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    Hello and welcome to my Ajax save. This is my first ever thread on fm-base so any feedback would be very much appreciated. I'm from Holland, my english is decent, but please don't mind if I make a few mistakes here and there. I will be giving updates every month in-game. As I will be very busy the next two weeks because of school, I will upload more often after those two weeks. I will still do everything I can to get a new update out every day or so. My aim for this save is to win the Champions League with as much youth academy players as possible. I wanted to do youth academy players only, but I didn't want to let go players who are already at the club but will never have the homegrown status. Rules for this save are:
    1. I can only buy players who are 18 years or younger, unless they've played for Ajax before.
    2. Every season at least 5 players from our academy need to make their debut before the age of 20.
    3. If you have any suggestions for a new rule, leave them in the comments and I might pick one or two if I like them.

    Note: This is only my second year of playing Football Manager. Although I've play this game a lot last year, I'm not very experienced.

    Any tips and feedback would be very much appreciated! As I said this is my first thread ever and I would like to know how to make this entertaining for you guys, and how to get more people following this thread!
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  2. nice a Dutch story, too bad it is an Ajax story...

  3. August 2016



    3rd Qualification Round Champions Cup
    AS Monaco 1-2 Ajax
    Carillo(75); Cassierra(37,70)

    Ajax 1-1 AS Monaco
    Dolberg(57); Carillo(15)

    Ajax 0-0 Feyenoord

    Heracles Almelo 1-1 Ajax
    Armenteros(11), Cassierra(8)

    Ajax 0-0 PSV

    Play Off Champions Cup
    Ajax 2-0 Fenerbahce
    Cerny(9), El Ghazi(77)

    Fenerbahce 1-0 Ajax
    van de Beek O.G.(32)

    PEC Zwolle 0-1 Ajax

    Dutch Cup
    Ajax - FC Oss

    Champions Cup
    Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid, Ajax, Celtic



    Nemanja Gudelj, 11.5 million(13.5)


    A pretty bad start of the season, domesticly wise. We've been dominating every game so far, we just can't find the back of the net. However, I will keep faith in our Danish wonderkid Kasper Dolberg, because I know he will improve during the season and turn out to be a world class striker in a few years time.

    In the Champions Cup, things are going better. Against my expectations, we beat AS Monaco. We made it harder than needed, because we were all over them in the return. Same with the two legs against Fenerbahce. We should have beaten them with at least 4-0 in our home game. In Turkey, they were a little stronger than us, but we managed to keep a hold of our lead over the two matches. Unfortunately for us, the groupstage draw is very tough. We'll need all the luck in the world to stay above Atletico or/and PSG.

    I already completed the 5-debuts rule. Kluivert, de Ligt, Dolberg, Nouri and Cassierra all made their first team debuts this month. De Ligt really impressed me. I knew the 17 year old centreback had a lot of potential, but I didn't know he was already this great. Him and Riedewald will most likely be my CB duo for the future, but I don't think de Ligt will be a starter in every game this season. Because I have Veltman and Sanchez for RCB, de Ligt is currently my 2nd LCB. Next season, if I receive a good offer for Veltman, I'll sell Veltman and then de Ligt will be my first RCB.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by bashuijsmans View Post
    nice a Dutch story, too bad it is an Ajax story...
    Sorry man, I'm an Ajax fan myself so I always love to do one! Hope you'll still like it though.

  5. September 2016


    I will only write who scored from my team from now on, as that saves a lot of time.

    Ajax 4-0 ADO Den Haag
    El Ghazi, Dolberg, Klaassen(2x)

    Champions Cup Groupstage
    PSG 3-1 Ajax

    SC Heerenveen 2-0 Ajax

    Dutch Cup 2nd round
    Ajax 4-0 FC Oss
    Dolberg(2x), Klaassen, El Ghazi

    Ajax 1-1 Roda JC Kerkade

    Champions Cup Groupstage
    Ajax 2-0 Celtic
    Dolberg, Kluivert


    Dutch Cup 3rd Round
    FC Emmen - Ajax


    Again, a month I can't be happy about. We're conceding too easy. Against Heerenveen and Roda JC, we were dominating everything. They get one shot, they score. I am not happy with our performances. I know we can do a lot better, hopefully we'll find a better form next month.

    The development of some of our youngsters makes me happy. Dolberg getting more and more often on the score sheet, and Kluivert made his first goal for the club. His goal against Celtic made him the youngest player to score in the Champions Cup ever.

    Click image for larger version

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    Justin Kluivert, son of Ajax-legend Patrick Kluivert.
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  6. I still like it, but i'm cheering for Feyenoord secretly

  7. Good results! Did you stop?

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