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London City FC - A City On The Rise
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  1. London City FC - A City On The Rise

    **The main reason I've come back to the careers section is because I'm undergoing an ACL (knee) operation Friday, will be off work and sat around doing nothing for the next 2 or 3 weeks, so will be smashing through the seasons.

    London City FC - A City On A Rise

    Welcome to what will be my last attempt at a career for a while on Football manager, mainly because this is going to be a successful one. I have previously started two FM17 careers, my around the world challenge had started well but due to an error with the beta it fell short early. The Gibrlatar save I just lost motivation for after a couple seasons realising it was too ridiculous to even try to conqor. I'm now back with this, London City FC** and their rise to the top of the pile.

    ** I have moved a London side from a couple tiers lower and renamed them London City FC using the editor, taking out Stortford from the division and the only other change I have made is removing all history and changing kits etc. The clubs reputation has changed from 778 to 2000, the average for a side in this division.

    A big batch of leagues loaded, every single one of those are on 'view only' though just to keep me up to date whats going on not only in Europe but with a couple of the bigger leagues across the World. All these view only countries are loaded down to the basement tiers as it allows me to scout players in the lower divisions who could potentially switch to London City FC and be standout players as we hopefully progress up the divisions. England is the only country that is loaded as playable, hence the 'approx player count of 16000'. It'll start on the 1st July, England early pre season.

    It'll be the 'normal manager' Dan that'll take on the control of London City FC and hopefully guide them all the way to the top of the English pyramid, well thats the aim. No coaching qualifications and only Sunday League experience for the man from Chard, Somerset. This is heavily shown in the twenty four year olds stats. He'll wear a blue suit, and blue tie for London City FC colors on the touch line.

    And here is the team overview. A semi professional club who are set to play in the Vanarama South for the first time in their history, only being established this year. Nicknamed 'The City' for obvious reasons. The chairman loves the club, we're valued at twenty two thousand pounds and have 'okay finances. We will play our home games at the heart of London, Wembley. Perhaps a little unbelievable but who cares, a 90,000 all seater stadium that'll never be filled by us for some years yet! We possess poor training facilities and basic youth facilities.

    *I've clicked 'add players to playable teams' to ensure I have a team, currently of newgens, but I will probably replace the majority of these this summer.
    Career History:
    2016/2017: Vanarama National League South - 19th (49pts), FA Trophy - 1st Round
    2017/2018: Vanarama National League South - 16th (49pts), FA Trophy - Third Qualifying Round, FA Cup - 1st Round
    2018/2019: Vanarama National League South - 14th (58pts), FA Trophy - 1st Round, FA Cup - 1st Round
    2019/2020: Vanarama National League South - 1st (73pts) , FA Trophy - 1st Round, FA Cup - Second Qualifying Round
    2020/2021: Vanarama National League - 7th (70pts), FA Trophy - 1st Round, FA Cup - 1st Round
    2021/2022: Vanarama National League - 4th (78pts), Playoffs - Semi Final, FA Trophy - Winners , FA Cup - Fourth Qualifying Round
    2022/2023: Vanarama National League - 2nd (81pts),Playoffs - Runners Up, FA Trophy - 2nd Round, FA Cup - 3rd Round
    2023/2024: Vanarama National League - 1st (88pts) , FA Trophy - Winners , FA Cup - 1st Round
    2024/2025: Sky Bet League Two - 12th (64pts), Checkatrade Trophy - Group Stage, EFL Cup - 1st Round, FA Cup - 3rd Round
    2025/2026: Sky Bet League Two - 6th (72pts),Playoffs - Runners Up, Checkatrade Trophy - Group Stage, EFL Cup - 2nd Round, FA Cup - 1st Round
    2026/2027: Sky Bet League Two - 1st (86pts) , Checkatrade Trophy - Group Stage, EFL Cup - 1st Round, FA Cup - 1st Round
    2027/2028: Sky Bet League One - 1st (85pts) , Checkatrade Trophy - South Quarter Final, EFL Cup - 1st Round, FA Cup - 5th Round
    2028/2029: Sky Bet Championship - 14th (55pts), EFL Cup - 2nd Round, FA Cup - 4th Round
    2029/2030: Sky Bet Championship - 6th (76pts), Playoffs - Runners Up, EFL Cup - 4th Round, FA Cup - 3rd Round
    2030/2031: Sky Bet Championship - 2nd (89pts), EFL Cup - 4th Round, FA Cup - 4th Round
    2031/2032: Barclays Premier League - 16th (38pts), EFL Cup - Semi Final, FA Cup - 4th Round
    2032/2033: Barclays Premier League - 14th (41pts), EFL Cup - 4th Round, FA Cup - 6th Round
    2033/2034: Barclays Premier League - 7th (62pts), EFL Cup - 4th Round, FA Cup - Winners , (England) World Cup - Third Place
    2034/2035: Barclays Premier League - 4th (76pts), EFL Cup - Quarter Finalist, FA Cup - Fifth Round, Europa League - Runners Up
    2035/2036: Barclays Premier League - 3rd (82pts), EFL Cup - Winners , FA Cup - Winners , Champions League - Semi Finalist, (England) European Championship - Winners
    2036/2037: Barclays Premier League - 1st (83pts) , EFL Cup - Winners , FA Cup - Winners , Champions League - Semi Finalist, Community Shield - Winners
    2037/2038: Barclays Premier League - 1st (92pts) , EFL Cup - Winners , FA Cup - Winners , Champions League - Semi Finalist, Community Shield - Winners
    2038/2039: Barclays Premier League - 1st (82pts) , EFL Cup - Semi Finalist, FA Cup - Winners , Champions League - Winners Community Shield - Runners Up
    2039/2040: Barclays Premier League - 2nd (85pts), EFL Cup - Winners , FA Cup - Winners , Champions League - Winners Community Shield - Winners , European Super Cup - Winners , Club World Championship - Winners
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  2. __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - Pre season round up 2016

    Pre season has come and gone and it ended up being a very, very busy one, i shipped out nearly every player in the club this year and bought in so many new faces to be able to assemble a squad that I thought had the ability to keep this team in the league and not end the career after a season. I'm in this for the long run and am already thinking about next season, and we haven't even kicked a ball competitively yet this year.

    Not too much 'relevant' news came into my inbox this summer but here are the only two pieces I think you need to know about so far. The board want us to attempt to avoid relegation from the lowest playable tier of English football and I expect us to do this. The English FA Trophy we are expected to reach the Third Qualifying Round. Due to the editor I don't think we'll be in the FA Cup this year. I had also applied for a senior affiliate club this summer, but we failed to find a side.

    Here is my current twenty five man squad and I do expect more faces to come in and potentially leave this summer as I continue trying to strengthen the squad I've got to ensure we can stay in the division. We've got three good keepers at the club at the moment and I'm hoping they can compete with each other to fight for that number one spot. We're a bit short in numbers at the back and directly up top. But here are the two best players in the squad at the moment:

    Not the best summer on the pitch but I'm hoping we can pick it up as the team begins to gel together as a unit and learn the tactics we are playing with. I was expecting heavy defeats against Newcastle and Everton as they were my 'money making' friendlies organised. We'll see how the season goes though.

    Next Update: London City FC - August 2016

  3. I envy your transfer and wage budget! however probably be hard to attract some players due to being in Conference South
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  4. Yeah we can't attract anyone good NathanITFC it was just randomly set. We won't be using that much thats for sure!

    London City FC - August 2016

    My first competitive month in charge here at London City FC has come and gone and its been a very steep learning curve to say the least. I knew realistically we needed to target thirty five to fifty points this season to ensure we survive in this division. It'd be a tough ask but if we could get points on the board early and beat the sides who are predicted to finish around us, we'd be alright this year.

    London City FC' first ever competitive game in the Vanarama South saw us travel away to Dartford with thirty four fans. We struggled to get going and lost out two nil. Pugh netted both for the hosts and stats show Dartford deserved to take all three points here.

    What a game! Our first ever game at Wembley, our new home and we toppled Hampton and Richmond to come out three two winners. We coped much better in this game, but found ourselves behind after just eleven minutes. Brad Gascoigne got us back on track before Kabamba had a second for the traveling side. Second half we went more attacking and this paid off. Remy leveled for us with fifteen to go before Bill Cooper netted the winner two mintues into injury time, we had our first point!

    A trip to Bath saw them fire the shots away and despite hitting the target just twice, that was enough for them to take a two nil victory. We had our fair share of chances however with just one on target we were never going to challenge them here. Back to the drawing board.

