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From Bottom to Top (interactive)

  1. From Bottom to Top (interactive)

    FROM BOTTOM TO THE TOP (Interactive)

    So, After being inspired by Derby Jack and Dani3w I have decided to start my own from the bottom to the top career! Like theirs my rules are simple.

    1.Aim to be the best manager in the hall of fame (the in game version).

    2.Be the highest earning manager.

    3.Any Job offers that offer more wages then I am currently on I have to have an interview for.

    As seen below I have turned off in game editor and will turn on auto save to stop any chance of cheating. The only issue is that my piece of crap laptop won’t handle many different leagues so I have set up the top leagues in Germany, France Spain and Italy as well as league 2 and up in England and as you can see below the game speed will be half a star…..

    Finally I will try to make it interactive as well. If you have any suggestions for players/staff tactics or layout of the actual story I will happily take them on board to try and make this story stand out next to the other guys.

    Ok so here we go…!!!!!!

    On our first day the inbox pops up with 3 different interviews! If only real life was like this, starting out and 3 job offers on your first day. Sizing them all up I would like MK Dons if possible but in fairness I’d be happy with any as long as its quick and I can start sizing up my team and get down to business.

    After three interviews I was rejected by two and hired by the mighty Sky Blues, which was amazing as I requested more transfer money which got rejected and then more money for wages which was rejected then to make the scouting range better which was surprising rejected. They must have liked my stubbornness…. Or the fact there was no one else left to interview? Either way here is where my journey begins.

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  2. Straight down to business I skip meeting the coaching staff and I get up the team and check over the guys I will be aiming to mould into a promotion winning team. Scanning my eye over the team there is one name that jumps out to me, Sam Ricketts. As a Bolton fan I remember him from his time with us, sometimes good sometimes bad but always gets stuck in which I think will do us well in this league. Looking at the profiles there is 4 players I think will be our stars this season

    Gael Bigirmana

    This guy looks really good, a young CM which I think is one of the hardest postions in this years FM to fill, he will hopefully boss the midfield and direct the tempo of our game.

    Chris McCann

    On loan for us and our most expensive player. He has some decent stats and is very determind but I don’t use a ML, I am hoping to use him as a wingback and have him overlap our AML but not sure how he will fit into this role. Time will tell

  3. Jordan Turnbull

    This guy looks like a solid DC for league 1 and is young enough to maybe make it in the next league with the right guidance. Again very determind and good – average stats in the key areas I think he will be the heart of our defence this season.

    Jodi Jones
    This guy is causing me a headache, he is young and looks to have bags of potential, the question I have is does he start? If he develops quickly he could be a big player but if I am looking to go straight for a playoff spot it might be too early for him.

    The next think to look at is the season preview. The pundits are putting us at 13th which is probably fair on the overall view.

    So there it is, a small start but hopefully it will progress to the big time! I have started doing my tatics and put the training in place to concentrate on that for the upcoming season. I have a budget of £0 and I am already £1000 over my wage bracket so it looks like I have to sell before I can even dream of buying. So guys any pointers on my first story? Any suggestions on who to sell and buy??? Lets do this together!

  4. seems picture not available to see in my browser..
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Zinedine Zaiddin View Post
    seems picture not available to see in my browser..

  6. its weird it showed in the preview but not in the actual post..... anyone have ideas?

  7. Probably something wrong with your image host. Personally I would prefer to host my image at imgur.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheWanderer View Post
    its weird it showed in the preview but not in the actual post..... anyone have ideas?

  8. Hope you have a long and painful career full of suffering and relegations just to make me feel better about myself!

    In all seriousness, Best of luck Wanderer. Don't make it look too easy!

    Thought I would reply here as my personal message never works properly, I host my images on photobucket (or imgur) and then post it from URL. Seems to work as long as photobucket don't mess up!
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  9. Ok thanks all I am going to get a Imgur account and link the photos that way. Please bear with me

  10. Guys I am closing this (not sure how to close or delete) and starting a new thread as I think a story with no pictures at the start will put a lot of people off so please check out the new thread from the bottom to the top V2!!

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