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    UK Journeyman-sept-nov.png

    Mixed form for a little bit, but we have reeled off three consecutive wins including a 1-0 away win against my former Wycombe Wanderers where it got quite ugly in the pre and post match press conferences. We are now in 10th position in the Championship with 26 points through 17 matches. We are only 4 points behind 6th, 6 points behind Swansea in 2nd, 11 points behind the leaders Crystal Palace.

    The defense is beginning to play better and my moves in that area before the deadline appear to be paying off. We conceded 11 in the 7 matches before the deadline and have only conceded 7 times in the 12 matches since.

    But the offense is still sputtering and we are getting nowhere near the production that I got at the end of last season. Top AMC Ken Bettinelli is still out with his broke leg and it appears to be another 3-7 weeks before he returns. ST/AMR Lucas May suffered a back injury, but he was struggling to blend in with the squad early in the year, averaging just 6.68, 0 gls, 1 ast in 8 appearances. My Japanese youngster Atsushi Sakamoto has done well in getting himself in position but has struggled to score, just 1 goal in 10 apps, 6.78 rating. Phil Anderson only has 2 goals in 12 apps after having 13 goals, 7 assists in 19 apps last season. Somebody on this squad needs to wake up and start putting the ball in the net!

    I'm studying my statistics to see where the missing link is. My passing numbers (79%, 2nd in Championship) and possession (56.2%, 1st in Championship) are all right where I want them to be. We seem to be doing very well in numerous other categories as well such as Crosses completed, shots on goal, etc. yet here we are with 17 goals, 19th in the league.

    Going to try some tweaking in the next few matches to try to get more quality chances.

    UK Journeyman-fuldec27.pngUK Journeyman-fuldec27tab.png

    After a 4-match winning streak, we hit a little rut, but with a caveat. Look at the fixture list and the table.

    From Nov 28 to Dec 22 this was our fixture list:

    Away Middlesbrough (5th)
    Home Cardiff (9th)
    Away Burnley (2nd)
    Home Crystal Palace (1st)
    Away Swansea (4th)
    Home Wolves (3rd)

    Good gravy, what a gauntlet. I wish I could have won more than 3 points from those 6 matches but that's just a brutal stretch of matches, and now we are fresh off a win over Reading who are also in the top-half. That means there's a good string of softer matches coming up that we need to pounce on! We have some work to do to get back into this promotion hunt.

    Here's our January transfer situation.


    MC Iker Pozo, $3.2 million to Brentford. I signed him for $1.5 million near the end of the last January transfer window, and he played decently for us, but he just didn't feel like a great fit as a Ball Winning midfielder. Gifted physically with some good technical skills such as first touch and passing, his mentals turned out to be just not good for my type of team. Aggression, Bravery, Concentration, Decisions, Determination, Positioning, Teamwork were all between 7-9 and it turned out that was just too weak for me. He did play well for us, but there was something missing. I was pleased to be able to turn a very nice profit on him.

    DR Rob Holding, $2.5 million to FK Austrian Wien. Nice right back that was signed to Fulham before I got here a couple seasons back on a free. He started out as a youngster with Arsenal. Good player for me, 7.09 in 23 matches this year, but he wanted to go and instead of upsetting the apple cart, I decided to sell and try to replace him.

    DL/DC Stuart McDonnell, $750K to Wolves. Just signed this guy on a Free Transfer in July, played 10 matches for me for a 6.85. He wanted more playing time. Again, a good quick profit here on a surplus player.


    DR Alfonso Dominici, $1.7 million from Sheffield United. Professional and consistent. I see no reason why he can't be a good replacement for Holding. Holding was better in the air, but Dominici is a touch faster and a little better going forward.

    UK Journeyman-alfonsodom.png

    MC Isaac Hayden, $350K from Wolves. Hayden has much more of a bulldog mentality than Pozo. Aggressive, Brave, Determined, and also a consistent performer that loves the big matches. The 31 year old experienced warrior is the type of player that will fit into this team. He forced me to give him a 3-year deal, which I wasn't happy with, but I really needed a player like this.

    UK Journeyman-isaachayden.png

    I may make another addition before the deadline. Freaking Ken Bettinelli nearly recovered from his broken leg when he got affected by a sports hernia issue that will cost him atleast another move, and my other AMC Jony Montiel tore his hamstring and he'll be out the next 2 months. The injuries forced me to dig into my u23 program for youngster Elliott Carr.


    UK Journeyman-fulfebfix27.pngUK Journeyman-fulfeb27tab.png

    We reel off six League match wins in a row in a soft spot in our schedule. We made a solid FA Cup run into the Fifth round but ran into a Chelsea buzzsaw, they are 2nd in the Premier League.

    Our transfer window was relatively quiet. I added a rotation piece and couple cover guys, but no major additions.

    There are 12 matches remaining in the season and the next six are CRITICAL.

    Next six matches? Average opponent is in 15th place.
    Final six matches? We face 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 9th, 10th.

    Our last three matches on the schedule are Home vs Burnley (2nd), Away to Crystal Palace (1st), and Home to Swansea (3rd).

    The good news is Ken Bettenelli is starting to work himself back into the lineup.
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    UK Journeyman-fulmar21fix.png

    UK Journeyman-fulmar21tab.png

    We secure 14 points out of a potential 18 to vault us into the thick of the playoff race. Automatic promotion is not impossible as Burnley have slipped a tad, opening the door. But after taking a look at our ensuing fixture, it is a monumental task! The other problem is Burnley have a relatively easy stretch of games coming up, outside of us of course.

