Carter Neeson. carrying on the legacy

  1. Carter Neeson. carrying on the legacy

    To all the fans of Kyle Neeson previous blog. I regret to inform you that on the 20th of December 2015 the Southampton manager was involved in horrible car accident. luckily he survived, but he was left with horrible injuries that has left unable to continue his managerial career. But why am I telling you this. Well because I am his son. My name is Carter James Neeson. I was born on the 8th of July 1993 in Nottingham England. all my life I was raised to be one thing. To be a footballer. The moment I could walk, there was a football between my feet. After work every day, dad would drive me to the local park to kick a ball around. As I got older these little kick arouns turned in to full on intensive training sessions. If I came home with an A in maths, dad couldn't care less but if I didn't get into the school football team, All hell would break loose. My only big break was when I played for the Tranmere rovers once. Sadly, I was never gifted with quick feet like my father wanted from me so I always felt I was never good enough for him. So when I left home I put football out of my life. In fact, I hated the sport so I avoided it like the plague. But after dads accident I've had to postpone my studies in business to care for him until he was back on his feet. While with him. I felt there was a hole in my life. He always was so sad just staring at the telly telling me stories about the players thinking of what could of been. So to feel this hole in my heart I've decided to drop out of college, dust of the suit and make my father proud. so this is why I've restarted the blog. For you guys to follow me on becoming the best manager in the world!

  2. Very intriguing intro!

  3. 2nd of july 2016

    already im regretting this. the only jobs available are all out of England. I've gone for about 20 jobs and all but three have rejected me. but the three that didn't reject me have oferred me a job interview. the clubs being Grindavik in Iceland, skyla stryi from Ukraine and arsenal Kyiv also from Ukraine. Wish me luck!
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  4. 20th of July 2016
    im at my first big cross road of my career. I recently attended a interview with side in the top division of the Icelandic league and they haven't gotten back to me yet and arsenal Kyiv have offered me a contract and there refusing to let me delay any longer. very tough decision ahead

  5. 21st of july 2016
    i tried to negotiate a contract with arsenal kyiv but they rejected my demands. so looks like where continuing the hunt

  6. 20th of august 2016
    Since I last left you we have had one had one busy month! I've had interviews from Iceland to Ireland. but finally i think I've finally got one! a Belorussian team called Gomel who are 2nd in the second league. Lets go.

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    welcome to Belarus

    FC Gomel, or FK Homel, is a Belarusian football club, playing in the city of Gomel. Their home stadium is Central Stadium. Teams from Gomel played in Belarusian SSR championships since early 20's. In 1946 Belorusian SSR league for one season becomes one of the zones of USSR 3rd level league, and Lokomotiv Gomel became the first city team to play in Soviet league.

    Here we go! and now we begin the roller coaster ride of football. but first a 25 hour drive

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