It's first time that im writing on a FM forum so i don't really know how are the things rollin here around so just let me introduce myself.

I'm still fairly young the first FM that i ever played was back in '04 since then every year and i did many miracles and amazing things but unfortunately forgot about it pretty much because all them thing happend a long time ago.

So i played the game a pirate version played it with my fav. club Barcelona and won everything that i can but doing that it gets really boring i always need to have a challenge. I did one with Parma last year got them into the first league and i did challenge with P$G i've set the formation to 3-4-3 bought some showmaker's and won it all.

But enough of talking! As i watch everything that's happening in football in recent years its getting strange
what money can do and it shows why a player does really play for it's the money or passion and all the recent transfer to China (Tevez&Oscar) and so on made me do one more challenge to pick a club get all the lost talent from overseas and from Russia,Ukraina and Turkey i think you can find a lot of players who are just wasting time somewhere or just playing for the check.

So please help me find a club where i could start of my ''game'' and a lot's of money where it would be possible to get all the players from China,USA and other leagues and some young talent. But i cant find a club. My first thought was Monaco everything is set but there is already a lot of young talent and i don't want to wast it for guys like Witsel,Hulk,Martinez... I hope that everyone that's reading that will understand what i would like to do.

If anyone got some ideas just go ahead with it lads .