Fm17 Leeds United - the sleeping giant is awaking

  1. Fm17 Leeds United - the sleeping giant is awaking

    Hi i have played football manager for as long as i can remember but this year iv decided to do it different

    i am playing as my favourite team Leeds United and what you all to join me along the journey

    i have for the first time started my own youtube channel story

    Lewisfm17 Leeds

    i will be uploading videos of my transfers, tactics and also recording videos as i play important and normal games so you can see how i react to situations and also the passion in which inplay the game

    i currently have two videos uploaded and would love you all to view them and let me know what you think, how i can improve and also any tips or suggestions you may have

    so please view the channel and subscribe for video updates

  2. Would anyone like to see a video of the whole tactic im using?

  3. There will be a new episode updates tonight so subscribe for a notification

    cud do with a bigger following for feedback



    episode 3 please watch and subscribe

  5. 3rd episode including first live game please watch and subscribe

  6. Nice a different approach to the story telling will check them out at some point good luck with the save

  7. Nice one give em a watch and subscribe i have more vids to upload

    leave comments if theres owt ud change

  8. Tonite i will be uploaded my newest transfers and first prem game

    leeds vs man utd

    subscribe to get updates

  9. Is anyone from here following??

    wat do u think so far

  10. New video is up guys

    please can u all check it out

  11. Newest video in my story is uploaded

    Give it a watch and feel free to like or comment

    If you like what you see then please subscribe

  12. Episode 10 is now live

    please watch and give feedback

  13. Episode 11

    episode 12

    please watch and comment people

  14. The latest episode in my story

  15. I just started to watch. good job, man. keep going.

  16. I glad your enjoying it, feel free to leave a comment

  17. Episode 15 is uploaded

    please give it a view and subscribe if u like what u see

  18. The latest episode in my leeds story

    Please give it a view and let me know what u think of my transfers and how you would improve my squad


  19. I actually uploaded the wrong edit of episode 16 so this is the full version

    please give it a view and a like


  20. Newest epsiose is online guys

    a bad night in paris

  21. Episode 18 is uploaded and online

  22. Would anyone like me to make any videos on players in the future or wonderkids etc???

  23. Newest episode in my leeds united story sees me against bayern munich

    The lads are over achieving and performing well

    Please watch the video and like the video or leave a comment and subscribe if you wish this will help me build my following


  24. Episode 20

    all they need is a win or a draw to take the premier league title!!!

  25. Episode 21 is up loaded please please check it out this team is really coming together

    leeds vs man utd

  26. Latest episode is up

    please give it a view abd comment what u think please

  27. Going to record and edit a new video later on tonite

    I want to have back ground music and maybe play a song when we score etc any tips on doing this

    Any other suggestions of things i could maybe improve please comment

    This is my current latest video

  28. Hi chaps

    After a lay off due to work and been ill iv uploaded my 23rd episode

    Which sees me go against AC Milan in the champions league, after been dominate in the league so far the champions league is a fresh challenge, one which in the first leg i totally balls up!!!!
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