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The Football Managing Mercenary
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  1. The Football Managing Mercenary

    They kiss the badge, they wave to the crowd, they cry buckets of tears and swear they do it all for the club...

    ...Until a better offer comes along, that is.

    It’s everywhere in the sport, whether you like it or not. It’s on the jersey, in the stadium, in the heads of the players, and in the hands of the owners, money flows through the beautiful game.

    The aim of this career isn't one of building a club legacy, restoring a fallen giant or grasping the most prestigious of silverware, it is simply to become the richest manager in the game.

    Having tired this in the previous Game and failing miserably, I'm back for one more try.

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    Pep Guardiola Carlo Ancelotti Jose Mourinhio
    Manchester City Bayern Munich Manchester United
    £300,000 per week £250,000 per week £230,000 per week

    Once again we start with a look at the top three current earners and boy is it a daunting task.

    With some massive managerial moves before the start of the current season, the average wage has jumped up by more then One hundred Thousand pounds... I'm not even sure this actually possible anymore.


    Rather then simply taking over at one of Europe's elite clubs, I'll be once again going back to square one, starting with Sunday league experience and with no Coaching badges at all, the aim is to make it to a point when I can mix it up with the biggest earners in football management.

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    Derby Jack
    £0 per week

    Yeah I tried the face-generator thing...I promise I'm not so smug looking in reality.

    Given my first take at this challenge ended in complete failure and with a reputation that saw me get sacked more times then I won silverware, it's safe to say I'm not exactly blessed with ability.

    Despite that glowing endorsement, If at any point during my hopefully long career, I happen to be offered any position offering a higher wage I have to take the job on the spot. Hopefully this will see me quickly rise into this top earners in the world as soon as possible.

    I'm a football managing mercenary. Its time to see where my wallet takes me.

    No loyalty. No dignity. Just a burning desire to make some money!

  2. YES!

    that is all
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  3. Wonderful to see this again! Can't wait to see how you go
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  4. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend

    Great to see this return for FM17!

    Good luck. Keep the good job.
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  5. Thank the FM gods the time travellor is back!

  6. I didn't comment on this as much as I should've throughout FM16 even though I read it on a regular(ish) basis. Will once again be following TDJ.

  7. Looking forward to this!!

  8. brilliant!

  9. Yes you did it ! Come on ! I know your story will be amazing

  10. Great seeing this back for FM17!

  11. Thanks very much guys, Glad to be Back!

    Fittingly with a CV suited more for shelf stacking then managing a football team, I start the season rooted to my all too familiar sofa.

    As we watch the season get under-way from home, the managerial merry-go-round starts getting up to speed with a number of managers soon joining me on the sidelines.

    With heads rolling across the footballing world, I'm not left waiting for long...

    I'm off up North to Yorkshire and the illustrious Vanarama National League. Having managed to grab a role that somehow isn't in the basement of the English league, its a fine opportunity to get a much needed head-start...

    Every-one has to start somewhere. With £475 making its way into my account on a weekly basis, I'm officially an employed managerial mercenary. My hunt for the top is underway.

    With just Eight months on my contract, it's pretty evident that the board are completely aware they have just hired a manager who has yet to even shout his first curse words from a dug-out. The true reason for their worrying lack of faith however is soon made clear...

    I've been in worse situations...

    With the club stranded in the relegation zone, a worrying six point gap behind the rest of the relegation battling sides and just one victory to their name, the club can at least take some solace in not being the worst in the league.

    With more then half a season to make a difference, I'm going to need to get the Lions up to speed if we are to stand a chance at avoiding an unwanted relegation.

    ....Time to disappoint

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  12. Yayayayayayayayyayaya! I want more!! Can't wait!

  13. Cheers Iwabik, I can do that!

    With a hefty challenge ahead of me, the sofa quickly on its way up Yorkshire and the rest of the Vanarma National League trying to work out if Guiseley have lost their collective minds, its time to see just how the club finds itself in such a predicament....

    A small but balanced squad should not be languishing so low in the table.

    With a series of strong players littered throughout the field and a number of promising young loanee talents bolstering the ranks, with some fine tactical know-how, a morale raising team-talk and some astute moves in the forth coming January Transfer window, any manager worth his salt would crave a challenge such as this...

    ...I need help.

    One man who will certainly be key in turning around the clubs fortunes is Welsh striker Jake Cassidy. The one-time Wolves prospect has slowly made his way down the ranks finding himself outside the football league at just Twenty-Three years old. The lead finisher will be keen to end the rot before it's too late.

