the top.

    16th March 2023

    Those hopes didn't exactly last very long as last season's strugglers Montreal Impact managed to hold City at bay for a frustrating Ninety minutes. Despite seeming oozing with confidence young striker Boonma could do little to break through some rigid defence whilst our big money signings struggled to string together any meaningful attacks.

    18th March 2023

    A thrilling game at the Yankee Stadium saw the two City's clash with the mighty Pigeons narrowly emerging on top. In a sensational final half an hour of football, both clubs threw caution into the wind, with our ever reliable and tireless midfield keeping us in the game, with the unflappable Boonma securing the points in the dying minutes of the game.

    24th March 2023

    That's far more comfortable. Having continued his fine form with a fourth minute goal, Boonma could afford to coast for the remainder of the game as our dominant midfield ran rampant over ten man Philadelphia to ensure a superb opening month of football. Unfortunately our sensational start did come at some cost...

    March 2023
    MLS - Eastern Conference

    March 2023
    MLS Supporters Shield

    Our unbeaten start to the season has us instantly trade life at the foot of the table for the comfort at the top. With the club narrowly ahead of their bitter rivals New York Red Bulls in the Eastern Conference it seems that we are in for a nail biting race to claim the bragging rights at the top of the table. If we can keep up with the early pace, the Pigeons could well be about to take flight!

  36. April 2023

    1st April 2023

    The unbeaten streak continues into the next month as we precariously cling on to our stay at the top as Roldan smashes home a dramatic late equalizer with the whistle poised on the referees lips. With the club so very close to an unexpected defeat we can only hope this servers as a reminder of our new found top of the table status. We're going to have to fight for this...

    9th April 2023

    ...And fight they did. A resounding victory over FC Dallas see's German midfield maestro, Ilkay Gundogan find the back of the net for the first time in the States with stand in striker, Jacob Hill and New York's favourite Algerian son of a French Legened, Enzo Zidane rounding off a sensation result in the Yankee Stadium.

    12th April 2023

    ... Well that wasn't according to the script. With the club seemingly on the cusp of a dominant season in the Eastern Conference, we are soon given a reminder of our lowly background as we are destroyed by Orlando City. Having been routinely beaten across the pitch for the entire Ninety minutes, Diskerud's red card summed up a disappointing day of football.

    16th April 2023

    The four goal drubbing in Florida seems to have certainly affected our new formed squad with an Enzo opener soon cancelled out by a seemingly determined Montreal Impact as the Canadians secure the victory early in the second half with a well taken free-kick and a foolish red card seeing Morales sent to the stands.

    22nd April 2023

    We managed to quickly put an end to our losing ways as we claim a much needed point against familiar faces, Toronto. Having both been equally matched in the first game of the month, we repeated the feat as both sides are forced to settle for a point. With the MLS season being painfully short even this minor blip could prove costly.

    26th April 2023

    With the boys suffering a short but costly run of poor form the boys mount a convincing stand in the final game of the month as they once again secure bragging rights in the Big Apple with a narrow victory in the Hudson River Derby. With Boonma sidelined, back up striker, Jacob Hill has taken the opportunity with both hands securing the fans adoration with the winning goal.

    April 2023
    MLS - Eastern Conference

    April 2023
    MLS - Supporters Shield

    Second month of the season and already our brief flirtation with the top spot is brought to a crashing end. Fellow Eastern Conference side's Philly and Red Bulls both enjoy a solid month of football as they squeeze in front of us in the standings with a third of the season effectively already over. Every mistake in this league is quickly punished.

  37. May 2023

    6th May 2023

    The boys continue to try and break through into the top of the MLS as they cruise their way past D.C United. A fortunate own goal gifted us with the perfect opening, with the fans in the Yankee Stadium enjoying a comfortable day out as Thai striker, Anon Boonma doubles the lead to secure all three points with ease.

