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  1. Unlucky bud hopefully its just a blip

  2. Here's hoping Sam!

    November 2023

    5th November 2023
    MLS Eastern Conference - Semi Final - Leg 1

    Having smashed their way through the first round of the knockout stages, we are immediately put on the back foot by a determined Philly. Having both picked up victories over each other in the final two months of the season the boys can only hope they can repeat the feat in the next leg back at the Yankee Stadium with Enzo's late goal giving the club a slim hope of progressing into the Final.

    November 2023

    12th November 2023
    MLS Eastern Conference - Semi Final - Leg 2

    And it's over. A toothless performance from the boys all but gifted Union with free-passage into the Final following their resounding victory back in Philadelphia, with some important aged legs and a handful of niggling injuries blighting the squad it seemed we were meerly happy just to reach the end of the season. A big missed opportunity.

    A disappointing end to a strong season for City.

    Despite the sour ending, it's non the less been a season of drastic improvements. With my contract up and my heart longing for a return to Europe, it remains to be seen if I will be back for one more shot at cracking it in America.

  3. Tough luck bud, think its time to return to Europe?

  4. Unlucky mate, any moves on the horizon?

  5. Unlucky

    Hi DJ,

    Unlucky with your American dream. Looking forward to your return to Europe and to an easier to understand league and transfer system

    Started one of these myself, currently struggling to keep Chelmsford in the VNS league at the moment. One can only dream of the "vast" riches that you are currently earning.


  6. Jack QUIT lol only joking. Are you enjoying the game still or because ur in USA is it becoming a bit of a bore?

  7. I sure hope so Sam, not feeling it in America!

    I'm trying to chuck my name out there Neavie Pops!

    Thanks Nosibor, I sure hope so! I'm guessing by now you have already over-taken me and are in charge of a Footballing heavyweight right?

    Maybe your right Wanderer! It's not exactly entertaining to be honest, I miss normal football leagues!

    With my time in America certainly dragging it's feet I cast my eyes wistfully across the pond as we take another look at the top earners back in fortress Europa.

    Carlo Ancelotti Luis Enrique Diego Simeone
    Manchester United Barcelona INTER
    £150,000 per week £150,000 per week £105,000 per week

    The top three earners remain steadily in their roles, hardly surprising given their new found bargain status, with England, Spain and Italy all represented in the top of the standings.

    With the season just months in, Old Trafford boss, Carlo Ancelotti and King of the Catalans, Luis Enrique have both already set about reclaiming their new found League titles following a successful season at the helm of two of the worlds biggest clubs but it's a re-emerging Italian heavyweight that steals the spot-light.

    Former Atletico Madrid manager, Diego Simeone has made an instant impact in Milan, leading Inter to not just the Serie A title but the TIM Cup, Supercoppa and a respectable runners-up spot in the Europa League.

    Way to show me up Diego...

    Derby Jack
    New York City FC
    £12,000 per week

    Having managed to quickly flip New York Cities fortunes from bottom of the table scrappers, to MLS title contenders, my time in The States might have got off to a solid start but with my Contract up, the League setup confusing the hell out of me and the comforts of Europe calling me home, it's time to start my job search once more...

  8. oo excited to see where you end up if you leave! Surely a good prem team will want you now!

  9. Unlucky in the end in America, definitely turned the club around from where you landed. Hopefully big things in Europe await

  10. Looking forward to see where you go next !

  11. YES good call mate! come on a decent champ/prem side... something you can build into a empire! is there any sleeping giants out there or anyone who has fallen from grace you can make great again

  12. I don't think so Naterr. Apparently the jump from League One to the MLS wasn't as great as I thought...

    Cheers Dan, fingers crossed as always!

    Thanks Wilko, I just hope it comes soon!

    It actually seems that the Managerial merry-go-round has started to ground to a halt Wanderer! I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for any options! Just anything!

    ...Well the Great Escape didn't exactly go well.

    Despite having a whopping break before the start of the next season, I somehow managed to get myself overlooked for every job available, with even Championship clubs turning their nose up at an Englishman in New York.

    ...Guess I'll buckle down for the most confusing transfer window imaginable. Joy.

    The waiver draft comes around and once again it's a bit of a flash in the pan for City as we see just one solitary departure from the club as aging Spanish defender Sergio Postigo is sent packing from The Yankee Stadium.

    With the Re-Entry draft drawing no-one of interest, it's straight into the gloriously over-hyped Super Draft!

    Before we can look to snap up some impressive young talents in the draft we see two of our set off for pastures new as last-seasons arrival, Diego Lopez and Austrian Goalkeeper, Moritz Schumacher both leaving for our league rivals as we fail to come to a terms on new contracts.