    Our Australian central midfielder, James Wesolowski is made for the lower leagues. More adept at flinging himself into challenges then dancing his way to the goal, the well-traveled midfielder will certainly have a massive impact in the forth coming season....The Hair however needs to go.

    So as it stands the club genuinely has a chance at changing their fortunes.

    The only small problem might be the man in charge.

    Lets get going.

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  14. Ha, nice to see Guiseley are doing as bad on FM as they are IRL. Challenge is on, good luck.

  15. Another point for SI's accuracy I guess! Thankfully I'm not at the point of snatching goals like Guiseley did today. Worth a look by the way. Cheers Shedender!

    November 2016

    12th November 2016
    Vanarama National League

    My career gets off to an encouraging start as we sneak a narrow one-goal victory over Torquay. The long journey for the Devonshire side was certainly a long-one as they failed to find a way back despite the boys being reduced down to ten men.

    19th November 2016

    Vanarama National League

    The honeymoon period keeps rolling as we show Torquay exactly how to overcome ten men, as a second-half red-card has us eventually romp to victory. With the points rolling in thick and fast, my tenure at Guiseley gets off to an impressive start.

    22nd November 2016

    Vanarama National League

    And our bright start comes to a very dismal end, as playoff chasing Barrow gave us little time to get up to speed as they smash into the lead within the first five minutes. We failed to ever match the rampant side as we are soon reminded of our precarious position.

    29th November 2016
    Vanarama National League

    We're unable to bounce back from the defeat as we are kept at bay by York City. A sloppy first-half of football had the Lions immediately on the back foot with Cassidy's goal giving us a brief but futile glimmer of hope to end the month on a low.

    November 2016
    Vanarama National League

    Despite having tripled the clubs current wins total and adding an important six points to the clubs worryingly low tally, we are still left stranded towards the foot of the table. With another six points between us and safety, every result is going to matter.

  16. Ohhh here we go.. Good to see you back with this!

  17. Need some work doing to save them but I'm more than confident you'll be able to succeed here.

  18. And so it began. Best of luck man!

  19. Thanks alot 1magine!

    Cheers Dan, It's going better then expected so far!

    Cheers Iwabik!

    December 2016

    6th December 2016
    Vanamrama National League

    It seems that we can't gain points without someone being sent off. Having just returned from injury our Aussie midfielder was soon off the pitch again following a sloppy challenge but it only served to invigorate the boys as they romped to a three goal victory.

    10th December 2016
    FA Trophy - 1st Round

    With the club already sent spiraling out of the FA Cup, the non-league FA Trophy presents me with the only opportunity of snatching some silverware. A narrow Cassidy inspired win saw us slip past Vanarama South side, Gloucester and into the next round.

    13th December 2016
    Vanarama National League

    Cassidy is finding the net with ease but our Welsh hit-man is unable to drag the club to another victory as an early dominant spell from Chester ruined any chances of the club claiming some much needed points despite impressing for the majority of the game.

    17th December 2016
    Vanarama National League

    A miserable afternoon in Woking is made even worse as we are punished by an unwarranted late goal. Not even the free-scoring Cassidy could find the back of the net with our wasted opportunities gleefully punished by a mid-table Woking.

    December 2016
    Vanarama National League

    The miserable winter weather brings an early end to the month with the club still sitting well behind the safety of Twentieth position but with our game in hand and an important transfer window approaching we could well find ourselves pulling off an impressive escape.

  20. With the squad already low in numbers there was no permanent departures at the club, with only loanee central midfielder, Alex Purver jumping ship back to his parent club Leeds.

    I don't blame him.

    With absolutely no funds available, a squad thing on numbers and a season in desperate need of salvaging, it's set to be an interesting window...

    From: Out of Contract
    Cost: Free

    First arrival is Czech midfielder Filip Twardzik. The Twenty Three year old has been out of football since being released by Bolton in the summer. The former Celtic product has seen his stock drop rapidly but with a gaping hole to be filled in our squad he will be looking to restart his career in the basement of English football.

    From: Hartlepool
    Cost: Loan

    With Purver sensibly declining an opportunity to return to The Lions, we made the move to snap up experienced want-away midfielder Nicky Featherstone to fill the gap. The well traveled ball winner, will be looking to pull the strings from the middle of the park for the remainder of the season.

    From: Out of Contract
    Cost: Free

    Final arrival of the season has us snap up, Iranian attacking midfielder Navid Nasseri. I'll be honest. I know only one good formation. With no attacking midfielders to start my Christmas Tree formation, Nasseri is the first arrival as I look to mold Guiseley into a lower league powerhouse.

    Not a bad window by any means.

