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Working My Way Up
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  1. Quote Originally Posted by gthame1992 View Post
    Not bad going lad, good luck with Bangor, Ryan Broom could be a decent player for you.
    I'm hoping I can improve on that season, especially the end of the season cause we were poor to end. We do have quality and I am hoping I can add more but issues are popping up all over, I will be covering them in updates.

  2. Working My Way Up

    So we are in the Euro Cup and it isn't an easy draw but it's not been made easier. For one half of our squad will be leaving at the end of their contract which will happen in between the games leaving us with a very weak squad in the second leg.

    This isn't helped by the fact that most of our new signings (who I will go over at a later point) won't be registered and aren't allowed to be unless we qualified. So let's take a look at how we did...

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    We actually played really well in this game as I expected us to get battered by a much better side. We defender very well and it was only a corner which allowed HJK to take a 1 goal lead to the second leg.

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    Once again we weren't bad. Without most of our key players from last season we held our own. Clowes was forced to start at left back with no available option to play there and he actually did well. We pushed for some consolation after going 3 down and got it through the make shift left back. Their late goal makes the result look worse but I am happy.

    Name:  MONEY.png
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Size:  25.8 KBIt also MASSIVELY helped our finances as we received £71.42k for playing in each leg and then £142k for making this stage.

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    However despite our massively improved financial position the board are reluctant to give me any more funds or support to push forward this season. Going off of last seasons finances it would take 5 seasons for us to go back into negatives.

  3. Working My Way Up

    So as I said I have made some more signings before we get underway with pre-season and they haven't necessarily filled the gaps I would've liked to have but they will be a big help.

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    Left back James Joyce becomes our 3rd new signing and will definitely be a help at left back as we were left without one after Cai Owens departure. He does need a lot of technical improvement but he can hopefully give us something going forward and he isn't bad physically.

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    Then came another left back in Luke Llewellyn. He is a lot better defensively than Joyce and just as good mentally and physically. These two are going to be in a constant battle for the starting left back spot all season and I hope it provides some improved showings at the back.

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    Another striker, this time from Aberystwyth as we bring in a strong presence up front. He is decent all round but his only real special attributes are jumping reach and strength. He could really add a different aspect to our game and gives us a good rotational option.

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    Luke Chambers then comes in to fill our issues at keeper I hope. He isn't great but we needed someone in and I am not going to lie this was somewhat of a desperation signing with no other keepers out there.

    These players should go some way to assisting in replacing what we have lost but we are still short in some areas. We still lack wingers, we need another centre back and I would like to bring in a central attacking midfielder.

  4. Working My Way Up

    I think I have now completed my transfer business. We have a lot of potential in our squad and I think we need to use that so I aimed to replace what we have lost and didn't have and these are the final 4 signings for doing that.

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    The first of the signings, well 7th, is Phil Jones. The left winger comes in as backup and he has decent attributes and could be a threat off the bench with his pace and acceleration down the left hand side. There is very little risk in the transfer so I am happy with it.

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    Then came youngster Dean Miller. He can play anywhere in the central midfield roles and has a ton of potential. To get him on a free transfer is massive and his physicals and mentals are superb for his age. I am hoping he can develop technically though as he isn't great in those areas.

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    Then came a needed signing at CB. With Rollins gone and no viable options out there I took a punt on Jordan Sherman. The centre back didn't look great according to reports but I went off of his attributes which are actually very good for a centre back. He does need to improve his tackling but he has a lot of potential and enough quality to come in when needed.

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    Then finally came Liam Blake. He was brought in to be that attacking midfielder as it was a position we didn't really have covered. He is a decent player with a bit of potential but I had been chasing his signature for a while. It took four contract offers for him to finally accept and I think he could be a key player for us if he can work on some areas of his game.

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    So there is our squad depth. I know some areas look a bit weak, such as goalkeeper, but players have been performing and I am confident we have the quality to do well this season. My biggest worry is the right wing. If Broom get's injured we will be limited to just Cai Holdsworth who is not ready to be in the first team. We have the depth everywhere else and I am especially happy with our spine with quality at CB, CM and ST.