    We seem to be making Wembley our fortress, two games at home and two wins, again a late showing doing the business for us. Bill Cooper struck us ahead after just ten minutes. We conceded with nine minutes to go but that didnt dampen our spirits. Pope struck again two minutes into injury time to secure our second win of the season.

    Scratch that, its now three games at home without defeat, we drew with Whitehawk however could of won this. We missed a penalty after just four minutes then the traveling side took the lead before the break. Second half Remy leveled for us but Whitehawk soon regained controle. Cooper struck in the final minutes again, sealing a point for us.

    We were nowhere in this game and could of lost by a lot more had Ebbsfleet of taken their chances. We struggled against them and you can tell they'll be title challengers this season.

    And so, that wraps up our first month in charge, all in all not too bad, two wins, a draw and three defeats from our opening six games, keep this up and we should be safe come the end of the season. Hopefully things are still to improve as the squad gets use to each other over the coming months.

    Pointless showing at this time of the season, but we're above the drop after six games with seven points and a minus four goal difference, plenty more topples and turn to come this season, thats a fact!

    Next Update: London City FC - September 2016

  5. London City FC - September 2016

    A steady start had been made to life in the highest tier London City FC had ever featured in and we were already averaging more than one point per game, continue this for the remainder of the season and we'll be bang on track to beat the drop this year, its what this season is all about. A second month already completed.

    Oxford City are on of those teams we need to be beating this season and despite traveling away from our home fortress, we still managed to secure all three points. Three nil up at the break with goals from Deakin, Cooper and Remy. Oxford pulled one back but we were never losing this battle of the Cities.

    Another side who'll be there or there abouts at the top of the pile this season are Maidenhead and it showed when we traveled to them. They sent us home with a lot to work on, losing out five two in the end to the title challengers.

    Still unbeaten at home as we welcomed St Albans and claimed a one all draw, a game we probably should of prevailed from with all three points but it wasn't to be. We looked good going forward here, led after ten minutes through Cooper. Akinyemi leveled for St Albans and after that neither side took the hatful of chances they created.

    Poole are struggling at the foot of the table so far this season so as we welcomed them it was important we made the most of this game and we did with a three nil win and clean sheet. Gascoigne fired in a free kick after nine minutes and Deakin doubled our lead eleven minutes before half time. Remy wrapped up the scoring, coming off the bench to net in injury time.

    What a way to wrap up September. A trip to Welling with sixteen traveling away fans and we struck four past the hose. Copp netted the only first half goal before Remy nette twice and Deakin struck once to wrap up our dominant display and a very good month on the pitch.

    Three wins, one draw and one defeat this month has seen us rise up the table nicely as you're about to see. An easier month on paper, one of the easier ones we'll face this season but we done what we had to do. Onto the next set of fixtures.

    We're now up to ninth come the end of September on seventeen points edging towards half the target I set of thirty five to fifty points for survival this season. We won't stay up here as this on paper was one of the easier months I had coming up. I'm sure we'll drop back down over the next couple months but we're already six points above the drop.

    Next Update: London City FC - October 2016
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  6. hi mate, how did you input kits and badge? would like to have a save similar and will defo be following this one too
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  7. Thanks aaronpayne11. I created the kits myself, found the badge online and then just found out the clubs ID number and edited on the downloaded graphics.
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - October 2016

    Wide awake still in my hospital bed whilst they pump me with more numbing pain killers so thought I'd continue to smash through this opening season whilst I can be bothered seeming I'm awake. October was a month we needed to keep our run going. September was near perfect, we just needed to hit a bit of a run, however this month was to be much harder on paper.

    The first team to beat us at home this season, it was always going to happen so I'm not overly bothered by that, however I do feel we could of snatched a point here. We had a couple chances, just didn't end up taking them that was all. Both Gosport goals came before the interval.

    A trip to Hungerford is certainly not one I'm going to be looking back on and remembering in a hurry. We were hammered with our biggest defeat to date as they ran riot in a five one victory. We were outplayed and outclassed, end of.

    Promotion chasing Bishops Stortford became the second team in as many games to take all three points from us at our home Wembley. But thats life, they're in that position because of results like these oh and the fact we have a poor disciplinary record with two sending offs, four bookings and giving away a penalty.

    I thought we could of won this game, but on the pitch we failed to make many chances and then didnt take any of the few that we did create. Cost us a bit as Weston Super Mare jump us here.

    After four games and four loses on the bounce, we returned to home and returned to winning ways as we beat traveling fourth place side Truro in a bit of a shock result. Two second half goals in two minutes from Okokjie gave us a two goal lead before Afful tried to rally Truro back into the game late on, to no avail.

    Not a great month to have on paper but we managed to get through it eventually. Four defeats on the bounce have obviously cost us but we finished strongly with that victory against Truro to be able to go into November on a higher note.

    We've moved down to thirteenth in the league table, really consolidating ourselves around the middle of the pack at the moment this season and with any luck this is where we'll be come the end of the season. But the priority of course is beating that drop. Currently up to twenty points from sixteen games this season.

    Next Update: London City FC - November 2016
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  8. __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - November 2016

    November has been and it was a nice short month for us, not really sure why but we only played three matches throughout the month, kind of makes it pointless when we then face six or seven games in a month down the line a bit further. But thats that. With just one win in our last five games, we needed to get some points back on the board this month.

    Good news is I've completed my first coaching badge and immediately the board have allowed me to go on to get my next one with them saying the more badges I get the better coaching/management experience I can deliver, lets just hope thats true anyway!

    We went into this away tie against Concord knowing if we lost it, they'd jump us and so could a couple other clubs. When Okojie netted after just four minutes I thought we could of gone on to smash them, however the game evened out a bit. Jasaitis leveled for the host with twenty five minutes remaining. But it was to be our lucky day as Wilson converted a ninety second minute spot kick.

    A very dull game at home, we just sat back and let them hit us, trying to then hit them on the counter, goalless it ended, a point for us nonetheless.

    And our FA Trophy journey has started. The board wanted us to get to the Third Qualifying Round as a minimum expectation and we started there so that was that done. Non league side Larkhall gave us a great game, however it was us who came out on top with an injury time winner from Remy.

    A short but unbeaten month has seen us pick up four points from a possible six in the league and progress onto the Fourth Qualifying Round of the FA Trophy where we'll face fellow Vanarama South side Gosport and look to continue a short run, however the cup isn't important to me.

    Up to eleventh, creeping into the top half of the table, it'd be good if we were here or here abouts come the end of this calender year with one month to go. Currently just a seven point gap between us and then the first relegation spot. We need to try and open that gap to hopefully ease pressure a little bit and the fear of getting caught up in that relegation fight towards the end of the season.

    Next Update: London City FC - December 2016
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  9. London City FC - December 2016

    The festive month of December was upon us and the 2016 calendar year was about to be seen out. As of late our form has been a little up and down, jiggling around with tactics and what not, just struggling to find something nailed on that'll work at the early stage of this career. However we are still picking up points and, at the moment at least, still set to be the drop zone, but its early days.

    We were unlucky here, losing out four two to Hemel Hempstead sort of flattered them in the end. We led through Okojie after just four minutes however come the break the away side led, both goals from Ogleby. Second half we went overload and were rewarded nine minutes from time as Deakin leveled. But before I got around to changing it we had conceded. Went on to lose out four two.

    The FA Trophy First Round drew us against Gosport and it seemed to be all them. Eventually they found the break through just ten minutes from time through Bentley. However we weren't rolling over easily, Gascoigne scored to force extra time. Nothing really happened in extra time though, so a replay at home it would be.

    The replay was a bit of a better match and I'm fuming we lost this. We were the better side with the stats perhaps defending that statement. We had a two nil lead after just sixteen minutes with goals from Okojie and Connolly. However Gosport struck on the thirty fifth and seventy fifth minute to draw level, forcing extra time. It went all the way to penalties where we were eliminated.

    We returned to league action picking up an unlikely win against playoff chasing Chelmsford, beating them two one at home.Travis struck first, thirteen minutes before half time before Smith leveled for the traveling side. Martin was the man to give us an undeserved wins stats wise as he struck sixteen minutes from time.

    You know you've nailed your tactics when you claim a point against top of the table side Dartford, and it could of potentially been all three points. We set up with a couple buses parked but still went behind after the first minute. Wilson saw his penalty saved just before the break which could of lifted us on to greater things. Deakin equalised for us to steal a point sixteen minutes from time.