    To get the club truly working under my favored 4-3-2-1 formation would have taken some serious pulling of strings but non the less some strong additions could well help me to stay at the club long enough to one day unleash the Tree on Guiseley.

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  21. I started my own "starting from scratch" save and guess who hired me in November! Guiseley! Wonder who will get fired first haha

  22. Twardzik used to be a good prospect a couple of years ago.. Could do well for you!

  23. Good to see you back with a new story and facing some familiar issues. Sure you will turn it around!

  24. Do you have a pic of your starting line up ?
    Doing my own Mercenary. Got hired at Wrexham, missed the playoffs with a point, and lost the FA Tropy on penalties :-(
    Got a new 1 year contract :-)

  25. so glad this is back so soon! great to follow

  26. Seeing this return for this year has made my day - I look forward to many days pretending to work while reading this story instead!
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  27. Good luck Ibawik, I wouldn't fancy my odds to be honest!

    He sure looks like he could once have been a handy player given his history but its certainly not gone to plan for him so far.

    Cheers Neavie Pops! Fingers crossed!

    I should have one athomash but I'm rather forgetful. I'll get one for next season. Good luck fellow money grabber!

    Thanks Battman!

    Thanks alot naterr. As a fellow FM Base work lurker, its a pleasure to keep you hard at work!

    January 2017

    1st January 2017
    Vanarama National league

    Second place Lincoln are the first in a jam packed start to the year and the title chasing Imps show the gulf in class between the two sides as they stroll to victory courtesy of their pacey forward, Theo Robinson. The disappointing result is made worse following a crunching injury to our already goal-shy striker, Jordan Preston...

    4th January 2017
    Vanarama National League

    The Imps go top of the table as they make it two wins, in two games with a second half attacking showcase. With the Lions once again failing to put up a fight against the leagues high flyers we've piled the pressure on for the remainder of the season already. Joy.

    7th January 2017
    Vanarama National League

    The rampant pace of games keep on coming with a crucial relegation six pointer. With the boys brushed aside with ease in the previous two games, they one again slip up with a cruel late goal and yet another demoralizing defeat building the pressure from an increasingly impatient home crowd.

    17th January 2017
    FA Trophy - 2nd Round

    Despite our league form seemingly in free-fall the boys pull out the stops to continue our impressive progress in the FA Trophy as a hat-trick scoring Cassidy manages to keep Wrexham at bay to at least give the fans some belated cheer for the new year.

    21st January 2017
    Vanarama National League

    It seems his cup heroics have inspired our Welsh hit-man as another hat-trick see's us pick up a much needed and convincing victory over a struggling Macclesfield. The impressive victory on the road finally saw the boys raise their heads as we look to claw our way out of trouble.

    28th January 2017
    Vanarama National League

    The clubs leading goalscorer is at it again as he helps the club towards what could prove to be a valuable points against a Sutton side looking to secure their place in the playoff spots. Despite the Welsh-mans recent heroics it was some rarely seen stalwart defending that saw the club cling on to a point.

    31st January 2017
    Vanarama National League

    Having pipped them to the post in the FA Trophy, we sneak past Wrexham once more, with the referee lending a massive helping hand with a red card after just ten minutes. Despite repaying Wrexham with a soft penalty, our advantage eventually saw us claim all the points.

    January 2017
    Vanarama National League

    With the boys turning our form around late into the month we find ourselves leaving a sorry Solihull Moors for dead as we look to try and cling on to the slim hope of breaking out of the relegation zone with just a handful of games remaining. We're not out of this yet!

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  28. Nice to see you donate 6 points to Lincoln! Seriously though, good luck, the VNL is a rough league.

  29. You'll be pleased to know that they look set for an impressive promotion too Godfish! It certainly is, I'm struggling already.

    February 2017

    4th February 2017
    FA Trophy - 3rd Round

    The FA Trophy is back on the horizon as two of the leagues strugglers go toe to toe in an attempt at salvaging some pride from an otherwise disappointing season. With neither side willing to let a chance of silverware slip away, we are forced to settle for a scrappy one goal draw.

    8th February 2017
    FA Trophy - 3rd Round Replay

    In what was a rather unwanted replay, the boys put Bromley to the sword with style as they eventually romp to victory and into the next round of the competition with a dominant display over our fellow relegation scrappers. Hopefully the emphatic result is a sign for the rest of the month...

    11th February 2017
    Vanarama National League

    ...Apparently not. Just three days later the club's cup heroics are soon forgotten as we are narrowly beaten by Eastleigh. With the games coming thick and fast, the boys are going to need to find a cutting edge fast if we are to stand any chance of maintain our National league status.

