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From bottom to the top !!

  1. From bottom to the top !!

    From unemployed to untouchable !

    I have decided to start a story on Footbal Manager 2017,unemployed and working my way up until to a good first division team,and after reaching that,stay there many years,surpassing Sir Fergie!

    My targets for this story :
    Raise my reputation from Obscure to World Wide !
    Play possesion and attacking football !
    Manage a first division team !
    Win the famous treble in England !
    Maybe manage Liverpool !

    Manager details :

    Name:  oferte.jpg
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    This are the leagues that i have loaded :

    Name:  ligile.jpg
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    These are the jobs available right now :

    Name:  oferte.jpg
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    Like you see in the pictore above,i have apllied for 3 jobs,now we wait and see where we will go !

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  2. And we signed !

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    It's a 1 year contract with Grindavik from Iceland second division !

    Let's take a quick look at the club and their rivals,and the media prediction !

    Name:  privire generala club.jpg
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    The media prediction is 2 nd place,but after 10 matches they fpund themselves in the 5 th position,6 points behind 2 nd place,so it's quite do'able !

    Name:  clasament.jpg
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    Match results until now :

    Name:  rezultate.jpg
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    I do think we have a chance to finish in promotion places !
    Let's have a look at the remaining matches :

    Name:  etape urmatoare.jpg
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    Next post we will see our first match in charge of Grindavik !

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  3. I Liked your idea. I'm planning to do the same, but at south america...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by roraimafilho View Post
    I Liked your idea. I'm planning to do the same, but at south america...
    Thank you and good luck with that !

  5. First match in charge !

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    Match preview from the press !

    Name:  preview meci1.jpg
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    Name:  primul meci rezultat.jpg
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    First match in charge and we started with left foot ! In terms of possesion we were better than HK but we didn't make it count and they took all the points from today match !

  6. Second match ! First victory

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    And we did it ! First victory and what a victory !
    A 4 - 0 where we dominated from the start to the finish,even all the goals were scored in the first half !
    Onto the next one !

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