    Time to try our own luck in the draft...

    From: Sockers FC
    Cost: Free

    Returning to the same club that gifted us Thai striker, Anon Boonma, we snap up his former teammate, Charlie Gonzalez with the Twenty-One year old making the step up to the MLS to supply us with some more depth upfront. With the mental strength of an experienced finisher, he could soon give his old friend a run for this money.

    With just the one player worth our effort in the draft, it's a welcome return to the relatively normal transfer window for the rest of my signings...

    Three departures from the first team, all released from their contracts as I desperately attempt to free up some space in the MLS's strict wage budget....oh how I hate the restrictions!

    With the midfield thinned down and our three delegated players still ready and just about willing to enter another season it's time to try and squeeze seem talent through the MLS's frustrating restrictions...

    From: Out of Contract
    Cost: Free

    Released from Montreal Impact and somehow skipping through the entirety of the drafts, Francesco Marchi arrives in New York with a bright future ahead of him. With veteran defender Sergio Postiga leaving the club, the Twenty Year old could be set for an instant impact at the Yankee Stadium.

    From: MK Dons
    Cost: £70k

    Popping up from my former club, MK Don's comes Irish striker Joe Mason. The experienced striker comes in to add a level head and proving scoring record to our young front-line. With the former Wolves front-man snapping up seven thousand a week he avoids taking up one of our designated slots but still manages to take up a large chunk of the budget. Big things expected.

    From: Kitsap Pumas
    Cost: Free

    Having paid out to Chicago Fire to buy out his image rights, because heaven forbid signing a player in America could never be simple, we manage to prize Brandon Doody away from the Pumas with one of the States brightest young attacking midfield talents arriving to provide some depth behind our Algerian play-maker, Enzo Zidane. Big shoes to fill.

    From: Carolina Dynamo
    Cost: Free

    We once again raid the lower rungs of American football to snap up Maldivian right back, Michael De Bellis. Much like our previous signings the young defender is here to add some much needed depth to our fragile back-line. With the former Dynamo player yet to experience any true first-team football he could be in for a baptism of firm in the MLS.

    So having survived and scraped my way through another stretched out American transfer window, I've emerged eager and ready for another thrilling MLS season...


    With my current future stranded across the pond, it's time to make the most of my time in America...thrilling.

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  13. Good luck DerbyJack hope to see you back this side of the pond soon....

  14. Hi DJ,

    Not a football heavyweight, yet, I followed the mercenary code (money over reputation) and I am currently managing Shanghai.

    Craving European football and was linked with Ajax but they wouldn't pay me what I wanted.


  15. i'm on my best merc run ever. 50k per week from Valencia, and 70k from Brazil. Mega bucks

  16. chrisstanley1987's Avatar chrisstanley1987Premium Member
    Premium Member
    Great read so far

  17. I do as well Stuart!

    That's still some impressive progress already. I'm struggling since leaving Europe. Home sick!

    Jesus Ratmsm1 thats blowing me out the water. nice work!


    10th February 2024

    So having scraped a team together through the most frustrating transfer window in football, I manage to drag myself away from drinking myself into oblivion in the City that never sleeps to make the most out of the impending MLS season. A ninth minute penalty at least makes it worth the effort as Zidane helps us overcome St Louis on the road.

    14th February 2024

    The boys continue to do their most to put me in a positive frame of mind despite my alcohol fueled home sickness. Two quickfire goals from the midfield saw us cruise past Montreal as we look to send a warning to the rest of the MLS teams in the country with our convincing victory. If I'm staying here I want some silverware!

    17th February 2024

    By the third game of the pre-season it seems the boys have worked out that my will to actually manage them has all but faded into obscurity. A goalless draw with the finest Communist Team in the country saw the will drop along with any hopes of winning anything from the forth coming season. Joyous times.

    24th February 2024

    Yeah... A professional manager would rally the troops, put on a brave face and give the squad a deserved rollicking to get them fired up and in position for the forth coming season. I am not that man. With the only thing keeping in the States being a month by month contract of Twelve Thousand pounds I head into the season proper in full mercenary mode!

    Predictably with my effort reaching an all time low, their is little to no change in the formation...

    With the squad lining up in the now familiar 4-2-3-1 formation, we remain still reliant on the aging legs of both Otamendi and Ilkay Gundogan through the middle with New York Cities talismanic attacking midfielder, Enzo Zidane now looking to feed in Irish veteran, Joe Mason.

    These boys need to make me believe again...

    ...Good luck.

