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The Impossible Quest

  1. The Impossible Quest

    Alright everyone. Now the full FM17 Game is out I wanted to do something crazy and set myself a ridiculous challenge that would take me all the way through until FM18 (if I even buy it, I may just carry this on!).

    So I have set myself the hardest possible challenge I could think of. I am going to try and win EVERY single competition on the game. Yeah right, impossible you say! Well maybe but I'm going to give it a damn good go.

    To try and speed the game up in going to play on FM Touch, I've heard good things about the game this year and it takes all the faff of Team Talks, Training, Tactical Familiarity, etc out of the game.

    Hopefully you all join me on my journey.

    The Set-up

    I will be starting off as a 19-year-old Manager with Sunday League Reputation and I will load a certain number of Nations up at a time. I'm thinking of ranking the nations in order of their World Ranking, I'll then start with the lowest 7 or 8 Nations, win all the competitions then move to the next 8 and so on.

    I will also be looking to take over National jobs just to make it a little bit harder!

    On FM Touch I plant o use the "instant Result" button for most matches, not all, just most. Cup final, important games, etc will be managed by me, others games will be set-up by me but my ass man will take charge.

    The next post will be reserved for a career history to make it easier for you all to see where I've been and what I've won. I then plan to do one post per season, taking you through the results, tables, player performances, etc. A separate post will also be written as and when I move jobs

    I know this probably isn't to everyone's tastes but I don't like playing the normal saves. I like to challenge myself and make it as hard as possible. Hopefully in a years time I will end up as some kind of FM god!

    Thanks for reading and the next post will be up very soon
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  2. Career History

    2016/17 - Kitchee (Hong Kong) Comps 4/Won 4
    Premier Division Winners
    FA Cup Winners
    League Cup Winners
    Senior Shield Winner
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  3. Here is the list of the avaialble playable nations on FM17 Touch. I have sorted them in order of their FIFA World Ranked with the worst at the top, the first 8 will be loaded, once I win everything I will move to the next and so on.


  4. The Manager and pre-game setup

    Here I am in all my glory. I couldn't be arsed with the whole create an avatar thing so just clicked random! Do I look good?!

    Name:  manager.jpg
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Size:  469.9 KB

    And here are the opening 8 Nations I have loaded, I have also selected "Large" database.

    Name:  leagues.png
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    There are a few jobs available but with Sunday League Rep it may take a while, who knows!

    I'll be back when I've got a job!
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  5. Well that didn't take long did it?!

    Name:  offers.png
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    I decided to take the job that could give me instant success. Kitchee in Hong Kong are the one's that stand out. They won the Hong Kong League last season and are in the Asian Confederations Cup so I've decided to accept their offer.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	kitchee.jpg
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ID:	1085037

    The Hong Kong season hasn't started yet but they have already played a few games. 3 games in the Confed Cup winning 2 and drawing 1. This after losing in the Asian Champions League prelim round.

    I'll be back with a post at the end of the first season
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  6. Same challenge as I am doing with Shedender on here and a few more of us over on the Sortitoutsi site. Be good to compare over the seasons.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by dani3w View Post
    Same challenge as I am doing with Shedender on here and a few more of us over on the Sortitoutsi site. Be good to compare over the seasons.
    Do you have a link to your challenge? Didn't think anybody else would be mad enough to try it! ha ha

  8. Yes its right here: Dans Journey Around the World [Take ll]

    Posting it on FM Base as well as Sortitoutsi
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  9. 2016/17 Season - Kitchee (Hong Kong)

    To say my first season in Hong Kong went well would be an understatement!

    I had managed to get the job with probably the best team which helped but I never expected this level of success.

    I'm not going to bored you with transfers (there were hardly any) or squad analysis, I may do this when I'm at bigger and better team, for now lets just show you how I did and what I won.

    Senior Shield

    My 1st competition win came in this. We only had a couple of games to play and breezed through both rounds. In the final it was a little tougher

    Name:  senior shield.png
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    A 3-1 win against Pegasus, the 1st trophy ticked off.

    League Cup

    Errr yeah we won this as well!!

    Only 2 games in the group stage, we on them both qualifying us for the semi-final, where we beat Hong Kong FC 3-0. Then in the final we smashed Eastern 4-2.
    Name:  lge cup.png
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Size:  267.4 KB
    FA Cup

    Only 2 rounds in this one, but the same outcome!

    In the Quarter Final we sxcraped past Tai Po 1-0, then beat Yuen Long 3-1 in the Semi-Final.

    The Final itself was a lot tighter. We found ourselves 2-1 down but turned it around to win 3-2 in the 88th minute

    Name:  fa cuo.png
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Size:  152.8 KB

    3 down, only the League Title left for a crazy domestic quadruple in my 1st ever season. Did we win it?

    Of course we bloody did!

    Only a 20 games season but we ended unbeaten only dropping 10 points! Absolutely mental!

    Name:  table.png
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Size:  61.0 KB

    Now all I'm waiting for is for someone to tell me I cheated. If you would like screenshots of anything then ask away. During the 12 months of the game I saved 20 times, I have my autosave set to every 2 weeks as I am a sucker for a crash dump.

    I used a tactic that I've had success with in previous saves. It;s a 3232. 3 at the back, 2 wingbacks, 1 DM, 2 CMs and 2 Strikers. It's nothing special.

    I can count myself lucky that I got an offer with a club
    that areMILES better than any other club in the League.

    I'm sure the next job will be a lot tougher, and after quitting and spending about 3 months on a job hunt I got an offer I couldn't refuse.

    But I'll leave that until my next season update which won't be far away as the club I've taken over have only 7 games left in their season so it could well be up this afternoon

    I have created myself a spreadsheet on Google Docs to chart when and with whom I have won a competition. It's a bit big but it has EVERY Nation and competition on it.

    The 1st tab is the Comp page
    The 2nd tab is my career history

  10. 2017 Season - Shenxin (China)

    Well the above title answers your question as to who I took over! To be honest it was an amazing offer. I was expecting India or Indonesia but to get a job in the Chinese First Division was amazing.

    And the offer came with a transfer budget of £1.6m!!!

    Here is a little info on the club

    Name:  club.png
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	lge history.png
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ID:	1085583

    The club only went down from the CSL the season before last so I'm expecting to have a decent team and a look at the squad overview kind of backs that up

    Name:  squad.png
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Size:  518.9 KB

    We have a couple of really good players and a decent base to build on for next season. I'll take more about my key players at the end of next season when I've shifted a few players and brought players in.

    For now I only have 7 games left to play and it went pretty well. When I took over we were in 7th place. We managed to gain a place over the 7 games ending 6th in the League but quite a way off the top 2

    Name:  results.png
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Size:  382.1 KB
    Name:  table.png
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Size:  92.2 KB

    Hopefully I can bring some better players in and win the League next season. We have a good squad and a decent amount of finance to improve and move us on up the table.

    My next update will be at the end of the 2018 season

  11. INteresting challenge.

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