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Aberdeen Back where it all began

  1. Decent start domestically not so great in europe bud.
    Do you use OI like me (close down strikers, weak foot wide/wing backs) or juat leave to the assistant ?

    Iam playing a deep defensive line, short passing and into space , sometimes closing down, higher tempo and with low crossing, My players are praising the playing style considering its Scotland lol.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by stonecold View Post
    Thank man that means a lot. We do miss your Soton story's every year! You still playing?
    Still playing but haven't found the time or motivation to do another story
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by PatrickLFC View Post
    Still playing but haven't found the time or motivation to do another story
    The writing part of the story takes so long. Every year i start with great ambitions but quickly revert back to shorter match reports and less updates just because it takes so long
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Teddybear30 View Post
    Do you use OI like me (close down strikers, weak foot wide/wing backs) or juat leave to the assistant ?
    I get the assistant to d oit automatically but check through certain positions myself, Then play the first 15 mins and see where there passes are coming rom then try and get those influential players out the game
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  5. Scotland
    October Fixtures

    Name:  squad.png
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    Snoodgrass is back to complete the 23 man squad

    Spain 6-0 Scotland
    Name:  spain.png
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Size:  541.9 KB

    Last time McGhee takes charge of a game for me

    European League Match 3
    Russia 1-3 Scotland
    Name:  Russia.png
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Size:  543.1 KB

    3rd win in a row in the group and amazingly were promoted to the A League. Feels more like Pro Evo by the minute.

    Top spot secured

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  6. What do you have as your TI's?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by MatthewElphinstone View Post
    What do you have as your TI's?
    This changes more often than ever depending on the opposition, targeting specific weaknesses such as youngster or 3rd choice positional player, Small team slow defense ect

    Name:  TI.png
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  8. October


    Hibs 1-2 Aberdeen
    Name:  1 hibs.png
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    Hibs come back kid Jason Cummings almost rescued Hibs a point but our star striker Klein was as usual the difference

    Aberdeen 1-1 Celtic
    Name:  2 celtic.png
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Size:  542.5 KB

    Celtic showed there title credentials by taking the lead at Pittodrie from midfielder Kainz. to keep the unbeaten run going we needed a unfamiliar player, Ben Gibson to equalize and keep us top of the table.

    Champions League Match 3
    Aberdeen 1-1 Man Utd
    Name:  3 man utd.png
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Size:  540.3 KB

    We simply had to get a result from this match and for a few moments it looked like Borja Garcia was giving us even more as we took the lead. Minutes later Mkhitaryan pulled United level and that how it ended a point that helps us more than them

    Betfred Cup S/F
    Aberdeen 3-0 Dundee
    Name:  4 dundee.png
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Size:  540.8 KB

    We've made it to another final a 5th on the trot.

    Aberdeen 4-0 Dundee
    Name:  5 dundee.png
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Size:  541.0 KB

    Only 3 days have passed and this time around Klein had his usual devastating effect with 3 goals in 27 minutes. Newbie Isaac Pereira added a 4th

    Falkirk 0-5 Aberdeen
    Name:  6 falkirk.png
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    Rested a few players hopefully thats enough to get the back up players off my back.

    SPFL Table
    Name:  spl.png
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Size:  819.2 KB

    The gap at the top in 5 points so nice and competitive. Rangers and Hibs are showing signs of life behind them and Falkirk and Hearts looking good for top 6.

    Champions League
    Name:  CL table.png
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    We finally have a point on the board. Napoli and Lech draw as well which is good for our Champions League ambitions but not for Europa League.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by stonecold View Post
    This changes more often than ever depending on the opposition, targeting specific weaknesses such as youngster or 3rd choice positional player, Small team slow defense ect

    Attachment 1100534
    Nice one.

    There doesn#t seem to be a one size fits all anymore now is there?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by MatthewElphinstone View Post
    Nice one.

    There doesn#t seem to be a one size fits all anymore now is there?
    I usually try and base it around a 4-2-3-1, never used to have a AMC till i seen the success Klippy was having with so i'll almost always have that tactic as a start but then as you say it has to be played with to counter what the opposition will do. Not done as much reading on the site this year but i've not seen the word plug and play mentioned.

  11. Scotland
    November Fixtures


    No change again

    Jamaica 3-4 Scotland
    Name:  jamaca.png
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Size:  526.4 KB

    Wow didnt expect this to be so close but they are top 30 in the world

    European League match 4
    Scotland 3-1 Albania
    Name:  albania.png
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Size:  541.5 KB

    Probably the worst performance of the year but we were far too good for a team destined for Divison C

    Final Table
    Name:  Table.png
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Size:  731.3 KB

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  12. November

    Champions League disaster means that even a unbeaten season and both cups would be a disappointing season. We may even need a clear out in January to get the ball rolling for next season.

    Tommy Wright is the first victim of the season
    Name:  sacking.png
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Size:  690.4 KB


    Champions League Match 4
    Man Utd 3-0 Aberdeen
    Name:  1 man utd.png
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Size:  537.8 KB

    Not a surprise to go to Old Trafford and loose but in the fashion we lost was sad. This wasnt in the points target quota. Its all down to the next match at home to Napoli

    Inverness 1-3 Aberdeen
    Name:  2 ICT.png
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Size:  541.1 KB

    Klein hattricks are becoming more common than him scoring 1

    Hearts 0-1 Aberdeen
    Name:  3 hearts.png
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Size:  534.8 KB

    With two massive fixtures ahead i had to rest players at Tynecastle.

    Champions League Match 5
    Aberdeen 1-3 Napoli
    Name:  4 napoli.png
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Size:  537.4 KB

    We put in our strongest side and cant blame loosing Garcia to injury as we were beaten before that happened. All this means were totally out of Europe before we even reach December. For shame!

    SPFL Table
    Name:  spl table.png
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Size:  819.4 KB

    Results go our way to move 10 points clear of the old firm, Falkirk & Hibs. The other end is also quite interesting but the real story is Klein's 26 goals, Feels like the 1997/98 Negri season

    Champions League
    Name:  CL.png
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Size:  744.3 KB

    I'm pretty sure in my last Aberdeen save we took a step back in Europe after our first good season but nothing as drastic as this. One point from 5 games is a unmitigated disaster. Maybe Lech are better than we gave them credit for but we were surly far worse.