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  18. March 2024

    8th March 2024

    The boys instantly perk my interests back in America as we cruise to a comfortably victory over Houston Dynamo. A vastly improved second half saw the boys rattle in three goals without reply with only a last minute mistake doing anything to take away from an otherwise emphatic victory.

    12th March 2024

    Another victory in the Hudson Derby ensures I at least remain king of New York as a Charlie Gonzalez effort breaks the deadlock to send us narrowly past our local and league rivals. The Red Bulls have been sluggish off the mark with two defeats putting the current champions on the back foot from the get go. This is shaping up nicely.

    17th March 2024

    Another narrow victory all but instantly erases any thoughts of escaping America just yet as my fickle footballing brain is instantly switched back as City hold on top their status at the top of the table with some long awaited silverware tempting me into seeing through another season at the Yankee Stadium.

    23rd March 2024

    Despite going behind to former Chelsea striker, Patrick Bamford's effort within just ten minutes, the boys respond in title winning fashion as a lack luster display still manages to see them raise to the challenge with another goal for Draft signing, Charlie Gonzalez setting Jack Cresswell up with the opportunity to claim the headlines with a late winner.

    27th March 2024

    We round off an emphatic month of football with a convincing victory over Columbus Crew. A fortunate goal gave us a goal against the run of play and with the wind quickly taken out of the Crews sails we dominated the rest of proceedings with a second-half penalty ensuring the points with ease.

    March 2024
    MLS - Eastern Conference

    March 2024
    MLS - Supporters Shield

    Perhaps this is destiny? With my time in America unwillingly extended it seems the Footballing Gods are set to teach me lesson in patience as my New York City side smash their way to the top of the Eastern Conference and the Supporters Shield in unbeaten fashion. With the season only running till early November this quick start could already prove important!

  19. Just caught up after a week or so away. Maybe, as you say, you're destined to take some silverware with you when you leave NYC

  20. Welcome back neavie! I think it would certainly serve as some form of compensation for killing my motivation!

    April 2024

    6th April 2024

    The boys continue their rampant form as they stroll past last season's third place side, Philadelphia Union. A dominant second half saw the boys shoot into a two goal lead within the opening half an hour, whilst Enzo Zidane quickly ended any hope of a second-half turn around as he added a third just minutes after the second-half whistle.

    10th April 2024

    The streak is over. Having dominated their way to the top of the table it seemed it was going to take a monumental effort to shift City from their winning ways...apparently not. A quick-fire opening goal rattled our experienced squad with a goal just before the break adding to our woes and gifting DC with an unexpected victory.

    13th April 2024

    Things continue to quickly spiral downwards as our League and Big Apple rivals cruise their way to a late victory in the Hudson derby stealing away bragging rights with a humiliating defeat at the Yankee Stadium and shifting us off of the top spot as our undefeated streak is quickly forgotten. It seems destiny has deserted me...

    21st April 2024

    ...Or maybe not. Our designated players finally take it upon themselves to justify their ludicrous wages as the trio combine to send us past a spirited Minnesota. With the season now very much up for grabs we are going to need our experienced players to combine like this every game if we are to reclaim our place at the top.

    25th April 2024

    Well that's not going to help. Any thoughts that we might be suffering just a small blip on the road to the title are quickly squashed as lowly Canadians, Montreal Impact leave us shell shocked with a deserved victory North of the border. With three defeats this season, I'm already casting my eyes back across the pond.

    April 2024
    MLS - Eastern Conference

    April 2024
    MLS - Supporters Shield

    Despite smashing them at the start of the month, Philadelphia Union find themselves taking up the reigns at the top of the table, with our New York rivals, Red Bulls finally emerging from the depths following their sluggish start to the season. If we're to have any hope of grabbing a title we're going to need to fix up our form sharpish.

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  21. May 2024

    4th May 2024

    Having blagged my way through-out this entire career, it seem's my previous history has finally caught up with me. A disastrous month kicks off with a frustrating defeat to Toronto with a fifth minute goal leaving City stranded as chance after chance fails to find it's way through a resilient Toronto back-line. And so it begins...

    9th May 2024

    A brief glimmer of hope almost saw the boys pick up a victory over Atlanta United but a goal just four minutes from the final whistle saw United deservedly claw back a point as some hap-hazard defending from both sides saw the goals flying in across the pitch. Unfortunately this disappointing draw was somehow the only highlight of the month. Sweet Jesus.

    11th May 2024

    Having been on the losing end in the first month of the season, Bamford finds the back of the net once more to send his Chicago Fire side past the down-trodden New York with his impressive feat of revenge adding to our woes and pushing us further into the mire with just five months of football remaining.