    Remaining Fixtures
    Away-Norwich (9th)
    Home-Middlesbrough (6th)
    Away-Cardiff (10th)
    Home-Burnley (2nd)
    Away-Crystal Palace (1st)
    Home-Swansea (5th)

    - Lots of six-pointers here, ideally I'd like to secure at least 8 points from these 6 matches. Hard to see me missing the playoffs with 79 points in this spot. If I can get super hot, maybe I steal the bid from Burnley.

    - My contract here at Fulham was due up at the end of the current season. Clermont Foot in France Ligue 1 offered me an interview, I went to it. Fulham subsequently came back with a contract offer and I negotiated it to $18.25 p/w for the next 2 seasons.


    UK Journeyman-norful23.pngUK Journeyman-fultab0406.png

    Lewis May with a clinical hat-trick to bury Norwich in a riveting see-saw affair at Carrow Road! Burnley struggle to a home draw against 14th placed Bristol City! Automatic promotion is in our crosshairs with a six-pointer due vs Middlesbrough! Let's Go!


    UK Journeyman-fulmid00.pngUK Journeyman-fultab0411.png

    We fail to put away Boro and Burnley restores their 5 point advantage over us. Looks like our chance to snatch it away from them has gone by.


    UK Journeyman-cardful.pngUK Journeyman-ful0418tab.png

    We tumble to Cardiff, missing an opportunity to close within 2 points of Burnley with a clash up ahead!! This was a critical loss. We must regroup. We face Burnley at home, Crystal Palace away, and Swansea home to finish the season! Can we hold off a late Wolves challenge?


    UK Journeyman-fulburn30.pngUK Journeyman-ful0424tab.png

    - We destroy Burnley at Craven Cottage, reeling them in within striking distance once again!
    - Wolves keep the playoff race on a knife's edge!

    Hang on to your hats boys, we could be in for a thrilling finish. Can Fulham break Palace away? They certainly may have their guard down having clinched the title. Let's hope!


    UK Journeyman-cpful01.pngUK Journeyman-ful0501tab.png

    A stunning own goal sends us temporarily on top of the table, but Burnley win over lowly Bournemouth later in the afternoon to regain the advantage.

    Good news - We've secured a playoff spot.
    Bad news - We MUST beat Swansea at Home and Burnley MUST lose to away to 20th placed Bolton. Tough ask.
    Other news - Wycombe were relegated. They deserve it after how I was treated by their board. Stuff it!

    But check out that scramble for the playoffs! 5 clubs within 1 point of one another for the last two spots. Thrilling stuff!

  10. MATCH DAY 46 - LIVE

    1st Minute - Liam Coyle and Phil Anderson work a darling one-two and Coyle finds himself in on goal and slots it past the Swansea keeper Kieran Neill. The Whites are off to a roaring start, 1-0 Fulham!

    12th Minute - A long clearance by the Fulham defense sees Phil Anderson take it into the Swans third, defender Enzo Roco misplays the ball and Anderson touches it into the penalty area where he POWERS it past Neill for his 18th goal of the season! Fulham 2. Swansea 0. It's on here at Craven Cottage, but Bolton and Burnley remain scoreless!

    21st Minute - Ken Bettenelli plays a gorgeous long ball into the path of left-winger Tom Walker. Walker takes a rip at it just outside the penalty arrow but it narrowly travels right of the Swansea goal. Still 2-0. Still scoreless at Macron Stadium in Bolton.

    23rd Minute - Walker takes another good pass from Bettenelli down the left flank, he swings it into the middle of the penalty area and BOOM, a massive volley from Marko Jankovic to put the Whites up 3! It's all Fulham today! This third goal actually may write a new story. If we can somehow miraculously defeat Swansea by 6 goals, an impossibly thought before the game, and Burnley draw, we will advance on Goal Differential.

    36th Minute - Swansea start to find their bearings as Josh Murphy receives a corner kick and bangs a hard shot off the post. Bolton and Burnley remain scoreless.

    38th Minute - Bettenelli holds at the top of the box, he finds Jankovic in space on his right, BANG! 4-0 Fulham! Can you even believe this? Swansea are laying down!

    UK Journeyman-fulham40.png

    45th Minute - Joseba Zaldua takes a Swansea free kick on the very edge of the penalty area and TRIKES the crossbar. Fulham defense clears.

    HALFTIME - Fulham 4:0 Swansea. Bolton 0:0 Burnley. If the results hold, Burnley advances on goal differential. If Fulham can win by 6, Burnley will need a win!

    49th Minute - BOLTON SCORE!!!! Captain Adam Walton bangs his 23rd of the campaign for The Trotters and Burnley are suddenly behind the 8 ball! Fulham are 40 minutes away from promotion if the current results hold!

    Name:  bolton10burnley.png
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    63rd Minute - Phil Anderson drops deep to take a pass from Bettinelli, Anderson works his way down the left flank. At the endline he hits a low cross into the box, it's LIAM COYLE CHARGING IN AND BURYING IT FOR HIS 2ND! 5-0 FULHAM! IT'S PANDEMONIUM AT CRAVEN COTTAGE! Bolton are still holding onto their 1-0 lead!

    80th Minute - Fulham make a triple substitution! Coyle, Hayden, Benitez off. Mema, Odjer, Carp are on. Fresh legs for a final push for a potential 6th goal. Bolton remain in the lead!!

    86th Minute - Josh Murphy strikes another long shot off the woodwork, but it's Glenn Massey there to get the Swans on the board. Fulham 5. Swansea 1. The goal differential dream is out the window. It's up to Bolton to HANG ON!