    10th May 2023

    In a dominant first half of football we danced our way to a two goal lead courtesy of Galtarossa's opening thunderbolt, with the increasingly prolific finisher, Anon Boonma capping a one-way half with another neat finish. A tight second half made it a nervy run in to the final whistle but some resilient defending and some cat-like reactions saved us all three points.

    13th May 2023

    Our three game winning streak comes to an end in the most dramatic of styles as we are left frustrated by Atlanta United. An end to end first half saw both clubs battle their way across the pitch with the goals flying in left and right with the away side holding a comfortable lead that even the crazily paid Gundogan could not overthrow.

    20th May 2023

    The boys are unable to bounce back from behind as a second half of thrilling football saw the boys throw away a two goal lead, gifting the Crew with a point as they collapsed in frustrating style. Having seemingly been well on their way to the victory, it seems our defence is starting to suffer a rather worrying drop in form.

    31st May 2023

    We round off the month with another solitary point with a similarly disappointing two goal draw. Having found the back of the net either side of the half-time whistle we once again looked set to ride out to a much needed three points but the resilient White-Caps refused to back down with a Seventieth minute equalizer continuing to raise question about the back line.

    May 2023
    MLS - Eastern Conference

    May 2023
    MLS - Supporters Shield

    A mixed month continues to keep us just shy of a spot in the top two with arch rivals, New York Red Bulls and a determined Philadelphia Union swapping spots at the head of the table with the Red Bulls two games in hand all but ensuring they have a strong hand already on the Eastern Conference title and the Supporters shield to go with it.

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  38. Just caught up again! Great work with MK Dons, I was hoping you would take the Aussie offer to be honest, i've never seen anything from down under. i just recently got myself a Perth Glory jersey

    Nice move to the MLS, nice a deserved boost to your wages and it looks like you're having a big impact so far!

    Keep up the good work, and ill try and keep up without falling 10 pages behing again

  39. I think Otamendi and Gundogan have really helped your team! look much more solid this year!

  40. Just read through from Guisley - NYCFC.

    Gutted about Sanga... One thing I hope for this save is that you are able to join a big club or maybe Everton, and you are manager of Paul Hulme again! KIU!

  41. nice going mate. you need to move I think though before you get to lost in the American dream

  42. Cheers Seano, was quite tempted with life down under myself to be honest but I guess it was not to be. Thanks for reading as always. Much appreciated.

    Cheers Naterr, they've certainly helped me feel more at home in the land of Soccer!

    Damn thanks Wilko! I honestly still don't understand why I was blocked from signing him but then again I have pretty much no idea what I'm doing here most of the time anyway! I am seriously hoping I get to catch up with the Mighty Hume soon, thanks again!

    Thanks Wanderer, I agree whole heatedly. America certainly doesn't compare to life in the likes of the Bundesliga or La Liga quite yet.

    June 2023

    4th June 2023

    The club makes it three, two goal draws in a row as we tie things up against Minnesota. Unlike the previous few results however we actually came out of the result fortunate to cling on to the draw as Minnesota's second half lead is soon shutdown thanks to Thirty-Six year old Otamendi's salmon like leap from a well crafted corner.

    9th June 2023

    The run is finally broken as we return to winning ways over Houston Dynamo. Having gone behind after just seven minutes it seemed we were set for another game desperately chasing the points but a quick reply from Jacob Hill and another goal for midfield general Galtarossa ensured The Yankee Stadium faithful would go home happy.

    17th June 2023

    Having narrowly squeezed past Houston in the previous game the boys did their utmost to convince me that we had actually turned a corner with a resounding demolition of San Jose. Galtarossa's opening goal settled the nerves after just seven minutes, with our designated duo, Zidane and Otamendi partly justifying their astronomic wages with two second half goals.

    20th June 2023
    US Open Cup - 4th Round

    America's one and only cup competition makes it's brief appearance in the schedule with the Yankee Stadium faithful able to enjoy a comfortable afternoon as City cruise into the fifth round of the competition with a one-sided, one goal victory over second tier side, San Antonio FC. Perhaps I'm finally about to get my hands on a trophy?

