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New Year New Life: The Story of a Journeyman
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  1. New Year New Life: The Story of a Journeyman

    This Backstory is totally fictional!

    New*Years*Eve went pear shaped, my Wife eventually found out all my indiscretions, and in the ensuing disaster I lost her, my kids, my family disowned me along with all my friends. As the clock struck Midnight I knew a change had to be made. What can I do I thought. I had nothing left apart from a bag of clothes and my National C Licence coaching badge.

    After a chat with a close friend (the only one who still spoke to me) I knew I had to get out, disappear, create a new identity in a new country. When I arrived at Gatwick Airport I didn't know where I was going to end up. I went to the travel agents inside the airport and asked where the next available flight went, I only had £500 to my name and needed some spare cash when I arrived at my destination to find a hotel and then a job so it had to be as cheap as possible.

    The destination? Gibraltar.

    Then it hit me, why not use my National C Licence to do some good. Let's go to Gibraltar and start a journey. I hope I would never return to the UK, instead travel the world seeing all the places I had dreamed of going to, but do to that I had to earn money, I needed a job that paid enough to live, but also enough to save for the future. A career as a journeyman football manager was*the perfect choice.

    As I boarded the flight I knew it was the right choice but I wanted to make it as fun as possible along the way so I needed to set myself some aims, objectives and challenges to do along the way.

    On the 150 minute flight I drew myself up a list of things.
    • Win the League in a nation before I can move to the next.
    • I can only move to a nation that borders the nation I am in, so from*Gibraltar*I'd have to move to Spain, and so on and so on.
    • If there is no bordering nation that I haven't already been to then I can move to the nearest one.
    • I have to make my choices to better myself and my financial situation. If a job comes in from a club in the same nation that pays more then I can go (if I want to).
    • I want to win the Champions League in all 6 continents
    When I finish my journey I want the whole world to know who I am!

    How will I document my journey?
    • Each new club will have a post telling you about the club, location, squad, etc
    • Each post will be as sharp and to the point as possible. It will be done on a monthly basis with*results and table review.
    • At the end of each*season*there will be a review of the season as a whole.
    I touched down at Gibraltar Airport and checked myself into the cheapest B&B I could find, when I wake up in the morning I have to go job hunting!
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  2. The First Job

    It took just short of 2 months but I eventually was offered a job role. It came in the form of Manchester 62 in the Premier Division of Gibraltar

    A little bit about Manchester 62

    An insert from Wikipedia

    Manchester 62 F.C.[1] is a football club based in Gibraltar. The club was previously known as Manchester United (Gibraltar) F.C. in honour of Manchester United, having officially changed from the 2013–14 season. The club's crest was altered also to reflect the name change. Manchester 62 is currently a member of the Gibraltar Premier Division. The club, like all others in the territory, currently play at the Victoria Stadium on Winston Churchill Avenue.

    The Club in-game

    The team are currently doing terribly and with 10 games left are bottom of the League. The bottom team goes down with the 9th placed team playing in a relegation play-off

    The squad itself looks OK, it's big enough to cope with the next 10 games and then at the end of the season I'll assess it more.

    Both of the above players look pretty good. They are a good base to build a tactic from.

    Looking at the squad overall I think I'll keep it simple and employ a 442 or 4141 formation.

    Club History

    The club itself has had quite a bit of silverware over the past few years. The last Premier Division win was in 1999 but came 2nd in 2014 so are one of the more successful teams in Gibraltar.


    Not good but it's expected in such a poor League, hopefully in my time here, which I'm hoping is relatively short we can try and improve them slightly without messing up the finances

    My next update will be at the end of the season, after that I will do updates on a monthly basis

  3. 2017/18 Pre-Season - Manchester 62 (Gibraltar)

    To say it's been a tough pre-season would be an understatement!