    There will be one last chance to find potential signings with the Welsh trial games where I hope we can find a hidden gem which our scouts haven't. If nobody else comes up I am confident with what we have in front of us but I feel we are one or two players short of being set for a perfect squad.

  5. Working My Way Up

    So pre-season is done and it has been mixed...

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    The losses in the Euro Cup were followed by uninspiring 0-0 draws where defensively we were strong but we were weak going forward. We then had 2 "easy" games where we had to be saved by 2 Phil Jones late goals from more poor draws. We are struggling going forward and I am struggling to sort this but defensively we have been strong, especially in the 4 actual friendlies where we conceded just once.

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    Four big injuries are existent heading into the season. Clowes got injured early on in pre-season and will miss up to the first month of the season, a big loss as he is our best defender by far. Tony Gray will be missed as the 3rd choice for a couple of weeks with a calf strain.

    Joyce and Vieira are both out for up to a month. Joyce is likely to be 2nd choice left back so it isn't too bad but Vieira is key to our midfield and could be a huge loss.

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    And here is the first two months. I expect to be unbeaten until the TNS game which should provide our first real test. We have quality, we have potential but it doesn't seem to be coming together just yet so I am hoping we can hit the ground running after a dull pre-season...

  6. Working My Way Up

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    So odds have us down to be closest challengers to TNS but it does look tighter than I expected with the top 6 all having decent odds. This could be a tough season.
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  7. Working My Way Up

    So the new league campaign had arrived and with high expectations we needed a good start.

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Size:  20.0 KBNow I know the result doesn't look great but it is a result I am happy with for a few reasons. Firstly is that fitness was still mixed, a lot of key players weren't 100% ready after pre-season injuries but needed to be started.

    Secondly is that two key players were still out injured. Clowes was missing from the back four and he is our best defender so to keep an away clean sheet without him is big. The second missing player was Menagh on the left hand side and whilst Phil Jones is good Menagh is a lot better.

    We were stubborn defensively and created chances well on the counter. We had to bring on the likes of Graham and Blake who in normal circumstances may not have been introduced and they played well to see the game out.

  8. Working My Way Up

    After a tough opening day draw we headed into a 2 game run of our first home game and the Word Cup 2nd round. I expected wins from both but with injuries everpresent and piling up I would deal with a league draw.

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    I was absolutely fuming. There is no way to say it other than- we were shite! Newtown came with the plan of isolating our lone striker and pushing our midfield deep and it worked as we failed to break away and create any chances. I hoped for a much better performance in our next game...

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    But instead I got this! We dominated the first half and should've been 3 or 4 goals up so I expected is to cruise in the 2nd half on our way to the 3rd round draw. However the players showed no care in the second half and somehow lost a two goal lead before taking it to penalties. We eventually lost 16-15 on penalties but we should never have got that far and I am absolutely fuming.

    The bottom line is we haven't been good enough. This is my 3rd full season in management after Cabinteely and Margate and I have started poorly with both. I left Cabinteely before being sacked but at Margate I still feel the sacking was unfair. The issue here is we are expected to be one of the big hitters in the division.

    We have the quality. We have 2 or 3 top strikers, a whole wealth of midfield talent and enough defensively to be winning games but the players are showing no sign of giving a shit and it's showing in our results. I don't know how long I can last if we keep performing like this but I am not confident of holding onto the Bangor job if we can't turn it around soon.

  9. So with pressure building we needed to show some sign of fight in the next few games. Fans wouldn't be happy with the poor start so it is key to pick it up soon.

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    In all honesty we deserved all 3 points here but Connah's keeper just kept us out superbly. With just 30 seconds left we managed to get the equaliser after conceding a disappointing goal.

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    Dreadful. We failed to create anything as table toppers Prestatyn gave us a lesson in how to create chances. We continue to struggle to find our strikers, despite playing 3 of them in this game and it is really beginning to frustrate me.

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    65% possession. 89% pass completion. Just 4 shots...

    We cannot control a game like that yet come out of it with a loss. Our midfield was superb, our strikers hit the target with all 4 shots and our defence didn't put a foot wrong but the clinical finishing of the hosts leaves us with just 2 points in 5 games and bottom of the league.