    UK Journeyman-swanseahammered.pngUK Journeyman-fulhampromoted.pngUK Journeyman-bolt10.png

  11. 2017 Preseason - Premier Division

    UK Journeyman-career-recap.png

    It took me 11 seasons from the Loughgall to Chelmsford to Wycombe to Fulham, but now we have finally reached the pinnacle of the game. The English Premier Division.

    UK Journeyman-27pre.png

    This is it, I get one shot to avoid relegation. I cannot hold back in my spending and I absolutely did not! Let's cover our four biggest, and most important signings for our survival.

    UK Journeyman-anaswahbi.png

    ST Anas Wahbi, $14 million from Las Palmas (Spain-1). 26-year old Moroccan international plied his trade with Metz in France for 9 seasons before moving to Las Palmas last year where he scored 8 goals in 32 apps and my scouts think he's capable of better.

    UK Journeyman-jamespearce.png

    DR Andrea Vitale, $8.75 million from Genoa (Italy-1). Young Italian fullback has been a consistent 6.85-6.90 player in the Serie A for four seasons now.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	jamespearce.png
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    DC James Pearce, $7 million from Middlesbrough (Eng-2). 24-year old New Zealand international was once a loanee at Fulham the season before my arrival. He was an excellent 7.10 in 33 apps last year for Boro and looks to be a nice upgrade to my central defense.

    UK Journeyman-federicoboccardo.png

    AML Federico Boccardo, $2.9 million from Sporting Gijon (Spain-2). Hoping this Italian winger can solve some of my problems out on the left flank where I had inconsistenty production last year

    On the Transfers Out, there isn't anything too shocking except for central midfielder Alban Mema. He was solid for me last year, but not spectacular. He's the player I got on a free transfer from PSV. To be able to flip him for a $9 million profit in just one season was something I was very happy to do.

    Preseason went well and we had no major injuries. Let's go!

  12. 2017 First Half

    UK Journeyman-ful27fix.pngUK Journeyman-ful27tab.png

    An EFL Cup run into the Quarterfinals wedged in between some HORRIFIC football. But then, just around Holiday fixtures, BOOM! Two thunderous wins to push us off the bottom of the table and back in with a shout.

    Hopefully without the distraction of the Cup run and the newer players beginning to gel, we'll start a little run here where we can get out of the drop zone.

    We're pretty thin on transfer budget after the summer splash. As of right now it appears there will be only one major January window addition, MC Gregg Cross, $1.1 million from Derby.

    UK Journeyman-greggcross.png

  13. I have read everything. Great work!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by MadeMafia View Post
    I have read everything. Great work!
    Thanks mate! We may have some BREAKING NEWS here very soon.


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    With a 3-year, $7.8 million offer Crystal Palace has secured the services of rising manager Sek729.

    - When the offer came in I asked myself, if this were real, would I accept a 60% increase in salary, improve my job security by 18 months, and take over a more wealthy club in better position to climb the Premier League table? The answer is YES.

    Here's the recent history of the club. As you may remember, Palace won the Sky Bet Championship last season when we battled into our promotion spot. Their highest finish in the Premiership is 7th in 2016/17.

    UK Journeyman-crystalpalace.png

    Palace are currently 14th, 4 points clear of the relegation zone.

    UK Journeyman-cptabjan.png

    Here's our best two players.

    UK Journeyman-paulmason.pngUK Journeyman-chenunnely.png

    Pure class, better than any player I had at Fulham.

    Let's get it on!

  16. Wasn't expecting that move but not surprised you took it! KIU

  17. Good move for you and a good step forward in club potential.
    But what happened to there existing manager? Poached or fired?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by EnglishYeti View Post
    Good move for you and a good step forward in club potential.
    But what happened to there existing manager? Poached or fired?
    He was sacked! He wasn't performing that badly either. Might be a board with a hair trigger.


    UK Journeyman-cp28fix.pngUK Journeyman-cp28tab.png

    Very little drama in our survival efforts. We started off with a very difficult pair of matches vs Chelsea and Man City, but we played well over the next stretch, winning 4 of 5, even threatening to make a miracle run at a Euro Cup spot. It wasn't to be as we faded away a bit in the stretch, although we were competitive away to Man Utd and home to Arsenal. We finished with a solid home win over Stoke to finish 14th. Fulham go down!

    We've been given a $72 million budget to improve the squad. . This will be a fun summer.


    We went bonkers and left very little in the piggy bank.

    UK Journeyman-cptraninout28.png

    Let's start with some of the larger transfer outs:

    Kieran Butler, $14m to Aston Villa. 24yo Striker had a big year in the Championship a couple years ago scoring 20, but just 5 goals in 21 matches last season. Tagged with the inconsistent label and poor in big matches, he's the kind of player I like to avoid.

    Robert Brazil, $11m to Stoke. 25yo defender seemed a surplus after I made some upgrades. Decent for me last year, 6.84 in 36 matches. Nice defender for a bottom tier Premier side, but not good enough if you want to climb the table.

    Milan Vujic, $9.5m to Crotone (Serie A). Previous manager here bought this goalkeeper just two years ago for $23m from Shakhtar, so the club took a bit of a bath on him. Wasn't terrible but I just found another GK that was better and for $80k p/w wages, I couldn't let him sit on the bench.

    Gabriel, $9.5m to Stoke. Brazilian right fullback didn't like big matches and had a woeful jumping reach. Like the others, decent, but we have to upgrade if we're aiming big.


    Rory Mitchell, $31.5m from Leicester.