    Here are the outs:

    A lot as you can see, we had a few players out of contract who either didn't want to stay or were rubbish. The only player on this list that I didn't want to leave was Midfielder Aaron Payas, he was the best player at the club and last season's player of the year. He refused a new contract, it'll be interesting to see where he goes

    Now for the in's:

    Not as many as the out's but I've tried to improve where I can, with attribute masking on it's been very hard to find good quality players. I'm currently scouting as quick as possible. The quality of players interested is also atrocious but each signing is an improvement on what I have or one for the future who I hope will improve as time goes on.
    Here are the player profiles for you to look at if your interested:Pre-Season results are as follows:

    As you can see it was a very long pre-season but we did very very well. Only 2 defeats, the 1st friendly where were awful and a narrow 3-1 defeat to Premier Division champs Lincoln (GIB). Overall it was really pleasing and gives me confidence for the upcoming season.

    Here are the season odds and expectations:

    As expected we are forecast to end mid-table, the board expect us to avoid relegation. When I had my team meeting I said I expected a mid-table finish and it didn't go down well! No one was confident and it sent morale plummeting. Hopefully with a decent start that'll turn around.

    Next update will be at the end of October as there are only 2 games in September.

  4. September/October 2017

    A really good start to the season, all tight games but we looked solid in defence and created numerous chances, just our finishing let us down. The only slip up was against the best team in the League.

    2nd place is amazing, let's hope we can keep this up!

  5. November/December 2017

    6 games, all very tight but we played very well. The only real poor results was the 1-0 defeat to Mons Calpe.

    10 points from the 6 games has slipped us down to 4th but as you can see it's very very close

  6. January/February 2018

    Amazing! Defensively stunning and created so many chances. We look stunning. The only defeat was in the cup which I wasn't bothered about. The final win pushed us up to 2nd place in the League

    Even though we have had an amazing run we are still quite a way behind Lincoln (GIB) who as you can see are still unbeaten. 9 games left in the season and we have a good chance of getting 2nd place which I think is a Europa League place.

    We also made 1 signing in the January window. A left-back on a free transfer

  7. March/April 2018 + Youth Intake

    It's been a tough few months but we are still doing really well overall. A couple of poor victories put pay to trying to catch up Lincoln (GIB)

    With 2 games left Lincoln have ran away with it and now it's down to ourselves and Europa Point for 2nd spot.

    We also had the annual youth intake:
    Here are the 2 best players that came through out youth intake, both are as good as out 1st team so will go straight into it! All the others were signed but not good enough currently and will be monitored as they play in the reserves

    The next update will be an end of season review including the final 2 games of the season

  8. May 2018 + End of Season Review

    We bottled it!

    2 defeats lost us 2nd place which would've meant Europa League football next season, but overall it's been a brilliant season.

    I have no idea how we are going to catch Lincoln (GIB) up, maybe they might lose their manager and I'll get the job! In all seriousness, it's gonna take a fluke or us to have an amazing season to overtake them.
    Here is the end of season review:

    And here is the squad overall and our 2 best players profiles:

    Some good news is that although we are well in debt I have managed to slow the losses down, we currently have a bank balance of -£78k, this is an increase of £24k from where we started the previous season mainly due to the £17k prize money, but it's good news and hopefully keeping all my players on non-contracts means by the end of next season we might be even closer to being above £0.

    Season | Team | Nation | Position | Notes and Achievements2016/17 | Man 62 | Gibraltar | 8th | Took job with 10 games left2017/18 | Man 62 | Gibraltar | 3rd | None

  9. Big news! Lincoln (GIB) have parted company with their manager as he refused a new contract! I'm 100% applying for it, I said at the start I'd do what I thought was best for me and this is certainly what's best, I'm not expecting to get it however! I want to move on as quick as possible so taking this job will pretty much guarantee me moving nations quicker than I currently can

    Stay tuned for more details if anything arises

  10. Didn't even get an interview!

  11. 2018/19 Pre-Season - Manchester 62 (Gibraltar)
    I'm not gonna lie it's been a bloody struggle of a pre-season, I never expected to get the Lincoln job but got my hopes up when the job became available and then shot down. when I didn't even get an interview! The main struggle has been finding decent players, there is just none interested in joining me, so I've had to scout, scout, scout endlessly to find players that half fit the bill and are an improvement on the rubbish I currently have! So in total I've signed 4 players, 2 of them to coincide with a switch in tactics from 4141 to 4231, the change because of the lack of goals scored last season. It does seem to have had a very small effect in pre-season but only slightly.

    There we no real out's of note just a few players released who were just taking up space.