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  13. 4th? Oh my
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by Falkirkyabass View Post
    4th? Oh my
    The town will be awash with nose bleeds

  15. Betfed Cup Final 2020

    Name:  trophy.jpg
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    Aberdeen vs Celtic

    Name:  aberdeen logo.png
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Size:  8.5 KB Name:  celtic logo.jpg
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Size:  7.5 KB

    Name:  formation.png
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    Paul Hartley sticks to his formation that served him so well for Dundee over the years. Better players and a better formation should make this the toughest Betfred final we've had

    Aberdeen 2-1 Celtic
    Name:  match.png
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Size:  545.2 KB

    My man for Scotland Leigh Griffiths did me no favors with a goal right from kick off to give Celtic the lead. For once it wasnt Matty Klein but our two new wingers first Serge Gnabry scored before getting his latest 2 month injury, then Isaac Pereira late in the second half grabbed what proved to be the winning goal

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  16. December

    League run of unbeaten games goes past 60 matches. Klein has already broken Rooneys goals in a season record and the man of the match awards in a season. He has also won player of the month EVERY month


    Aberdeen 5-0 Raith
    Name:  1 Raith.png
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Size:  530.8 KB

    5 different scorers for a change to the usual Klein show

    Aberdeen 3-0 Partick
    Name:  2 partick.png
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Size:  538.4 KB

    Wingers day at Pittodrie

    Champions League Match 6
    Lech 0-2 Aberdeen
    Name:  3 lech.png
Views: 741
Size:  527.7 KB

    Of course the u19s beat them when the first team couldnt

    Ross County 0-4 Aberdeen
    Name:  4 ross county.png
Views: 742
Size:  534.0 KB

    Henriken was forced into a more attacking role and he thrived in it, perhaps saving his place in the squad

    Aberdeen 5-1 Morton
    Name:  5 morton.png
Views: 750
Size:  536.0 KB

    There squad looks quite good. Im sure they will be pretty good once they get a stable squad

    Celtic 0-2 Aberdeen
    Name:  6 celtic.png
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Size:  538.5 KB

    Celtic had everything in there hands. match at Parkhead, run of close game with Aberdeen and we were down to 10 men after Roca got sent off for a two footed tackle. Within 10 minutes however Granger and Klein my two best regens had scored and handed us another big win.

    Aberdeen 1-1 Hibs
    Name:  7 hibs.png
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Size:  534.7 KB

    Our closest rivals gave us a scare almost taking advantage of Klein's worst performance of the season. but after a tense second half we held on for a point,

    Aberdeen 2-1 Falkirk
    Name:  8 falkrik.png
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Size:  532.9 KB

    Two early goals looked to have us on the way to another big win but Falkirk did not forget there status of our bogie team

    Dundee 0-4 Aberdeen
    Name:  9 dundee.png
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Size:  536.9 KB

    The Dens park side are really missing Hartley who's proving his worth at Celtic as much as it shows with Dundee

    SPFL Table
    Name:  league.png
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Size:  840.5 KB

    The gap of 16 points is looking like its too much for the rest now after us the top 6 looks like a great fight while the bottom looks more competitive than ever. Klein's stats are off the charts

    Champions League
    Name:  Champions league.png
Views: 740
Size:  749.3 KB

    Disgust is the only word i can give for finishing behind Lech.

    In the Europa League Hearts did great to finish ahead of Udinese but only 3rd, Rangers were never expected to get through there group but finishing behind Krasnodar was a nasty shock, Celtic managed 3rd place but should be better than Rapid Wien!

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  17. January

    Klein is already taking records and its only January
    Name:  Klein record.png
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Size:  207.2 KB

    Name:  klein record 2.png
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Size:  183.4 KB


    Aberdeen 4-0 Rangers
    Name:  1 rangers.png
Views: 716
Size:  540.5 KB

    Nothing beats rushing into a 3 goal lead in the first half hour to Rangers

    Aberdeen 4-0 Inverness
    Name:  2 inverness.png
Views: 706
Size:  543.0 KB

    Even better result with 4 goal in the first 38 minutes, Still not better than beating Rangers

    Scottish Cup 4th Round
    Aberdeen 3-1 Forfar
    Name:  3 forfar.png
Views: 710
Size:  545.1 KB

    Only 2 starting players in the squad and the main one Herniksen got two goals that made the difference

    Aberdeen 4-0 Hearts
    Name:  4 hearts.png
Views: 707
Size:  540.1 KB

    This was the reverse with 3 goals in the last 15 minutes rather than all fire at the start

    Rangers 1-1 Aberdeen
    Name:  5 rangers.png
Views: 707
Size:  542.0 KB

    Bloody Rangers! We were 2 minutes away from our 23rd win of the season but after all the abuse i was giving Rangers i guess this is a bit of karma. On the flip side our League unbeaten run is up to 65 games.

    SPFL Table
    Name:  SPL.png
Views: 718
Size:  825.9 KB

    Lead at the top is 16 points from Celtic. Rangers are chased by Falkirk & Hibs while Hearts are doing there best to throw away a top 6 spot. Fantastic 4 way fight at the bottom. Annoying also on the scoring chart to see a former U20 player Scott Wright with 10 goals after being given away by me.

    Transfer Window

    Name:  in 1.png
Views: 708
Size:  845.5 KB

    Name:  in 2.png
Views: 702
Size:  845.0 KB

    We sign Brazilian wing back Mario Landi on a free , Always pays to go through the Brazilian and Argentine released players to find some gem's. Sadly i miss out on many of these players due to work permit and now have this problem with European's However we overcame this to pick up Zoran Rakic from Partizan

    A Club legend Adam Rooney was moved on after failing to make a appearance this season and hardly any last year. Still he played a huge roll in the early days and we wont forget. The other was set to play a huge roll. Vojtech Franc was slowly starting to get more appearances but became the first player to demand Champions League success which is obviously not happening any time soon so rather than keeping a back up player on a false promise Livepool's £12m will make up for the European money were missing out on.

    Rooney's Record
    Name:  Bye bye rooney.png
Views: 705
Size:  838.7 KB

    207 games 124 Goals

    World Transfers
    Name:  world tranfers.png
Views: 713
Size:  823.3 KB

    Name:  world tranfer 2.png
Views: 700
Size:  828.2 KB

    Quiet window to begin but PSG as usual had to make a difference

    SPL transfers
    Name:  SPL transfers 1.png
Views: 700
Size:  824.9 KB

    Abysmal window for Hearts. They loose there main youth prospect Graham McCann and there stand out player in the save Jamie Walker. They did replace them with Inverness's best 2 players Lewis Vaughan and Liam Polworth as well as John Souttar and Rangers back up Ali Crawford. The other Major transfer out of the SPL was Jai Quitongo after spending almost 2 years on the transfer list he finally got his big move. Celtic beef up there squad while selling off a few back up players.

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  18. Tits oot fae me when we finish top 6

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  19. Quote Originally Posted by Falkirkyabass View Post
    Tits oot fae me when we finish top 6 Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk

    Photographic evidence is not required
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  20. February

    After a month out of his home Klien wrestle's back player of the month


    Raith 2-2 Aberdeen
    Name:  1 raith.png
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Size:  533.7 KB

    Dominated the game but was a dodgy dodgy performance. Back to back games where the squad seemed tired. Jack was awful!

    Partick 0-4 Aberdeen
    Name:  2 partick.png
Views: 610
Size:  541.4 KB

    Two goals in each half for hopefully a back to form victory

    Scottish Cup 5th Round
    Aberdeen 3-0 Celtic
    Name:  3 celtic.png
Views: 608
Size:  541.0 KB

    Celtic's new signings made little difference to the gap between us at this stage

    Morton 0-6 Aberdeen
    Name:  4 morton.png
Views: 613
Size:  535.7 KB

    Kids this is why you dont gamble. Some ill informed person, like me will tell you they have money and made some good signings and they could do well right away. Then this happens

    Aberdeen 5-1 Ross County
    Name:  5 ross county.png
Views: 606
Size:  537.1 KB

    Klein got back to back hatricks to prove he like us is back to form

    SPFL Table
    Name:  SPL.png
Views: 611
Size:  827.9 KB

    Will we get record points? that and staying unbeaten is our target. Celtic are pulling clear to secure 2nd and the battle for 3rd is at deadlock. Hearts are all but safe for top 6, Battle at the bottom still locked between 4 teams

    A few of them changed manager recently. Jim Duffy's back at Dundee too
    Name:  managers.png
Views: 620
Size:  758.1 KB

    Youth intake
    Aberdeen Back where it all began-youth1.pngAberdeen Back where it all began-youth2.png
    My name sake Alex Donald is a generational player apparently

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  21. How do you get over the home grown requirement in Europe with so many foreign signings ?

