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London City FC - A City On The Rise

  1. Just caught up, what a first season in the Championship and a great start this season again!
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  2. Thanks for catching up again NathanITFC that was our second season in the Championship though!
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - October 2030

    This month I turned thirty nine, wow we've progressed along the years. But with us competing for a playoff spot again in the Championship this season thins were looking very rosey. It was looking even better that we were in the Fourth Round of the EFL Cup for only our second ever time. Could we continue our good league form and close the gap up on the league leaders to date.

    Would you look at that form! What a sensational run picking up win after win throughout October. It would be a perfect birthday present to kick star the month with a two nil home victory over Barnsley. Schepens and Oliveira netting after twenty minutes to guide us to the points. And points kept coming as we played bottom end of the table sides. A three two win against Ipswich away was followed up by a narrow one nil win at home against Mansfield through Oliveira. Back to back clean sheets and our third in four games as we beat MK Dons two nil before returning home for our final league game which saw us beat Fulham two one. Oliveira netting his fifth in as many league games whilst O'Loughlin netted the winner. We crashed out the EFL Cup in extra time of the Fourth Round against Premier League side Swansea, a 107th minute goal knocking us out.

    That brilliant run of form which has seen us win our last eight league games on the bounce sees us shoot up the table and sit in second place. Everton now lead the way and are a single point above us in second place. We then open a bit of a gap as we sit six points clear of Burnley in third and Rotherham in fourth. Hopefully a couple more good months can see us aiming for automatic promotion this season around.

    Next Update: London City FC - November 2030
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  3. What a month that was! 2nd is immense and even though there is still a long way to go, a few more months like that and you'll have promotion wrapped up early
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  4. Tough way to end last season mate.
    It looks like the team have put it behind them though.
    A couple more months of form like this and youll be pulling away.
    Keep it up!
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  5. Thanks neavie pops23 it was a superb month, just need a couple more of those

    Thanks Tracz playoffs just aren't our thing thats for sure, hopefully this year it could be
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - November 2030

    The month of the mustache, November is here and we go into the penultimate month of the year in some absolute fantastic form as we have won our last eight league games on the bounce. Could we continue that kind of form throughout November as we face four more league games. No EFL Cup games left this season after Swansea knocked us our at the end of October.

    Not a bad month again, we extended our unbeaten run to eleven if I'm correct but finally fell to a league defeat come the end of the month. A trip to Preston saw us grab a two one victory. Goals either side of the break from Kigbu and O'Loughlin saw us two up before conceding late on two record a ninth straight win. Brentford stopped our winning run as we drew nil nil at home. At Wigan we won one nil as Oliveira struck but the unbeaten run came to an end as Millwall beat us two one at the end of November.

    As you can see, we have been top of the Championship however the defeat at the end of the month has seen Everton close the small gap and move back ahead of us. They sit top after eighteen games with forty points on the board whilst we're in second with thirty nine. We now have a six point gap over the chasing pack in the playoff spots. Just ten points separate the top ten teams at this stage of the season so we're not getting carried away any time soon.

    Next Update: London City FC - December 2030
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  6. __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - December 2030

    Here we go again then, the final month of 2030, the festivities of the snowy month indeed. We could go into both Christmas and the New Year on top of the pile at the Championship if we could hold our nerve through this month. We have six games throughout December and have been playing very well especially as of late. A few more good months and we could see ourselves confirmed promoted within a couple a months time.

    Not too bad a month really when you see the teams we played, four of them have been in the Premier League over the last three or four years as well. We beat relegated Bristol City three two to kick start the month, they're not having the best return to the Championship. O'Loughlin and McGregor netting before the break before Oliveira netted int he second half. Cardiff beat us at home two one as we seem to be struggle at home as of late. We traveled to Crystal Paace and beat them two one, again Oliveira and O'Loughlin both on target for us before drawing nil nil to QPR, who we will face in the FA Cup Third Round in January. League leaders Everton beat us one nil at Goodison Park before we beat Rotehrham to end the calander year one nil, Oliveira netting.

    Despite a couple losses creeping into our game, including a defeat against league leaders Everton we still sit second in the Championship and till have our eyes set on promotion this year around. We trail the league leaders by just two points and a plus five goal difference which isn't too bad just over half way through the league season. We've then opened up a eight point gap over third and fourth place Brentford and Millwall. Its now eleven point separating the top seven teams as we're starting to break away.

    Next Update: London City FC - January 2031
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  7. O'Loughlin and Oliveria seem to always score! Looking to make any transfers in Jan? Keep up the good form!
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  8. Nice little gap you have above 3rd now! hope you can keep this up!
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  9. Great end to the year, shame about the defeat to Everton but still only 2 points behind. More importantly is the nice little gap between you and 3rd. KIU
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  10. Loving this thread, quick question though, have Leeds went up? I always like to know in long term saves

  11. They do indeed NathanITFC they've done well for us since joining. No I had looked for some loan additions but decided against it.

