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Fix English Football!

  1. Fix English Football!

    Fix English Football!-50969983_10-product.jpg

    With the current status of Brexit included into this years version of the game, it would be an interesting scenario to see if an English club would be able to create an All-UK XI within their ranks. Under this account and challenge involves two users: Prince Harry & Prince William. Although we have only just created an account on the forum, we have been actively following the manager stories and have found some sort of inspiration to start our own. Also, to give us some sort of credibility we have been a part of this game series since Championship Manager 97/98.

    The reason why we have chosen this challenge is because after experiencing the 'Hard Brexit' from our previous saves, we would like to see if the Premier League can claim to be the best league in the world again AND see if the National team can become a success from an influx of home-grown talent.

    Fix English Football!-about-study-uk.jpg

    The Challenge:
    • Run a team with the aim to become a legacy with only UK born players.
    • Every year we will provide an update on how many of our past or present players have made an appearance for their international senior team (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales).
    • Choose a League Two side and try to achieve success with the following restrictions.
    • Foreigners - Any starting with the club to be sold or contract run down.
    • Can only buy/loan UK-born citizens.
    • Can only buy/loan a player below the age of 25.
    Introducing the Managers
    Prince Harry - As an avid FM player over the years, I have taken a Wenger approach to my teams. I prefer to promote youth and create as many wonderkids as possible. As a tactician, I don't have one specific tactic for use. I try and create my tactic around what I possess in the team. After taking a long time to deliberate and deciding which team to be - I have chosen to be Colchester and hope for a long, successful campaign as manager.

    Fix English Football!-prince-harry_-inbox.png

    Prince William -
    I've chosen Wycombe to promote a certain style of play and produce potential International players. League Two is tricky to get out of and I'm going to create a tactic that will suit the league rather than the future of the club.

    Fix English Football!-2017-01-16.png

    The winner of the challenge will be updated year-by-year based on how many of their talents have been recognised on the international level. Although we understand the first few years will be difficult, we are committed and determined to produce great talent. Each player that gains recognition on the international stage requires the opponent to drink one shot of the communities choice. To prove that this will happen, we will be providing updates on our challenge on a weekly basis and YouTube video and analysis of our seasons.

    Fix English Football!-tequila.jpg

    We hope you enjoy our challenge!
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  2. looking forward to this, should be good
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  3. Yeah looks good, will be following
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  4. First days in charge...

    Quote Originally Posted by Average Joe View Post
    Yeah looks good, will be following
    Cheers fella!
    Quote Originally Posted by TheBattman View Post
    looking forward to this, should be good
    Appreciate the interest!

    Fix English Football!-1024px-wycombe_wanderers_fc_logo.svg.pngFix English Football!-colchester_united_fc_logo.svg.png

    The first hiccup we encountered was decide whether those born in England but representing other nationalities outside of the UK could count in our squad. We decided that the best way to challenge ourselves was to sell all players that decide to represent another country - we are trying to create as many UK internationals as possible so that is the plan we will stick with!

    Colchester United - Prince Harry
    Fix English Football!-prince-harry_-my-profile-profile.png

    Board Meeting

    The board did not allow me to obtain my coaching badges! Nor did they approve of my request to improve the youth facilities. On the bright side, the club believes in the philosophies of signing and promoting youth through the ranks.

    Fix English Football!-colchester-united_-board-meeting.png


    Here is a list of my squad. As you can see it needs much improvement if we are to challenge for playoffs/promotion this year, especially after having to get rid of some key international players.

    Fix English Football!-colchester-united_-players-players.png

    Key Players

    I believe the key players for my team this year will be Craig Slater and Sammie Szmodics
    Fix English Football!-craig-slater_-overview-profile.pngFix English Football!-sammie-szmodics_-overview-profile.png


    The youngsters that I'm hoping to create a big impact this year are Kane Vincent-Young and Tarique Fosu.
    Fix English Football!-tarique-fosu_-overview-profile.pngFix English Football!-kane-vincent-young_-overview-profile.png

    Wycombe Wanderers - Prince William

    Fix English Football!-prince-william_-my-profile-profile.png

    Board Meeting

    Same as Colchester we were able to settle on philosophies - Sign youth players and Develop youngsters through the clubs youth system. Although the initial request for facilities and youth recruitment upgrades were rejected, those philosophies will help the club to get those requests approved in the future.


    Having got rid of the internationals this is the squad we are left with until we make some signings. The key player and the only real talent we have right now is Luke O'Nien. The other 3 key players we had were internationals so they are transfer listed.

    Fix English Football!-wycombe-wanderers_-players-players.pngFix English Football!-luke-onien_-overview-profile.pngFix English Football!-wycombe-wanderers-under-23s_-squad-players.png

    This year we are going with an attacking 4-4-2 based on the players that we have. This is the baseline for the first few games. Obviously throughout the season I will find out more about this squad and make small changes to adjust to opposition.

    Fix English Football!-wycombe-wanderers_-overview.png

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  5. Two Managers Head-to-Head

    The season has started poorly for both manager's expectations. Although the restrictions are in place, both managers assumed they would be on the receiving ends of good results and expected to be high up the table even at the beginning of the season. Although the players need to adapt to the new tactics in place, both managers are not satisfied at all. The impact of clearing out the internationals has been harder than first expected as it is hard to find equally as good talent from the U.K.

    After the first 6 competitive games, Colchester's schedule looked like this:

    Fix English Football!-colchester-united_-senior-fixtures.png

    Although achieving two good home wins against Grimsby and Cambridge, the 4-0 hammering away at Portsmouth was a sour blow to receive. The stand out player for the first 6 games was:

    Fix English Football!-tarique-fosu_-history-career-stats.png

    From Wycombes point of view, the start of the season was fantastic with a 5-1 grilling away at Crawley. However, with the only prospect at the club scoring a hat-trick in his first game becoming injured, form drastically dipped taking two points from the next four games in the league.

    Fix English Football!-wycombe-wanderers_-senior-fixtures.pngFix English Football!-prince-william_-inbox.png

    With the transfer window coming to an end. Here is a look at both of the manager's approaches to the market.

    Fix English Football!-wycombe-wanderers_-transfer-history.pngFix English Football!-colchester-united_-transfer-history.png

    Prince William, Wycombe Wanderers manager believes that Simon Murray and Muvdidi are the most promising signings, whilst others are there to fill the gaps that were left with the clear out of the internationals. Prince Harry, Colchester's manager feels that the pair of Southampton loanees should provide the biggest impact to the first X1, however, neither have shown a performance above a 7.0 in any of the matches they have been involved in.

    Now, for the moment that all of you (our two respondents) have been waiting for! The big match between the two Sunday-league rated managers. To give a brief background story, both managers reside in Texas, USA. However, were born in England and had moved to the States on soccer-scholarships. Therefore, on the link we are about to provide, you will hear both managers in their full joy, anger and despair at the result of the game. Below is a screenshot of the final score, however, I do suggest that you watch the video for entertainment purposes.

    Fix English Football!-wycombe-v-colchester_-overview-overview.png

    Skip to 1:48 for the kick-off!
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