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    I've got my usual career with Birmingham City that I do every year but after winning the Prem and Champions League multiple times I'm now bored and looking for a career to do and update on here. I've got a few ideas but want to do something that people on here will be interested in and will follow.


    I always tend to do a career with PSV after managing them during a Pentagon Challenge many years ago. They start with a decent squad with some good youngsters who can win the league but the real challenge is winning the Champions League with them while trying to keep hold of the squad from bigger teams.


    Another team that draw my interest due to their transfer policy. Only signing Basque players means the focus is on developing players which I really enjoy but creates a really hard challenge in trying to topple the big 3 in the Spanish league.


    The american league is growing and attracting bigger names but is still a hard challenge on FM especially as I tend to manage in Europe which has very different rules. I don't really have any affiliation to any team in the USA so would take some recommendations if you want me to manage in the USA.

    Pentagon Challenge

    The original challenge that many have failed to complete. I've not attempted the challenge since 2011 when it took me a couple of decades to complete the challenge. For those who don't know what the challenge is, its attempting to win the Champions League on all 5 continents available while starting unemployed with the lowest levels of experience available.

    Let me know what people want me to do and I am planning on starting the story in the next day or so.

  2. Its all pretty close except for the USA option so I'm going to leave this running for a little bit longer and see how it turns out before I start. At the moment it looks like it will be a PSV save which looks a good challenge this year as they have lost some of their more key players in the last year or so.

  3. It looks as though people want to see the Pentagon Challenge attempted again. I've not attempted it since 2011 but I will give it another go and see how far I get. I will start it soon and start a new thread once I have got it going.
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