    Thank Naterr

    Thanks neavie pops23 hopefully we can hold second at least and avoid those playoffs.
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - January 2031

    January 2031 and we're second in the Championship as we head into the New Year. Its been a steady, tough, ride for London City FC over the years but we're now just four or five months away from potentially gracing the top tier of English football, if we can hold our nerve this time around following our playoff misery last year. January also sees the FA Cup begin as we look to try and force a run in that competition as well.

    I'm not sure what went on in our first two Championship matches of January, thankfully we regained form to finish it better than we started it but they are heavy defeats. Bournemouth beat us four one at home before we knocked out fellow Championship side QPR out the FA Cup Third Round with Oliveira netting and Schepens hitting a brace. West Brom then upset the applecart as they stuffed us five one we just had no response. Thankfully back at home we finished the month well as Oliveira netted a brace in a two one win over Birmingham and a hatrick against Norwich who we beat five one, Schepens with the other two.

    We remain second in the league and still trail Everton by two points but a significant goal difference now may put us out the running for the title should it come down to goal difference come the end of the season. We need a couple of easier months, like we had near the start of the season to increase morale and get some constant wins on the board again.

    Next Update: London City FC - February 2031
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  12. __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - February 2031

    Into February and still sitting in contention not only for promotion but the league title too. Fun fact: every season we've won promotion, we've taken the title with us, never through the playoffs or automatic promotion spots. It would be amazing for us to do it again. But a lot of football is still to play with eighteen league games remaining heading into February, we'd play ... of those this month as well as continue our FA Cup journey, all at least try to.

    A mixed month February turned out to be, six matches, two wins, two draws, two defeats, very mixed indeed. We began by crashing out the FA Cup in the Fourth Round as Premier League side Huddersfield welcomed us and beat us three nil. A trip to Leeds so us win two one, former United player Schepens opened the scoring, Oliveira closed it in injury time. Burnley beat us one nil. We then beat Aston Vilaa two nil as McGregor and Schepens netted. The month ended with back to back draws, two all at home against struggling Sunderland with Oliveira and Schepens netting again and a one all draw away at Barnsley with Oliveira netting our goal.

    Despite winning just twice in February we've moved to the top of the league and one point clear of Everton, is their collapse on the cards suddenly. But the up and down form has seen the chasing pack move in now. Brentford in third are just a further point behind now whilst Burnley and Millwall in fourth and fifth are only five points off us at the top of the pile. Twelve points seperating the top ten teams with thirteen league games to play. It'll be a tight, fun end to the season.

    Next Update: London City FC - March 2031
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  13. Great going mate!
    Keep it up.
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  14. Thanks Tracz almost there!
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - March 2031

    We have just three months of competitive football to go now this season and we're edging closer and closer to that top tier now. Thirteen matches to play this season and another five of those are set to tumble away during March. We had an 'easier' month on paper throughout March with us facing a lot of sides down the bottom end of the table. We had five more matches this month as well as the usual youth intake rubbish.

    Again, a batch of nobobies who are always going to be nobodies and not make it. One day, one day we'll make a star!

    Five league matches in March, four league wins and just the one defeat, we beat all four teams near the bottom end just when we needed to as well! Welcoming Ipswich we won three one, three different scorers as McGregor, O'Loughlin and Schepens netting. We then smashed Mansfield, who, like us, are spending their third season up in the second tier of English football, five nil. Oliveira and McGregor both netting twice and Allen with a rare goal this season. Back at home we beat MK Dons two one as Boothe netted two first half penalties. Our only defeat saw us lose four one to playoff hunting Fulham before ending the month with a narrow three two win over Preston.

    We remain top of the pile and just a point clear of second place Everton too, we play them the final game of the season which could! Brentford pick up just four points this month which saw them slip from second to sixth as the rest of the teams in the playoffs improve their form. Fulham are now third but six points off us at the top with Burnley a further two points behind and another point further back are West Brom. Two months to go, eight games to play..

    Next Update: London City FC - April 2031
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  15. Nearly there mate!!!
    A few more wins and the title is yours!!
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by dani3w View Post
    Fun fact: every season we've won promotion, we've taken the title with us, never through the playoffs or automatic promotion spots.

    I have to admit that this had not gone unnoticed!

    Keep up the good work though, that title is looking ever closer but i'm sure the final game of the season will have some sort of baring on who goes up
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  17. Looks like Oliveira enjoyed January!

  18. I need to read this from the start. I started a save with the same team and crest and put them in the 12th tier of football. I got half the season done and realised i put them in a league that has no promotion. lol. Quit the save after that

  19. Thanks Tracz so close now!

    Glad you've noticed that neavie pops23 its a close fight now!

