One man club - Tranmere Rovers

  1. One man club - Tranmere Rovers

    I am doing a blog where I am attempting to take Tranmere Rovers to the top!

  2. A quick update where you can meet the team..

  3. Blog update - start of the season.

  4. Blog update - Top of the table clash!

  5. Blog Update!

    Moving in to pole position!

  6. *Season Finale!*

    The final update for the season with a chance of winning two trophies!

  7. *Update!*

    We begin our adventure in the Football League!

  8. ** Update! **

    We begin the season!

  9. Change of plan........

    ** Update **


  10. Chance of another blog out tomorrow!!

    ** Blog update **


  11. Second blog of the weekend is out.


  12. ** Blog update **

    We have a chance to win the league...

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