    The less said about this game the better, we had the better share of possession however we struggled to do anything with it and that in the end cost us a heavy four nil defeat. Not the way i wanted to end the calendar year. We'll need to improve in January.

    And a quick round up of the festive month of December. Just one win from six games, two of those were in the FA Trophy though so one league win in four games isn't so bad for us. Its important we now press on in the New Year, stop making so many careless mistakes and pick up the points we deserve to ensure we survive.

    And so at the end of the 2016 calendar year things aren't looking too bad for us. We're over halfway through the league season now and have picked up twenty eight points and should be on to hit my target of fifty points which I had set myself back in August. Thats what I think we'll need as a minimum to survive this season. At the moment its looking good with us up in fourteenth place, five points above the drop zone.

    Next Update: London City FC - January 2017
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  10. London City FC - January 2017

    Happy New Year!! And I'm hoping this calendar year can give us plenty to cheer about. We go into 2017 with survival still our main hopes for this season as we sit five points clear of the dropzone at the start of January. We had to ensure we won a few games and kept that momentum to hit a good run. If we could win four or five games on the trot safety wouldn't be that far away.

    Kicked off the new year against Bath at home which we are continuing to hold a good record at. We played well and took the game to them. Goals from Ford and Okojie sent us two nil up with less than half an hour to play. Bath struck a late consolation back but we weren't throwing these points away.

    We held second placed Ebbsfleet at home to a draw, that now them and league leaders Dartford who failed to beat us at home. Douglas gave us a twelfth minute lead before Kedwell leveled for the traveling side. They had Connors sent off with eighteen minutes remaining for a second bookable offence in six minutes. We couldn't quite press on and grab a winner though.

    Well beaten here, horrible game for us and horrible result, back down to earth with our first defeat of the new year and it was away from home.

    Back to back defeats on the road again, this time against Wealdstone, a side I was hoping we could beat with them so close to us in the league table. It wasn't to be though. Cox gave the host the lead after just three minutes. Second half Okojie leveled for us but again we were overran and Whichelow secured the win for them.

    As we welcomed Oxford City to Wembley we were neck and neck in the league, just goal difference separating the pair of us. And thats how it was come full time too. When Cooper fired in for us just before the break I thought we'd go on and dominate second half. Unfortunately we couldn't got hit on the counter and drew one a piece.

    And so we end January with an away win against Whitehawk, very happy to pick up all three points off of a side just a few places up the table from us. A snatch a grab win here with us scoring from our only two shots on target. Martin gave us the lead, quickly cleared out by Shomotun for Whitehawk to level things within two minutes. Okojie was our man to net the winner again, seven minutes after the interval.

    Two round up the month, two wins, two draws and two defeats saw us take eight points from a possible eighteen, not quite taking half of those on offer to us but it was good enough from my point of view. As long as we're picking up points thats the main thing. Still a way to go this season though, anything could happen.

    We drop one place in the table as Wealdstone jump is into fourteenth and we sit fifteenth come the end of January, only on goal difference but they do have a game in hand. We are just three points above the drop now with Oxford City, Weston Super-Mare and Hungerford all on thirty three points, Gosport and Welling on thirty four and thirty five respectively then us and Wealdstone on thirty six. Just five points separate ninth to twentieth and we're only eight points off the playoffs! The table is tight this year, but I'm still confident of fifty points being the magic number to target this year.

    Next Update: London City FC - February 2017
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  11. London City FC - February 2017

    Three months left to go this season and survival was hanging in the balance, yes we were sat up in fifteenth place, but we were only three points clear of the drop zone and with fourteen games still to go this season I'm sure there will be some exciting times ahead yet. I accidentally played a game of March a the end of the month so thats included in this update too.

    A good point came as we held Maidenhead at home, coming back from behind twice in a very even game. Marks put the traveling side ahead before Deakin leveled for us. Comley immediate put Maidenhead two one up just after the restart. Once again it was Okojie who netted the late goal to earn us a point, seven minutes from time.

    This was definitely one of the more pleasing displays I've seen from my side this season, a dominant showing, away from home and keeping a rare clean sheet. Connolly and Okojie struck first half goals before Wilson wrapped up the three nil victory late on. A few more displays like this would be nice.

    I think this was our fourth meeting with Gosport this season and they beat us here one nil. We tried to contain the game but just couldn't do anything when we had the ball.

    We traveled to the leagues basement side Poole who seem to need a miracle to survive relegation this season, we went expecting all three points but came away with none. A poor showing from us allowed Hallahan to net twice in two minutes for the host, we were nowhere to be seen.

    As I said I accidentally played the first match of March and it resulted in a two one home victory against Welling. A pleasing showing saw us hold a two goal lead at the break, Gascoigne and Okojie both on the scoresheet for us. Welling threatened to come back into the game with a goal twenty three minutes from time, but we held our own.

    Four games in February saw us win one, draw one and lose two and then added on the bottom is the first game of March, making that results screen look a little bit better. Okojie was among the goals this month, netting three goals in five matches.

    That has now seen us shoot up the table as we occupy eleventh spot with just nine league games remaining this season and survival is looking more and more likely for our newly formed side. We've opened up a seven point gap between ourselves and the drop zone now. We just need to hold firm the last two months of the season.

    Next Update: London City FC - March 2017
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  12. London City FC - March 2017

    Our penultimate month of the footballing season and as ever, it'd be an important one for London City FC. I was now just hoping we could remain strong throughout the last couple of months and hold our own to avoid the dreaded relegation. Each month we seem to be picking up valuable points, now we can't be too far away from survival being confirmed surely. March was only a four game month, with one of those being Welling which was played last month and we won two one.

    Youth intake for this season, pretty average for a squad in this division, no one is likely to make it to the big time, the ratings are rubbish and so are the scout reports due to their poor stats. But hey, they'll all be signed on and shoved into the under eighteens and under twenty ones to see what they can do. Anyone who shines will be given an opportunity in the first team.

    Annoyed we've lost this one, mainly because we played so poorly all over the park. Riviere then got himself sent off leaving us with ten men for forty minutes. Hungerford struck eighteen minutes from time to steal all three points.

    Bounced back to surprise Bishops Stortford with a one nil win. The playoff chasers only saw us hit one shot on target at their goal and we won with that. Travis netted for us on the sixty third minute, a lifeline victory for us that'll go a long way and a big dent to the hosts playoff chances.

    Again I'm annoyed we didn't win here. Weston Super Mare played with ten men for seventy six minutes and still managed to take a point from us. Connolly gave us the lead before the break and despite firing shots away we could never find that second goal. Grubb leveled for Weston and then they were happy to play out for a point.

    A good month in the end on paper with us taking seven points from a possible twelve with two wins a draw and a defeat. All in all this has boosted our chances of survival this season and with a month to go, hoping we can do it sooner rather than later.

    Dropped back down to thirteenth now but an eleven point gap over the drop zone makes me more and more confident that we're going to do it this season and remain in the division, that hopefully prolonging this career, if I get a new contract offered to me. There are just six league games to play and a couple wins in April will secure our spot in the Vanarama South next season.

    Next Update: London City FC - April 2017
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  13. London City FC - April 2017

    The final month was upon us, I've completed a season within twenty four hours because being in hospital is very boring indeed. So glad I bought my laptop though and smashed through the season. With one month to go, six league matches and us being three points short of my target of fifty points, would we beat the drop this season and be able to begin to focus on next year...

    Two qualifications bagged this season and onto a third one as well. The board are more than happy putting me through these courses and paying for them. I just need to keep asking. However I'm yet to have a new contract offered to me...

    Eastbourne Boro could of had six or seven had they been a bit more consistent at hitting the target here. We could of had a couple ourselves. However two goals conceded in the opening twenty seven minutes sealed the win for the host.

    A trip to Truro also ended in defeat, we didn't see much of the ball at all this game, just thirty nine percent of it. A fortieth minute goal from Thompson saw the host beat us.

    Back at home we drew two a piece with Concord Rangers and this proved to be enough for us to seal our fate in the Vanarama South for next season. We led twice in this game which was very annoying to end up with only a point. Our goals were from Travis and Connolly whilst Cawley and a ninetieth minute goal from Johnson sealed them a point, but importantly our survival.

    We went back on the road and just couldn't create chances or take the very few we did, that resulting in a loss. Baptiste gave Hemel Hempstead the lead after half an hour before Skarpetis netted eight minutes from time to stop us snatching any late points.

    Not even any form at home as Wealdstone beat us three nil. The less said about this the better.