    UK Journeyman-rorymitch.png

    The biggest splash in my save to date, big time central defender entering his prime years. I needed a huge upgrade in the middle of my defense and I got it. Mitchell should be good enough to carry me into Europe.

    Gwendal Lafitte,
    $22.5m from Leicester

    UK Journeyman-lafitte.png

    Right back was identified as an area I wanted to upgrade and the 26yo French international fit the bill.

    Alessandro Ricci, $16.75m from Torino (Serie A)

    UK Journeyman-ricci.png

    Defense, defense, and MORE defense. Yes, I spent more than $70 million on three defenders! I've climbed the ranks by always assembling a strong defensive team while dominating possession, and that's the approach I'm going to continue to take. All three of these guys are in their mid-20s, entering their prime years.

    Jacob Davenport, $8.5 million from Fenerbahce.

    UK Journeyman-davenport.png

    And there's my ball winning midfielder! Not the most talented player in the world, but the American international fits a niche role for me: aggressively taking on opponents in the center of the pitch and winning the ball back!

    Andrei Ivan, $8.5 million from Manchester United.

    UK Journeyman-andreiivan.png

    This made the fans very happy. In 2017/18, Crystal Palace bought Ivan from Craiova in the Romanian Liga I for $14 million. He played for more than 9 seasons for The Eagles before being sold to Man Utd in 2026/27 for $25 million dollars, after two years they decided they had enough and we got him back at the cut rate of $8.5m. He's 31 now but he still has very good physical and the skill to play multiple positions. He's most likely going to end up at AML most of the time, but will fill in all over the attacking half of the pitch.

    Gerardo Diaz, $7.5 from Santos Laguna (Mexico First Division).

    UK Journeyman-gerardodiaz.png

    Uruguayan goalkeeper already has 21 starts for his country, and I was very happy to set off his minimum release clause and bring him over the pond. Excellent investment here I believe, he's already better than Vujic, who we sold for $9.5m, and he'll cost half as much in wages. I suspect that his new minimum release clause of $27m will be triggered at some point in the next couple season.

    Thor De Smet, $6m from Club Brugge.

    UK Journeyman-desmet.png

    Investment play here. Scout think the 2 1/2 star right fullback has a lot of development left in him. We loaned him back to Brugge for the upcoming season. Hopefully they keep him on the right track and get me a nice player for the future.

    Moises Velasquez, $3.5m from Tigres (Mexican First Division).

    UK Journeyman-moises.png

    Love my huge scouting network. We raid Mexico once again and find this little hidden gem. Value was immediately re-established at $13.25m after his arrival. Pacy winger looks ready to compete with Che Nunnely right now for minutes on the right side.

    That covers the major transactions. We had a great preseason, winning most of our friendlies and building team chemistry. Let's kick this off. Players goal is a mid-table finish, but I have a feeling Europe is within our grasp. Media has us 15th. Screw them. I had raised our expectations with the board to mid-table in order secure another $10m in funds. Let's do this.


    UK Journeyman-cpnov28.pngUK Journeyman-cpnov28tab.png

    They FA dealt us a wicked schedule to start the season. Either Man City or Chelsea have won the league in 6 of the past 7 seasons. They are Top Two in the league this year, and we draw them and 3rd placed Liverpool in the first four weeks. Brutal.

    We recovered morale and set off a nice three match winning streak, before tailing off again. We bounce back with two 1-0 wins over two mid-table clubs, Bournemouth and Southampton. We are 13 games in the season and sitting in 10th place.

    It took a while to get the new players to mesh, but I feel like I have a decent chance at cracking Europe this year.
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  22. JANUARY WINDOW - 2029

    UK Journeyman-cpdec28.pngUK Journeyman-cp29jantab.png

    Despite putting together a pretty strong December, where we got 4 nice wins and 3 draws, we remain in 10th place in the league. Just goes to show you how difficult the Premier League can be.

    We are playing better however, so that's a good thing. We may need a January boost if we're going to push over the top, so I promised the board we could finish in the Top Half in exchange for an extra $15 million in transfer funds and I put it to use.

    AMC Martin Odegaard, $4.8 million from Liverpool

    UK Journeyman-odegaard.png

    Norwegian legend with 111 caps gives us a nice upgrade to our attack. I'm looking forward to what he can bring to us in the final push for Europe.

    May add another one to the mix, we will see how the transfer window shakes out.


    UK Journeyman-mar29fix.pngUK Journeyman-mar29.png

    An up and down stretch, but for the most part, we got wins against teams we should have beaten (Except for Huddersfield and we dominated the match, UGH!)

    - We're in 8th position, 2 points back of Newcastle for 7th place and a guaranteed Euro Cup bid.
    - Chelsea(1st), Man Utd(3rd), Arsenal(9th), and Brighton(15th) are the FA Cup Semi-finalists, so there's a shot there for 8th to be good enough if Chelsea or Man Utd can win it.
    - Shockingly, my former club Fulham, now in the Sky Bet Championship, won the EFL Cup over Arsenal, so that bit of bad luck gave us no help.

    The best thing we can do is keep winning. The schedules match up very favorable.

    Here's our remaining fixtures:

    Away Bournmouth (10th)
    Away West Ham (16th)
    Home West Brom (20th)
    Home Brighton (15th)
    Away Arsenal (9th) - Could be a huge match for Europe!
    Home Cardiff (19th)
    Away Tottenham (5th) - Hopefully we have it sealed up by this match!!

    Newcastle have a pretty tough stretch to finish the year. Here's what they got:

    Away Arsenal (9th)
    Away Tottenham (5th)
    Home Cardiff (19th)
    Home Man City (2nd)
    Away Liverpool (6th)
    Home Stoke (17th)
    Home Chelsea (1st)

    Arsenal doesn't have a very hard schedule but they also have added fixtures to deal with Champions League Quarterfinals (and maybe more) as well as the FA Cup.