    Oliveira is a class player naterr and has had a couple good season in the Championship for us now.

    What a re the chances of that wicksy87 thats annoying for you though.
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - April 2031

    Season fifteen is now just eight games away from being completed now, eight matches away from seeing if we will be an English Premier League club next season. April would see us play six of the remaining eight games this month and it was time to see if we could secure it before our final two matches in May. We head into this month at the top of the table but just a point clear of Everton. The table is tight too...

    Once again it was a month of two wins, two draws and two defeats and a month of 'what could of been' it seems. Had we found a goal against Wigan or held the lead against Bristol City it could be so different. A defeat started the month, losing two nil against Brentford. We then drew nil nil against Wigan at home before traveling to Millwall and winning two one late on. O'Loughlin netted the winner in injury time. Back at home and we struggled again as we drew to Bristol City. We were one down but Oliveira and Benkassou bought us ahead however we couldn't hold on a dropped another two points. Traveling to Cardiff McGregor finally broke his goal drought when he struck a second half hatrick to see us win three two The month ended on a sour note though as we lost four nil to Crystal Palace.

    We lose our top spot as Everton take over the lead with just two league games remaining this season. They sit four points ahead of us now and it would seem its their title for the taking now. Brentford are back in the promotion race sitting third and just two points behind us whilst West Brom are a further two points behind whilst Fulham and Burnley are six points behind us and can still compete for an automatic promotion spot.

    Here is our final two games in May. We will travel to eighteenth place Rotherham who are safe from the drop this season and aren't playing for anything now, so expecting three points there. Before welcoming league leaders Everton in what could be a title decider to end the season. It will also be our last ever game here at our current home as next season we will move to our newly built stadium.

    Next Update: London City FC - May 2031
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  20. Wow, ups and downs all season, but fingers crossed you can get across that line and secure automatic promotion.

  21. What a fantastic last game of the season, will surely be the biggest game in London City's history if it meant the championship title is on the line!
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  22. What an exciting finish to the season!! Go and win last 2 and win the league
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  23. Great stuff you need 4 points there

  24. Thanks Nathanitfc looks like curtains for your Ipswich again! It sure is the biggest game for us to date.

    Thanks Banger9 it'd be awesome if we can.

    Thats what I'm targeting minimum TheWanderer
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - May 2031

    Here we go then, two games remaining this season, two games to try and secure our spot in the English Premier League next season. A trip to Rotherham and then welcoming league leaders Everton would see us finish the fifteenth season as a club. We targetted four points in our final two games and thought that would be enough to secure promotion. Two wins could even see us pip Everton to the title if other results would go our way. Enough of the talking, time to see what happened on the pitch in May.

    Thats the way you end the season! Two matches and two wins on the board! We traveled to Rotherham who would finish in the bottom half, no threat of relegation and beat them one nil, Schepens striking in the fifty eighth minute to seal all three points. And we then went on to shock league leaders Everton two one in our final ever league game in this stadium before we move homes for next season. O'Loughling netted a superb brace either side of Evertons equaliser to guide us to all three points. Obviously two wins was enough for promotion, but would we take the league title with us...

    Unfortunately it wasn't enough for the league title, but we are promoted!! Everton take the league title after two years in the Championship as they won their first game in May to decide the title before we even went head to head as we end up second and automatically promoted to the top tier for the first time ever after three seasons in the Championship. A superb season for us and now we're finally hitting the top tier. Brentford, West Brom, Fulham and Burnley will all head to the playoffs to try and secure the third and final promotion spot this season. At the other end of the table it was relegation for MK Dons, Birmingham and Ipswich. Mansfield survive in the Championship for a third straight season.

    Some more good news to round the season off. With 1238 manager points I was named SkyBet Championship Manager of the Year, meaning I think I've taken the manager of the year title for every division on the way up now. We've also been handed, what for us, is a warchest of money for the summer. A whole eight million, seven hundred thousand pounds to spend on new players in the transfer window and have seen our wage budget almost tripled. We need to spend this money but we need to do it wisely to ensure we survive in the prem. I've also signed a new three year contract on nineteen thousand pounds per week.

    Next Update: London City FC - 15 Year Review 1st June 2031
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  25. Congrats on promotion, a shame about the title when you look back at some of the points dropped but I'm sure if someone offered 2nd at the start of the season you'd have snapped their hand off. I'm sure you thought I was mad when I said you'd be in the EPL in 5 seasons after you were promoted to League 1. By my count you've done it in four!