    Here is where it get's interesting, sort of. I asked the board if I could study for my next qualification and they said no, it was a long shot, but it's their reasoning which frustrated me. They said they didn't want to fund the course as it would make me a better manager and add something to my CV for other teams to look at. They also said if I signed a new contract they would do it, so I asked for a new contract...


    This has basically shown me the board have no care in the world other than retaining their top flight status. Now I am fine with this but what I am not fine with is being stuck at an unambitious club where expectations are high, pressure is high, but the board don't care as long as profits are made and I finish in the top 10 (out of 12).

    So I have begun to look for a new role. I am still at Bangor but I refuse to stay at a club where they don't want to help me and the club improve. The refuse my request of a qualification, lowered the wage budget and decreased facilities. I want to be moving up, here I feel like I am stuck in a rut with nowhere to go but down.

  10. Working My Way Up

    After more disappointing results and a fall out with the board my time at Bangor was under serious question. That question is whether I get sacked or leave basically. But I was continuing on because I feel like there can still be success here when things come together.

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    And this proves it. We were the better team and deserved all 3 points and were it not for a brief lapse in concentration after a minor injury forced Viera of we probably would have got all 3 points. It was by far our best performance yet and to get a point against a team who clearly dominate this league is massive.

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    And if the last game was big this was even bigger. Menagh returned to full match fitness after a few sub appearances and him and Broom won the game from the wide areas. Broom first played a wonderful low cross into Menagh to tap home before Menagh and substitute Hill linked up before rolling the ball to Broom to drill home.

    We get our first win of the season and with confidence up I see no reason we can't go on a run of form. The quality is there, injuries have cleared up and I've found a tactic that works (well the 2 games evidence suggests it works). We got more points in these two games than the previous 5 and it lifts us out the relegation zone, even if it is on goal difference.

  11. Working My Way Up

    Things were starting to heat up on and off the pitch. On it we seemed to be pushing forward and coming closer to finding that streak of form to lift us out of the hole we are stuck in. Off of it there were major issues between me and the board.

    After the argument about me studying for my coaching qualification the board seem to be taking shots at me. First they lowered the wage budget meaning we are now spending more than our budget, this has affected my position at the club as they are using it as a reason they aren't happy. They then made comments in the media after the win stating we were lucky.

    I am desperately trying to find a route out of here now but with limited roles with high prospects it's tough. I had applied to the Guiseley job in the conference and been rejected after an interview whilst being rejected by a couple of other clubs which were probably down to over ambitious applications. But anyway there were still games to be played...

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    Now I am not going to lie, after the win last time out I expected another but we were poor. The squad just seem to be lacking confidence and effort to want to fight for the position we should be in. A Smith double ended the game after a fairly even affair throughout.

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    I was furious after this game. Our inability to concentrate over a full 90 minutes, especially after taking a lead is beginning to infuriate me. We were by far the better team having 8 shots on target whilst they had just 1 shot all game. We had 2 goals disallowed for offside which didn't help but we should've still got the win.

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    And if I was furious after the last game you should have seen me after this one. After going 1-0 up we had a 2nd disallowed for an unknown reason (seriously I have no idea why, I watched the replay 5 or 6 times and couldn't spot the "foul"). However once again it's a case of we fail to kill the game off when we can. After the disallowed goal they can straight back and whilst our players sat and looked sorry for themselves theirs fought back to grab the win.

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    Then came this and I wasn't sure what to do. Part of me was tempted to just pack my stuff up and leave without saying good bye whilst part of me was wanting to hand in a resignation. However I decided to tell them that it's unfair on the players to sack me, they some how agreed and said they couldn't sack me.

    Now I know I have been looking for a way out and this was probably a very easy way to do so but I refuse to be sacked. It doesn't look good on my CV and it doesn't help with future job applications. Now resigning was considered and I have decided this...

    If we fail to win either of our next two games agaisnt Rhyl and Newtown I am resigning.

    The reasoning for it is that as we head into November and December there will be plenty of jobs coming about. If we fail to win either of these games it makes it tough for me to even argue that I want to stay. The players are showing no sign of care, the board don't want me here and despite having built a strong squad and backroom we are failing to make the most of it on the pitch.