    Here's the squad for the season, kill me now!

    Pre-Season Results

    The first few games of the pre-season were played with the good old 4141, as you can see goalscoring again was an issue, I then switched and you can see the difference for a couple of games then the same old issues came back to haunt me, I just don't know what more I can apart from putting everyone upfront! I always like to have a friendly against the best team in the League to see how we have progressed and as you can see we lost, not good!
    Odds and Expectations

    So after ending 3rd last season we are forecast to end 8th! A place lower than last season's prediction and also our odds are longer. Very strange. The boards expectations have risen from "avoid relegation" to "mid-table". Optimistic!!
    See you in a few months!

  12. September/October 2018

    After a bloody shocking first game we have turned it around and won 3 straight. Amazing! Especially that final game against the favourites to win the League (yes above Lincoln), we destroyed them! The 4231 is working a treat, although not one striker has scored a goal yet, my leading goalscorer? My right-sided IF!

    Lincoln just stroll on and on, that's now 32 league games unbeaten, god knows how we will catch them!
    In other news we had a clean sweep of the October awards, manager of the month and RW Garcia player of the month, he also picked up goal of the month to boot.

    A good start to the season, 2nd will be an amazing season but I really wanna win it!

  13. November/December 2018

    To say it has gone very well would be a massive understatement BUT strikers, OH STRIKERS! Where are they? Good question, actually there are no strikers, I decided to completely bin them from the Lions game and play a 41320 formation, what's the point in Strikers anyway? Especially the turd we have. It has worked a treat, 6 goals in the 3 games and my AMs are scoring for fun
    But the big question is have Lincoln lost yet?!

    No they haven't, but as you can see we are only bloody top! We don't even need them to lose a game if we keep winning, there is a long way to go however and lots of twists and turns to go.
    No awards in either month somehow, 2nd in both for Manager of the Month

  14. January/February 2019


    A couple of small blips but overall a fantastic few months, Lincoln (GIB) losing meant we could afford to lose to them and still stay top.

    10 games left and 1 point clear, can we keep it up? It's gonna be tough but we are in good form, if we come 2nd I'll be gutted but it'll still be an amazing season.

  15. March 2019 + Youth Intake

    Another good month, defensively fantastic as always, goalscoring still a struggle but I'll take anything at the moment! We have also progressed to the semi-final of the Rock Cup where we will play Lincoln (GIB)!

    Lincoln have also dropped a few points with a couple of draws which means we are still 1 point clear, we still have them to play at home, it could be the decisive game. 6 to go!
    We also had the youth intake and it was pretty poor as always, 2 players stood out who could make a difference 1 of them being a striker.

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  16. good luck, saw lincoln red imps playing Celtic in the champions league this year! tough team to beat but the fact they never even interviewed you should spur you on to destroy them! id like to see you in the Champions league with Manchester 62!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by AldoKemp-1 View Post
    good luck, saw lincoln red imps playing Celtic in the champions league this year! tough team to beat but the fact they never even interviewed you should spur you on to destroy them! id like to see you in the Champions league with Manchester 62!
    Im trying my hardest matey but as you will see in the next update it's near on impossible to beat them!
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  18. April 2019

    Just call us bottle-job 62! When we went into the Lincoln (GIB) game we were 3 points clear of them, even a point would've done but we didn't show up. A now with 2 games left we are level on points but behind on GD, we need them to slip-up but I doubt they will. And to add insult to injury they knocked us out of the cup as well!

    One huge piece of news though is against Europa FC I played a striker and he scored!!!!! Not only that, he scored 2, yes 2 goals!! Shame he hasn't scored in the next 3!

    So 2 games to go, they have to slip up, wish me luck!

  19. they are a good team man! and they also have funds from Europe which will make it harder to challenge also, you should maybe try and snap up any summer signings they are chasing before them, that way they can't get any of their first choices!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by AldoKemp-1 View Post
    they are a good team man! and they also have funds from Europe which will make it harder to challenge also, you should maybe try and snap up any summer signings they are chasing before them, that way they can't get any of their first choices!
    Hopefully they go on and win the cup as well which puts us in the Europa League, we need some funds from somewhere, im constantly scouting their players and trying to sign ones who don't play but so far none want to join. Maybe challenging them so close might change that
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  21. The Final Two League Games (May 2019)
    Game 26 v's Lions

    A nice win but how did Lincoln (GIB) do?