  22. Quote Originally Posted by johnstrac View Post
    How do you get over the home grown requirement in Europe with so many foreign signings ?
    I buy them when there 16-17 so they reach home grown status as there breaking into the first team

  23. March

    Short month with the international break but no change to the established order.


    Scottish Cup Q/F
    Aberdeen 2-0 Hibs
    Name:  1 hibs.png
Views: 832
Size:  527.7 KB

    Goals in either half from the Frizzell & Klein strike force

    Aberdeen 4-0 Celtic
    Name:  2 celtic.png
Views: 841
Size:  534.8 KB

    Serge Gnabry almost played a full game of football but like most comebacks he went off injured after doing the damage. He's putting our physio's kids through collage

    Hibs 1-3 Aberdeen
    Name:  3 hibs.png
Views: 841
Size:  536.7 KB

    Shared the glory with Klein last time but with the Aussie striker already off on International duty Frizzell did all the work himself

    SPFL Table
    Name:  Spl.png
Views: 837
Size:  836.3 KB

    Title will be in town by early April. Despite Celtic's efforts to loose the title asap. Celtic themselves look set for 2nd while the fight for 5th stays between Rangers, Hibs and Falkirk. Hearts have done enough for 6th. The bottom 4 finally get some separation as Inverness pull away from Raith and Ross County while Morton fall 4 points behind them at the bottom.

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  24. Scotland
    March Fixtures

    All injured players from November are back

    World Cup Qualifyer Match 1
    Russia 5-2 Scotland
    Name:  1 russia.png
Views: 780
Size:  547.0 KB

    This was the worst half of football the Scottish nation has possibly ever been treated too. Back at Aberdeen were used to being 5 goals ahead at half time but not 5 goals behind! Griffiths restored some form of dignity with 2nd half goals but were in a hole right off the bat in this campaign

    World Cup Qualifyer Match 2
    Scotland 2-2 Switzerland
    Name:  2 switz.png
Views: 769
Size:  541.1 KB

    Just when it couldnt be worse we drop points at home after leading 2-0. We even had 30 minutes to get the win but never really looked like doing so.

    Name:  table.png
Views: 757
Size:  737.4 KB

    This is maybe looking much harder than i anticipated. Were 4th of the teams that have a shot of winning the group and already well 5 or 3 points behind the other teams.

  25. April


    Aberdeen 4-0 Dundee
    Name:  1 dundee.png
Views: 761
Size:  504.1 KB

    This result secured a third in a row and easier title so far with no European action to interfere

    Falkirk 0-3 Aberdeen
    Name:  2 falkirk.png
Views: 750
Size:  538.6 KB

    Time has come to start giving youth players and the back up players a shot. Frizzell and Klein went off injured to make sure i'll be even more cautious while trying to remain unbeaten

    Scottish Cup S/F
    Rangers 2-3 Aberdeen
    Name:  3 rangers cup.png
Views: 751
Size:  547.4 KB

    We threw away a 2 goal first half lead as Jamie Walker & Peter Grant forced extra time. Serge Gnabry was sent off as all the momentum moved to Rangers until captain Ryan Jack struck a priceless winning goal with only 3 minutes of extra time to go to put us in another Cup Final

    Aberdeen 2-1 Rangers
    Name:  4 rangers.png
Views: 765
Size:  543.2 KB

    Once again we were two goals clear at half time and Rangers pulled one back and it all felt like dejavu. Thankfully neither team scored again and we won our final game against Rangers this season.

    SPFL Table
    Name:  SPL.png
Views: 748
Size:  838.3 KB

    We race towards a points record, Playing the youth may put a stop to that. Falkirk look to have fallen out of the race for 3rd but still an amazing season. Raith Rovers are the form team of the league and will probably secure a spot in the league next year. Inverness are only 4 points clear of Ross County while Morton need snookers to survive now 5 points off 11th placed County

  26. May


    Hibs 0-0 Aberdeen
    Name:  1 hibs.png
Views: 700
Size:  539.9 KB

    Celtic 1-1 Aberdeen
    Name:  1 hibs.png
Views: 700
Size:  539.9 KB

    Klein and Griffiths lead there teams to a point as for the second game in a row a player is sent off near the end to almost cost us the unbeaten run

    Hearts 0-2 Aberdeen
    Name:  3 hearts.png
Views: 696
Size:  537.5 KB

    A preview of the Scottish Cup final although we'll have a far stronger team on that day

    Aberdeen 1-0 Falkirk
    Name:  4 falkirk.png
Views: 698
Size:  536.7 KB

    Was there any other way to end the season than Klein scoring the winning goal?

    SPFL final table
    Name:  final tavle.png
Views: 695
Size:  838.3 KB

    Aberdeen finish 1 point off Celtic's all time record. Ross County had an abysmal run in the bottom 6 and go down. Morton fight to force a play off

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  27. Just wanted to say I've been a silent reader full way through (catch up on lunch breaks) but thought I'd post a message of congrats after doing 2 seasons unbeaten in the league, truly incredible.

    Hope you keep this save going, would love to see you win Champions League.
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  28. I love that lopsided Top Goalscorer tally Congrats on another great season - domestically anyway, hopefully next season you will do better in Europe too
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  29. 54 league goals
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  30. Quote Originally Posted by toddzy View Post
    Just wanted to say I've been a silent reader full way through (catch up on lunch breaks) but thought I'd post a message of congrats after doing 2 seasons unbeaten in the league, truly incredible.

    Hope you keep this save going, would love to see you win Champions League.
    Thanks. Thats how i first got into using this site almost 10 years ago! Winning the Champions League is the ultimate target. Hopefully next year we'll be back in the knockout phase at least

    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickLFC View Post
    I love that lopsided Top Goalscorer tally Congrats on another great season - domestically anyway, hopefully next season you will do better in Europe too
    Quote Originally Posted by TheLuckDuck View Post
    54 league goals

    It was good but he'll be back next year to take on the best season's ever. Last years 54 goals would only be enough for 8th on the all time league scorer's list
    Name:  top season ever.png
Views: 586
Size:  121.6 KB

    And there's a lot of work before he joins the 27 players with more than 500 career goals
    Name:  top scorers ever.png
Views: 595
Size:  106.2 KB

  31. Scottish Cup Final 2021

    Name:  sco cup logo.jpg
Views: 1132
Size:  10.0 KB

    Hearts Vs Aberdeen
    Name:  hearts logo.jpg
Views: 1141
Size:  13.4 KB Name:  donas logo.png
Views: 1112
Size:  8.5 KB

    Line ups
    Name:  formations.png
Views: 1149
Size:  348.1 KB

    I wonder who inspired Hearts formation?