    18th May 2024

    Jack Cresswell's opening goal within just ten minutes gave the home crowd a slim hope of coming out of this slump until a Dallas goal just three minutes later leveled the score, with Luiz Antonio putting the boot in just before the break all but ensuring my time in America is coming to an end. I need to escape. Quickly.

    22nd May 2024

    The month is rounded off with yet another narrow defeat as Portland Timbers take advantage of the most generous team in the League having grabbed a goal either side of the break to ensure all three points before the hour mark. Joe Mason's second half goal failed to lift my hopes but some much needed news from back home certainly did...

    May 2024
    MLS - Eastern Conference

    May 2024
    MLS - Supporters Shield

    Predictably any hopes of actually grabbing something from this season has gone already. Brilliant. Fortunately with New York City very much in free-fall I actually have a longed for opportunity back in Europe. With seasons across the continent drawing to a close, it's now or never for my escape from the States!

  22. Fingers crossed Palace offer you a nice wage!

  23. Hope Palace offer you the job. Patrick Bamford playing for Chicago made me chuckle

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  24. Good luck hope the Eagles see sense and offer you the job

  25. Fingers crossed for Palace!

  26. Yus! I hope you get the job! Fingers crossed.

  27. I seriously need to get out Naterr.

    Thanks Sam, yeah expected him to be a quality Premier League finisher by now...guess not.

    Cheers Stuart, me too!

    Thanks Neavie Pops!

    Fingers crossed Iwabik!

    June 2024

    1st June 2024

    With just one game of the month there's not really much building of suspense. An Eight goal thriller brings my time in the States to a fittingly bizarre end. With both teams reduced down to ten men within the opening fifteen minutes the tone was set for the remained of the game as full blooded battle saw City send me off in style as I finally make my long awaited return to Europe...

    June 2024
    MLS - Eastern Conference

    June 2024
    MLS - Supporters Shield

    With my bags quickly packed and the flight back to Fortress Europa hastily booked, I leave the Big Apple with the boys at least still in with at least a slim shot of finally picking up that long awaited trophy. For me it's time to return home. With the country now firmly into the Brexit era, it's time to see if an EU free Britain can finally bring an end to my trophy-less career.

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  28. All the best at Selhurst Park, Derby Jack. Go Eagles!

  29. nice. good luck at home mate.

  30. Are Palace still in prem? Great move mate

  31. Just had a read through for the first time - Nice story!
    Never been so invested in someone else making money HA

  32. From the pigeons to the Eagles eh? Certainly climbing up the food chain!

    Should be a good move!

  33. Congrats on the move mate! Back in the big leagues and big bucks (or rather pounds now seeing as you've left the good old US of A behind!)

  34. Thanks Stuart!

    Cheers Dave! Here's hoping it makes a difference!

    Kind of Wilko...I'll explain more later. Thanks as always.

    Thanks very much Copycat, appreciate it! If only it was all real! ....One of these days!

    I never thought to make that link. Beautiful. Thanks alot Seano!

    Cheers Neavie! I honestly can't wait for some proper football!

    Goodbye America!

    New York, New York So good they named it twice...Shame I hated it.

    With my quick trip over the Atlantic not coming quickly enough, there's just enough time to take one quick glance over my shoulder at just what went down in the world of Soccer.


    My first season in America see's me make a quick impact in the Yankee Stadium as we managed to turn around City's New York Project to lift the club from the foot of the table into the lofty heights of Nineteenth. With my first taste of the States rewarding me with some instant impact it seemed I was destined for glory...


    My second season in the MLS heralded the arrival of some veteran European stars to the team and their arrival nearly heralded my first taste of silverware. In the end a spirited third place finish and some rapid progress up the standings from the entire team almost made up for the MLS's frustratingly bizarre structure. Almost.


    With the novelty of managing in America already worn thin, a strong start to the season almost gave me renewed motivation to make it in the land of the free until a complete collapse of form had me pining for home. With my head held at an all time low and the MLS almost breaking my will, a welcome escape gives me a shot at rejuvenating this career.

    Another short stay has me add to my growing number of clubs but once again I fail to get my hands on a single piece of silverware...

    With my motivation at a worrying slump and my former achievements in England quickly forgotten it's time to get back to work on my burgeoning career back in the home of football.

    It's good to be back...

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  35. Still waiting on Palace update

  36. Everything ok, DerbyJack?

  37. Wow, this is a nice challenge!

    I'm keen to try this myself
    Which leagues did you enable for this career?

