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Steaua Bucharest- Starting a new era

  1. Steaua Bucharest- Starting a new era

    Many of you maybe don't know, but the biggest team in Romania and the winner of Champions League in 1986 and Finalist in 1989 is going through though times.

    "Steaua" was taken in 2003 by Gigi Becali, a very dubious person in Romania, who made money through football tickets smuggling during communist times. He "bought" Steaua from the Ministry of Defence, because in those time Steaua belonged to armed forces, therefore it was a national heritage and a public team.

    He "bought" Steaua under very dubious manners and documents. After more than 10 years, in 2014, the Ministry of Defence was back from sleep, because Becali refused to pay some money to them and they decided to not allow Becali to use the stadium and the training grounds. Also they filed a trial against Becali because they said that the documents of purchase are false and Becali doesn't have the right to have the logo, the name and the record of the real Steaua.

    The trial was won by the Ministry of Defence around 2 weeks ago and Becali is not allowed to use the name and the logo of the real Steaua. The Ministry of Defence wants to create a new "Steaua" with the real name,logo and record and they managed to acquire beside them many of the legends who won the Champions League in 1986.

    Normally the new team that Ministry of Defence will create will start in the lowest tier of Romanian League, but in FM, the lowest is the second league, therefore the real "Steaua" will replace the team of Becali in the game, playing in Liga 1.

    I modified some things at the club, therefore Becali and his fellows are not in the board or near the club and I replaced them with Steaua legends like Lacatus, Balint, Belodedici, Piturca. I modified the home ground from "National Arena" to the real Steaua ground, "Ghencea"

    I released all the players and the staff who played and coached at Becali's team, because basically they didn't play for the real "Steaua" and they are players bought by Becali, with his money.

    I also deleted all the league records until 2003 because that was the year when "Steaua" was destroyed by Becali.

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    real logo
    Steaua Bucharest- Starting a new era-dhervnj.png
    logo of Becali's team

    I hope you understand what I wrote above. If you don't feel free to ask.

    More to come!
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  2. Ooh. I've been hearing a lot about that story lately. Going to be fun to follow this version of events. Good luck

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