    23rd June 2023

    The club extend their unbeaten run of form into the sixth game of the season with a rather unconvincing victory over a struggling Chicago Fire. Having slipped up early into the second half, the boys valiantly threw everything they had at Chicago with their efforts eventually rewarded with a calamitous but deserved own-goal. I'll take it.

    June 2023
    MLS - Eastern Conference

    June 2023
    MLS - Supporters Shield

    The clubs rather haphazard unbeaten run has seen them quickly overthrow Philadelphia Union as they try to mount a late push for the Easter Conference title against fierce rivals, New York Red Bulls. Having been bizarrely successful in this career thus far the stage is set for myself and the mighty Pigeons to claim some long awaited silverware in the most dramatic of styles.

  43. Things are looking much better this year around DJ! Hopefully it'll be a move back out of the states come the end of this season

  44. It's all coming together very nicely my friend!

  45. Cheers Dan, If I can leave America with a trophy it will certainly make my time here all the better!

    Cheers Neavie Pops! Fingers crossed!

    July 2023

    2nd July 2023

    The club's unbeaten run continues as we mount an impressive second-half comeback to ease our way past New England. Having gone behind after Thirteen minutes Revolution seemed to be in firm control until a goal just before the break triggered some impressive football from the boys with German midfield maestro, Iklay Gundogan sending the boys towards a well earned three points.

    5th July 2023
    US Open Cup - 5th Round

    Having just made short work of the Revolution in the League we are soon given a taste of our own medicine as our near neighbors turn the tables to send us crashing out of the US Open Cup. No Silverware from the cup this season then. Having been so routinely beaten by our league rivals we can only hope it doesn't bleed over into our impressive MLS form.

    15th July 2023

    Well that wasn't quite so bad. The boys rally from the disappointing defeat to salvage a point against a strong Atlanta side. United have been plagued by draws of late, scuppering their chances of pushing for the title and a Jack Cresswell equalizer did little to help the unfortunate side secure a spot in the playoffs however it was my battered squad that come out of it the worst...

    22nd July 2023

    The cup exit hangover does not last long however as the Yankee Stadium is soon back up and rocking with a dominant performances against a sorry looking Chicago Fire. A quick opening goal from Enzo got us off to the perfect start with his midfield partner, Jack Cresswell continuing his fine form with a second to ensure all three points in style.

    29th July 2023

    For the third time this month we go up against the Revolution and the boys pull out all the stops to ensure we remind New England just what we are capable of. With the Cup exit still lingering in the back of their minds, our inform Algerian playmaker leads the charge with our ever impressive midfield completing the rout as our unbeaten league form grows ever stronger.

    July 2023
    MLS - Eastern Conference

    July 2023
    MLS - Supporters Shield

    With the club enjoying the best run of form in it's short history we now lock horns with the Red Bulls as we look to overthrow our rivals hold at the top of the table. With the end of the season already just a handful of games away, the boys are poised and ready to send us both towards a historic League title.

  46. August 2023

    5th August 2023

    Having been gifted an advantage courtesy of a red card within the opening ten minutes, it seemed the boys were set to keep the pressure high on New York Red Bulls as City look to grab their first ever MLS title. Despite the one man advantage the boys struggled to find a way through a resilient Columbus Crew eventually settling for a disappointing draw.

    12th August 2023

    No such good fortune at the start of this game as Orlando City fire their way into an early lead with a goal gifted to them after just six minutes of football. To their credit the boys rallied admirably to score just before the half-time whistle but were unable to build on their equalizing goal as we are once again forced to claim just one solitary point.

    19th August 2023

    The unbeaten streak is well and truly over. With City on the brink of snatching the top spot we are unable to build on our early hard work as Canadian heavyweights, Toronto pull off a well executed smash and grab, with some sound defending and a well worked set-piece sending the travelling fans back across the border happy.

