First Story

  1. First Story

    Hey Guys,
    Just got FM17 and i'm looking to start a story here. I have enough time in my day to post regularly.
    I don't know where to start. I'm open to any club any league any type of story.
    Suggestions and this should start up soon.

  2. Charlton

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  3. Brescia (Italy Serie B)

  4. You could get 100's of suggestions, none of which work for you. Best of looking for a team that means something to you if you are planning on doing a long term, 1 club save. Or rather than a specific club focus on an idea that interests you

  5. Journey man stories are fun if you want a long term save. Load the league's you're interested in, set the manager experience level that best suits you, start unemployed and see where the journey takes you... Good luck whatever type of save you decide

  6. As Neavie said its completely up to you and what kind of career you want to do. You need to do something that will keep you motivated to play rather than something you'll get bored with. Perhaps a club you are close to and want to make successful? Or a career where you just splash the cash around with the big teams trying to win 'to tier titles' and champions league. Working from the bottom to the top with a single club etc.

  7. Agree wth Stuart, journey man careers are always fun

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