    18th February 2017
    Vanarama National League

    Despite having a week to grab some much needed rest the boys are unable to get up to speed as they are brushed off by a strong Dagenham and Redbridge. A late Hatfield goal gave us a slim hope of snatching an important point but a determined home side held us off until the final whistle.

    21st February 2017
    Vanarama National League

    A massively important victory has us snatch an important victory over North Ferriby, with the boys pulling off a much needed performance against the club just narrowly ahead of us in the standings. With such an emphatic result in the relegation six-pointer, the hope of a great escape floods back through Guiseley.

    25th February 2017
    FA Trophy - 4th Round

    Our FA Trophy hopes are quickly snuffed out by a promotion chasing Aldershot. The table toppers are in a fierce battle with Lincoln in the race for the Football League but it seems The Shots are keen to snatch all the silverware on their way out as they cruise into the next stage of the competition.

    28th February 2017
    Vanarama National League

    The result might not quite have got the home crowd excited but a goal-less draw with a strong Barrow side certainly wasn't to be shrugged at, as the defence pull off two back to back clean sheets in the league to keep us picking up the much need points for our growing tally.

    February 2017
    Vanarama National League

    A busy month of football didn't see us make any progress up the standings but we edge ever closer to overtaking a free-falling Braintree and now sit just two victories away from the much craved safety that Macclesfield currently cling on to. The race is most certainly heating up

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  30. Ayyy, it will be an interesting end of a season. For sure!

  31. Things are slowly starting to turn and hopefully the upturn will continue and you'll secure league survival.

  32. Oh yes, this is back Good luck with saving these poor souls, and onwards to the big money

  33. Sky Sports

    Good to see this back, I read your FM16 story with great interest.

    Best of luck getting out of the relegation zone, but I don't enjoy seeing Solihull Moors down there.

  34. A nervy one for sure Iwabik!

    Cheers Neavie Pops, fingers are firmly crossed.

    Thanks cbrood, I'm not sure I'm the man to save anyone!

    Thanks alot Jack, Its probably best to pretend they're not down there from now on. I'm not going doesn't get better.

    March 2017

    4th March 2017
    Vanarama National League

    We might be within just one solitary point of finally catching a club in the league but with results like this its going to take a while before we actually claw our way out of the drop zone. A second half collapse see's Torquay claim revenge for my debut victory and increases the pressure at the bottom.

    14th March 2017
    Vanarama National League

    Having just been humbled by Torquay the boys have a complete turn around as they sneak a victory over a table topping Aldershot. With the Shots looking odds on for both the title and FA trophy the one goal victory at Nethermoor Park was certainly a turn up for the books but it didn't come without a cost...

    18th March 2017
    Vanarama National League

    Having smashed home the winner against Aldershot, Hatfield repeats the feat as the central midfielder tucks home another fine effort to make it back to back victories for the Lions with the rest of the relegation candidates now nervously eyeing our desperate efforts to escape.

    21st March 2017
    Vanarama National League

    As it turns out they need not bother as we are soon thrown back into peril following a horrendous trip up north to mid-table Gateshead. The short journey back following the game was made to feel extremely long on the back of a horrific four goal thrashing. The Vanarma North is beckoning us in with open arms.

    25th March 2017
    Vanarama National league

    Having given us some genuine hope with his fine scoring in the middle of the month, the in-form Hatfield is back to his best as he nets a late winner to see us narrowly overcome Dover. The lower leagues can wait. The Great Escape is back on and with one month to go. Drama.

    March 2017
    Vanarama National League

    So close. With just one month and six games of football remaining, The Lions have finally broken free of their position just above the bottom and now sit within just one solitary point of capping an impressive turn-around in form, saving their league status and probably my fledgling career at the same time.

  35. April 2017

    1st April 2017
    Vanarama National League

    Fallen football league side, Southport get our run in started in the worst of fashions as an early goal immediately sets us off on the back foot. With the boys unable to find a way back into the game our chance of making an early escape are already vanishing fast.

    7th April 2017
    Vanarama National League

    The next game doesn't prove to be much better as the club is taught a strong lesson in why it is important to finish off the opposition as ten man Forest Green surprise us at the end to score an equaliser against the run of play. One solitary point at least gives us some comfort.

    14th April 2017
    Vanarama National League

    That solitary point is soon forgotten as the club is pushed back down into trouble with a weak defeat against fellow strugglers Braintree. In a massive relegation six-pointer we failed to match up to their desire to stay in the league as our late efforts were easily brushed aside by an ecstatic Braintree squad.