    I'm off to the bookies now to cash in my winnings

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  26. Congratulations mate!
    Been following since the start. When this seemed a very long way off.
    You have achieved great things to get this far. Long may the story continue,
    Who knows one day London city maybe champions of Europe!
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  27. Thanks nevie pops23 our first promotion without taking the league title but I'm just pleased we're heading up. I did indeed think your five year plan for London City was mad but you've come up trumps again!

    And I appreciate you following and commenting from day one Tracz your comments keep me trundling along month by month. Hopefully European football will soon come to the London City Stadium.
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - 15 Year Review 1st June 2031

    Its that time again for a quick round up, fifteen years have now gone by and its been a pretty memorable rise to where we are now. From Vanarama National League relegation candidates to Championship promotion. Its been a very fun journey with tough times, very tough ones, but also some amazing days, months, seasons which has seen us become the club we are now. Anyway, a quick recap on where we started and where we are now.

    Here we go then, and starting right at the top, being predicted to finish 22nd in the Vanarama National League on the left to being predicted to finish 20th in the Premier League. We've moved from being semi professional to fully professional, a local club to a national reputation. From okay finances to secure and with an estimated value of twenty two thousand to sixty seven million pounds, admittedly now we carry a eighteen and a half million pound loan debt. We've moved stadium now for a third team, now at our own home of London City Stadium, a fourteen thousand, nine hundred seater stadium with adequate youth and training facilities.

    Next view is the trophy cabinet and the rise of the club through the leagues throughout the fifteen years. We've added four league titles to the trophy cabinet, the Vanarama National League South, Vanarama National League, Sky Bet League Two and Sky Bet League One titles whilst also scooping two FA Trophies back in the early years. Obviously only winning automatic promotion from the Championship we didn't take a trophy for that. And at the bottom you can see our steady climb through the leagues, spending four seasons in the Vanarama National League South and then four seasons in the Vanarama National League. Also took us four seasons to climb out of the Sky bet League Two whilst the following seasons saw us earn a surprise immediate promotion first season in the Sky bet League One. And after three seasons in the Championship, we're finally heading to the Premier League.

    I'm hoping our finances will begin to grow over the next five years if we can consolidate in the Premier League without facing relegation, which admittedly will be tough. We're five million in the black at the moment but haven't been paid out for the Championship season yet so expecting to head back to around five million in the black. You can see we have eight million to spend on transfers and one hundred and twenty five thousand pounds spare in the wages.

    And finally, my progress, as a manager that is and its been fun that's for sure, fifteen years in charge equates to five thousand, four hundred and forty eight days managing one club. I've scooped sixteen awards along the way from manager of the months to manager of the year. Overall I've now earned seven hundred and seventy five thousand pounds. We've bought in ten players, spending three point one million whilst selling three players equating to one point seven million. We've paid just over three million on agents and released ninety seven players over the years.

    I've been in charge for seven hundred and eighty two games, winning three hundred and sixty eight of these (forty seven percent) whilst drawing one hundred and forty four and losing two hundred and seventy. Along the way we've scored one thousand two hundred and eighty six goals and conceded one thousand one hundred and seventy nine which has seen us equate a positive goal difference of one hundred and seven goals over the fifteen years. Two cup wins (FA Trophy x2) along with four league titles and five promotions.

    Career History:
    2016/2017: Vanarama National League South - 19th (49pts), FA Trophy - 1st Round
    2017/2018: Vanarama National League South - 16th (49pts), FA Trophy - Third Qualifying Round, FA Cup - 1st Round
    2018/2019: Vanarama National League South - 14th (58pts), FA Trophy - 1st Round, FA Cup - 1st Round
    2019/2020: Vanarama National League South - 1st (73pts) , FA Trophy - 1st Round, FA Cup - Second Qualifying Round
    2020/2021: Vanarama National League - 7th (70pts), FA Trophy - 1st Round, FA Cup - 1st Round
    2021/2022: Vanarama National League - 4th (78pts), Playoffs - Semi Final, FA Trophy - Winners , FA Cup - Fourth Qualifying Round
    2022/2023: Vanarama National League - 2nd (81pts),Playoffs - Runners Up, FA Trophy - 2nd Round, FA Cup - 3rd Round
    2023/2024: Vanarama National League - 1st (88pts) , FA Trophy - Winners , FA Cup - 1st Round
    2024/2025: Sky Bet League Two - 12th (64pts), Checkatrade Trophy - Group Stage, EFL Cup - 1st Round, FA Cup - 3rd Round
    2025/2026: Sky Bet League Two - 6th (72pts),Playoffs - Runners Up, Checkatrade Trophy - Group Stage, EFL Cup - 2nd Round, FA Cup - 1st Round
    2026/2027: Sky Bet League Two - 1st (86pts) , Checkatrade Trophy - Group Stage, EFL Cup - 1st Round, FA Cup - 1st Round
    2027/2028: Sky Bet League One - 1st (85pts) , Checkatrade Trophy - South Quarter Final, EFL Cup - 1st Round, FA Cup - 5th Round
    2028/2029: Sky Bet Championship - 14th (55pts), EFL Cup - 2nd Round, FA Cup - 4th Round
    2029/2030: Sky Bet Championship - 6th (76pts), Playoffs - Runners Up, EFL Cup - 4th Round, FA Cup - 3rd Round
    2030/2031: Sky Bet Championship - 2nd (89pts), EFL Cup - 4th Round, FA Cup - 4th Round