    26th August 2023

    That's a fine way to bounce back. Having allowed our Big Apple rivals some un-needed breathing room, we soon peg the League leaders back with a narrow victory in the Hudson derby. Thai striker, Anon Boonma timed his break-away run perfectly to cap a slick late move from the boys as we once again maintain our status as the kings in the Empire State.

    August 2023
    MLS - Eastern Conference

    August 2023
    MLS - Supporters Shield

    We are top of the league...well one of them at least. Despite winning just the one game this month the club manages to topple the Red Bulls to lead the way in the Eastern Conference. With the boys now leading the way, there is no time to take our feet off the gas as we look to maintain our spot at the top and overthrow an inform Seattle in the race for the Supporters Shield.

  47. Awesome stuff Jack, this management business isn't really that hard is it?

  48. Damn good run you've got going, leading a league. Hopefully a bigger side in Europe will take notice at the end of the season

  49. Cheers Patrick, apparently this is my year... not that I've won anything yet.

    Cheers Zanz, Awkwardly the end of the MLS season is after the Pre-season manager merry-go-round. Could make it harder to land a job.

    September 2023

    2nd September 2023

    The unbeaten run is over and with it goes our brief flirtation at the top as we are humbled by third placed Philadelphia in a disappointing game at the Yankee Stadium. Having gone behind after just one minute the boys struggled to drag their way back into the game with Union doubling their lead before we could even muster any form or reply. Wake up Call.

    9th September 2023

    The boys respond magnificently as they smash their way past DC United. With the home side reduced down to ten men early in the first-half, the boys battled to find a way through some resilient defending until Jacob Hill found a crack on the hour mark, opening the flood-gates and putting the pressure back on Red Bulls.

    30th September 2023

    That didn't last long. Western Conference leaders, Seattle Sounders welcome us to Washington state with a full blooded match but it wasn't until the dying minutes of the game that their Brazilian superstar, Willian broke the deadlock, all but assuring Seattle with the top spot and handing our league rivals a massive helping hand to the top spot.

    September 2023
    MLS - Eastern Conference

    September 2023
    MLS - Supporters Shield

    A month of missed opportunities see's us quickly thrown from the top spot and gives the Red Bulls a whopping four point gap as we head into the final few games of the season. With the Western Conference looking incredibly strong in the Supporters Shield and the boys showing worrying signs when it matters we could be in for a torrid run in to the end of the season.

  50. October 2023

    7th October 2023

    In the final month of the season itself we gain some quick-fire revenge over the only club that can knock us off at an automatic qualifying spot for the Semi-Final stage with a Jack Cresswell thunderbolt proving to be enough to split the two teams as we share the spoils in two incredibly tight games. The result proved to be all important...

    14th October 2023

    With a spot in the Semi-Final booked it only remains for us to try and make a late surge to prize Red Bulls from the top spot but a disappointing draw against New England might have seen young Torres pick up a promising brace but also saw some hap-hazard defending gift Revolution with a point as they look to join us in the latter stages.

    21st October 2023

    Once the biggest side in the MLS thanks to their block-buster signings of Beckham and Keane, Galaxy's crown has long since slipped as a solid Jacob Hill effort sends the club from La-La Land back to another disappointing defeat. With just one more game remaining the boys are looking to end on an impressive high unfortunately not everyone is going to be there to enjoy it...

    28th October 2023

    With in-form striker Jacob-Hill sidelined until next season, the boys struggle to find a way past a resilient Rapid's side until a seemingly inspired Torres continues to showcase his potential with an equalizing game to send us into the knock-out stages on the back of a strong unbeaten run however tired legs are certainly starting to show...

    October 2023
    MLS - Easter Conference

    October 2023
    MLS - Supporters Shield

    No Eastern Conference title for the boys this time around as we are forced to settle for second place in the running's and a respectable third place in the Supporters Shield. With everything now headed into the knock-out stages their is still hope that we can snatch something away from this season, that's if the squad can stop collapsing before the end...

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