    So there it is, 2 games; 1 win and I stay in Bangor but if we don't win it's bye bye Wales and it once again puts my managerial career in the balance.

  12. Working My Way Up

    So with two games to decide my future and the board constantly on my back it was crunch time. There was still part of me that wanted to stay; I'd built a strong squad and felt I could still do well with what I had built.

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    Another draw. This means the next game decides my fate. We dominated the tie but once again and brief lapse of concentration after scoring leaves us with a disappointing draw.

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    Another draw... This ends my time in Wales as another Gray goal is cancelled out. We dominated and probably should have claimed all 3 points.

    Name:  Resignation.png
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    And there it is. My time in Bangor is over and it hasn't been poor but it definitely hasn't been easy. I know we have been underperforming but with the lack of support from the board it will be tough for whoever comes in to bring success to the club.

    I will continue to be looking for a job and push for another step up the league rankings. I have proven I can be quality as a manager but need somewhere with a board willing to invest in both mine and the clubs future.

    Also, do you reckon they don't like me?
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  13. Working My Way Up

    So the question now is where to next. With 3 jobs behind me and a big challenge still ahead of me to work my way up to the top of football I started looking straight away and these are the 3 options currently possible which I have applied for.

    Name:  AccringtonBadge.png
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Size:  42.2 KBPossibility number 1 is League 2 side Accrington Stanley. After finishing 13th and 8th over the last two seasons they were forced to sack Mark Yates who took them to the 8th placed finish last season. Currently residing in 21st they are 4 points off of relegation spots occupied by Morecambe and Yeovil.

    It would certainly be a challenge to not only keep them up but to actually get the job in the first place but with a young squad in place the key issue would be restoring confidence. Once that has been done the likes of Max Hazeldine and Chris Eagles could certainly help push up the table.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	LutonBadge.jpg
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ID:	1090737
    Another league 2 side in Luton are next. Since promotion back into the football league Luton have finished 18th and 16th but have had 3 different permanent managers. The latest manager to get the axe was Steve Davis after the board declared a current 18th place in the league table not good enough.

    The ambition to move forward is clear at the club and with players such as Jorge Grant, Craig-Mackail Smith and one of TNSs stand out players last year, Sean McConville they definitely have the squad to push forward. Again it would be a push for me to get the job but the application is in.

    Working My Way Up-margatebadg.png
    And finally, yes a possible return to Margate is on the cards. My former club currently reside 7th in the league after a strong start to the season. However the good start left to my replacement being poached by 5th placed Dover, who had their manager was surprisingly sacked.

    The key challenge here would be to win back the board but this is the most realistic of the 3 applications. If I can get the job back the bulk of the squad I built is still there and I still feel I could do well with it after an unfair dismissal last time round.

  14. Bangor didn't sugar coat that did they!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by neavie pops23 View Post
    Bangor didn't sugar coat that did they!
    Not at all! There are updates to be made just lacking the time to do so at the moment, will try get it done early this week though.

  16. Working My Way Up

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    So my next destination is Guiseley. The board hired me in April already looking ahead to the new season after relegation from the Vanarama National had been confirmed for a month already after a poor campaign.

    Name:  Table.png
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    So I had been given 4 games to try and scout out what is available for me heading into the new campaign. The squad isn't a bad with a lot of quality in defence and midfield but the issue is trying to keep those players. With 5 loan players who are unlikely willing to return to the next division down and our key players wanting to leave for the football league which is understandable.

    Name:  UnhappyPlayers.png
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    So our two best full backs (Williams and Brown) as well as our best central midfielder are amongst the list of players wanting to leave. I have continuously offered contracts to all 3 but there is no convincing them.

    Before I got round to looking how to build for next season and replacing those players I had 4 games to go through first...

    Name:  MyResults.png
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    The results look poor but they weren't. Woking were bang in form and to hold them to 1-0 was fantastic. We then faced a Barnet side chasing the title who eventually went on to win the play-off's before facing Halifax who required a win to survive and then we held a decent Torquay side to a point.

