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Journey to the top

  1. Journey to the top

    Okay, Let's do this now. Let's be one of the highest profile managers of all time, and become remembered forever.

    I am David Laslo, and I am going to be share with you my story. I have been playing with Football Manager games since 2007, but this year I decided to make it big and successful. I decided to step into the theatre of the beautiful game. I decided to be a real manager.

    I am from Hungary, small country with great past. I would like to get a job here, but I would be satisfied with anything related to football. My goal is to be as successful as possible, winning silverware, governing high profile clubs etc. I set my time to retire in 30 years, like an average manager. In this time I want to win at least 3 Champions League trophy and win at least 7-8 title in Premier League or in one of the greatest leagues.

    I am unemployed now but eager to dive into work, to make difference, to make history.

  2. I've been dreaming about guiding a football club to success since my first randez vous with the ball. It was my best friend and my soul mate. I am in love with football, so it was a reasonable decision to study football, and try to be some sort of teacher of it. I don't want to lie to you, I am just started my path, but really appreciate that you come with me, so I can tell you my story, my development, my sorrow, my faith in football.

    Last time I told you, that I was unemployed, but fortunately an opportunity appeared. Move to Poland, work on my reputation over there, help some kids to grow and achieve something in their life, give job to some men who deserve it.

    But firstly, I DESERVE THIS CHANCE.

    I have to prove.

    My new home is GKS Tichy. Here is a small quote from Wikipedia about the place of my first real job:

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    Górniczy Klub Sportowy Tychy is a Polish professional football club, based in Tychy, Poland, that plays in the Polish II Liga. The club was founded on 20 April 1971. It played in the Ekstraklasa between 1974–1977. The biggest success of GKS Tychy was the 2nd place in the 1975/76 season of the Ekstraklasa, behind Stal Mielec. As a result, the team played in the UEFA Cup 1976-77, losing to 1. FC Koln.
    In my first day, I sat down to my table, and decided what I was wanted to do here. I want to built a strong team, that nobody can beat easily, I want a brave, and strict team. We can do big things together. The team wins, the team loses. This is our biggest chance...

    This time I told about my approach to the beautiful game, and sorry if you find me to sentimental, but this is the way my thoughts are flowing. I hope you keep my story in mind, and find it good.

    Next time I will tell you about how my first month happened.
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  3. Last Time I promised you to continue my story, here is the summary of my first month at GKS Tichy.

    I wanted to evaluate my squad, what are our strengths and weaknesses. Football is about knowledge. If you keep in mind your limits, you can achieve nearly anything, just be focused on your edges and they will deliver some good results in development and overall also. We have good passing and good chances to finish an attack well. I decided to build the team around my best player Filip Arezina, who was a bit underperforming lately, but I want to make him a real danger.

    My goal for this season is a bit above than my bosses', I want to finish in the Top5 if it's possible. We will do everything to make it happen.

    My tactic was bit cautious, because we didn't know each other well, so I wanted to investigate the chemistry in the team. Connections are always the most important things in football, firstly you have to find natural partnerships, after that you have to build connections, and opportunities to develop these things. The players will react nicely if you want to build something upon their shoulders. You just have to believe in them, they will deliver much more then you expected.

    My tactic was quite solid in my first month, and I was satisfied with the results, because the team was bit upset before my arrival, and the moral wasn't so high. I thought - There must be something why I am here! I wanted to turn things around.

    My first matches were small steps into the team's soul, to understand how to be THEIR manager, not an ugly bald man shouting from the side lines.

    This was my first match. Not the best debut I must admit, but as a complete stranger in a new country, in his first workday, not a shame.
    Journey to the top-5.png

    My second match was humiliating, against a bottom team....
    Journey to the top-6.png

    After that we didn't lose....but we didn't won. I found some good things, but we had to become familiar with each other.

    My plan that the key player is going to be Arezina, is nearly completely blind...I had to find something, he is the best of mine with miles, but I can't do anything with his performance.

    I started to scout nearly everything, my plan for my second season is to promote this small team, it could be a huge success and a huge increase in my reputation.
    Journey to the top-7.png
    Our biggest achievement this month was to make a draw against the 4th team Miedz...we were nearly egal and I happy with that, this means we have a chance to get into the TOP5!!!

    We had one loss and 5 draw, but we won once in a friendly, I tried several instructions, to experiment how the team responding.
    Journey to the top-8.png

    We will continue with October, and I can say that was more interesting to me, I hope you will enjoy it!

  4. October is the first month of 'settling down time of the season'. Some big things happened, everybody found his place, his goals. It could be a bit dull, but you have to work hard to develop your squad and be prepared to the mid-season rush.

    I assessed my squad completely by this time, so I had a basic knowledge about my tasks, and responsibilities. This month we put some great performances on the table, you will see it later. When I got here, the board and the supporters were delighted with our mid-table mediocre position, but I wanted more. We worked hard this month, and they got familiar with my approach. We train hard, because this is the only way I know for winning. Talent wins you matches, but hard-work wins you championships.

    I wanted to start the month with some solid performances, and decided to go in attack in our first match. One of my favourite formation is 4-1-4-1, if you can tailor it well, it can be deadly, but as always, the midfield is the core thing, and in the level of my team the midfielders are not Iniestas, so you have to balance it well.

    After the first match I was really really disappointed. I thought we will have at least 55% possession and some good quality chances. Instead of that we suffered from the first minute, struggled to keep the ball, and keep the play flow. They scored fast, so we had to open up to fight for the equaliser, but our work was pointless. We scored in the final minutes, but I had something for them...
    Journey to the top-11.png
    So they ran. They ran to home from training, and from home to the pitch. They ran if they were to the bakery. I was a bit afraid of injuries, but this is the way of things, if they don't want to work, they have to work.

    I did my best to prepare for the next fixture, because I felt we need some fresh air, something new. So I travelled to watch my upcoming opponents. They were crap as hell. Maybe a bit better. They wanted to play in the middle of the pitch, but they had 45% possession, so we can say they didn't do well their job...I decided to play in the flanks , because I thought we can run onto them, and beat them with some pace in the flanks. I chose the same formation but applied some instructions like 'Exploit the flanks' and changed the wide midfielders duty for attack.

    Journey to the top-12.png
    The illustration tells that my plan worked....

    We scored 6 times and win in nearly every aspect of the game. My central midfielder Zganiack ruined their afternoon with a hattrick. I was really pleased, and happy about that result. The board felt the same thing, so they sent a champagne to my apartment. I drank it alone at home, and watched the match again to spot some problems waiting to be solved.

    Next day we started to prepare for our next fixtures.

    Journey to the top-10.png

    We won twice more in October and made two draws, but these results were pleasing because the team started to get in shape I wanted. Because of our good run, we jumped from the 10th place to the 5th, so everything was in there way.
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