Hey all, I'm looking to all you guys for the inspiration to the start of my Story!

I will be mainly doing it Video style and posting on YouTube....but I will also be writing at the same time.

The idea is simple....be as successful as possible as a manager, manage in various countries and build dominating teams......it could be 10 Teams in 10 Years OR 1 Team in 20 Years.........who knows........but this will be a LONG save and hope to get at least to 2030 and see how it develops.

I'll be doing it with Monthly Updates, Transfers, News, Results, Highlights, LIVE Commentary on selected games, Tables and a World Roundup......I'm sure I'll develop it as I go.

So this is where I need your help......

I'm going to let you get involved at the start and at various times during the game....I'll let you decide on decisions from time to time......

Firstly......the Manager

I want you to select 3 Nationalities 1st Choice. 2nd Choice. 3rd Choice
Then 3 Manager Names Forename/Surname (One for each of the countries you choose)

I will go through and Pick the best ones I think or like the look of (No silly names...this is serious :-) haha)

Now for the Clubs:
I've selected 10 that I'd like to do a story with and my reasons.......Choose 3 of these, in preferred order (or add in a suggestion that you'd like to see or has not been seen/done much/at all)

For each team selected I'll give the team points......1st Choice = 3 Points / 2nd Choice = 2 Points / 3rd Choice 1 Point


Possibly on the cusp of becoming a great team and could be huge after moving into the new stadium.....London Giant in the making.

My home town club and my Passion......I would try to take these all the way to the top!

Once great (and dirty) they were on the verge of becoming a talented squad before they fell into the abyss and have not played in the Premiership for years

3rd Best team in Spain.....could I make them great and take over the domination of Barca and Real?

Sleeping giant in the Capital of Italy.....my second favourite team and one of my favourite cities to Visit....HUGE potential to knock Juve off their perch of domination.

Second best team in Germany but some great players and talent coming through.....could i build the next generation of dominant Germans?

The super talents of the Dutch team have faded over the years...there are some good prospects but are not as feared as they were in the past.

What a climb back to the Top...but now can they build a team up to once again rival Celtic in the Scottish Premiership.

Best Team in Portugal....but could do so much better in Europe.....Potential to dominate Portugal and possibly Europe if the right players are brought through!

Another Moneybags team in France after PSG.....but have been overshadowed by the Paris team.....is it time for Monaco to rise?

So I will leave this on here until Friday next week and see where we are at before starting the game next weekend.......it would be great if you got involved as I want to do a game that you all can be involved in.