    Crystal Palace has just one appearance in Europe in their club history and that was all the way back in 1998. 2029 could be the year for their return. We just need to WIN BABY!


    UK Journeyman-bourn0cp1.png

    In a match controlled by Crystal Palace throughout, Grant McArthur found the winner with an inspirational strike at the edge of the penalty area to push into 7th place in the Premier League. It's McArthur's 14th goal of the campaign.

    UK Journeyman-bourn0cp1tab.png

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    UK Journeyman-wh2cp0.png

    A completely punch-less Crystal Palace had no answers in London Stadium as they were laid down and smashed by an inspired West Ham squad that pushed themselves 7 points clear of relegation.

    An Arsenal victory over Aston Villa coupled with a shock Newcastle 1-1 draw at White Hart Lane now leaves the Eagles in 9th place, on the outside in their European dreams.

    A vital home fixture against 19th placed West Brom looms!

    UK Journeyman-wh2cp0tab.png


    UK Journeyman-cp4wba1.png

    Crystal Palace were in complete control as West Bromwich Albion could only muster a late consolation goal.

    Newcastle smashed Cardiff 4-0 to hold the 7th position.

    Arsenal were dumped out of the FA Cup. Chelsea and Man Utd will face in the FA Cup final ensuring that 8th place will be good enough for a place in Europe this year.

    Arsenal followed that up with another loss to Chelsea, this time at Stamford Bridge 1-2.

    UK Journeyman-cp4wba1tab.png

    We are holding the 8th and final spot.

    Crystal Palace face off home vs Brighton (16th)
    Newcastle are home vs Man City (2nd)
    Arsenal are away to Huddersfield (18th)

    Arsenal also are still alive in the Champions League Semi Final, facing Real Madrid.


    UK Journeyman-cp1bright0.png

    In a match thoroughly dominated by Crystal Palace, it was Grant McArthur who finally broke through for the Eagles in the 88th minute to send the fans into rapture in the A23 Derby!

    UK Journeyman-cp1bright0stats.png

    Arsenal managed to win away 1-0 to Huddersfield, but it was Newcastle slipping up this time, falling 1-0 at home to Manchester City!

    UK Journeyman-cp1bright0tab.png

    Another tough task next week for Newcastle, they got Liverpool away.

    Crystal Palace and Arsenal square off in a pivotal match at the Emirates that could really give the winner a big boost. Fortunately for Palace, this critical match is wedged around a Champions Cup Semi Final knockout for Arsenal. The Gunners' attention may be elsewhere.


    UK Journeyman-ars3cp2.png

    An edge of the seat first half turned into a touch and go second half where Declan Matthews delivered a hat trick for the home team in the 80th minute, the 22nd goal in all competitions for the 27yo England international.

    Newcastle drew Liverpool 1-1, leaving the future for Crystal Palace in European football very much in doubt.

    UK Journeyman-ars3cp2tab.png

    Arsenal defeated Real Madrid on penalties in the Champions Cup Semi's, they will face Barca in the finals.

    Arsenal are away to Derby (12th) in their next Premier League match.
    Newcastle are home to Stoke (17th)
    Crystal Palace are home to Cardiff (20th), who are in a ridiculously tight 4-way relegation battle.

    UK Journeyman-ars3cp2rel.png


    UK Journeyman-cp2card0.png

    Crystal Palace didn't play very well in the first half despite the one goal lead, but the second half was much more their style as they thoroughly controlled Cardiff, who are now destined for relegation after a Huddersfield win.

    Newcastle took care of business against Stoke, 2-0, but it was Arsenal who slipped up. With their minds on a Champions Cup Final date with Barcelona, the Gunners fell 5-1 away to Derby.

    UK Journeyman-cp2card0tab.png

    Okay, we are in 7th but a European spot is absolutely not secured yet.

    We have an extremely difficult fixture to finish the season vs Tottenham at White Hard Lane, even a draw there leaves the door open for Liverpool, Newcastle, and Arsenal to finish ahead of us and put us in 9th position.

    Liverpool are home to Aston Villa (14th)
    Newcastle are home to Chelsea (1st)
    Arsenal are home to Watford (10th)

    Once again, drama on the final weekend!

  30. Hmmm.. Okay.. so I lost to Tottenham, Arsenal won, and Newcastle lost, so I finished 8th.

    UK Journeyman-tot2cp0tab.png

    Manchester United won the FA Cup. They cannot use the spot, since they qualified for Champions League, so the Euro Cup placing goes to the 8th place team correct?

    From what I can tell, I was not awarded a EURO Cup spot. Is this a glitch, or will it be awarded at some point during the next season? I am at 26 June 2029 and was not given it. Or am I wrong and I wasn't entitled to this spot?

    Help me out here.

  31. England are awarded 3 Europa league spots. 5th in the league, FA cup winners, League Cup winners. What usually happens is that the teams that win the FA cup and League Cup are already in the top 5 and so these europen places go to 6th and 7th in the league. However if a team outside the top 7 then wins a European competition this could get complicated. So looks like you have just missed out on Europe this season. Did Arsenal win the champions league?

  32. Arsenal DID win the Champions League, 2-1 extra time over Barca. Did that affect a placing?

    UK Journeyman-qualifications.png

    For reading that, I understood that 7th automatically gets it, and from reading wiki below, I thought if the FA Cup doubles up on one, it goes to the 8th spot?