    Hearts 0-3 Aberdeen AET
    Name:  match.png
Views: 1138
Size:  508.9 KB

    We seen one of the most boring first 90 minutes in this or any save. Both sides had chances but it felt more like a warm up than a cup final. Extra time belonged to Aberdeen however Klein scored two more goals to add to his record total and a 3rd Borja Garcia goal secured the treble treble and second unbeaten Scottish season

    Domestic Season Record
    P47 W41 D6 L0

    Past Two seasons unbeaten
    P94 W82 D12 L0

    Yep the last 2 seasons have been identical. amazing stuff

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  32. Scotland
    June Fixtures


    World Cup Qualifier match 3
    Kosovo 2-1 Scotland
    Name:  kosovo.png
Views: 1115
Size:  539.2 KB

    Our nightmare start shows no signs of improvement as the newest team in the European qualifying stages. Kosovo hd a 2 goal lead before a second half goal from Griffiths gave us hope but no points.

    World Cup Qualifier match 4
    Estonia 1-4 Scotland
    Name:  estonia.png
Views: 1110
Size:  543.6 KB

    We finally get our first win. against the basement dwellers. Griffiths got his hatrick and is now on 55 goals for Scotland. Now in his 30's we need to find his long term replacement

    Name:  group.png
Views: 1122
Size:  734.4 KB

    Were almost at the half way stage and were 5 points from the top 3. Next seasons defense will have to up there game several levels to make the 2022 world cup.

    Darren Fletcher retires
    Name:  fletcher retire.png
Views: 1087
Size:  272.0 KB

  33. End of Season 2020/21


    Last season i said our record of 32 wins would be nearly impossible to match. Well so much for that. Still not hit Celtic record points haul so that plus Hearts 132 goals in one season, our best is 125 and finally Celtic's 25 wins in a a row are the three records we will have our sights on for next season while keeping our amazing unbeaten run going. Were now at 78 SPL matches and 97 games overall in all Scottish football competitions without defeat. The 78 league run is the second best in European history behind Steaua Bucuresti's 106 game unbeaten run from 1986-1989 although we dont have a commie government controlling our players. Paul Hartley can consider his first full season at Celtic a success as he matched Brendon Rodgers best season total points with a weaker squad. Rangers, Falkirk and Hibs had there private battle over the Europa League places. Hearts were the final team in the top 6 and had a great end of a season. Dundee were not good enough for the top 6 but too good for bottom 6. Partick were also stuck in no mans land but tied with Raith who finished the season on fire pulling well clear of the other bottom sides. Inverness tied with Morton on 29 points but Morton's significantly worse goal difference had them in the play off spots which proved to be vital as Motherwell thrashed them in the final. while Ross County went right back to the Championships.

    Name:  final tavle.png
Views: 1065
Size:  838.3 KB

    Hamilton are another team returning to the SPL winning the championship comfortably leaving behind Dundee Utd, Kilmarnock & St Johnstone but not Dunfermline who suffer back to back relegations. Berwick avoided following them thanks in large part to the league's top scorer Bob McHugh. Forfar won League 1 and are the only team coming up from there this season while Queens Park and Hampden return to League 2 finishing 1 point clear of bottom spot and then won there play off game to survive. The most dramatic league by a long way this term was League 2. The two remaining promoted sides Hawick & Brora fought out a season long battle for the title with Hawick taking the trophy home. Elgin City fell out of the league loosing to Vale of Leithen

    Name:  final tavle PLAYOFFS.png
Views: 1069
Size:  732.1 KB

    Big League review
    Name:  all leagues.png
Views: 1075
Size:  851.2 KB

    Name:  all leagues France.png
Views: 1066
Size:  873.7 KB

    Atletico once again win a tight La Liga a point clear of Barcelona gaining revenge for getting put out of the Champions league by them again. Real Madrid were 4 points back while Real Socidad shocked the league by taking the Champions League spot while Villarreal miss out of Europe.
    Man City won one of the closes Premiership's in a while with Tottenham one point behind and Arsenal only 3 off the title. familiar teams taking the European spots while Chelsea take there first FA Cup trophy in the save.
    Juventus are back on top in Italy in a thrilling 4 way fight with Roma, Inter and defending champions Napoli missing out on the Champions league
    Bayern won the Bundasliga by 13 points, Usual suspects Dortmund & Leverkusen are joined by the ever improving Hoffenheim in the Champions League while Stuttgart are the biggest team in Europe to be relegated so far.
    Monaco fell 2 points short of last years total but still outscored even Aberdeen with 105 points with a comfortable gap to PSG who were even further clear of Lyon. PSG did win there 6th French cup in 7 seasons to save face

    No Early Summer Manager changes

    Aberdeen 2019/20
    Name:  Aberdeen squad.png
Views: 1068
Size:  793.1 KB

    At this stage it may be time to say bye to Ryan Jack as a starting player while Ali Msakni also has a questionable season. Chambers had a great first season while Frizzell secured his place as the second striker in the team while Klein is nothing short of a monster

    Aberdeen Fans player awards
    Name:  fans awards.png
Views: 1047
Size:  290.3 KB

    Klein romps to the player of the year but im shocked that under 70% of fans voted for him despite all his scoring records

    Name:  klein stats.png
Views: 1058
Size:  872.0 KB

    Name:  klien player of month record.png
Views: 1057
Size:  893.6 KB

    So here's the artwork behind what had to be by far my greatest single season performer from a striker. 54 league goals and 60 in totals. Unbeatable records.

    Aberdeen Finances
    Final Balance £39,7M -£3m

    Our first Loss of money over a season. Most of that is down to the £18m of Champions league money we missed out on as well as ticket money from those games. Higher spending on wages will be addressed this summer.

    Other Competitions

    Champions League
    Tottenham 1-0 Barcelona
    Name:  CL final.png
Views: 1044
Size:  728.4 KB

    Harry Kane thought it was 1999 with a stoppage time winner

    Europa League
    Schalke 1-3 Man City
    Name:  EL finals.png
Views: 1040
Size:  723.3 KB

    Its a double for Man City, Sacking Pep is the best thing they ever did.

    Scottish Teams in Europe
    Aberdeen - Champions League Group Phase
    Celtic - Europa League Group Phase
    Hearts - Europa League Group Phase
    Rangers - Europa League Group Phase
    Hibs - Europa League Play Off

    European Rankings
    Name:  euro rankings.png
Views: 1043
Size:  789.5 KB

    Aberdeen move up 1 spot despite a champions league horror show. Celtic & Rangers in the top 100


    SPL Player of the year
    Matthias Klein
    Name:  Award, Player of the year.png
Views: 1028
Size:  835.8 KB

    A Aberdeen attackers benifit. All under 24 too.

    SPL Young Player of the year
    Isaac Pereira
    Name:  Award, youngplayer.png
Views: 1042
Size:  771.9 KB

    3rd in the overall player of the year the 20 year old have been a revelation and will have pole position for holding onto the stating spot next year.

    SPL Top Scorer
    Matthias Klein - 54
    Name:  Award, top scorer.png
Views: 1053
Size:  838.5 KB

    Klein wins with a insane 54 goal haul, more than his last 2 winning total combined! A former Aberdeen striker Scott Wright finished 2nd. Maybe i shouldnt have let him got for free!