    OH MY GOD! Not what I expected, we go into the final game 2 points clear, but only a win will do!
    Game 27 v's Glacis Utd

    What a way to win it! WE ARE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screw you Lincoln (GIB)!! And to make it even better they drew their final game, who are the bottle-jobs now?!
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  22. End of Season Review (2018/19

    An amazing season, how on earth we did it I have no idea!
    Here is the championship winning squad:

    Garcia was by far my best player and this was capped off by him winning the Gibraltar Premier Division Player of the Year

    And unsurprisingly I won the Manager of the Year:

    And here are the club end of season awards and stats:

    What next?
    I think I want to stick around for another season but it all depends what jobs turn up in Spain, clearly with my rep at virtually nothing I won't get a decent job but also hanging around in Gibraltar isn't going to improve it massively. I'd like to at least play in the Champions League with Manchester 62 but would expect to go out in Round 1.
    With us getting £224k in prize money for the winning the League and also money from Champions League participation finances are massively better and I hope now the board let me take my next coaching badge. So for now I'm gonna stay and do pre-season as normal but keeping a close eye on what jobs come up in Spain and apply accordingly.

    Obviously the aim of this save is to win the League and move to next bordering nation so don't wanna hang about unless it absolutely necessary. Spain is the only bordering nation so I know I'm going there and know it's gonna take long enough to get myself a job big enough to win La Liga, but once I do that I would expect my rep to be high enough to get any job going and then we can really get cracking with traveling the world!
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  23. Well done on securing the league title, really enjoying this as it is something different, good luck with finding a job in Spain and going for domestic glory there.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by NathanITFC View Post
    Well done on securing the league title, really enjoying this as it is something different, good luck with finding a job in Spain and going for domestic glory there.
    Thanks mate, it's gonna be tough with my rep still really low but will be good fun

  25. 2019/20 Champions League & An Update - Manchester 62 (Gibraltar)

    1st Qualifying Round

    Wow! We were underdogs but managed to sneak through. Next up Rosenborg!
    2nd Qualifying Round

    The journey is over but my god did we put up a fight. In the 1st Leg we were 4 -0 down after half an hour and managed to somehow claw it back to only 4-3. We weren't good enough in the 2nd Leg but we had put up an amazing showing.

    And that's where my Gibraltar journey ends, it's time to resign and wait for a job in Spain, I've applied for a few, rather rubbish jobs but best to get my foot in the door.
    Why am I leaving so quickly when I said I was gonna stick around? Even after winning the League I still can't sign any better players, I haven't signed 1 player yet and I can't see the point in sticking around wasting time so I'm biting the bullet and getting a move on!
    See you all when I have a new job!
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    Club Deportivo Palencia Balompié is a Spanish football team based in Palencia, in the autonomous community of Castile and León. Founded in 2011, it plays in Segunda División B, holding home games at La Balastera, with a capacity of 8,070 seats.
    CD Palencia Balompié was founded in 2011 by a group of supporters who disagreed about the conversion of CF Palencia into a Sociedad Anónima Deportiva. It took the name of Club Deportivo Palencia from the first club of the city, which was founded in 1929.[1]

    It's a good 7 hour drive to Palencia but boy was I excited, they have just been promoted back to the 3rd tier of Spain, and with a whopping budget of £105k to spend I'm excited, we have massive potential here, not only for the club but also personally, I can improve my rep and try and build a team from the bottom up.

    I'm also on a wage of £240p/week after tax so sure I can find myself a nice little apartment in the centre of town to rent whilst I'm here, a nice little pay rise as well from the £170p/week I was on at Manchester 62.

    We don't have a very big squad but with a decent transfer and wage budget we can definitely bring in some new face, here are who I expect to be my key players:

    A good base to build on for sure. Looking at what I have at my disposal I'll probably play a 4231 or 4411 but I do need to buy a couple of new central defenders and a better striker
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  27. I have noticed I have taken the job with only 8 days before the 1st League game hence there will be no pre-season update or transfer update. I will post the transfers as and when they sign or in a monthly update

  28. Transfer Update

    I have hurriedly snapped up a few players prior to the 1st game of the season, and also the fact the transfer deadline came around before the 1st game! With only 2 CBs and 2 Strikers (who both aren't good enough) I needed to improve those departments and quick.