    We finally showed some fighting spirit in our final league game of the season which saw us travel to Chelmsford and fight back from two down to snatch our final point of the season. Gray gave the host the lead after just four minutes before Tomlinson doubled this tally four minutes before the break. Second half we fought back into the game through Deakin and Martin to claim the point.

    A horrible final month for us saw us pick up just two points from our final six league games and thats not good to end on. The only good thing is that we secured our spot in this division for next season and we can now start to build ahead of that.

    Back in my August post I said I felt we needed to hit between thirty five and fifty points this season, closer to the higher number, and we finished on forty nine points, this leaving us in nineteenth come the end of the season and ten points clear of the drop zone in the end. Gosport and Margate also join us on thirty nine points in eighteenth and seventeenth whilst Hungerford occupy sixteenth, three points ahead of us. Dartford won the league with ninety points whilst Ebbsfleet finished second on eighty nine points and deservedly won promotion via the playoffs.

    Next Update: London City FC - Pre Season Update 2017
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  14. London City FC - Pre season round up 2017

    My second summer in charge has proved to be just as busy, if not busier than my first summer in charge with plenty happening on and off the pitch. We had an okay side but were just too inconsistent come the end of last season, this year I was hoping we'd be a bit more consistent if we could bring in the right faces etc. So I've been to work with the squad and hopefully got a side capable of challenging to finish higher than nineteenth this year around. And as you can see, a new set of kits to kickstart the new season.

    Bad news, the club wish to move back closer to their home of 'London Colney' which could see us leave Wembley as our home stadium in the near future. This would be a shame as I wanted the club to stay here. But obviously we'll just have to see what happens as the seasons trickle past. Secondly and obviously, I got a new contract deal, meaning I'm at the club for at least another year.

    The expectations for this year are the same as last, the board want us to attempt to avoid relegation from the Vanarama National League South again, I'm hoping we can finish slightly higher than nineteenth this year around. The FA Trophy we just need to reach the Third Qualifying Round which is the same round we start the competition in and for the FA Cup we need to reach the Second Qualifying Round.

    As you can see I have been a little ruthless on the squad this year, letting go plenty of players as well as replacing them. Most of the new faces are of better quality than those who have exited to squad either because they weren't good enough or because they didn't want to accept a new deal. We've only spent a little bit of money and have a couple more players to come in yet too.

    And here is the squad I now have possession of for the season ahead although as I said, I think I have a couple more players to come into the squad yet. It still isn't stacked with quality but I've got players who can grow into quality for the team in this division over the next couple of years and thats whats going to be important, building for the future not for instant success.

    Quick look at the two players who are considered the 'best in the squad' to their rating. Very happy to get Liam Gooch in goal, he seems to be a great signing for a club in our division and can hopefully help stop some of the problems we had at the back last year. Jake Bennet can play at the back or in midfield so handy having another versatile player for our squad.

    Not the best pre season on the pitch once again, but I'm hoping its just the squad getting to know one another and the tactics. Bring on the competitive fixtures.

    Next Update: London City FC - August 2017
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  15. London City FC - August 2017

    And back to the competitive side of footballing life, last August we kicked off the season with seven points from our opening six games. Once again we would be targeting to hit fifty points to survive this season. If we could beat last seasons total of forty nine I'd be pleased. We have a stronger squad this year I feel so just need to make sure we do enough on the pitch to earn those points.

    We started the season against recently relegated Maidstone which I knew would be a tough encounter. But much to my delight we dominated the game and stole a point despite finishing with ten men, infact playing with ten men for fifty three minutes. Copp was sent off in the first half and Owen then fired the host ahead. Street netted on his competitive debut to earn us a point.

    A draw against Weston Super Mare, annoyingly I felt we could of taken all three points, they finished with ten men but the sending off was late and didn't change the game.

    We start the season three games unbeaten with a superb away win against Whitehawk. We dominated possession, had the majority of shots and took our chances as we struck a three nil win here. Street with his second in three games in the first half. Wilson netted from the spot before Moli came off the bench to put the game beyond doubt.

    Our first defeat of the season came against Basingstoke and we were really poor here. Second half we got dominated by Basingstoke. They deserved the win and Bateson delivered a hatrick for them.

    A ding dong battle between us and Welling which we stole a point from. Bennett originally gave us the lead after eight minutes before the visitors leveled just two minutes later and Smith put Welling two one up in the seventeenth minute. Second half Guppy leveled for us to steal a point for us.

    A superb five goal thriller against high flying St Albans saw us narrowly lose out, however the host could of had more. We trailed after sixteen minutes and were two down three minutes after the restart. Wilson netted from the spot kick for us with forty minutes remaining however St Albans struck back immediately. Copp gave us a late rallying cry, but we slipped short here.

    Well we've managed to pick up five points in our opening three games and six points from our opening six games. A point short than our tally this time last season but we've had a tough start. The team are hopefully still gelling, we've been in contention for points this season already.

    Six points from our opening six games, just need to keep our form, hod on to some good play and hopefully we can press on. Strange to see Truro and Gosport are off to such a bad start, one point each from their opening six games. They'll be tough teams for us to beat. We just need to continue to beat the teams around us this season to stay up again.

    Next Update: London City FC - September 2017
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  16. London City FC - September 2017

    An okay start to the season left us heading into September needing to pick it up a little bit and get some serious points on the board. The main aim was to survive again this season however if we could do it with a better league position I'd be much happier, progress is progress whichever way we do it. We also need to try and pick up more than forty nine points this year.

    We managed to kick off September with a comeback win against Hungerford, winning two one. Muko opening the score for the visitors after just thirteen minutes. Street leveled for us on the half hour mark. New signing Thewlis then netted what turned out to be the winner, seven minutes after the restart, a tight affair, we came out on top of.

    We made it two wins from two in September with a narrow two one win away at Eastbourne Boro. Bennett gave us the lead a minute into injury time of the first half. By half time there had already been five bookings, surprised we didn't see a red card. Jalen Jones leveled for the host and then scored an own goal which turned out to be our winner.

    As we welcomed Hemel Hempstead we got battered, well our goal did anyway. They fired away twenty one shots, hitting the target with fourteen and scoring four of those as they ran away with a four two win. Our goals were from Guppy and Whisken before the break, we lead two one at half time but eventually ran out of steam here.

    The FA Cup Second Qualifying Round drew us at home against Egham and we did exactly what we needed to do here against the non league side, win and progress. Moli struck a brace whilst Street and an own goal went on to secure a four nil win. I was hoping this could press us on this season from here.

    Battered by Maidenhead, the less said here, the better really. We were poor, disappointed that Galliford was dismissed before the brea too.

    Also battered by Sutton United, they're under us on the table but I was hoping we could atleast stand up for ourselves here. I really don't know whats going on as of late. We need to regroup and pick up points.

    The FA Cup Third Qualifying Round drew us away at non league Folkestone, again a team we should be ebating but unfortunately we fell short, forcing a replay. Wilson gave us the lead before the break. We dominated and should of won the game. Miller leveled for the host though, twenty two minutes before the end and we couldn't break it through. This will cause us more fixture congestion next month.

    The month round up, we started so well, picking up two wins from two, it then went sour with three league defeats in a row. We're still in the FA Cup which isn't a neccessary right at the moment. Probably best if we bow out the FA Cup soon and regain our composure with our league form.

    We're struggling already this season, down in eighteenth place with twelve points from eleven games. This time last season we had seventeen points from eleven games and were up in ninth place. The impact of the FA Cup is potentially costing us this year. The sooner we can focus solely on our league form the better. Also the three newly promoted sides of Kingstonian, Dulwich and Sutton United doing well is costing us.

    Next Update: London City FC - October 2017
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  17. London City FC - October 2017

    Our season just never seems to of kickstarted just yet and I'm hoping its not too far away. With the way some of the new teams have started this season I think survival for us this year will indeed be even tougher than it was last time around. There is still a lot of football to go this season of course so I'm not doubting our survival or anything like that, but we need to find something.

    Getting all these managerial qualifications but at the moment it isn't helping me in my current position. Need some big names to come to us and decide they want to play for a manager with qualifications and play for pennies, any takers?

    We don't like doing things the easy way thats for sure. It took extra time for us to get through but we did it, beating non league Folkestone second time of asking, six two. We trailed after six minutes before Wilson leveled for us. Moli then gifted us the lead before the non league side leveled to force extra time. They ran out of legs though and we then dominated with goals from Moli, two from Okojie and a goal from Street in Extra time.