    Scottish team of the year
    Name:  Award team of the year.png
Views: 1021
Size:  705.9 KB

    Only 8 Dons players. This is because they used Frizzell as a right winger. Which he was until this season rather than a striker possibly costing us 2 spots. Joe Dodoo got on the left wing as i couldnt keep one fit but that will be different next season Trust me! Then Musonda at Celtic was far better than Ryan Jack in the midifield. Strangly it was back up player Henriksen not starter Roca that got in the team of the year.

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  34. Pre Season 2021/22

    A summer that can only get 10/10 when it comes to keeping players, buying players and sorting out contracts. On the flip side we had to gamble on stocking our side up with a stacked first team, lots on loan and a overflowing under 20s including a few players without work permits.

    A very strange summer with far more players leaving than joining. The EU ban is causing chaos to my transfer plans but we picked up a stunning French midfielder on a free and possibly the best regen DR in the save at almost double the record fee for a Scottish team.

    Manager Changes
    Cesare Prandelli - Seville
    Igor Denisov - Spartak Moscow
    Liam Fox - St Mirren
    Laurent Blanc - Anderlecht
    Fernando Hierro - Napoli

    Season Targets
    SPL - Winners
    Scottish Cup - Win
    League Cup - Win
    Champions League - Last 16

    We've cut back our spending and will spend less time trying to find a set starting 11 s we'll have a settled side going into the Champions League games.

    Pre season friendly's
    Name:  frendlys.png
Views: 971
Size:  827.5 KB

    Amazingly we beat Wolfsburg, Arsenal and Barcelona but lost to French 2nd Division side Red Star FC! The final game against Barcelona saw me loose Scotland star CB Callum Dickson for 6 months & our new record signing for 2 months! Wantaway midfielder Fernando Rey was the stand out player in pre season.

    Pre Season Prices
    Name:  preview.png
Views: 967
Size:  864.2 KB

    Looks like its the top 4 then the rest. Hearts end of season form last year reflects in there middle of the road on there own price. Motherwell, Hamilton and Raith are favorites for relegation

    Transfer records for a single deal and total sales are smashed but it came at a cost as several key players move on

    Aberdeen Transfers
    Name:  abz transfers.png
Views: 987
Size:  648.3 KB

    Axel Hock - DR
    Name:  in hock.png
Views: 972
Size:  827.8 KB

    Our only major signing of the summer He's been on my "unrealistic" short list for years and when his team Mainz were relegated a realistic fee of £21.5m was the buy out clause but the expected offers from Bayern and the like never came and we had a unchallenged run at him. Thankfully the usual twats at the work permit office must of had a day off as we add a 3rd career player to our defense. IF We can convince him to stay long term at the end of his contract in 2026! Buy out fee is £60m

    Thierry Richard - MC
    Name:  in Thierru Richard.png
Views: 979
Size:  836.9 KB

    Our only other 1st team signing in the window so far come from France on a free transfer. Had a promising start in his mid teens but never developed with Caen in the French 2nd division. Hoping to get his chance at Pittodrie

    3 More players joining our a ever weakening u20 team
    Click image for larger version

Name:	youth 1.png
Views:	979
Size:	843.0 KB
ID:	1102231Aberdeen Back where it all began-youth-2.pngAberdeen Back where it all began-youth-3.png

    5 regular starters from last seasons team move on. Last years record transfer Calum Chambers goes back to England with Southampton with our £11.25m immediately returned with another £4m to come over the next two years. His right wing man Isaac Pereira had £8m buy out clause that he was unwilling to negotiate so he moved on to Napoli. For £1m less the man that i expected to change the teams fortunes around Serge Gnabry went back home to Arsenal with £7m almost covering his medical bills. Most controversial move of the summer was long term captain Ryan Jack. He had a awful season compared to the rest of the squad and felt like he had not grown with the squad and its time to give others a chance. Jack can at least say he's now in the top 10 for overall Aberdeen appearances with 399 and still has a good few years to go down south and prove himself. Former starting player Christoher Jullien. He had sank to the depths of being a squad player so £4,5m cheque from Sunderland was enough to turn my head. Final major player on the move was Oussama Tannane. Never broke into a starting spot and with other wingers coming back from loans another £4m total return was not to be sniffed at. Two youth player's i couldnt get into the first team and was not willing to sign contract extensions were Karl Sveinsson & Miroslav Hora. One went to Dundee the other went to Real Madrid.....

    World Transfers
    Name:  world transfer June.png
Views: 950
Size:  829.4 KB

    Name:  world transfer July.png
Views: 953
Size:  828.1 KB

    This summer has been mental. The oil rich teams have spent huge sums while Man Utd spent £30m on Lewis Cook and another £30m on Wayne Walker who my Aberdeen players ran rings round 2 seasons ago when he was at Celtic on loan.

    SPL Transfers
    Name:  SPL transfers.png
Views: 960
Size:  830.7 KB

    Take out Aberdeen and it a poor summer for the SPL with Celtic loosing a few key players. Hibs make less profile additions but the best of the youngsters that moved south Alen Brtan, Jack Munro and Joe Page all join there champions League challenge. Rangers biggest addition was 33 year old Adam Lallana.

    Name:  squad 1.png
Views: 962
Size:  806.9 KB

    Name:  squad 2.png
Views: 955
Size:  811.3 KB

    The starting team looks to have improved from the rest of the squad. Only the center of the midfield is up for questions. Ross Macauley will also be on a short leash as with him and Adam Smith the worry for this is this could be too soon?

    Youth team
    Name:  squad u20s.png
Views: 950
Size:  810.3 KB

    This is the weakest u20s team i've had since the first season thanks to Brexit

    Starting 11
    Name:  starting 11.png
Views: 952
Size:  671.8 KB

    I've kept changes to a minimum. Hock was bought in as a once in a save addition. Smith gets the first shot at replacing Ryan Jack in the midfield while our star play Lozano finally has a work permit and is joined on the wing by u20 star Ross Maccauley who's name i never spell right

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  35. Great work as always. Another fine read. After 4 seasons all thats left to do in the save is win a european trophy

  36. August

    5 games, 5 wins all comfortable including thrashing Rangers on flag day


    Aberdeen 4-0 Rangers
    Name:  1 rangers.png
Views: 837
Size:  542.8 KB

    A quiet first half where Rangers held there own and knocked back our advances. The second half seen us return to last years form. 2 of the players returning from loans Lozano and 3rd choice right back Stephen got goals. Back up striker Lars Skutelis & Adam Fizzell got the other goals as we get the season off to a perfect start.

    Betfred Cup 2nd Round
    Aberdeen 6-1 Hamilton
    Name:  2 hamilton.png
Views: 827
Size:  542.4 KB

    With only two regular starters this had the potential to be a disaster against a fellow SPL team but the youngsters show our u19s are still a team with quality running through it especially since half of the goals from the u20s.

    Raith 1-5 Aberdeen
    Name:  3 raith.png
Views: 830
Size:  536.4 KB

    Klein finally got his first goal of the season but was quickly cancelled out by there worst player Ricki Lamie. Borja got us back in front before the break and the scoring went mad once Raith went down to 10 men.

