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Ethan Rhodes

  1. Ethan Rhodes

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  2. BBC The Hunt

    Friday 1st of July 2016 [day one]

    Ethan : "Hello, you are through to Ethan Rhodes, whom am I speaking with please?"

    Unknown : "Hello Ethan, how are you this morning?"

    Ethan : "I am fine thank you, but whom am I speaking with?"

    John Fenty : "It's John Fenty, the chairman of Grimsby Town"

    Ethan : "Hello John, how are you doing? It's nice to hear from you on this fine morning"

    John Fenty : "I am doing fine thank you Ethan, you might have heard there is a job available at Grimsby?"

    Ethan : "I have been scouring the available managerial jobs and saw that Grimsby was on of them"

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    John Fenty : "Glad to hear you have been searching for a position as I would like to invite you for an interview"

    Ethan : "Really? I would be delighted to come for an interview John, where and when would this take place?"

    John Fenty : "It's only 8:17am right now so how about we convene this afternoon at 2pm at Blundell Park?"

    Ethan : "Ok John, that would be great I will see you at 2pm at Grimsby's Stadium, I look forward to it."

  3. BBC Decisions Decisions

    Friday 1st of July 2016 [day one]

    • Decision one
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    • Decision two
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    So it gets to 10:51am and I get two e-mails through on my laptop, one in regards to Coventry City who are currently in League One. The other was in regards to Grimsby who I have already spoken to this morning and been offered an interview so I really feel I owe it to John Fenty for the phone call to head there rather than go for the Coventry City one, what do you think?

  4. Sky Sports Pearce

    Thursday 7th of July 2016 [day 7]

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    So I was invited for an interview for the position at Coventry City, I turned it down and it's a good job because going up against a Legend like Stuart Pearce would take some doing!

  5. Sky Sports Accepted

    Wednesday 13th of Julyt 2016 [day 13]

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