    Next Update: London City FC - Pre Season Round Up 2031
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  28. legen ...wait for it.... dary! Legendary
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  29. Congratulations on making the Prem mate! Now, when are you getting your real coaching badges haha?!
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  30. Yeah curtains for Ipswich again, still not as embarrassing as that defeat to Lincoln on Tuesday! Congratulations for gaining promotion to the Premiership! A shame that the Everton game wasn't a title decider! mad looking at your managerial stats and seeing only 3 players have been sold in your time!
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  31. Well in Bud!
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  32. Thanks bashuijsmans

    Thanks matthewauck93

    Unfortunately it was NathanITFC It would of been awesome to play the Everton game with the title on the line, just wasn't the case. Well we never had any players worth anything really so were never sold.

    Thanks Banger93
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - Pre Season Round Up 2031

    Another summer passes by and I think its probably the longest summer I've played through, well it felt it at least as I wanted to make sure the transfer window was used as effectively as possible. Its important we use the money wisely and bring in the faces we need to. Premier League survival is vital for the club to continue growing! Here comes the usual round up of club news, transfers, a quick squad review and all the results from a busy summer on and off the pitch.

    We have completed our move to the 'London City Stadium' and this is now the third stadium we've been in over fifteen years. Currently the new stadium will hold fourteen thousand supporters, all seated whilst it has potential to reach twenty nine thousand eight hundred which isn't big enough for my ambitions so hopefully another stadium move a little longer into the future. And then we got the money message. This season will see us receive over ninety three million pounds through Premier League TV Rights. Can we have that money now!? Thats why Premier League survival is so important.

    The revolving door just span and span and span over the summer as players came and players left, a busy window indeed for once. A mixture of free transfers, loan deals and permanent transfers rounded off our busy summer. Two free transfers, four players in on loan whilst spending six and a half million pounds on five players who cot us a small fee but should be worth it. Brazilian goalkeeper Fuba joined us this summer but failed to get a work permit so has gone back out on loan immediately.

    Here are our twelve new faces, be it loanees or permanent deals they're all looking the part and should provide a wide competition for places at the moment. I wasn't originally going to over spend during the summer but in the end i needed to, to make sure the squad was up to the battle of surviving in the Premier League, the biggest league in the world.

    A squad, full of confidence, skill and potential ability should see us fight for our spot in the Premier League again come the end of the season. Plenty of talent to rotate the squad especially when we move into the midfield and attacking areas of the pitch. We are perhaps a bit short on the back line whilst having four goalkeepers in the first team, obviously ones out on loan and one I'm trying to sell.

    A busy but perfect summer on the pitch saw us go undefeated. We didn't play that many bigger teams come the end of the summer but back at the start we were pretty good against a couple of bigger teams in the likes of Atletico Nacional and AS Saint-Etienne. If we can produce a couple stirling displays like that in the league this season we'll be okay.

    Next Update: London City FC - August 2031

  33. love this story. good to see you in the prem and seeing how you get on!
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  34. some good signings there, Nigel Dunn looks like a really good freebie!

    Going to be a tough year for the London Boys!!
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  35. A great story so far. Have been following since start but only just got round to creating profile on here to comment.

    Looking forward to you winning CL
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  36. Thanks thebattman

    Nigel Dunn certainly is a good signing especially looking at his value considering he didn't cost us anything naterr this season will be unbelievably hard!

    There could be a long wait till we're even playing European football let alone winning it EnglishYeti I admire your aspiration though!
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - August 2031

    Our first ever season in the top division of English football, our first ever season in the English Premier League! It was a very busy summer we went through as the revolving transfer door just span and span and span. However thats now come to an end and we've began our first month in the top flight ever as well as beginning another EFL Campaign. Could we get any points on the board early on.

    Superb news for the season tickets. We've sold over ten thousand more than we did last year. The glory hunters and rocking in and we're beginning to make a name for ourselves and finally get London City FC recognised on the map.