    Aberdeen 2-0 Inverness CT
    Name:  4 IT.png
Views: 827
Size:  541.4 KB

    Klein got both goals

    Aberdeen 3-1 Hearts
    Name:  5 hearts.png
Views: 828
Size:  542.5 KB

    Hearts were the only other team to top the table at all this season as they scored the first SPL goal of the season. They showed no threat of doing so again as Klein got 2 and right back Landi pulled another one back

    SPFL Table
    Name:  SPL table.png
Views: 827
Size:  829.2 KB

    Top 3 already look like they will soon run clear of the rest. Rangers start was abysmal as they only got there first win against winless side Motherwell

    Champions League Draw
    Group of Death
    Name:  CL group.png
Views: 830
Size:  759.7 KB

    It couldnt have been much worse. There's a real chance we'll end up bottom again.

    August Transfer Window

    Aberdeen Back where it all began-youth-1.pngAberdeen Back where it all began-youth-2.pngAberdeen Back where it all began-youth-3.png
    Three u20s Join

    World Transfers
    Name:  world august transfers.png
Views: 822
Size:  834.4 KB

    SPL Transfers
    Name:  SPL transfers.png
Views: 828
Size:  867.5 KB

    Celtic have mini clear our and bring in youths and loans to plug the gaps, Hibs too loaned 3 more players as well as buying Rangers best wing back. Rangers buy Hamilton and Hearts back up players....

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  37. Scotland
    September Fixtures

    Name:  squad.png
Views: 779
Size:  807.4 KB

    A few changes. Hibs wonder kid Ben Mcllroy is apparently the best in Scotland so he'll take over from Fletcher. Both my center back Hanley & Dickson are out injured

    World Cup Qualifier Match
    Scotland 6-1 Liechtenstein
    Name:  1 lichen.png
Views: 788
Size:  542.6 KB

    This was nothing but a warm up fo the Russia match

    World Cup Qualifier Match
    Scotland 3-0 Russia
    Name:  2 russia.png
Views: 784
Size:  509.5 KB

    This game was win or bust for our qualifying chances and thanks to the big win with 3 second half goals were right back in the playoff battle

    Name:  table.png
Views: 783
Size:  736.9 KB

    That massive result combined with Estonia beating Kosovo has us right in the mix for that playoff spot. Snookers required to catch Switzerland in top spot.

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  38. September

    Aberdeen are unbeaten in all competition taking there domestic form into a solid start in Europe


    Falkirk 0-2 Aberdeen
    Name:  1 falkikr.png
Views: 713
Size:  533.2 KB

    Incredibly dirty game. Didnt realise the relations were so bad

    Champions League Match 1
    PSV 0-5 Aberdeen
    Name:  2 psv.png
Views: 712
Size:  532.6 KB

    An amazing start to the campaign that puts us firmly in pole position for 3rd place. Klein's hattrick is his announcement that this year he wants the Champions league golden boot as well

    Celtic 1-1 Aberdeen
    Name:  3 celtic.png
Views: 713
Size:  539.1 KB

    We drop points for the first time this season with all the action going down in the first 6 minutes

    Betfair Cup Q/F
    Aberdeen 3-0 QOTS
    Name:  4 qots.png
Views: 710
Size:  537.2 KB

    with only 3 regular starters we win convincingly against lower league opposition

    Aberdeen 4-1 Dundee
    Name:  5 dundee.png
Views: 707
Size:  529.9 KB

    Klein's two early goals were almost nulled by a Dundee fightback that lasted till early in the 2nd half

    Champions League Match 2
    Aberdeen 1-1 Juventus
    Name:  6 juve.png
Views: 706
Size:  525.3 KB

    We outplayed the Italian giants for most of the game but have to share the points once Klein pulled us level after Juventus hit us with a suckerpunch in the half hour

    SPFL Table
    Name:  SPL table.png
Views: 726
Size:  838.1 KB

    Aberdeen lead the way but to the shock of us all Partick are in 2nd spot ahead of Celtic and Hibs. Rangers still looking to find some form in 7th only just got there 2nd win. Very bleak start for Motherwell & Falkirk who are still yet to win.

    Champions League
    Name:  CL table.png
Views: 700
Size:  749.3 KB

    We came very close to getting 6 points out of 6 but still i cant complain abut 4 points heading into our double header with Arsenal which will decide if were fighting for top 2 or 3rd place.

  39. Scotland
    October Fixtures

    Same problems as last month. Both starting CB's are out

    European Championships Qualifier Match
    Switzerland 2-1 Scotland
    Name:  1 swiss.png
Views: 671
Size:  540.1 KB

    The Swiss are a better team and won out in a tight game that leaves us having to win our last 3 games just to make the playoffs

    European Championships Qualifier Match
    Scotland 3-1 Kosovo
    Name:  2 kosovo.png
Views: 668
Size:  541.0 KB

    We HAD to win this game and despite a scare from Kosovo in the second half we won out, And the Swiss beat Russia to close the gap.

    Name:  table.png
Views: 678
Size:  736.4 KB

    We still need Russia to mess up one of there final games to get us into the 2022 world cup

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  40. Been keeping up to date with this in the background as I had forgot my login details. Brilliant read so far and well done on your achievements with Aberdeen.
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  41. October


    Hamilton 0-2 Aberdeen
    Name:  1 hamitlon.png
Views: 973
Size:  531.5 KB

    We were not at our best but a positive result after champions league is never to be frowned upon

    Motherwell 0-4 Aberdeen
    Name:  2 motherwell.png
Views: 973
Size:  533.4 KB

    Back from the international break and despite resting a few players we trounced one of the worst Motherwell teams i've seen

    Champions League Match 3
    Aberdeen 0-1 Arsenal
    Name:  3 arsenal.png
Views: 962
Size:  534.9 KB

    We finally loose a European game and there is no shame to loose to a team as stacked as this

    Betfred Cup S/F
    Aberdeen 4-0 Falkirk
    Name:  4 falkirk.png
Views: 965
Size:  534.8 KB

    Klein as ever was the difference after leading us to a 3 goal lead in the first 20 minutes to recover from our first defeat of the season

    Aberdeen 4-1 Partick Thistle
    Name:  5 partick.png
Views: 953
Size:  535.3 KB

    The early season pace setters have been in terrible from dropping back to mid table where they should were you would expect to find them.

    Hibs 0-3 Aberdeen
    Name:  6 hibs.png
Views: 954
Size:  536.6 KB

    On the 57th minute it looked like our unbeaten run was destined to end. Marc Roca was sent off with the score at 0-0 and we had to go more defensive. 10 minutes later Macauley put us ahead before Klein and a own goal made this looking more dominant than it should have been.

    SPFL Table
    Name:  sPL table.png
Views: 947
Size:  825.9 KB

    A gaps started to open at the top. Were 9 points clear of Celti who have only lost one game. Partick recover back into 3rd. Rangers still in the bottom half and were the worst team in the league last month.

    Champions League
    Name:  CL table.png
Views: 953
Size:  744.4 KB

    We really could have done with a draw at home to Arsenal if we were to challenge for a top 2 spot. Now we'll have to get a result in London or Turin to reach the last 16.