    If the FA Cup winner qualifies for the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Europa League via the domestic championship, by Regulation 3.04,[2] the highest ranking non-qualified league club qualifies, taking the lowest Europa League spot (the League Cup spot – the League Cup inherits the League spot, and the League inherits the FA Cup spot).
    It also says that the minimum quota is seven and it can be as high as five for each the Champions League and Europa League.

  33. SUMMER 2029

    Well it appears we did come up short of Europe, but the good news is that I have my squad to the the point where a minimal quantity of upgrades are necessary each year.

    - Board agreed to expand seating by 3,000. This will bring Selhurst Park to 29,260 when construction is complete next year.

    - Pushed the board to upgrade the youth facility (the second upgrade since I arrived here). We have Excellent youth facilities now, but I am aiming for World Class. Unless something wild happens, I could really envision staying at Crystal Palace for a long time and have them being my final club in this save.


    DC Pedro Martins, $12.25m to Cardiff. Martins was our third central defender in the squad, and the 4th/5th choices are both very close to him, including a promising young 21 year old I wouldn't mind developing. Nice defender for us, but was worth too much and getting paid too much to justify keeping him here for 5-7 starts and 10-15 sub appearances.

    DL Gary Tuck, $5.5m to Verona. I brought Tuck in last year for $3.2m and was mostly second choice left fullback. 12 matches, 6.75 rating. I upgraded the position this year, so Tuck as third choice was a surplus. Glad I turned a profit on him. Fee could rise to $7m.


    AMR Cristian Barrientos, $21.5m from Tigres (Mexico)
    UK Journeyman-barrientos.png

    23-year old Chilean international has traveled the west, from Chile to Brazil to Mexico. He will bump AMR Che Nunnelly (27 apps, 1 gls, 6 asts, 1 pom, 6.88) to backup. Below is the comparison between the two.

    UK Journeyman-barrcomp.png

    Give up a little speed for a ton of skill and notice the physicals. Barrientos is a mutant! Very nice upgrade for us.

    DC Stephen Gamble, $13.25m from Derby.
    UK Journeyman-gamble.png

    Gamble is just that, a massive gamble! $13m is a lot of money from our club to invest in a 21 project. If he develops like my scouts believe he will, it'll be worth it.

    DL Ivan Galvez, $5.75m from Velez Sarsfield (Argentina)
    UK Journeyman-galvez.png

    Back to South America for us for another bargain buy! Galvez upgrades our left back position, allowing us to move Tuck as mentioned earlier in this post. I made efforts to grab Galvez in the previous two windows but failed due to work permit issues, but now he's qualified.

    Here is the comp between him and last year's starting DL Raul Rego:

    UK Journeyman-galvezcomp.png

    Again, more size and skill. A solid upgrade for basically no cost since we moved Tuck.

    AMC Miki Roque, On Loan from Barcelona.
    UK Journeyman-roque.png

    This was my number one target in the summer. I had a $32 million bid accepted but Roque was not interested in leaving Barca permanently. An expensive ($400k/month) loan deal will have to suffice. Maybe I can get him to fall in love with Palace and make him a permanent fixture next season.

    Gorgeous looking attacking mid, was on loan at Hertha Berlin in the German First Divsiion last season, tallying 9 goals, 11 assists, 3 mom in 31 apps (7.28 avg rating). Can't wait to have him running my attack!

    Here's the upgrade over last year's attacking playmaker, Martin Odegaard.

    UK Journeyman-roquecomp.png

    We had a strong preseason. We're ready to roll!
    Last edited by sek729; 14/03/2017 at 03:24 PM.


    UK Journeyman-cp2029halffix.pngUK Journeyman-cp2029halftab.png

    WOW, what a crazy start to the season!

    We started the season well enough, 2 wins in our first 4 matches with two narrow 0-1 losses to Liverpool and Man City where we played well. I was encouraged by our start to the campaign.

    Then it fell apart in the League!

    A terrible 0-3 home loss to lowly Leicester after we had a guy sent off early and it just spiraled out of control from there. In the 9 Premier League matches from Sept 15 to Nov 24, we had 0 wins, 5 draws, 4 losses, despite it being a relatively weak stretch of schedule. We tumbled down to 16th, just out of the relegation zone.

    But while all of this league carnage was going on, we quietly made a spectacular EFL Cup run, culminating in a wonderful 2-0 win over Liverpool in the quarterfinals.

    It was around this time that our league form suddenly turned around and we rattled off a series of critical victories. In our last 7 Premier League matches, we won 5, draw 1, and lost 1. Miraculously, we find ourselves in 10th position at the midway point.

    We have an EFL Cup Semi Final tie with Tottenham lurking. I would LOVE to just win the competition to fulfill our European dreams, but it won't be easy. The other side of the bracket has Chelsea squaring off against Championship strugglers Blackburn. The Blues have been dominating my save, having won 5 titles in the last 8 seasons.


    UK Journeyman-cpfebfix.pngUK Journeyman-cpfebtab.png

    A mediocre and disappointing Premier League campaign sees us secure just 2 wins, 3 draws in the first 9 league matches of the 2017.

    But a phenomenal EFL Cup Semi Final Second Leg turn around vs Tottenham have send us into the EFL Cup Final against CHELSEA.

    The perennial title contenders are once again near the top this season and will no doubt be an incredibly challenge at Wembley Stadium. We played a phenomenal match against Chelsea at home a month ago and we will need a repeat performance if we're going to raise a trophy. This is our only chance at reaching European football next season as we have virtually no chance of reaching 7th place.

    Let's Go!