    A tough start to life in the top division however it was always going to be the case. Especially after our opening month saw us travel to Chelsea and welcome Liverpool, not the kindest of fixture sets to get us started. We welcomed Watford for not only our first ever Premier League game, but our first in the new stadium. McGregor put us ahead however a second half equaliser saw us settling for a single point. A trip to Chelsea saw us expectedly lose and heavily, five nil. Back at home we grabbed a draw against Liverpool, two all. We were behind early before an own goal leveled things. McGregor fired us ahead just before the break however Liverpool soon equalised, we held on. It took extra time however we finally got past League One side Colchester in the EFL Cup Second Round. Robin netting twice and Dunn striking the winner two minutes before a potential penalty shootout. Finally ending our first month here with an away defeat against Huddersfield with Oliveira netting our goal.

    We're not bottom....yet! We sit eighteenth after the opening month having picked up two points from our opening four matches to dates. We're one of four teams yet to pick up a win this season as Tottenham in sixteenth, Stoke in nineteenth and Watford in twentieth are the other three. Everton seem to have flown back to the top flight and are sitting high in the table, need the likes of West Brom, Sheffield Wednesday and Forest to slip towards us and take points from those.

    Next Update: London City FC - September 2031
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  37. __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - September 2031

    Following on from a very tough start to the league season which saw us face both Chelsea and Liverpool whilst picking up just two points from our opening four points. September wasn't going to get any better as we faced Arsenal and Manchester United in back to back games, the Premier League is really testing us. However we also have our EFL Cup run to try and continue with a home game against Newcastle.

    Another month without a win in the league but more EFL Cup progression and one more point on the board in the league. We traveled to Arsenal and lost out five three as our goals came from McGregor, Allen and Oliveira, was good to see we scored three against such a big side. We then welcomed Man United and lost two nil. The EFL Cup sees us progress to Round Four with a three one win over Newcastle. McGregor, Gomez and Oliveira netting with all three goals in the space of eight minutes. We ended the month with McGregor bringing us back from behind twice to beat Sheffield Wednesday, his second in the ninetieth minute.

    Now we're bottom of the table and you'd expect that with us having just three points on the board from the opening seven matches. However we've had a strong team run with us facing Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Man United and during October we'll face Man City and then Spurs, thats some run for a newly promoted side. Then hopefully we can begin to find some points from some of the smaller big sides in this division. Luckily the likes of Stoke, Swansea, West Brom, Newcastle and even Spurs aren't running away from us points wise at this stage.

    Next Update: London City FC - October 2031
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  38. not a good start but to be fair you have played 4 of the top teams so far

  39. crazy start to the league but hopefully you can turn a corner when the easier games come around. A well timed team meeting and I'm sure you'll pick up a fair few wins!

  40. Top six come the end of this month TheWanderer

    It sure has been crazy TheBattman but eventually the schedule will get a little bit easier.
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - October 2031

    Come the end of October we would of played whats currently known as the 'big six' in the English Premier League, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man United, Arsenal, Man City and Spurs as we faced the latter two in the list this month back to back. We had to play them at some point, just annoying we've been overloaded with them all near the start. However this month we'd also face struggling West Brom and Leicester in the EFL Cup Fourth Round.

    Just the one defeat in October which is very good and definitely a step forward when you consider we picked up a point against Manchester City at home. And that game, to kick the season off was frustrating. We went two nil up with McGregor netting a first half brace. But we bottled a two goal lead, conceding twice in the last ten minutes to end two a piece, still a strong point. We also blew the lead against Spurs as we were one up at half time through Oliveira. But ended up losing three one. As we welcomed West Brom it was vitally important we took all three points and that we did. Gomez struck first whilst Erkenbrecher netted a brace in seven minutes to guide us to the win. We ended October with an away trip to Leicester were we won three two in the EFL Cup Fourth Round, a surprising win. Erkenbrecher netted again with Gomez and Robin striking in the second half, the latter three minutes from time to avoid Extra Time and send us into our first ever EFL Cup Quarter Final.

    And we're back out of the drop zone, on goal difference currently as West Brom slip under us following our win. We have a game in hand on a couple sides above us but can only over take Sheffield Wednesday depending on their result. Our next match is against Stoke which will be seen for us as a must win, a side who have failed to win a match so far this season.

    Next Update: London City FC - November 2031
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  41. Tough start to the season mate, i have a feeling its going to be a long season.
    But i have every confidence that you'll be able to stay up.
    Going for a good run in the cups?
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  42. It sure will be a tough season Tracz and a long one at that. A cup run would be nice but any big sides we face will still be tough.
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - November 2031

    Into the penultimate month of the calendar year as 2031 is coming to a close slowly. We've already faced the 'top six' teams as they're known currently so for the next couple months we should stand a bit more of a chance to get some points on the board. We're just outside the relegation zone as we head into November and four more league matches await us, could we continue to stay outside the relegation zone come the end of November...