    Heading into next season there are key issues which need resolving. We require a goalscoring striker, a lot of goals this season came from wingers and with potentially our 3 best wingers leaving we could be in a ton of trouble. We also need to look to replace the 3 players above whilst bringing in some more quality and becoming less reliant on loans.

    I have one aim for next season and that is to finish in the top 6. Anything less and I won't be happy, we have quality to do so and I am already scouting out some more so I see no reason as to why we can't look to challenge for promotion at the first time of asking.

  17. Working My Way Up

    Name:  Guiseley Badge.png
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    Having settled in I have taken the chance to see what I have to work with and at the moment it isn't looking great. We have quality in the players we do have but with just 12 players heading into the new season we need to add to some key areas and massively improve depth.
    At the moment we have one keeper and he could probably tide us over into the new season but we definitely need to bring one in whether it is as a starter or backup. Jacob Smith is currently down to start with Will Huffer's loan coming to an end and whilst he could be used I would like to improve.

    Full Backs
    With the imminent losses of Williams and Brown this is an area in need of improvement. Jack Bainbridge is currently a good option at RB but we at least need a depth option. At left back we currently have centre back Langford sketched down to fill in so we definitely need to improve there.

    Central Defenders
    We currently have RB Tom Paul and an early new signing sketched in at CB. If we can bring in some stronger options though Paul can be used at RB and the newbie can be a fantastic backup option. We could probably survive with just adding depth but if we are to push for promotion we need a strong back line.

    Central Midfielders
    The tactics I have drawn up currently use defensive midfielders, central midfielders and attacking midfielders so depth is needed. Currently we have a newbie, Crooks, Raggett and Pattison and whilst all of them are probably good enough to do a job at the 6th tier we need more improvements.

    Crooks will be key for us whether he plays in the DM or CM role. Raggett is preferred as a CB and is better at CB so hopefully we can bring in the depth that we don't have to force him into the DM role unless needed. Pattison and the newbie are both good options but are both probably backup quality, albeit strong backups, so we need to bring in a starting quality DM, CM and CAM.

    I somehow, don't ask how, managed to get Oldham to agree to extending the loan of Ronaldo Brown and he should be fantastic for us on the right hand side. On the left hand side we have Bruna who agreed to a new deal when I first arrived despite probably being league 2 quality.

    So on the wings we just need a bit of depth. I will look to bring in one player for each side who are capable of coming in and doing a good job to tide us over when fitness is low or the two above aren't available.

    This is an area which needs improving massively. With our only 2 strikers from last season leaving (who played 18 times and scored just 3 goals between them due to players out of position being favoured) we need to bring in quality.

    I have already brought in one option who is a similar sort of player. He will sit deep and link up play but as mentioned before this season to many goals came from the wide areas so we need somebody to come in who can score 15+ goals a season.

    I will look to bring in two more strikers. I want them to have pace, a bit of strength but most importantly to be deadly finishers. We need somebody to take chances when they arise and be the clinical finisher that I have lacked throughout my managerial career.

    So to summarise: GK, LB, RB, CBx2, DM, CM, CAM, LM, RM, STx2...

    Not much then. Our wage budget sits around £6k and we currently spend £7.25k. However the players leaving at the end of the month will free up £3400 of that meaning we should have around £2000 in the budget to bring in 12 players. Ideally we only use around £1200 to keep the finances afloat as they are currently looking a bit insecure.

  18. Working My Way Up

    Name:  Guiseley Badge.png
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    With a host of key departures as well as a lot of depth players departing we had to have a strong summer of signings. With the clubs finances in a poor state it was essential for me to not over budget but with the quality of player I need to bring in I have come very close with just £100 spare after making 13 signings to replace the 13 departures.

    Name:  Signing1.png
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    Firstly came Luke Woodland who will look to try fill the void left by Zac Thompson leaving. At just 22 he will continue to improve but with decent physcials, good mentals and very strong passing he could be the creative spark we need in midfield.

    Name:  Signing2.png
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    Signing number 2 is Louis Robles. Robles is very similar to what we previously had up top as he favours playing as a DLF but I feel his stats could work well with him being a poacher. Whilst he lacks in concentration when he is focused I hope he can use some decent pace and finishing to rack up a few goals.