  36. LOL. Well played Football Manager... Well played..

    Literally two days before the EFL Cup Final..

    UK Journeyman-diazinjury.png
    UK Journeyman-lafitteinjury.png

    My 3.5-star starting Goalkeeper, Gerardo Diaz, 28 apps, 31 allowed, 3 pom, 6.97 rating and my 3.5-star right fullback, Gwendal Lafitte, 24 apps, 2 pom, 7.15 rating both get injuries. I lose a $10m Goalkeeper and $20m right fullback on the eve of the Cup. Un-Freaking-Believable.

    These two players have literally NEVER been injured since I acquired them both two summers ago and they both get shot up in the same practice right before one of the biggest matches in Crystal Palace history.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails UK Journeyman-injuries.png  


    I'm pulling every single trick I have in my arsenal to get my boys to fire today! I usually play down our chances and praise my opponents but when I want a big win in a big match, I play up our chances and instill confidence!


    UK Journeyman-tactic.png

    I'm using a variation of my normal tactic. This one is more defensive with my fullbacks both set for defensive roles and a 'Defensive' mentality set with a 'Structured' team shape.

    I did get some good news as I found out that one of Chelsea's best players, Fred Molenaar, a $41m striker with 18 goals in 17 apps, 7.82 rating this season, would miss the match due to injury. But they are loaded with talent so this will not be easy by any stretch of the imagination.


    10th minute - Chelsea win the ball in the center of the pitch and methodically work the ball up the left flank, they swing it around the edge of the penalty area to right fullback Lukas Capek, who dribbles it to the end line before crossing to the penalty spot where striker Mauro Matos receives it and send a shot at the goal, SAVED by Bernardo, the backup goalkeeper for Palace! The Peruvian international, in just his 5th first team appearance of the season parries it wide of the goal. Chelsea are looking to pile on the pressure early!

    11th minute - Blues midfielder William Jefford sends an in-swinging corner kick into the penalty area where it's cleared by Alessandro Ricci, but only out so far to Augustin Ferreira, Chelsea's $54m left winger. Ferreira, dribbles towards the penalty area and is taken down by Eagles on-loan playmaker Miki Roque. A free kick for Chelsea, 20m away from goal. Ferreira will take the free kick, dumps it into the penalty area and it's cleared away by Rory Mitchell for another Chelsea corner.

    12th minute - Ferreira will take the corner left of goal, it's cleared by scrappy ball winning midfielder Paul Mason, but only back to Ferreira. Ferreira takes on Mason and blows right past him and explodes into the penalty area. He slides the ball cooly to Jeffords, who is 10 meters center of goal and has Bernardo at his mercy, but the one-time effort goes narrowly left of goal. Chelsea miss a golden opportunity, but they are looking good for their money today.

    38th minute - With hard work and perseverance Crystal Palace have done well to limit Chelsea's chances up until this point, but here are the Blues again as they win another corner. It's Ferreira, who sends it into the area, cleared out by Mason back to Ferreira. Ferreira composes himself and slides another pass into the danger zone, and it's an on-rushing Nebosja Leskov who is on the receiving end and he launches a strike past the diving Bernardo! The Serbian midfielder is not known for his goal scoring prowess but he was brilliant with this chance and Chelsea have broken through. They look to be on their way to yet another trophy! Chelsea 1 - Palace 0.

    It's half time and Chelsea have been much the best. Can Crystal Palace pull off one of the most unlikely upsets in EFL Cup history?

    50th minute - A rare opportunity for Palace! A corner kick and it'll be Roque to take. Sent into the penalty area and cleared away by a Chelsea defender, but only back to Roque, who send in a second ball, cleared away again. 25 meters from goal, Roque battles Leskov for the ball and wins it, he lays it off to his right to Cristian Barrientos. The Chilean winger for Palace takes on a Chelsea defender and BEATS HIM, he slips a pass into Mason who shoots at goal, SAVED by Chelsea keeper Darragh Heary, but the ball rests on the goal line! Blues defender Chris Miller comes in to clear, but OH MY! Miller puts it into his own net! It's an own goal and Palace have their life line!!

    64th minute - Palace make their first substitute. Che Nunnelly is on for Palace legend Andrei Ivan. Ivan has a taste for these big matches but at 33 years old, the Romanian's best may be behind him. Perhaps Nunnelly can offer something different in the left attacking midfielder spot.

    68th minute - Chelsea seem a bit rattle from that shocking own goal and now here it's Palace on the move again! It's Roque, who swings it wide to Barrientos. Barrientos picks out a thew ball to Jaume Pascual. Pascual, the Bayern Munich loanee has some space in the right side of the penalty area, he dribbles towards the end line and cross it far post, it's the substitute Nunnelly!!!He taps it into an empty net, Heary has no chance!

    75th minute - Palace have switched to a more possession style of play. They are playing with confidence and Chelsea are just chasing the ball!

    90th minute - The fourth official has put up the number. There's only two minutes of stoppage time! Palace have not made any substitutes. The supporters at the far end Wembley are in full voice! They could be on the verge of making history!

    92nd minute - Roque chases a ball towards the corner flag but cannot catch up with it. It goes out for a free kick for Chelsea, but there isn't much time remaining. Stephen Martin checks his watch, AND BLOWS HIS WHISTLE! IT'S OVER! CRYSTAL PALACE HAVE PULLED OFF A CUP WIN FOR THE AGES!