  42. Such a rough Champions League group man, hope you can pip 3rd though
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  43. Scotland
    November Fixtures

    World Cup Qualifier Match
    Liechtenstein 0-3 Scotland
    Name:  1 lich.png
Views: 883
Size:  543.8 KB

    We win our game, Russia are held 1-1 with Kosovo to put us into 2nd but it will be a huge final game. Russia are at home to Liechtenstein and we play Estonia at home. Whoever scores the most will get 2nd spot

    World Cup Qualifier Match
    Scotland 2-0 Estonia
    Name:  2 estonia.png
Views: 878
Size:  537.5 KB

    Griffiths chose the wrong day to get his first Scotland red card

    Name:  tabl.png
Views: 881
Size:  740.5 KB

    We miss out as Russia put 9 goals past the worst side in the group so we miss out on goal difference. This was made even worse as i thought at full time we had gone through as we were 2nd in the table however Russia played later in the day to make this even worse!

  44. November

    Champions League last 16 spot is in our hands
    With the clubs rep at an all time high after the Arsenal match we hire youth guru John Bosman as our head of youth


    Champions League Match 4
    Arsenal 2-3 Aberdeen
    Name:  1 arsenal.png
Views: 804
Size:  514.3 KB

    A stunning display that totally alters our push for the last 16 spots. Despite a Mustafi opening goal Klein scored twice in the last two minutes of the first half and on a counter attack on the hour mark Borja Garcia made it 3-1. We locked the back door but Alexis Sanchez pulled a goal back right at the death but it was too little too late and our best result of the season is in the books

    Rangers 1-1 Aberdeen
    Name:  2 rangers.png
Views: 798
Size:  539.1 KB

    i was sort of expecting this after such a good night in Europe. Paul Lambert is fighting for his job and 89th minute equalizer from Barrie McKay may have saved his job.

    Inverness CT 0-3 Aberdeen
    Name:  3 IT.png
Views: 800
Size:  539.6 KB

    The first half was a real worry as the Scottish players still seemed deflated from Scotland going out of the World Cup qualifers but quick burst seen goals from Macauley & Garcia got us on the way and a late strike from Lozano secured a goal from each of my attacking midfielders with Klein rested for the big game with PSV

    Champions League Match 5
    Aberdeen 3-1 PSV
    Name:  4 PSV.png
Views: 801
Size:  538.8 KB

    Never in doubt. I've had tougher SPL games than i've had with PSV this season. They even opened the scoring with a o'g as if there own performance was not poor enough

    SPFL Table
    Name:  SPL table.png
Views: 799
Size:  830.8 KB

    Celtic played a extra game to make the gap seem respectable. If Partick win there game in hand they will be 2nd! Hearts and Hibs tied in 4th with Hearts led by Louis Vaughan looking far more impressive. Bottom 7 cast adrift but you would think if Rangers got a decent manager they may fly up the table. Klein's rest days has contributed to his fall to 3rd in the scoring charts

    Late Breaking news
    Name:  laura-goodwin-stv.jpg
Views: 781
Size:  14.9 KB

    Take it away Laura Goodwin

    If Rangers are to return to the top 6 it wont be with Paul Lambert who was sacked, understandably so after this abysmal start to the season. He worked miracles to bring home the 2017/18 League title in his first full season and kept bringing them into Europe despite lagging behind Celtic & Aberdeen

    Name:  Lambert sack.png
Views: 785
Size:  275.9 KB

    Champions League
    Name:  cl table.png
Views: 797
Size:  746.3 KB

    And it all comes down to 1 night in Turin. I have no hope of top spot with Arsenal playing the pointless PSV its all down to us and the result in this game. We drew 1-1 at Pittodrie so a score draw will be enough to reach the last 16. Defeat and its Europa League

  45. Betfed Cup Final 2021

    Name:  trophy.jpg
Views: 771
Size:  37.2 KB

    Celtic vs Aberdeen
    Name:  celtic logo.jpg
Views: 683
Size:  7.5 KB Name:  aberdeen logo.png
Views: 687
Size:  8.5 KB
    A repeat of last season's final. Will Celtic finally end our unbeaten League cup run?

    Name:  formations.png
Views: 683
Size:  401.3 KB

    In a shocking state of affairs i remember to take this picture prior to kick off

    Celtic 0-1 Aberdeen
    Name:  Match.png
Views: 682
Size:  537.5 KB

    Far from a interesting or even a watchable final that was settle by the only goal of the game from Borja Garia, the oldest player in the team still providing some magic.

    My League Cup history
    Played 24
    Won 24
    League Cup Trophy's 6/6

    Also must add my apologies that the updates have slowed down. The 50 hour working weeks were taking there tole but now i've got the joint save with Klippy this will get less attention but i have NO PLANS to stop the story

  46. December

    A perfect month and a big pile of luck leads to a better than perfect month in the world of the Dons

    Rangers have a new manager and i'm scratching my head as to why? Unless they have given up any long term dreams of winning another title ever!
    Name:  rangers new boss.png
Views: 654
Size:  322.2 KB


    Aberdeen 3-0 Falkirk
    Name:  1 falkirk.png
Views: 656
Size:  504.5 KB

    This was the template to how the month would be. A 3 goals and a clean sheet

    Hearts 1-2 Aberdeen
    Name:  2 hearts.png
Views: 649
Size:  532.0 KB

    Ok i lied we didnt always keep a clean sheet and in geordie land we needed a 87th minute O'G from Danny Rodgers to win this one.

    Champions League Match 6
    Juventus 0-2 Aberdeen
    Name:  3 juventus.png
Views: 650
Size:  531.4 KB

    This was where our champions league campaign was supposed to end for the year but miracles do happen as the following 90 minutes showed. Stalemate in the first half was good but not what we needed. I was looking down on all Juve's key players and hoping to get a lucky break for the first goal before totally shutting up shop and that moment of luck came in teh 51st minute from Lars Skutelis, Klein's back up to most of you. Juve never looked like a team that had a good half hour to save there season and that was decided when one of there better players on the night Jorrit Hendrix scored a O'G to secure our past into the last 16. Only question was did we finish 1st or 2nd. I had given up on top spot due to Arsenal playing PSV but more on that later

    Aberdeen 2-0 Celtic
    Name:  4 celtic.png
Views: 645
Size:  536.3 KB

    Fresh from a huge night of action in Italy this was yet another potential bannana skin that we got round without much issues. It also clashed with my birthday "in game date" so the least Klien could have done was struck home a 88th minute penalty to get the party started sharpish, Not that there will ever be a birthday party as my Mum banned me from birthday partys after i was a disaster at my 6th party and there was never another one after that, even though that was in 1993!

