The Impossible Dream Challenge


Hi everyone, well I once read of this challenge that sounded like one of the toughest I've ever come across. The basic idea of it is to start the game without a job and simulate one year in the game. At the end of the year look at the list of top league competitions in Europe and look at the top 10 nations leagues on the list. You must select a nation who's top league is not in the top 10 in Europe, in my case Belgium, and take over the lowest promoted team that wasn't a playable team at the beginning of your save. With this team you must win everything domestically in that country followed by at least winning all of them in one season and finally winning the Champions League with the selected team. This could be a even more difficult team than bringing an English or Spanish team through the ranks due to the country or league lower reputation.
  • Bronze Award - Win all domestic trophies (not all in one season)
  • Silver Award - Win all domestic trophies in one season. (eg: Season double, treble or quadruple)
  • Gold Award - Win the Champions League
  • Bonus: Win the World Club Championship
Anyone else who wishes to join me is more than welcome and I can update a possible hall of fame.

The Challenge

So after starting the game and simulating a full season I took a look at the list of European leagues and their reputation knowing I must select a country that has a top league outside of the top 10. The list below shows how each team ranked in my save.
The Impossible Dream?-sxexnwa.png

I was thinking before hand that the Dutch Eredvisie would be a great option but after simulating a season I became very interested in taking over a team in Belgium as they had just dropped to 11th in the list. The lowest tier then in Belgium I had was the Belgian First Amateur Division. Looking through the season preview I looked at the teams that got promoted from the season before and some had been predicted to do well in the upcoming season, however I wanted to make this a serious challenge so that if by some chance I completed it that it would be a very sweet tasting victory. So with that I chosen the mighty Rupel Boom from the Antwerp region of Belgium. With some serious odd's of 350-1 to win the league why not pick them. (Season preview in link and picture below)

The Impossible Dream?-y9rhjzx.png

So the mighty Rupel Boom, here is a brief overview of them.
The Impossible Dream?-aopcis1.png

I've inherited a pretty basic squad at a semi-pro club with a lot of work to do. You can see a overview of the squad and facilities below. As you will see its not of the highest standard but I think I can make it work somehow. The squad below has had some of the transfers I made put into it and I will put up a full list so far of what moves I've made.

The Impossible Dream?-4eowt38.png

The Impossible Dream?-hwq2psu.png

In terms of transfers I managed to bring in some good free transfers and loan's to add to the squad and gain some depth for a full season. I've only managed to play 2 friendlies and won 1 and lost 1 (against Hanover) but think that it will take time for a tactic and play style to suit the team to appear. I also fear that with the clubs poor financial position I could be taking a large risk bringing in 10 players on the books rather than sticking to the amateur players I had to begin with.

The Impossible Dream?-r0zpgdm.png

The obvious short term plan is to build a squad to develop in this league and avoid a relegation battle with the aim of promotion with a strong squad that can survive a season easily in the next tier. This will be a long drawn out challenge and I hope it can have some success.

I hope to update this challenge every weekend or two weeks if I'm not too busy. I'm also open to anyone who wants to join in on this challenge and maybe go to another country such as the Nederlands or Czech Republic which I can also post an update with my own and maybe create a hall of fame award within the thread.

I know this was a long post too so thanks if you managed to read this all