    UK Journeyman-che1cp2sc.png

    UK Journeyman-che1cp2.png

    UK Journeyman-cpeflcup.png

    UK Journeyman-cpeuro.png

  38. Congrats mate!

  39. UK Journeyman-cpfix2030.pngUK Journeyman-cptab2030.png

    We finished the season like we started it. Flat. A slight dip from last season's results but I'll take this and an EFL Cup trophy any day!

    We have a huge off season ahead with a nice large $70m transfer kitty to work with. Time to bring in some studs!
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  40. SUMMER 2030

    There were only two squad players that left the team this summer.

    DL Raul Rego left for $6.5m to Hamburg, I had brought him in my first January transfer window for $3.7m when I first arrived at Palace a couple seasons back. He had fallen to a rotational role this past year and became disgruntled Glad to turn a profit on him.MC Robin Huser, $2.4m to Real Zaragoza. Huser was another one I brought in during that first window, he has aged quite a bit the last couple seasons and wasn't much use for me last year and I loaned him to Zaragoza, they made it permanent.


    DC Miguel Trejo, $34m from Tigres (Mexico)

    UK Journeyman-trejo.png

    My first wonderkid! This is the fourth player in three summer transfers windows that I've brought in from Mexico, and only one of those previous three has been disappointing so hopefully this one works out as well. Just 20 years old, he becomes first choice central defender for the squad with potential to grow. Central defense wasn't a key need for me, but I'm happy to upgrade the position, even if it's slightly.

    MC Klaas Hoogervorst, $19.5m from Sevilla.

    UK Journeyman-hoogervorst.png

    Top priority this off season was upgrading my Ball Winning Midfielder horse. Spending this much money, I would have really liked to have found a younger player, but Hoogervorst will have to do. The Dutch international is a significant upgrade over my second central midfielder and really strengthens us in an area that my tactics require. Love how my team shapes up after this signing.

    ST David Bartusiak, $2.4m from Stoke.

    UK Journeyman-bartusiak.png

    How on earth.... did I get this guy for $2.4 million from Stoke? I still can't figure it out. All season long I had this guy as one of my top targets, and there were no other suitors for this guy at $2.4m?!?

    38 matches, 14 goals, 8 asts, 4 pom, 7.04 for a Stoke City squad that got demoted. How is no one else interested? If he can do that well with a bad Stoke team, he should do amazing with quality service from my midfielders.

    And brought back in on loan once again.............. Don't make fun of me... Please.....

    AMC Miki Roque, on loan from Barcelona for $10 million!

    UK Journeyman-roque2.png

    Yes, I paid $10 million dollars for the services of ONE YEAR of this player. That is $1.5 million per month! I had gotten him for $4.4 million last year, but Barcelona were eyeing him for potential first team action and I had to up the ante. I did have a $45 million offer accepted, but Roque did not want to come here permanently. Maybe we can make a Champions League push and change his mind this year.

    Miki ran my midfield last year and I just wasn't happy with the other options out there. I could have spent $60m-$70m on Chelsea's very nice, but aging attacking midfielder, but decided against it.

    Other News

    - We drew AFC Botosani from the Romanian First League in the Third Qualifying Round of the EURO Cup.. Soft opponent, we better not screw it up!

    - The board decided on their own to make a 13k seat expansion to the grounds, which will be complete in April 2031. Cannot wait! Selhurst Park will then be at 39,445 capacity!! We will temporarily play in The Boleyn Ground (35,402) until then.

    - Our Youth Facilities are being expanded, and we also were promoted to Category 1 Youth Level. My newgens to date have been rather underwhelming and disappointing. A couple players that could be good Premier League players in a few years, but no real studs in 3 cracks at it.

    - I negotiated a contract extension. $65,000/wk thru June 2034. I previously earned $50k/week. I didn't really get bother much by other teams last season, probably due to my mediocre league form.

    Alright, time to play some matches!


    UK Journeyman-cp4boto0.png
    UK Journeyman-boto0cp3.png

    We steamrolled the opposition 7-0 on aggregate in my European debut. Not much to say about it, we were just superior. They were no better than a mid-table Sky Bet League One side.

    We drew BATE Borisov in the upcoming playoff to reach the Group Stage. BATE have won the Belarusian Highest League every season of my save so far, extending their title run to 24 consecutive seasons.


    UK Journeyman-cp3bate0.png

    BATE showed little resistance. A nice 3-0 aggregate win for the good guys and a nice $2.91m payday for reaching the Group Stage!

    UK Journeyman-eurogroupstage.png

  43. EURO CUP - Group Stage Match One

    UK Journeyman-cp4fio1.png

    Without a doubt our biggest competition in the Group Stage, Fiorentina finished 5th in the Serie A last season but my boys were ready to go with a clinical performance. Our new signing David Bartusiak notched a hat trick. Again, just $2.4m for this guy this past summer. He's currently valued at $13m.

  44. Good Half - January 2031

    UK Journeyman-2030fix.pngUK Journeyman-2030tab.png

    UK Journeyman-cpeurogrop30.png

    Alright, this is more like it! We successfully navigate our EURO Cup group with ease, after the media projected it as one of the tougher groups.

    We also juggled the tight schedule around both competitions to have some of our best Premier League success to date! Our chances of reaching the Champions League are quite small as the Top 4 have kicked away somewhat from the rest of the pack. Maybe we can pull off a shock EURO Cup Title?

    There could be some turnover in the January window. Although, I do not have much funds to make a huge upgrade, I do have players that are getting targeted by other clubs and some have become unhappy. They will likely be sold and replaced.

  45. Just read this. Awesome stuff. Would be interested to see if you get poached by a top club, but then the "big 6" seem to have stayed in their traditional top 6 positions thus far so I guess they're all reasonably content with their managers...

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