    Jesus Olmo - Free Transfer

    Chuma - Loan from Sevilla C

    Paco - Free Transfer

    Asier Carrera - Loan from Leonesa

    And before I could make any more deals the window slammed shut and now I'm stuck with what I have! I'm not confident!
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  29. Good luck with this season mate, you may need it! Never good when you don't get a full preseason with a new club, but sure you will manage to solidify things this year and look to do more the following season.

  30. Quote Originally Posted by neavie pops23 View Post
    Good luck with this season mate, you may need it! Never good when you don't get a full preseason with a new club, but sure you will manage to solidify things this year and look to do more the following season.
    It's gonna be tough but I'm keeping the tactics simple so shouldn't take long for the players to get used to it. I'm confident we can steer clear of the relegation places which I think is the bottom 4 or 5!

  31. Pre-Season Update - Palencia (Spain)

    2019/20 Spanish Segunda Division B Group 2 Season Preview


    The promotion play-offs are a little confusing so I'll discuss that as and when we qualify for it.

    I'm confident we can surpass what has been set especially for the League

  32. September 2019

    A tough start but we have played pretty well seeing as I only had 1 week to prepare the team. I'm still struggling to get tactics working and am mixing formations each game depending on the players I have available which with injuries isn't a lot!

    Not a bad position seeing as we were forecast to be near the bottom although I feel we could be doing better

  33. October 2019

    An amazing month with only one real slip-up. I've finally settled on a tactic, will numerous decent central midfielders and no real quality wide players I've decided on a 41212 with a DM and an AM, nothing special, just nice and simple.

    10 games in and we are on for a play-off spot, let's hope we can keep the good run of form up!
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  34. November 2019

    A decent month, 7 points out of 12, not bad for a team forecast to be down the bottom. Plus I've eventually got my team scoring goals!

    The league is pretty tight but we are still looking good for a run at the play-off spots

  35. December 2019

    A tough month of games, the Leonesa game we were massive underdogs and they showed their class, the 2 draws were poor results but the win was against the team who at the time sat top which was pleasing.

    We have fallen out of the play-off spots but it's still going a damn sight better than I expected!
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  36. Well it's now January 2020 and it means only one thing, the transfer window is OPEN!*

    Now I'm not usually one for doing business mid-season but have a few gaps that need filling that I didn't get time to sort when I took over, hopefully I can do a small amount of business to improve the overall squad

  37. January 2020

    A brilliant month and the new signings seem to be settling well.

    Still 4th but a nice little gap forming below us.

  38. February 2020

    After a shocking first game we have played brilliantly

    12 games to go, a play off spot looking more and more likely

  39. March 2020 + Youth Intake

    Absolutely amazing start, I never ever expected us to be doing this well. And then crashing down to earth with 2 terrible defeats!

    Even with those defeats we are now odds on for the play offs, although getting promoted is very very difficult, I'll explain if and when we get there!
    And here is the Youth Intake:

    Terrible! Only 1 half decent player, the rest bloody awful
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  40. April 2020

    The wheels have well and truly come off! It has been a tough month in terms of games, the 3-1 defeat we had 5 suspensions, we played the top 2 in the League and it means with 2 games left we still haven't secured a play-off spot!
    That 7-1 though! OUCH!!!!!


  41. May 2020 - Final 2 League Games

    2 crap game, but enough to qualify us for the play-offs

    Now the explanation of the play-offs, I hope your ready!
    There are 4 groups in this tier. The 4 group winners play each other and the 2 winners gain promotion.
    The teams who end 2nd play the teams that end 4th, the teams that end 3rd play each other.
    That makes 6 games, the 6 winners join the 2 losers from the group winners stage to play 4 semi-finals

    The 4 winners play 2 finals, the 2 winners go up
    And breath!
    So we ended 4th so we have t0 play a team who ended 2nd in the first play off round
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  42. The Play offs
    1st Round v's Villarreal B

