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Journey to the Promised Land

  1. Journey to the Promised Land

    Hi guys, this is my first story here, so hope all goes well!!

    In this save I have used the editor to move Manchester United down to the Vanarama North, removed all the over 19 players and given a transfer embargo until 2022
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-11_11_2016-14_20_16.pngJourney to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-11_11_2016-10_27_08.pngJourney to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-11_11_2016-10_25_56.pngJourney to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-11_11_2016-10_25_26.png
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  2. This is the squad I am left with.
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-11_11_2016-14_56_00.png
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-11_11_2016-14_55_52.png

    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-11_11_2016-14_55_41.png

    Have plenty of depth in the centre of defence but could do with some quality at left and right back.
    The centre of midfield has a good depth but am a little light out wide again.
    And beyond Marcus Rashford the Strikers look a little weak for now.

    The key players
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-11_11_2016-14_31_41.png

    Marcus Rashford (AML, ST)
    Already valued at a staggering £32.5 million, he will be the spearhead of my attack for many years to come!
    Will be a key player in returning the club to the top leagues! Hopefully the big clubs don't come a knocking in the next few years!
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-11_11_2016-14_32_05.png
    Timothy Fosu-Mensah (DC, DMC, MC)

    The young Dutch powerhouse will form a key part of the squad, has a good versatility as he can play anywhere across the back four and in centre midfield, which will be useful if there is a injury crisis. I will probably look to play him as a defensive midfielder most of the time.
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-11_11_2016-14_32_27.png
    Axel Tuanzebe (DC)

    The Youngster from the Congo is a strong defender who I will be looking to lead the defensive line for years to come. Am looking forward to see him develop in this game.
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-11_11_2016-14_32_54.png

    Tahith Chong (AM RLC, ST)

    The young Dutch winger who is a recent arrival from Feyenoord may only be 16 but is already rated as the 2nd best winger on either side by my assistant. Will be looking to develop this player by giving him plenty of playing time!
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  3. The tactics
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-11_11_2016-14_43_44.png
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-11_11_2016-14_43_52.png

    Will be starting out as a 41231 though may change the defensive midfielder to an attacking one depending on the opposition. May even move the defensive midfielder up so I can dominate the midfield against the weaker non league I will be facing at first.
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  4. Nice idea, going to be tough with that transfer embargo, probably going to struggle for some experience which is crucial in the lower leagues. Surely keeping Rashford and Fosu-Mensah happy is an impossible task
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  5. Yeah the embargo will make it that much more of a challenge, especially in January when I am sure there will be an avalanche of offers. Hopefully will be able to keep Rashford and Fosu-Mensah happy. They are both under contract until 2020 with an optional year extension. All depends if the big boys come a kicking down my door. Though Rashford is already valued at £32 million so that should put a few clubs off.

    Hopefully I can get some good regens coming through the ranks to bolster the squad!!

  6. Good luck, i will be following!
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  7. Thanks! Just grinding through the pre season which seems to move very slowly when there is no scouting/transfer activitiy taking place!! But absolutely loving Tatith Chongs epic haircut!!

    Not long till the season kicks off against Leicester.

    Journey to the Promised Land-chong.jpg
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  8. Preseason results and new contracts
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-12_11_2016-06_56_01.png
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-12_11_2016-07_08_47.pngJourney to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-12_11_2016-07_17_35.png
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-12_11_2016-07_20_04.png
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-12_11_2016-07_46_09.png

    New deals for Angel Gomes, Ro-Shaun Williams, Aiden Barlow and Luca Ercolani.

    Community Shield vs Leicester City

    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-12_11_2016-07_32_14.png

    Leicester appear to not be taking us seriously as they have rested many key players, though there is still a lot of quality players there!

  9. Click image for larger version

Name:	Football Manager 2017 12_11_2016 07_37_24.png
Views:	241
Size:	526.5 KB
ID:	1086812
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-12_11_2016-07_38_49.png
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-12_11_2016-07_37_39.png
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-12_11_2016-07_39_02.png
    Journey to the Promised Land-football-manager-2017-12_11_2016-07_51_51.png

    Am in shock.... 4-0!!

    Ok they were late goals and they were a man short but a very impressive performance from the lads!
    Loads of first team debuts and Angel Gomes becomes the youngest player and scorer for the club!!

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