    We do seem to see more of the ball this season and snatched a point away at Chelmsford here. An own goal gave us the lead after just seventeen minutes. But again we failed to hold on to the lead, conceding in the sixty fourth minute, settling for a single point.

    Dull game at home against Wealdstone, either side could of won it, neither side did win it.

    Where on earth did this come from!? We faced last seasons South winners Dartford and current Vanarama National side and smashed them six nil in the FA Cup Fourth Qualifying round. Wilson netted twice as did Street. Bennett and Okojie both on the scoresheet as well. We lead four nil at the break and continued piling on the pressure in the second half. If only we could play this way in the league as well.

    A trip to Hampton and Richmond which saw us take the lead twice, first through Street and then through an own goal, but we blew it twice so once again, forced to settle for a single point.

    Anddddddd another draw! This time we blew a two one lead at half time, dominated the stats with twenty one shots, ten of those on target and fifty six percent of the ball. The game really has it in for us at the moment.

    League leaders Bath beat us two nil and again looking at the stats we could of probably got something from it. We conceded in the thirty third minute and sixty sixth minute.

    Nearly an unbeaten month bar the defeat to end October against the league leaders. Its just annoying we're picking up so many draws and throwing away too many points from a leading position. We've really got to sort out our complacency especially as of late, perhaps when we are out the cup competitions we can focus on this a bit more.

    Sixteen games played and only sixteen points earned, we're currently four points worse off this season than last season having previously had twenty points after sixteen games. Had we of held on to the lead against Hampton and Richmond and Hayes and Yeading we'd be two points better off than last year right now and up in mid table, instead we're sat in nineteenth, five points clear of the drop zone though.

    Next Update: London City FC - November 2017
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  18. London City FC - November 2017

    Into November and itd be a busy month for us competition wise but not so busy on the pitch itself as we faced just four matches this month but across all three different competitions. Would we be heading into the festive month still in all three competitions. We were already beating expectations in the FA Cup as we reached the First Round proper.

    Wow, no one likes conceding seven in a game but I guess this was expected. We traveled to League Two side Hartlepool in the FA Cup First Round and lost out seven nil. Strangely we had the better run of possession here too.

    I don't get whats going on with these newly promoted sides this season, they're all playing well and doing so well up the table that its making it harder for us and we lost out away at Kingstonian here too.

    A league win! Struggling Gosport, who we played four times last season. They're not having the best season and we put more pressure on them with this two nil second half win. Street and Moli finding the net for us.

    We're out the FA Trophy, no big issues we were never going to win it, stops fixture congestion, we can now solely focus on the league.

    On paper, a horrible month, but hopefully it'll transfer to better league form from here on in as we are out both cup competitions.

    Eighteenth in the league with nineteen points on the board. As I've said a couple times now, I'm hoping with us being knocked out both cups we will start putting points on the board now and making the gap bigger between us and the drop zone which is currently just seven points approaching the halfway stage of the season.

    Next Update: London City FC - December 2017
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  19. London City FC - December 2017

    So as you're about to see, I'm changing the update slightly, I still plan to run it month by month but instead of screenshotting every single match I'll just do a month overview instead. At the moment whilst we're in these lower leagues the stats aren't meaning a lot anyway and I just want to play the game rather than stopping so regularly to update which is taking its time. Anyway, into the festive December month, could we string a few good performances together here.

    Again it was a month which featured more draws than wins, more defeats than wins and it'll start to cost us if we're not careful. We drew with newly promoted Dulwich Hamley, one all after taking the lead after just two minutes against Thewlis. We beat struggling Margate two one, a game we had to win. A strong late rallying draw against Maidstone saw us come from two down to draw two a piece, Street netting both goals. He then netted a hatrick against high flying Weston Super Mare as we lost out four three. A sour end to the month losing four nil to relegation threatened Whitehawk.

    Still eighteenth and at the end of the calendar year we're on twenty four points from twenty three matches. We still need to find that 'brilliant' month from somewhere to boost our points tally a little bit. We are nine points above the drop zone so thats a comfortable margin at this stage of the season, just need to maintain beating the teams around us to ensure we stay up again this season. I still also want to beat our last seasons points tally of forty nine.

    Next Update: London City FC - January 2018
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  20. London City FC - January 2018

    A New Year and hopefully a new start for our club and the turning point to future success with any luck. Five games awaited us to kick off the new calendar year and I was just hoping we could get back among the points. I'm not sure here I'm going wrong at the moment, but hopefully a turning point is soon.

    Well its a little better I guess, two wins a draw and two defeats to kick of 2018. Seven points from a possible fifteen on offer still isn't too bad for a side fighting against relegation as far as I'm concerned. The year started with a trip to Basingstoke where we claimed a two all draw. We led through Street but trailed two one at the break. Bennett netted to earn us a point. We then beat struggling Truro four two with Moli netting a hatrick. Two defeats against Welling and St Albans before we ended the month with a victory against Hungerford one nil, a late Josh Street goal grabbing us the points.

    Still eighteenth, still nine points above Gosport and the drop zone. Safety is seeming more and more likely this season as we go by each month. But obviously until its mathmatically secure that we'll stay up we'll continue to fight. Still aiming to beat last seasons league position of nineteenth and points total of forty nine. However its likely to be tough now with us eighteen points off that tally with fourteen games left to play this season.

    Next Update: London City FC - February 2018
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  21. London City FC - February 2018

    Three months to go of competitive football until we can hopefully begin rebuilding the squad once again this summer coming. We've more news on coaching qualifications as well as the youth intake for another year. Not that they're even that good or important but I'll post them anyway. Four matches throughout February, four wins is a big ask...

    Another course on the go. I'm now studying for my Continental B Licence. Only a couple more till I've bagged the lot of qualifications. Then I'll probably be the most qualified manager in the basement tier of English football. Hopefully my knowledge and qualifications will soon bring some better players in.

    Probably not a lot to see again, Bewley could make something of these lower leagues and if any of these impress over the next couple of seasons they may get some game time in the senior squad. I will of course sign them all on once again and see what happens.

    Four points from a possible twelve on offer throughout February, all in all not too bad once again. A goalless draw against Eastbourne Boro kicked the month off before we easily beat Hemel Hempstead three one. We then went on to lose two nil away at Maidenhead and then home to Sutton United.

    Still eighteenth and still nine points clear of the drop zone, we do have a game in hand however so could ease ourselves a little further away from the drop and move us up to seventeenth with a draw. We've got two more months of football to play, ten matches left and still fourteen points short of my points tally last season.

    Next Update: London City FC - March 2018
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  22. London City FC - March 2018

    The penultimate month of the footballing calendar year was upon us and a real good month here could see us confirmed safe in this division for the following season. However it was unlikely the month was going to be that good. We had five matches to play and as each match has passed this season, its looking less and less likely that we'd beat our previous points total of forty nine.

    The board decided to approached me with a new contract offer much earlier than last season. If I'm right they waited till the last couple weeks of my contract last year. So its nice to have penned a new deal already seeing me set to stay in charge next season.

    Well again the month started quite brightly, unbeaten for the first three games of it as we grabbed a point away at Wealdstone, Deaking netting for us after just four minutes. We then held Chelmsford to a nil nil draw at home before beating high flying Hayes and Yeading one nil Okojie with that goal. But it turned sour with hard games against Hampton and Richmond, losing two one and Bath who we lost out to three nil.

    Five games to go this season and we're now just seven points above the drop zone and Whiehawk who are trying to escape. We are relatively safe but not mathmatically just yet. We're nine points off last seasons points tally so thats still within reaching distance but I hope we can at least match it. We shall see what happens.

    Next Update: London City FC - April 2018
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  23. London City FC - March 2018

    Here it is then, the final month of my second season in charge of London City FC and we have made next to no progress at this moment in time. As we go into the final five matches of the league season it looks like we're set to fall short of last seasons points tally but we could perhaps finish higher position wise. Its been a weird season thats for sure.

    WAIT A MINUTE! WHAT IS THIS! Three league wins in a month! On paper it was perhaps the easiest month we've faced all season facing sides around us in the table, bar Dulwich Hamlet, but surely this would be enough to save ourselves. Kingstonian came to us and we beat them two one, Okojie and Guppy netting as we led two nil at the break. We then lost to struggling Gosport three one, who are fighting for survival and playoff chasing Dulwich Hamlet delivered a three one defeat on our final home game of the season. But we finished strongly away from home, beating Margate two one, Whisken and Moli netting then beating Truro one nil thanks to Josh Street, our top scorer this season.