    Dundee 1-3 Aberdeen
    Name:  5 dundee.png
Views: 640
Size:  534.3 KB

    This would be the second and last goal we would conceded in January with Macauley becoming worryingly good in front of goal. 4 AM's dont fit into 3

    Aberdeen 3-0 Motherwell
    Name:  6 motherweel.png
Views: 643
Size:  539.1 KB

    Top vs Bottom and our 5 back up players had more than enough in the tank to win this

    Partick 0-3 Aberdeen
    Name:  7 particck.png
Views: 642
Size:  535.9 KB

    This would usually not get a second thought from me but Partick have been beating all comers this season and despite not having a good squad of good first 11 they seem to be getting results, except for today

    Aberdeen 5-0 Raith
    Name:  8 raith.png
Views: 643
Size:  535.9 KB

    Aberdeen 6-0 Hamilton
    Name:  9 hamitlon.png
Views: 642
Size:  538.7 KB

    Fans get treated to 11 goals in the final two games of the year

    SPFL Table
    Name:  SPL table.png
Views: 643
Size:  844.4 KB

    After a very busy month in the SPL our gap is at 13 points having only dropped 4 points all season. Celtic are in a lonley 2nd spot with the capital teams fighting for 3rd. Partick may be running out of gas and Rangers under new leadership might have shut me up and the top 6 looks kind of solid already. Motherwell and Inverness are starting too look lonley at the bottom and seem to be the worst two sides in the lead. Klein is back in the golden boot race after getting a few games this month

    Champions League Final Group
    Name:  CL table.png
Views: 646
Size:  749.4 KB

    PSV conceded 17 goals in 5 games but today of all days they managed to shut out Arsenal and thanks to away goals in the Arsenal game we win the group

    Champions League Last 16 Draw
    Chelsea vs Aberdeen
    Name:  Cldraw.png
Views: 641
Size:  723.9 KB

    It looks bad but then i look at Arsenal and see they drew Barcelona so good draw. The most amazing part of our draw with Chelsea is there manager for the past 4 seasons has be Louie Van Gaal

  47. January

    4 Teams as well as Rangers have new managers
    Name:  manager changes.png
Views: 600
Size:  771.6 KB

    No manager changes but a divine intervention at Partick
    Name:  jesus.png
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    Aberdeen 2-0 Hibs
    Name:  1 hibs.png
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    Klein comes back from the winter break to continue his assault on the clubs all time scoring record

    Aberdeen 3-0 Rangers
    Name:  2 rangers.png
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    Klein this week got all 3 to rule out the usual new Rangers manager curse

    Scottish Cup 4th Round
    Partick 0-4 Aberdeen
    Name:  3 partick.png
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    Time for the winter break part 2. We will be resting players over the next 3 games with big games & Champions League back next months

    Aberdeen 3-1 Inverness CT
    Name:  4 Inverness ct.png
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    Raith 1-2 Aberdeen
    Name:  5 Raith.png
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    Our back up players did there best to end the winning run but Raith just wanted to loose that bit more and two second half red cards seen them throw away a 1 goal lead

    SPFL Table
    Name:  Table.png
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    Celtic have competition for 2nd as they fall 18 points behind Aberdeen. Hibs & Hearts are right on there tails. Rangers road to the top 6 is clear as day while Partick begin to fumble. Motherwell look goosed at the bottom with Inverness not much better

    Transfer Window

    Two u19s join
    Aberdeen Back where it all began-1.pngAberdeen Back where it all began-2.png

    Busy window in the sales category we had a busy one. The midfield overload problem is over. We sold Fernando Rey to Barcelona £7.75m and Markus Henriksen to Inter £11.5m will give our youth players a chance as well as getting a great return on players that were rotational. We also sold back up wing back Mario Landi. £3m for a player thats been in the medical room all season is good for me! We also lost u20 RB Ryan Dingwall who i thought was signed up but clearly was not and Man Utd got him for a steal at £575k.

    World Transfers
    Name:  World transfers.png
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    PSG need to go away. Now there breaking the £100m mark bringing in Thiago Maia from Barcelona. They then spend £56m on a player we were once in the running for for FREE, Gui! Another crazy transfer with links to me was my Scotland Left Back Andy Robertson joining Chelsea for £28m, possibly reaching £38m One more then our first star midfielder Diego Poyet moved from Germany to Liverpool for £22,5m

    SPL transfers
    For once it wasnt all about Aberdeen's deal. Rangers managed to spend almost £10m. Where was this money for Paul Lambert? Another piece of good karma involving Aberdeen as a defender we sold to Dundee in the summer for £275k has just joined Man Utd for £5,75m

  48. How are you doing this ? lol I cannot get a decent run going with Rangers in the top league let alone Aberdeen lol. Awesome champions league group win!
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  49. Quote Originally Posted by 2Girls1Schlupp View Post
    How are you doing this ? lol I cannot get a decent run going with Rangers in the top league let alone Aberdeen lol. Awesome champions league group win!
    First 3 seasons saw little progress. We were always 2nd at best but eventually Rogers left Celtic and lost all there good players bit by bit, Rangers never improved we got a bit better every year and eventually got enough money and players to be ahead of them. I have to admit the run has taken even me by surprise as the game gets smart to your tactics ect. Thing is except Hibs and Celtic for the most part every team has had a glaring weakness thats made them easy to beat. I expected at some stage either Hibs or the Old Firm would beat me just with the law of averages but so far so good.
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  50. February

    Klein takes a major Dons record with his 137th league goal against Hearts he is now the clubs record league scorer. He only needs another 25 to overtake King Joe Harper as the clubs all time scorer in all competitions
    Name:  Klien record goals.png
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    That wasnt the only record going in February. The late equalizer against Celtic equaled the world record for unbeaten league matches then in the final game of the month we broke the world record to move to 107 league games unbeaten. The best ever
    Name:  Dons record unbeaten.png
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    Falkirk 0-3 Aberdeen
    Name:  1 falkirk.png
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    Aberdeen 2-0 Hearts
    Name:  2 hearts.png
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    Scottish Cup 5th Round
    Hibs 0-1 Aberdeen
    Name:  3 hibs.png
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    Never liked a trip to Easter Road in any form of fiction or reality. Hibs made this uncomfortable but we've made it to the next round

    Champions League last 16 1st leg
    Chelsea 1-0 Aberdeen
    Name:  4 celtic.png
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    This was a crime! I've how this game remained scoreless for the final 88 minutes is one of the great mystery's of this game. We hammered them in the first half but Chelsea had the better of the 2nd half. No away goal is bit of a ball breaker but i have faith that when we get them back to Pittodrie we can knock them out

    Celtic 2-2 Aberdeen
    Name:  5 celtic.png
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    This was a game i worried about. Right after a European game with the world record so close Celtic came closer than anyone to finally beating us at what would have been the most heartbreaking time but someone upstairs was looking down on us and especially Ross Macauley who saved the day. Celtic did manage to protect a record of there own that we were hunting down we were looking for our 16th win in a row but fell well short of Celtic's 25 in a row

    107 undefeated record day
    Aberdeen 6-0 Dundee
    Name:  6 dundee.png
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    Klein got a hattrick but this was not about any single player but a team effort to take a world record to Pittodrie

    Name:  Dons record unbeaten wiki.png
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    SPFL Table
    Name:  spl table.png
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    Were top and having our best league season ever. Hearts & Hibs are doing there best to keep up with Celtic for 2nd while Rangers & Partick looking good for top 6. The bottom 2 teams are so bad it will take a miracle for them to move up the table. The golden boot race took a major hit as Griffiths is set to miss a March after missing most of this month with a injury.

    Youth Intake
    Aberdeen Back where it all began-youth-1-douglas.pngAberdeen Back where it all began-youth-2.pngAberdeen Back where it all began-youth-3.png
    Ross Douglas looks like class, Two more sign on.

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