    Two wins, two defeats, six points from a possible twelve, and I'm pretty happy about that I think. We traveled to Stoke to open the month and it was three wins on the bounce for us, two wins on the bounce in the prem as we beat Stoke three two. Erkenbrecher is finding form with a goal, Dunn and McGregor also on target to guide us to a narrow win. We welcomed 2016 Premier League champions Leicester and lost two nil, before losing three one to Everton who are flying following promotion last season, they beat us three one. Finally ending the month the a home win over Reading. A three one victory with all three of our goals coming in the opening twenty minutes, McGregor struck a brace whilst Schepens also found the back of the net.

    The win over Reading sees us move up to sixteenth as we jump Sheffield Wednesday and now move two points clear of the drop zone. We still need to play Swansea next month as well which could really help us if we make the most of it. Chelsea are running away with it at the top, ten points clear of Man United and West Ham in third.

    And we're hitting another big milestone. My 800th game as manager will come with my first game in December when we face Everton in the EFL Cup Quarter Final. A winnable tie in my eyes if we're at our best but obviously they've already beat us once this season so it will be tough.

    Next Update: London City FC - December 2031
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  43. __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - December 2031

    December is here and so is the halfway stage of our first ever season in the Premier League. We've coped with the league well to date with us narrowly outside the drop zone and in the EFL Cup Quarter Finals against Everton. A very busy winter month was on the cards for us, we faced a busy seven matches, with six of those in the league and one in the cup. Could we end the calendar year on a high.

    No draws throughout December however three wins were recorded over the month, two of those from our six league games. It was a tough run but we picked up a couple of vital wins. First up we welcomed Everton in the EFL Cup Quarter Final and beat them thanks to a couple late goals. Gomez originally put us ahead, it was level just after the break before Johnston and Schepens struck in the final five minutes to send us to the Semi Finals. A London derby saw us lose four nil against West Ham before returning home to beat Newcastle two one, an own goal and a Schepens strike in the opening five minutes saw us race two up. Another couple loses followed as we faced three away trips on the bounce, firstly narrowly losing three two against Southampton, McGregor and Kigbu our scorers before Watford beat us four one, Samuel netting our goal. We needed to beat Swansea and did in Wales, O'Loughlin netting a brace while Schepens also found the target. The calendar year ended with a heavy four two defeat against Nottingham Forest, we were poor in the first half and three nil down. Erkenbrecher and Johnston netted in the second half but it wasn't enough.

    So we're now over halfway through our first ever Premier League season and sit sixteenth after twenty league games, picking up nineteen points today, just short of averaging a point a gap. Our goal difference is minus twenty, the third worse in the league but at this stage it doesn't matter as we're three points above the drop zone.

    Things could be about to get interesting, another chairman could be on his way out, he is currently our second but now looking to sale. We've got a consortium interested, being led by a 'former player' whilst there is also a bigger bit of news, a tycoon investor is also interested who would pump large money into the club. I wouldn't turn it down after fifteen years of struggle!

    Next Update: London City FC - January 2032
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  44. You are doing great. 40points should be enough do you think?
    Tycoon would defo help you move along quickly, but do you really want the help after all this time?
    Who have you got in semis?
    How are the finances looking?

  45. Thanks Tracz I think 40points is a reasonable target and should see us safe, but we need to continue aiming for as many as possible. I'm in two boats regarding the tycoon, it'd be nice to have that money as we've earnt it over the tough years, but again we've made it this far without it, why not carry on! We have Southampton in the Semi Finals, both legs played this month whilst our finances are in superb shape, over £30million in the bank balance now as Premier League football is really boosting us whilst only spend low money on wages.
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - January 2032

    Happy New Year, 2032 its here and we're halfway through season sixteen now. Our first ever season in the Barclays Premier League is looking touch and go at the moment whilst we're on a superb EFL Cup run with both legs of the Semi Final this month. We would also begin our FA Cup run this month along with five league games, how would we battle with the busy schedule.

    Thats a lot of red dots, a lot indeed as we faced a busy month, nine games in the space of thirty days but we got a couple more wins on the board. We welcomed Chelsea and it wasn't quite a Happy New Year for us, losing two nil to start the year off. Our FA Cup journey started against Vanarama National side Cheltenham who we beat two nil, a nice comfortable passage through to the next round. We narrowly missed out on a point against Liverpool at Anfield, we trailed two nil before an own goal gave us hope seven minutes from time, but we were short. The EFL Cup Semi Final saw us travel to Southampton but a heavy defeat saw us all but out the competition, losing four one. At home against Arsenal we lost a third game in a row, they beat us three nil before we welcomed Huddersfield and won three nil, a solid victory back on the board with Dunn netting twice and Johnston also on target whilst we also kept a clean sheet. Man United beat us one nil at Old Trafford before Southampton beat us at home in the second leg of the Semi Final three one, easily progress to the Final for them.The month ended with the Fourth Round of the FA Cup against Leicester in which we secured a replay, drawing two a piece as Johnston and O'Loughlin netted at either end of the game.