    Well, we ended up matching last seasons points tally of forty nine and improved our league position from nineteenth to sixteen this year around, so we have made minor progress and steps forward, finishing thirteen points clear of the drop. Comparing more stats to last season, we scored fifty one goals last year, and scored fifty one this year, strange, but conceded seventy two last year and just sixty eight this year.

    Are there many/any people reading this at all? Enjoying it? I've made no progress in two seasons but its been a fun challenge and I'm happy to carry on with this if people are liking it...

    Next Update: London City FC - Pre Season Round Up 2018

  24. I'm enjoying this - good challenge and regular updates. Will be interesting to see how the club develops as you work your way up the leagues.

    Nice kits also.
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  25. Same as Tom26, really looking forward to seeing how well you progress over the next couple of seasons
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  26. Thanks Tom26, just good to know if people are reading and liking it and I'm not wasting my time. Certainly is a challenge!

    Thanks Woodzer85.
    London City FC - Pre Season Round Up 2018

    A third summer in charge here at London City FC and a third season set for us in the Vanarama South, I'm not too concerned we're still in the basement tier, I originally targeted three to five seasons here until we finally began climbing the leagues, hopefully after this season we will begin to move. I've managed to keep the squad together this season and added some better quality players, hopefully we're stronger this year around. I want a mid table finish.

    Pre season expectations are the same for the third season running, attempt to avoid relegation and lose the save if we were to drop out the lowest playable tier of English football. I'm targetting a mid table finish this year though, however didn't change that on my expectations. Reach the Third Qualifying Round of the FA Cup and the Third Qualifying Round of the FA Trophy. Good draws in both competitions and we could go further.

    The players that have left this season are ones that either didn't want new deals or weren't good enough for the season ahead so I reduced the wage bill and got rid of these. I've bought in a couple new faces of which will provide stronger competition for the places on the pitch and hopefully give us a stronger side on the pitch this year.

    Here is the squad I've got on paper for the season ahead, admittedly it still doesn't reap with quality that stands out but I'm hoping it should be strong enough to give us a better finish than we've had the previous two seasons. A couple players are on non contract deals and don't want to sign permanent deals. Gooch will remain our number one this season.

    Our two strongest players according to the assistants ratings for the season ahead, both new faces to the squad this year too.

    The best summer we've had on the pitch to date in this career, mainly because I focused on playing smaller sides and ensuring we picked up wins in them to carry through morale from this summer into the season it self. It wasn't about playing the bigger teams for money this year.

    Next Update: London City FC - August 2018
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  27. London City FC - August 2018

    Here we go then, August 2018, my third stint in the Vanarama South has kicked off and this year just five matches in the opening month. We had some winnable games this month to so I was definitely expecting us to get off to a strong start. Over the last two seasons we've picked up seven points from six games in 2016 and six points from six games in 2017, what would 2018 deliver...

    Nine points from a possible fifteen, three wins from five to open our third season here and its a superb start if you ask me. A thrilling game against Hayes and Yeading kicked the season off with us coming out on top four three. It was two a piece at half time in a ding dong battle with Hassall and Ede netting for us. We then trailed three two before Bennett leveled and Hassall struck a second to win us the opening match of the season. Wealdstone beat us two nil away from home. We returned home to face Weston-Super-Mare and a strong showing saw us win three nil here. Two superb strikes from Josh Street saw us two up at the break and new boy Cheema also on target second half. We narrowly lost out three two against Sutton United, despite going one nil up through Bennett. Hassall netted a late consolation. We ended the month with a three one away win against Gosport, Gascoigne fired us one up inside four minutes. An own goal and one from substitute Okojie send us three up before Gosport netted a late goal.

    Its so rare to see us up this high in the table, nine points from our opening five league games sees us sitting all the way up in sixth place and that could be the highest we've been since this career began. Its definitely a strong starting block for us to get going this year and with any luck we can continue to press on picking up wins like this. It could be a good season for us, I'm still targetting a mid table finish.

    Next Update: London City FC - September 2018
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  28. Liking the story mate and will be tracking your progress. Small steps cover many miles and all that jazz!
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  29. Not even sure the step forward we've made is classed as 'small' Neavia pop23, but thank you.
    London City FC - September 2018

    Following a good start to the season, well, three wins from five for a club like us as of late has got to be considered as a very good start. We moved into September with the club currently sitting very high in the table, things would change, of course they would, but it'd be good to continue picking up points over the opening couple months of season three.

    The board have sent me on my penultimate coaching course, almost the best I can be now, certainly isn't too bad, I wasn't expecting to get all the badges still being in the basement tier of English football management but that is the case apparently.

    September proved to be a very busy month for us facing seven matches, six of them in the league and we'd also begin our FA Cup journey of 2018. In the league we managed to continue our strong start with two more wins a draw and three defeats. We beat newly promoted sides Bromley four one and Canvey Island three one. Dartford, relegated last season, beat us two nil at home before we lost two nil away from home to Hungerford. We'll be seen in the Third Qualifying Round of the FA Trophy as we dumped out non league North Greenford late on. We lost to Maidenhead and drew to Maidstone to end the month.

    We've slipped down to fourteenth in the league but currently have sixteen points on the board from our opening eleven games which is very pleasing to date. We also currently are holding on to a positive goal difference. It'd be nice if we could finish this season with that in tact as the last two seasons its been negative. Long way to go yet, but the seasons looking bright for us.

    Next Update: London City FC - October 2018
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  30. London City FC - October 2018

    Another busy month on paper was scheduled for October, should we continue our run through the FA Cup we could face up to eight games depending on if we needed replays to get by the rounds etc. But obviously the league is our main focus and how far we could extend our strong start, the more points we could pick up in the early stages of the season, the less pressure on us at the tail end of it which would make a nice change!

    Its not very often we go through a month with just the single red dot against our name, but thats whats happened as we've gone through seven games in October, losing just once whilst picking up three wins and three draws. It started with the FA Cup Third Qualifying round where we faced Kingstonian, it was contested over two matches, drawing one all first then beating them four nil. We then drew with Welling at home with a Hassall hatrick for our three goals. A third meeting with Kingstonian this month saw us beat them two one with Guppy netting in the final minute. Next was a trip to non league Tiverton in the FA Cup Fourth Qualifying round and for the second season running we'll feature in the FA Cup First Round as we beat them four one. A one nil defeat against high flying Dorchester before ending the month at home with a two all draw against another high flyer Havant & Waterlooville.

    Back on the rise in the table as we move from fourteenth up to eleventh after fifteen games played and twenty one points on the board, we're almost halfway towards our points tally for the last two seasons already. If we have a good month in November we could really push ourselves to challenge for a top ten spot this season, however my main aim is midtable, anywhere around tenth to fifteenth ideally.

    Next Update: London City FC - November 2018
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  31. really enjoying this
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  32. Thanks TheBattman, glad some people are.

    London City FC - November 2018

    Twenty one points from our first fifteen league games, things are looking really rosey at the moment here at London City FC. Not promotion rosey, but definitely mid table rosey thats for sure. November as always is a much quieter month as we faced just four matches, but one is the big FA Cup game, the First Round for the second season in a row. Although no big tie this round for us.

    Well the frequent red dots have returned to our schedule as we lost twice, drew once and won once in our four games throughout November. We started with a brilliant come back win away at Bath, one nil down at half time and quickly two down. Before a brace from Josh Street within a minute of each other, Hassall and Wilson netted to see us come back to win four two. Vanarama National side Chester knocked us out the FA Cup First Round at home, narrowly losing out two one. We played out a goalless drew with Eastbourne Boro before narrowly losing out two against Basingstoke.

    Twenty five points from eighteen games and now we're over halfway towards the points tally we accumulated both previous seasons of forty nine. The last couple of seasons we've taken about twenty to twenty three games to hit this points tally so this year we're on target for a best season finish. We've just got to continue to be strong on the pitch and get those points secured.

    Next Update: London City FC - December 2018
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  33. __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - December 2018

    And so the final month of 2018 was upon us and it was time to try and end the calendar year on a high. We had six more games to go this year to see if we could continue the season on a high. We were out the FA Cup and now had the FA Trophy to contend with this month as well as the league fixtures. Could we continue to grow this season.