    Name:  Signing3.png
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    Kostas Pileas was the third of a trio of early signings and the 19 year old will be key to us this season as a backup. With issues bringing in a left back (due to all the decent ones wanting over £800 a week!) he will act as a backup to Langford but can also be a very strong backup in his preferred central role.

    Name:  Signing4.png
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    Our starting keeper for the season has arrived in James Montgomery. He is a very good option in the 6th tier and will hopefully improve as he plays more. After leaving Guiseley in 2014 he went to Telford where he made close to 150 appearances in 4 seasons.

    Name:  Signing5.png
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    Ryan Higgins is next and he gives us a good option at right back should Paul be needed at CB or injured. He will just be asked to do a good job defensively but should it be required he has the skill to provide something going forward.

    Name:  Signing6.png
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    Next comes Paul Scott who was recently released from Manchester United. The left winger will provide strong support to Bruna and with his pace he could be a real threat in this league, especially off of the bench. His technicals are poor but that will improve with time as he is only 18.

    Name:  Signing7.png
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    Former Salford CB Alex Evans then arrived and he should be a rock at the back for us. Mentally and physically he is very good for this level and he has the right attributes in order to help form a strong back line.

    Name:  Signing8.png
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    Jordan Preston is a player I looked at whilst at Bangor and Margate. His £575 a week wages are a big risk as he could potentially be a bust but he is a fantastic option. He arrives already injured but should be available for the new season and possibly for a pre-season appearance.

    Name:  Signing9.png
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    Another central midfield option comes in the form of Darren McKnight. He definitely needs improvement in some areas but he is a decent option to have. With the fixtures likely to come thick and fast and cause fitness options McKnight is a very good option for rotation and could possibly win himself a starting role.

    Name:  Signing10.png
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    Another centre back option in Jamie Malone. He is a strong option already at CB and at just 18 playing time could see him massively improve. He is a real no nonsense defender and will likely win a lot in the air. He needs to improve on his marking and tackling but I like his attributes.

    Name:  Signing11.png
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    I wanted to bring in another defensive midfield option and this is it. Henry Pollock at 19 years old is one of the most average players I've seen but it's a good thing. He will get a job done and with room to improve at 19 he will only become a fantastic player.

    Name:  Signing12.png
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    With Scott coming in to add depth on the left wing, Nmecha comes in to do so on the right. Physically he is good, mentally he is good, technically he is okay. However like many of my other signings at just 19 years he can improve technically and with our starting right winger being on loan it's key to use and improve him.

    Name:  Signing13.png
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    Then finally comes in a striker on loan. Shaquille McDonald comes in from Nuneaton on loan and whilst he isn't great we needed another striker in the depth chart. He is quick, has decent finishing and could provide some key goals for us this season.

  19. Working My Way Up

    Name:  Guiseley Badge.png
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    After a strong summer of signings and a bit of a rebuild at the club we had to focus on having a good pre-season to reinstall some confidence into players who were either relegated with us last year or released by their former clubs.

    We had 5 fixtures in pre-season as we aimed to build up fitness, avoid too many injuries and find our best system.

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    We started off with a superb win against Hull United. The amateur side were really just a warm up game but we got off to a running start. Centre back Sean Raggett opened up our pre-season scoring before newbies McKnight and Higgins gave us a 3-0 victory.

    We then had a game where I expected to lose. It was a bit disheartening to lose 6-0 but the players understandably just gave up at the end of each half. With 4 of the 6 goals scored in the final 5 minutes of each of we didn't do too badly for the rest of the game. I just hope it doesn't kill confidence.

    A tough game against a good Hull Under 21 side was next and it was a superb win. After taking an early lead we just controlled the game, ending with over 64% possession. The young Tigers did find a way back in but we then dominated the final half an hour. Harrison will be disappointed to be the man to give away the win but it was a forced error which would've been tapped in if he didn't attempt something.