    We slide back into the relegation zone and in eighteenth but we're definitely in the fight for survival still this season on twenty two points from twenty five games. Sheffield Wednesday are bottom, seven points behind us and nine points from safety with West Brom in nineteenth, four points from safety and two points behind us. Stoke are seventeenth, two points ahead of us whilst Reading, Swansea and Huddersfield are all on twenty five points three points ahead of us. I'd consider Newcastle are still in the relegation battle to only a further point ahead.

    It looked set that a tycoon was going to take over and pump money into the club, mainly in the facilities as the transfer embargo was placed upon us. However things soon fell through, the embargo was raised off us and we're now back looking for a buyer. Admittedly on one hand I would of loved the money, but its the way the story goes.

    Next Update: London City FC - February 2032
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  46. Jan was a very hard month. Im starting to think 40points may not be enough.
    Tough way to exit the cup.
    Keep it up mate.
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  47. It was indeed Tracz I've just looked and never has a team with 40points gone down over the fifteen seasons I've played through to date, so fingers crossed.
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - February 2032

    Only a few months to go now until the curtains are pulled on our first ever season in the top flight, the Barclays Premier League and our survival hopes are still hanging in the balance. We have performed well, seeing us reach the EFL Cup Semi Finals whilst our FA Cup run is also underway with a replay against Leicester this month along with three league games. We also had our usual youth intake...

    Don't think I need to say anything about this intake, its another rubbish one.

    Four games throughout February, two wins and two defeats whilst we crashed out the FA Cup we picked up two good victories in the league. It started on winning ways as we beat struggling Sheffield Wednesday two nil as Allen and Oliveira both netted in the first half. Leicester beat us in the FA Cup Fourth Round replay, Eggert put us ahead but we eventually ran out in a three one defeat. Manchester City beat us two nil in Manchester, we were always expected to lose this one. And then we end the month with a surprise win over a struggling Tottenham side as McGregor netted after eleven minutes.

    We're up into fifteenth come the end of February with just ten league games remaining this season. We're now out of both cup competitions so attention turns solely to league survival. We're currently three points above the drop zone and with a game in hand where we face West Brom, we could move six clear and up into fourteenth which would be fantastic. Three months to go, we just need to continue doing what we're doing, picking up points against the teams around us and we'l be alright.

    Next Update: London City FC - March 2032

  48. A good 6 points this month. Its going to be tight end to the season.

  49. I feel like we're 'almost' there now Tracz and edging closer to that 40point target.
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - March 2032

    Into March and just three competitive months of football left to play with us solely focusing on league football now having exited both cup competitions. Only ten league games left to play this season and we'd face just three of those ten throughout March, easier matches on paper and games I felt we should be picking up points from, but could we manage it.

    And pick up points we did as we went the month unbeaten, albeit a three match month but one win and two draws suddenly help our survival chances. We beat West Brom away two one as Mcgregor and Johnston netted. A home match against Stoke saw us draw late on, Felix had given us the lead, this was a game we could of done with all three points before we came back from behind twice against Leicester with goals from Erkenbrecher and Kigbu to secure a point.

    Edging closer and closer to safety as each match passes. Two more months of football, seven more league matches and its looking likely we could be set for a second season here. Fifteenth after thirty one games, getting closer and closer to that forty point target I had set myself at the start of the season and a win in our game in hand could even see us climb higher, could a top fifteen finish be on the cards!?

    Next Update: London City FC - April 2032

  50. __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - April 2032

    The penultimate month of the season is here as we're drawing ever closer to the end of the first season for us in the top tier and a really good month here could see us safe in the division for another season. Four of our final seven league games awaited us in April but could we continue to battle against the odds or were we in for a late relegation battle.

    Another good month, picking up valuable back to back draws at the end of the month, Everton beat us again though. It was that defeat against Everton which kicked things off, losing two nil at home before we traveled to Reading and won two nil as Johnston and Erkenbrecher netted a spot kick in the second half. The game against West Ham could of seen us take all three points, they led early on and then got reduced to ten men. O'Loughlin netted in injury time to secure a point though. Finally ending the month with a nil nil draw away at Newcastle however they were down to ten men after just four minutes so again we could of taken more points.

    Fifteenth with three games to play, we're on thirty eight points, just short of the forty target I had set myself but we're still seven points outside the drop zone, just a point in the final three league games should see us survive now. Sheffield Wednesday are down and Reading are all but returning to the Championship. West Brom, who came up with us this season are on the verge of the drop but can still survive if results go there way.

    Next Update: London City FC - May 2032
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