    The FA Trophy has began and finished for us. Again we faced Kingstonian this season, beating them again, this time four three after extra time. Hassall netted a superb hatrick with the winner six minutes into Extra Time. We then hit a sour patch of form. A trip to Tonbridge saw us lose two one before we crashed out the FA Trophy, losing two nil against Wealdstone in the First Round. Our only league win came against Hampton and Richmond, dominating the game and eventually getting the winner in injury time. We then threw away the points against Hayes and Yeading, letting slip a three one lead. We ended the month and calendar year against high flying Chelmsford where we lost three nil.

    And so we end 2018 up in fourteenth place as we've already picked up twenty nine points this season after twenty two league games. We require just twenty one more points this seson to beat our season best which we've scored both previous seasons. However we're still only nine points above the drop zone so a bad run of form could still see us get caught in the relegation battle again.

    Next Update: London City FC - January 2019
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  34. London City FC - January 2019

    We go into 2019 with our form the best its been over the last two and a half seasons and thats hopefully shining a bright light on the future of this club as we begin to take small pigeon steps towards the top of the ladder, obviously we're nowhere near that just yet. But we went into the New Year up in fourteenth place and already just twenty points off our total points accumulated the last two seasons, it was looking like progress would be made this year around.

    And we've managed to continue our strong form as we begin 2019 with three wins from five games, losing just once. We began welcoming Wealdstone on New Years day and this saw us win four one thanks to Hassall, Ward, Street and Sheppard. We then drew three a piece with Sutton United with Bennett netting in the last six minutes which is a great point. We lost out to Weston Super Mare annoyingly by one goal. We ended the month with back to back wins and clean sheets, beating Gosport three nil and Bromley one nil.

    We end the opening month of 2019 up in eleventh place with us now hitting thirty nine points. We're only seven points off Basingstoke in fifth place and the final playoff spot but I'm not expecting us to get anywhere near that this season as we're not that reliable against the bigger teams, but we've definitely moved forward. We've also moved seventeen points away from the drop zone now.

    Next Update: London City FC - February 2019
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  35. London City FC - February 2019

    Three months of competitive action left of my third season in charge of London City FC and in the Vanarama South and I was pretty sure it wouldn't be my last season with either. January had started the new calendar year very well for us and now I was hoping we could keep that form going as we went into February. We were nearing our points tally for the last two seasons, were we going to beat it by the end of February...

    Well the month looked so promising after the first two games, we welcomed Hungerford and beat them three one, Hassall, Cheema and Street on target for us. We then beat Canvey Island one nil thanks to Street. League leaders Dartford expectedly beat us three on and then a shock home defeat saw us lose out heavily to Maidenhead, coming off the pitch as six one losers.

    Twelfth place after thirty one games. We've got eleven matches left this season and are now just four points away from our total points tally for the last two seasons so it seems like this season we really are going to make a big leap forward in that department. Our goal difference is hanging in the positive, just, be good if we can hold on to that. Twenty one points above the drop zone, we're all but safe this season.

    Next Update: London City FC - March 2019
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  36. London City FC - March 2019

    Two full months of football to go and our form was beginning to take a turn for the worst. Having played so well all season the cracks were just beginning to show and that was the case with our most recent defeat against Maidenhead. With five matches in March it was important we picked up a couple of wins from them. We also had another youth intake.

    Same as always, no one really 'stands out' and at this level why would they!? They'll all be offered a year contract as usual.

    And our form continues to be very hit and miss. A narrowly win over lowly placed Kingstonian saw us win three two, another two for Hassall as well as Copp netting a penalty. We then lost three on the bounce, conceding eleven goals and scoring none as Maidstone, Welling and Dorchester all took full points against us. The month ended with a one nil win over Easbourne Boro. Guppy netting after thirty one minutes.

    We've beat our points tally of the last two seasons, having tallied forty nine points those two seasons, we've hit fifty one so far this year and still have eight matches to play. It'd be great if we could hit around sixty points this year but as long as we beat our league position last year its progress.

    Next Update: London City FC - April 2019
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  37. London City FC - April 2019

    And so the final month of season three is here, we played a single game in May so its been included in the April updated as its pointless doing an update for one game at this moment in time anyway. We had six games to contend with throughout April and it was important we regained composure as we've been rocky lately and could still finish lower than last seasons sixteenth place.

    Well its fair to say our form really did desert us the last two or three months but nonetheless we got across the line, with our final month seeing three defeats, one draw and two victories. We lost to playoff side Havant and Waterlooville two nil before beating Bath two one. Basingstoke then beat us one nil before we played out a nine goal thriller against Hampton and Richmond, winning five four with Hassall netting a superb four goals for us. We ended the year with a defeat at home against Tonbridge and finally a draw at home against Chelmsford.

    And so the season comes to an end with us in fourteenth place, another step forward beating our previous best finish, last seasons sixteenth. We also went on to pick up fifty eight points which is nine points better than we have done the last two seasons. Our defence was a little leakier this year but I'm not overly bothered. A few good signings this summer and we could be challenge for a top half finish.

    A good bit of news to finish on, our very own twenty year old striker, George Hassall has been named the Vanarama National League South top goalscorer with twenty six goals from thirty nine league appearances this season, hes been class up front.

    Next Update: London City FC - Pre Season Round Up 2019
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  38. Interesting idea, steady progress being made!
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  39. Thanks SeanKeaney definitely beginning to see progress.
    London City FC - Pre Season Round Up 2019

    So another summer passes by and our third set of new kits are shown off to the public. I forgot to change them last year but maybe the kit consistency helped us to an all new high league finish. This year they're remaining the same colors except the third switching from white to black. The summer as always at London City FC has been a busy one but one we've coped alright with.

    All the relevant news that came out of pre season. Unfortunately the board have pressed on with their hopes of moving stadium and have decided to build on over the next twenty five months. Meaning we have two more seasons at Wembley. It'll be called London City Stadium. I also signed another one year extension to my contract, now being paid a hefty £800 per week. And the pre season expectations are the same they have been for the previous three seasons.

    More incommings than outgoings in a summer transfer window, thats a first for this club, but hopefully its a sign of things to come and the club progressing forward.

    Most of the club are on non contracts now hence the 'CTR' next to their names. On paper our squad looks weak this year but in reality I personally think its one of the strongest squads we've had all of this career. I'm hoping for another solid season from our striker George Hassall and hopefully we've sorted the leaky defence a little bit this year.

    Well not the best summer but it was all about getting use to our tactics and the squad playing together again.

    This seasons aims, much like last season, mid table. We're aiming to finish 10th - 12th personally. The media are predicting us to finish down in nineteenth and taking steps backwards this year.

    Next Update: London City FC - August 2019
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  40. London City FC - August 2019

    Season four is underway here in the basement tier of English football but we're beginning to cope better with it. We've had six games played in August as its a busy start to the season and important we start well to set the pace for the remainder of the season. Could we beat last seasons 'best' ever start of picking up nine points from our opening five games.

    An unbeaten start! We've picked up twelve points from out opening six matches and it could of been better! We kicked the season of at home against Eastbourne Boro and two penalties, converted by Bradbrook in the first half was all it took for us to take the points. We then drew against Truro nil nil, we should of won. Beat Weston Super Mare at home two nil, late goals from Hassall and Cheema. A draw against recently relegated Dulwich Hamlet saw Hassall net with ten minutes to go to seal a point. We then blew a two goal lead and three one lead against Dorchester to draw three a piece. Before ending the opening month two one against struggling starters Maidstone. Coming back form one down with Brecbrook and Hassall on target for us.

    Following our unbeaten start to the league season we find ourselves way up the table in fourth place. Now its unlikely that we're going to be at the top come the end of the season but it's not an impossibility. We'll continue to play the way we're playing this season and hopefully continue our strong start over the next couple of months.

    Next Update: London City FC - September 2019
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  41. Great work youve done so far mate.
    Slowly building a club.
    Great start to this season. Keep it up
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  42. Thanks Tracz, its so hard but slowly we're making progress.
    __________________________________________________ __________________
    London City FC - September 2019

    Following an extremely strong start to the league season we went into a slightly quieter September with just five matches to play this month. We'd begin our FA Cup journey this month to with us reaching the First Round in the last two seasons it'd be great if we can do that for a third season in a row. Would we remain unbeaten come the end of month two this season.

    Good news is the club have now paid for my final coaching qualification. I have began a twelve month study of my Continental Pro Licence which'll see me fully qualified in the coaching department. Probably the best coach in the division.