    Amazing 2 wins seeing as we were massive underdogs. Only 2 more 2 legged rounds to go!
    2nd Round v's U. Murcia

    Another round where we were underdogs and we scrap through 3-2 on aggregate!
    Only one more round to go! This is crazy!
    Final Round v's Lugo

    Oh my god we have done it! That 1st leg, wow we were amazing!
    In a season we were predicted to get relegated we have come through 3 play off round to gain promotion to the 2nd tier in Spain! LA LIGA WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!!!
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  43. 2019/20 End of Season Review - Palencia (Spain)

    Absolutely incredible season, I won't show you the the able again but you can see it 2 posts above

    Let's take a look at that promotion winning squad:

    Everyone played their part, some more than others, here are the 2 players I felt were our best:

    We obviously have a lot of hard work ahead for next season but the board seem to trust me and have given me some crazy budgets to improve the team.

    And here are the end of season review screenshots:

    Left Back Arrizabalaga got the player of the year award ahead of January signing Gazivoda, neither of these were my personal favourites this season.
    And now we head into the next season, I always say it but I'm not confident but who knows what we can achieve, with those budgets I really feel I can massively improve the squad.

  44. Quality achievement! Are you allowed to move to another club in Spain or do you have to win LA Liga with Palencia? If so, are you looking to move to a bigger club in Spain?

  45. Quote Originally Posted by NathanITFC View Post
    Quality achievement! Are you allowed to move to another club in Spain or do you have to win LA Liga with Palencia? If so, are you looking to move to a bigger club in Spain?
    I'd love to win it here but that is way too time consuming and I want to move around as quick as possible. I'd at least want to get Palencia into La Liga and have 1 season to see how we do, then if a big job comes up i'll move on.

  46. 2020/21 Pre-Season - Palencia (Spain)
    Here we go! After last season's unexpected promotion to the 2nd tier in Spain we have some hard work ahead trying to make the squad competitive, I have been given some good budgets but am mostly gonna rely on frees and loans and the odd fee is required.
    We had a few players leave, mainly due to being out of contract or retiring:

    Nothing major!
    Now for the in's and as you would expect there are quite a few:

    I won't waffle on about them all, but if your interested here are their profile pictures. I'm really pleased with the business and feel the squad is well geared for steering clear of relegation
    Name:  Vicente Moscardo_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 458
Size:  1.64 MB

    Name:  Miguel Ledo_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 452
Size:  1.60 MB
    Name:  Fran No_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 447
Size:  1.61 MB
    Name:  Antonio Jose Oca_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 447
Size:  1.61 MB
    Name:  Vicente Moscardo_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 458
Size:  1.64 MB
    Name:  Kike Pina_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 439
Size:  1.62 MB
    Name:  Cristian Pulido_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 451
Size:  1.62 MB
    Name:  Martin Ferrer_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 433
Size:  1.67 MB
    Name:  Facundo Ballardo_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 439
Size:  1.64 MB

    The Squad

    Looking good!
    Pre-Season Results

    A-BLOODY-MAZING!!!!! 4 easy friendlies, 3 wins, 1 draw. 3 tough friendlies, 2 wins, 1 draw. Now that is blooming brilliant!
    Odds and Expectations

    Well the board and media obviously haven't been watching us pre-season! I fully expect us to be well clear of relegation and being optimistic why can't we push the top half and even further! We have a great squad and morale is sky high. Let's flipping do this!!v
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New Year New Life: The Story of a Journeyman-alex-bernal_-overview-profile.png  
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  47. Congrats on getting promoted mate, promotion from Spanish Tier 3 is a nightmare. All the best for the new season, there's a few relegation spots so hopefully you can beat the odds. Really enjoying the concept and your progress.

  48. Quote Originally Posted by yescomeon View Post
    Congrats on getting promoted mate, promotion from Spanish Tier 3 is a nightmare. All the best for the new season, there's a few relegation spots so hopefully you can beat the odds. Really enjoying the concept and your progress.
    Thanks very much. I'm loving the short brief posts, makes it easier as I can do it exile playing. I have high hopes for this season, really feel my signings r gonna do well

  49. All the best in your attempt of beating the odds! Judging from the pre-season result seems you do things right, eager to see how things fold!

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