    17th April 2017
    Vanarama National League

    With our backs against the wall, the boys come out swinging. Arguably the biggest club in the competition, Tranmere have had a season to forget as they look to return to the Football League and a neat Cassidy brace soon added to their woes. We're not out of this just yet...

    22nd April 2017
    Vanarama National League

    ...Okay maybe we're out of it. Another chance to put three points over a struggling side is wasted as Hatfield's first-half goal is snuffed out by a determined Bromley as they look to cement their place in the league before the finale of the season. With just ninety minutes to save it all, things are looking bleak...

    29th April 2017
    Vanarama National League

    With the remotest of chances of surviving in the league, we did just about enough to keep in our name in the running with a narrow victory over the leagues whipping boys Solihull Moors. With our result in the bag we could only sit back and pray to the footballing gods for some much needed mercy...

    April 2017
    Vanarama National League

    There is a god!

    To be honest our miraculous escape had more to do with the fixture schedule then fate as our clash against bottom of the table Solihull, conicides with Braintrees clash against League Two bound Aldershot. With the Shots doing us the biggest of favors and Macclesfield unable to take advantage, the bewildered squad finds itself pulling off the narrowest of escapes in dramatic fashion.

  36. Really pleased for you mate, nicely done!

  37. A single goal! Impressive escape, hopefully you can build on that

  38. Well done mate! Never in doubt

  39. I knew you'd do it all along but seriously good work saving them DJ!

  40. The Football Managing Mercenary

    Holly f**k. One goal. Nicely done!

    And some extra motivation for me to save Guiseley as well!
    Last edited by Iwabik; 09/11/2016 at 11:11 AM.

  41. congrats mate. football league here we come!

  42. Brilliant end to the season! Well done on turning it around - onwards and upwards from here.

  43. certainly started off better than last time! think you'll breeze to the top...

  44. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
    Modern Day Legend
    Wow! Awesome finish to the season. Congrats on a good well done. Here's hoping next season will see this turned upside down completely (save for the last match. No dropping from promotion the last day!)

  45. Congrats!

  46. Brilliant story mate. 2016 was epic so hope this one is even better.

    One question, do you apply for any job that is available or do you wait till you are offered an interview??

  47. Cheers Godfish, I would love to say we earned it but truth be told I don't even know how we got here!

    Thanks as always Patrick! Sochaux due to make their FM17 Career debut soon? Please!

    I'm glad you had faith Neavie! More then me that's for sure.

    Thanks Dan, one day I might even have a trophy to match your impressive horde!

    It was certainly squeaky bum time Iwabik! How's it going so far?

    Cheers Dave! I can only dream!

    I sure hope its the start of something Mercurial. I need all the help I can get.

    Most definitely true Battman, although that's not exactly saying much! I hope you are right!

    I hope you're as right as ever DeathBall! A table flipping is month definitely in order though.

    Cheers Josh!

    Thanks T1ll1e, I thought I might be able to do it by just waiting for offers but due to my inability to actually achieve anything I had to throw my hat in for any job going last time. Hopefully I won't be quite as desperate this time around.

    My shot at becoming the richest man in football management has got off to a dramatic start...

    ...but that was nothing compared to life at the top of the beautiful game.

    Carlo Ancelotti Jose Mourinhio Diego Simeone
    Bayern Munich Manchester United Atletico Madrid
    £250,000 per week £230,000 per week £180,000 per week

    Pep is gone.

    The richest manager in footballing history lasts just one season at the helm of Manchester City, as a lowly sixth place finish and a tortuous European campaign has the Spaniard quickly sent packing.

    Taking his place comes Argentinian manager Diego Simeone. The Highly respected Atletico coach will surely be in for a longer run at the top then our former leader.

    For the new found highest earner, Carlo and the ever-present Jose its a return to the top, as the duo manage to take their clubs to the top of the Bundesliga and Premier League respectively ensuring their long term future in the process.

    For myself a dramatic and nerve shredding season has me begin my long and arduous journey to join them and we're already making some headway...

    Derby Jack
    £650 per week

    Another year added to my contract and a hundred and seventy five pound pay rise to go with it.

    Big Time.

    With my yearly wage amounting to almost a tenth of what Ancelotti and company are currently earning, its hardly the time to start busting out the Champagne and caviar but non the less we are off to a respectable start.

    With Pep proving just how brutal the top of the game can be, it seems my best route to the top might just be to wait for the wage level to drop down to me.

  48. Good to see Solihull do their bit for you, still a shame they were relegated though.

  49. Love this story.

    Long time lurker this has inspired me to actually join up!

    Good luck for the future!

  50. so who took over Man City since Pep left? I guess they weren't offered a huge wage like he was on.

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