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Amateur to Professional Challenge

  1. Sky Sports Amateur to Professional Challenge

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    The Long Term ambition can be completed with any club I am with.
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  2. BBC Aims

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  3. The Manager

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    Meet Alex Jackson, a 21 year old former Sunday League Footballer. You will get to know him a lot more as the game goes on. Just a short introduction for now.

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  4. good luck ,

  5. 1st February 2017

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    I couldn't have wished for a better start to my amateur managerial career, whilst working full-time down the local supermarket and managing this huge club Queens Park, I am over the moon to have won my first award within my first month in charge.

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    The league table looks strong too, with Queens Park being the best form side of the division right now with only 3 losses all season. I am hoping to gain some more victories to carry us up to the top. Lets see how things pan out next month.

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    February sees us play some big games, Hearts for starters and Alloa Athletic who are sitting in 1st place. It will be an exciting month for sure.

  6. Good start and good luck

  7. 1st of March 2017

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    I am so proud to have received my 2nd award in as many months, it wont be long before I am a legend or am I dreaming? Probably dreaming.

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    But then when you see the league table, I am not dreaming, we are top of the table by 5 points! We are flying high and go into every game believing we can win!

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    We look at our results and I am so pleased with our performances, I couldn't believe our 0 - 0 draw against Hearts who are chasing the Premiership Title, but we lost the replay, but a great journey for our lads.

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    A look at March sees us play big games against Livingston, Stranraer and Alloa again! Interesting month ahead. Next we look at our transfers.

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    Players in, I have to signal out Isaac Osbourne and Rafa Malaga, who are great signings for us. Rafa Malaga a previous Real Madrid Youth Prospect with great pace is an excellent addition. Also Isaac Osbourne, I recognised his name and thought I would attempt to snap him up and did just that!

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    Players out, I have to signal James Ross, 17 years old Goalkeeper who looked amazing! Was rated 5 star ability, but was wanted by a few big clubs! Good luck James, might see you in the future.

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    A look at James Ross, now earning £775 per week instead of peanuts and bog rolls! 6'8, unbelievable height!

  8. Youth Intake

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    This is Jamie Slater, a young DL who will become a first team starter immediately, but will probably get picked up by one of the big boys in the near future as he is on a Amateur Contract.

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    This is Andrew Wylde, who is another gem and will feature in the first team also, but will he stay at the club?

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  9. Wow what a youth team you have! James Ross and Jamie Slater look very very good for 16/17 year olds!

  10. Good, but will leave

    They are good, but he will leave on a free transfer haha! Unfortunate part of being an amateur club. James Ross already left for high flying Brighton who are 1st in the Championship.

  11. Isaac Osborne is a good signing at that level!

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  12. Restarting Thread

    Going to make it more story based! First season finished.

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