    Well good news and bad news, we remain unbeaten in league football this year but have slipped to three more draws and one win however have crashed out the FA Cup in the Second Qualifying Round. The month began away at Hampton and Richmond with a one nil win thanks to Browne, his first of three goals this month. A two all draw against Welling at home saw us blow our lead twice. We also blew our lead at home against Sutton United following Hassall early strike. There was no luck in the FA Cup this year as Dulwich Hamlet beat us three nil away from home. We ended the month by snatching a point against Basingstoke with Browne netting in the ninety second minute.

    We remain unbeaten in the league after ten matches and the only other side to do so at this moment in time is Wealdstone up in second place. However a few early draws have slightly cost us a brilliant start with us sat in sixth at the moment just outside the playoff zone. A long way to go yet this season but its really looking like a promising season for London City FC.

    Next Update: London City FC - October 2019
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  43. London City FC - October 2019

    Going out the FA Cup in September could prove to be a good thing this year around. Over the last couple seasons we've reached the first round and thats seen us play a few more games with some going to extra time, tiring the squad out a little more. But our form is so good this year that going out early isn't a problem as it was the round the board wanted us to reach. How would our form hold up in October.

    Our unbeaten league start has come to an end but we've certainly not slowed up anytime this month with three more wins, one draw and one defeat. As well as seeing Hassall not slow up on being last years top scorer with him netting fourteen goals already this season. We began October, a day before my birthday with a hammering at Bath, we delivered it! We won four nil, Hassall with a hatrick and Ede with a late goal to wrap it up. A trip to Maidenhead saw us drew two all, annoyingly throwing the lead away twice which we earned through Hassall and Rigby. Back to winning ways at home with a two nil second half win against Hungerford. Our first league defeat came as we slipped from three one up to lose four three against Staines, Hassall with his second hatrick of the month. The final match saw us travel to Bromley and win four one. Starting quickly with Browne in the first minute, Hassall and Gordon (x2) before the break saw us four up.

    We're up in second after fifteen league games having bagged twenty eight points already this season! Its incredible to achieve this for our club. Wealdstone are still top of the table and unbeaten as they're season goes from strength to strength, we'll face them in November in what will hopefully be a top of the table clash. Its certainly tight at the top at the moment, we're just enjoying being there.

    Next Update: London City FC - November 2019
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  44. It's nice to see you brought your London City career over to FM Base too Dan and I've been following since the career started and it's been an expected trouble, until this season as you have made a top start to the South season. KIU.
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  45. Thanks again Shedender.
    London City FC - November 2019

    Into November and it'd be good if we could continue our strong start to the league season and end on the calendar year on a high. We've got a fair few games to go yet though before the end of the year with November and December still to play through. We went into the month second in the league table with three league games and one FA Trophy match on the agenda.

    Three wins and one unfortunate defeat over the month pleased me enough, even more so when Hassall netted a brace followed by a hatrick this month. We kicked off the month beating Canvey Island two one away from home. We trailed one nil before Hassall netted a penalty before the break and a winner seven minutes from time. We then faced top side Wealdstone, who had lost their last game and first one of the season. We beat them four three in a thriller. Bradbrook scored and Hassall netted a hatrick. Both sides ended this game with ten men. Welcoming Tonbridge we lost three one, annoyingly after Bradbook gave us the lead, we had a man sent off and played an hour with ten men, shipping three goals. Finishing the month with a win against Whitehawk in the FA Trophy Third Qualifying Round.

    Well well well, we've never been this high in the league table as we sit top of the pile, allbeit on goal difference for now, we are the guys in charge. Eighteen games played, thirty four points earned and a plus fourteen goal difference. Its shaping up to be a sensational, surprising season for us but still a lot of football to be played this season.

    Next Update: London City FC - December 2019
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  46. London City FC - December 2019

    The final month of whats been a very pleasing and promising calendar year, we were waving goodbye to 2019 but hopefully not goodbye to the good football we've seen from London City FC, especially as of late, we now had the chance to be top at Christmas and head into the new year at the top of the pile to if we could maintain our good form in a quiet winter month.

    Four games, two wins, one draw and one defeat to round up 2019. We began with our second game against Whitehawk in as many matches. Beating them again, Hassall netting four minutes from time with his only one this month. We slipped out the FA Trophy in the First Round as Welling dispose us two nil. Back to league action and a victory against newly promoted Met. Police as we beat them two nil late on. An own goal fifteen minutes from time and two minutes later a Browne strike two minutes later sealed the win. We ended the month and year with a stale one all draw away at Eastbourne Boro.

    We were top at Christmas and top at the New Year, that can only bode well for the remainder of the season surely. Obviously our stash of goals dropped dramatically over December but we still remained unbeaten in the league so that says it all. Still half a season to go before we get carried away. I'd rather finish top than go through the dreaded playoffs.

    Next Update: London City FC - January 2020
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  47. London City FC - January 2020

    Into 2020 and if you told me I'd be in the Vanarama National South still in January 2020 I'd probably of believed it, afterall I targeted up to five seasons to clear this division. If you told me I'd be top of the pile I don't think I'd believe it, but thats the case as we head into the New Year. But we can't get complacent just yet there is a lot of football to play yet. With us only in league football now, we've got our full focus on every match.

    We began the New Year with a defeat against promotion chasing Chelmsford, they're hot on our hills and this has put them within touching distance of us. A couple stronger results came as we returned home for back to back games. Beating Truro three two and then Weston-Super-Mare two nil. Hassall netting in both games, Bradbrook netting a brace against Truro. We let an early one nil lead slip against Dulwich Hamlet, drawing one all before traveling and losing against Dorchester four two in a very poor showing from us. Ending the month against struggling Maidstone with a three two win after being two nil down. Another Hassall brace as he netted five goals in six games to continue his strong season form.

    We have remained top at the end of January, however the team that beat us to kickstart their new year are now second and only behind us on goal difference currently. We're both on fifty one points after twenty seven games. Remember the first two seasons, we finished them with forty nine points, last season we finished with fifty nine points. Already we're up on fifty one points and set for another new record points and league position finish bar a complete catastrophe.

    Next Update: London City FC - February 2020
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  48. London City FC - February 2020

    The calendar year had began well, we had started where we left off in 2019. But things were going to turn a little bit this month and really begin to make us work to be league champions, are we about to blow it. We also have the usual bunch of youth recruits who can probably hardly kick a ball in a straight line and on top of that, some good news.

    Well, they're all rubbish and thats that.

    Yelp, three defeats on the bounce, including one to struggling bath. We kicked off the month with a superb thumping against Hampton and Richmond, Galliford netting twice on his debut with Bradbrook netting the other two But then turned the sour patch, losing two on at home to Bath, two nil away at Welling and at Sutton United. Thankfully we ended the month with a strong four two performance against Hungerford and hopefully the turning point back to our good form we've displayed all season. Hassall netting a brace there led to this pleasing news.

    George Hassall has broke his London City FC record of most league goals in a single season. It was his own record he broke when he netted twenty six league goals last season to be crowned Vanarama South golden boot, hes on his way this year, already notching twenty seven goals.

    Chelsmford's good run of form is really moving now, they move top of the pile and six points clear of us in second place as we've set the pace all year, we're now playing catch up with just two months of competitive football to go, have we blown our title hopes. They've also gained to see their goal difference better ours now, with ten matches to go, I'm hoping we go on a firing spree this next month or two.

    Next Update: London City FC - March 2020
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  49. Great form so far this season, lets hope this is just your little blip, all teams have them.
    Maybe the team dont want to break the 59point barrier.
    Good luck ill be following
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  50. Thanks Tracz, I'm hoping its just a small blip and we can get across the line now this season, don't say that, we need to break that barrier.
    London City FC - March 2020

    After a slight hiccup in February, we were heading into March in second place and now chasing league leaders Chelmsford. It'd be tough to turn around the gap that we've created due to slipping up but with any luck we could bounce back here. We've only got four matches in March, a quieter month before the big run in during April.

    We did indeed improve, to hit a four game winning run after winning our final game at the end of February. March began with two home games, first beating Basingstoke two one, Hassall and Taylor, the latter coming a minute before the end to win the game. We beat Maidenhead four one with Browne and Bradbrook netting one each, Hassall netting a brace. We traveled to Staines to win two one, nearly blowing a two nil lead. Before ending the month losing two one to third place Wealdstone, Hassall netting our goal making it five in four for him in March.

    Thirty six league games played, six games to go this season and we still trail league leaders Chelmsford by a single point at the top of the pile. Wealdstone are third in the league and four points behind us so we're starting to look safe for a top two finish should we keep strong till the end of the season now. It'll be an exciting run in thats for sure.

    Next Update: London City FC - April 2020
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