    We then hosted League 1 Doncaster who I expected to lose to. Our quality showed in the first half though as we went into the break 2-0 up thanks to Woodland and Brown bagging goals. A second half which involved 10 changes to rotate the squad saw us lose control of the game but we made it tough for Doncaster to even grab a draw.

    Finally we hosted Brighouse. After a dull first half where we controlled the tie but made no real threat to their goal we came out with a purpose. Jordan Preston marked his Guiseley debut with a goal to prove his quality. However we failed to build on this as the players lost focus and began to focus on the Tranmere game which was just a week away.

    August Preview
    @Tranmere, @Stalybridge, Alfreton, @Kettering, Blyth

    5 league games await us as we look to start of running. I am happy with pre-season as our signings settled in and we showed threats from all over with 7 different scorers including 2 strikers grabbing goals. Ignoring the West Brom game (which I arranged to try help out our finances) we finished with 2 wins and 2 draws, scoring 8 goals and conceding just 4.

    According to the pre-season odds the hardest game we will have is Alfreton at home. Surprisingly Tranmere are penned down to finish in 19th with odds of 100-1 to win the league. At 20-1 we are expected to finish 4th with AFC Fylde favourites to win the league at 6-1.

    I expect to hit the ground running and want at least 3 wins from our first 5 games. Whilst I know we can win all 5 I am a bit apprehensive of getting expectations too high too early with the team settling into a new division. The board have the same aim as me which is hitting the top 5. As long as we do that me and the board will be happy.

    Just to let people know I am going to start doing monthly updates. I will keep the layout I have been using but I read over it last night and realised it's quite hard to follow how far through I have played so I am going to try bring more structure to it. I'm currently in August 2018 having played 3 seasons so far (18/19 will be season 4).

  20. Working My Way Up

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    So 5 games have passed and it has given me a chance to judge where we are in the league. It was a mixed month and we can definitely build on it but we need to focus on improving fitness which was shown in the results.

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    So the team who dropped with us were first and we were superb. Tranmere created chances but nothing clear whilst we continually created good chances. It took until the 70th minute though for McDonald to come off the bench and score the winner.

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    Another good result as the emphasis of fitness is made clear. After going 2-0 down Preston brought one back before becoming the 2nd striker in 2 games to go down injured leaving us without both him and Robles for the month. The issue is we only have McDonald left. Anyway, a goal from Nmecha swung the game our way and it was only thanks to the cross bar which we didn't get a winner.

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    A really tough result to take as we had to battle the game with a new tactic to fit our strikerless squad as McDonald picked up a training injury for this game. Brown gave us hope but we just failed to really grab the game as Alfreton got a late winner.

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    We were so unlucky not to get the win as an early own goal and a late deflected equaliser cost us the 3 points. Our wide play continued to be a threat as both Bruna and Brown tore the hosts apart for the game as well as the introduction of Nmecha to set up McDonald.

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    We end the month on a high as a dominant performance is hurt by our lack of strikers. With Preston and Robles still out McDonald got the start and he played well but lacked the clinical finishing we needed in this game. Eventually though our back 3 linked up as Paul took a corner which Raggett flicked on and Evans headed in for the winner.

  21. Working My Way Up

    There was some other news in the month though as a number of things happened around our games. Just after our second game of the season I received the news that a takeover had been complete.

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    The new owner was looking to improve this club and was showing a TON of ambition though when the deal went through. He started by pumping £350k into the club to take clubs accounts into positive figures. They then backed this up by giving us £9k to spend in the transfer window, this was just shoved straight into the transfer budget though to make sure our finances stayed secure.

    But he then did the following two things...

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    Yup, he's known me for a day and he is paying for my next coaching course. He said he sees the benefits of not only sticking with me but also pushing towards my improvement.

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    Then finally was the news that he was putting the money there to hire an extra coach. As of yet we haven't brought one in but I have placed an advert out there to try attract good candidates who actually want to work here. This is key for not only pushing the club forward but whilst I am studying for my license we need the extra man to help out.

    So after the disastrous boards at Margate and Bangor I am so happy to be backed by a board who are showing ambition and faith in both the club and me to do well. I will look to improve on our mixed but good start which has us sat just outside the play-off's with 8 points from a possible 15 to repay the boards faith.

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