  38. Loved this story. Took a good 2 hours to read all of it! Got my inspiration and motivation to start my own journeyman save on FM17 (had given up when I'd finished a dismal 9th with Liverpool in the Premier League and 11th with Milan in the Serie A thinking this game was impossible). Now, I know that I gotta start from the bottom and have loads of patience to have a positive swing. Thanks Jack for this thread. Keep it going! Want to see how your stint with the Eagles goes. ^_^

  39. loved it ! I hope to read new updates soon !

  40. Come back

  41. where are u!

  42. Quote Originally Posted by TheWanderer View Post
    where are u!
    Alright Delia Smith, put the port down and calm down

    Name:  Delia.jpg
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  43. ...Erm. I'm back?

    Sorry for the massive delay. Real life got in the way again, I'll spare you the details but hopefully I'll be able to get back to flailing my way towards the top. Thanks for sticking with me again and sorry once again!

    Having suffered my way through the on-going head ache that is the MLS it's time for a long awaited return to Europe and my home nation, England.

    With a career in dire need of some rejuvenation and the start of a new season with the Eagles awaiting, it's time to get back to business...

    From Manhattan to South London.

    It's a return to the English capital for the next chapter of my career as I look to fill my pockets with the money floating around a post-Brexit football league.

    With the League's undergoing a steady transformation since Leaving the European Union, it's time to get myself used to being back home...

    It seem's the country is thriving...

    A massive five thousand pound a week pay rise has me edge ever closer to a quarter of the current earnings of the highest paid managers in the world.

    With my wallet once again growing ever bigger, it's time to see what I've got myself into at Selhurst Park...

    ...Well at least I don't have to worry about being relegated then.

    The Eagles have crashed out of the Premier League with barely a whimper managing to pick up just six victories throughout the entire season as they make an unwelcome return back to the Championship.

    Having established themselves as a strong club in arguably the worlds toughest Football competition, the board and the fans are keen to see their beloved Palace make an instant return to the promised land and re-assert themselves at the top of English football.

    For myself I can only hope the dressing room is as determined.

    ...I'm not going to count on it.

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  44. Despite the season being done and dusted, The Eagles gathering their senses following a disastrous campaign and the majority of the club heading off for a much needed holiday, it remains worryingly busy at Selhurst Park.

    With morale at a predictable low, the majority of the former Premier League stalwarts now cast worrying eyes around their new surroundings as they look to escape before facing the rigors of a brutal Championship season.

    Time to see who I've got to convince to stay with us as I look to mount an instant push for promotion...

    A small but experienced squad look ready made to push for an easy route to the top flight.

    It's not going to be that easy though is it?

    With the likes of Ward-Prowse, Townsend and Ings at my disposal a strong set of veteran English players are poised to hold the core of the team together whilst some impressive midfield talent could well tear apart even the best teams in England's second tier.

    Time to take a look at some of the clubs strongest and brightest...

    Attacking midfielder Thomas Lemar is not just a level above the Championship, he is a good leap ahead of the majority of his team-mates. With the technical ability of a midfield maestro, it is unsurprising to see the clubs exciting French talent heavily linked with some of the top-flights finest clubs and his transfer request soon disappointingly made it's way onto my desk.

    Colombian veteran, Sebastian Perez has been holding the fort at the center of The Eagles midfield for just two seasons and it seems his stay in the capital is set to come to an abrupt end. Despite heading towards the twilight years of his career the solid tackler is eager for once more roll of the dice at the top of the footballing ladder as he too makes clear his intentions to leave.

    With my desk rapidly filling up with Transfer requests, I quickly set about making myself unpopular within my new squad as I battle to try and cling on to the clubs decidedly determined want-away stars.

    With the forth-coming transfer window set to be frustratingly busy my return to England is set to be a long-awaited test of my managerial talents.

    This should be embarrassing...

  45. Great to have you back Jack, hope all is well. Good luck with Palace!

  46. Had to check my eyes, wasn't sure it was really you. Welcome back mate.

  47. sQuad looks pretty decent, some good players there so if you can keep some of them...I'm confident you can secure promotion.

  48. Haven't posted on here for years, but I stumbled across your FM16 story a week or so back and became hooked - and now I'm hooked on this follow-up! Inspired me to dust off FM16 for my own journeyman save, which I'd write up except that I'm fairly sure the FM16 board is dead. Oh well. Keep it up, fella

  49. Woah woah woah welcome back Jack!

  50. Welcome Back Derby Jack,

    I was starting to think you'd abandoned us.

    Good luck at Palace, hopefully the lure of being in London is good enough to bring in some stars ready for a tough Championship season ahead.



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