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UK Journeyman
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  1. UK Journeyman

    I'm not much of a story teller but I enjoy sharing the results of my saves with others. I recently just upgraded to FM17 after wearing out my FM14 for over 3 years.

    I loaded all the UK Leagues and started at Northern Ireland second-tier club Loughgall. For whatever reason, I got drawn to this club in the past and decided my first save in FM17 will be with them.

    I am already one season into my save but here is a quick recap from Season 1.

    UK Journeyman-nifl-ch-16-17.pngUK Journeyman-nifl-fix-16-17.png

    Despite a strong season, I was left chewing for more on multiple occasions.

    - Drew at home to Premiership side Ballymena Utd 1-1 in the Sixth round of the Irish Cup. Huge missed opportunity here. Had lots of chances to grab the win, and ended up getting stomped 0-3 in the replay.

    - Lost the Mid Ulster Cup final on penalties to Glenavon, another Premier side. We deserved to lose as we were dominated, but we had a chance in the end and came up short. Would have loved to grabbed a trophy in my first full FM17 season.

    - Held a 1 pt lead in the league with two matches to play. Surrendered the advantage in an away loss to Larne. In the season finale, Warrenpoint were actually losing in the 80th minute. I was in the lead for the title with 10 minutes to go but Warrenpoint struck twice late to steal it away from us.

    - Second leg of playoff final was morally crushing. Larne scored in the 83rd to send it to extra time. We actually scored in the 110th minute but my defense was exhausted. They scored a pair in quick succession that crushed our soul. This match was played last night and I went to bed sick to my stomach.

    UK Journeyman-nifl-16-17-playoff.png

    I'm preparing for the next season. I have not made any crazy changes to the squad, just one upgrade at right-back and replacing our aging goalkeeper with a similar, but younger option.
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  2. Welp, I was looking forward to a very optimistic season, but towards the end of the pre-season my team got gutted by larger clubs.

    Three teams in the Danske Bank Premiership (Top tier in Norther Ireland) stripped three of my best players from me by offering part-time deals. They were all on non-contracts with me. Three starters. Starting left full back and my top two central midfielders, gone.

    Kind of caught me by surprise so late in the preseason. I am scrambling to find replacements but they won't be as good as what I had.

    Key loss: DL Ross Black to Portadown, 28 apps last season, 2 goals, 4 assists, 3 pom, 7.06 average. Was key as an attacking full back in my 4-1-2-1-2 narrow. Will not be easy to replace. Was my best free kick taker.

    Could be a long season.
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  3. UK Journeyman-nifl-17-18-sept.png

    The season started off promising enough with a 2-0 home win over Larne who snuffed us in the promotion playoff semi-final a few months earlier. I scheduled a friendly in between a 16-day off schedule and came back to win a League Cup match with a few promising regens from my u18 squad getting the start.

    Looking good... then boom.

    Lost 0-1 away to Donegal Celtic, we had more shots and probably deserved at least a draw.
    Lost 0-2 away to Bangor, who hadn't secured a point until this point. This really stiffed our team morale and things started looking shaky.
    Got stomped 1-4 away to Dergview, who are a very good side. We were bashed 3-0 right 23 minutes in and it wasn't pretty.

    A team meeting lifted some spirits and we were able to knock off P.S.N.I. at home. Our away form is shit right now and I need to start coming up with some solutions.

    I didn't spend a ton of time re-assessing my lineup after I got three starters stolen from me in late July. I may evaluate that and tweak tactics before my next series of matches.

    Name:  nifl 17-18 sept table.png
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    Table is still tight, but Dergview is starting to run away with it. We gotta turn this thing around now.
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  4. Shambles.

    UK Journeyman-nifl-17-18-oct-fix.pngName:  nifl 17-18 oct table.png
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    I have no words for what is happening to me right now. I don't even know what to say. This is the first rough patch I've hit with FM17 and I'm having trouble rescuing morale right now. We cannot catch a break.

    We are getting dangerously close to my first sacking of this edition. I hope not, but I'm running out of ideas with this group and there's little I can do to save the day.

    We have a string of away fixtures coming up. We need points. Desperately!!
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  5. UK Journeyman-nifl-17-18-jan-fix.png

    Showed some improved form in that tough string of away fixtures. A couple of draws and a massive 4-0 road victory over Larne, who are actually tops the table. Pretty amazing that we got 6 points from those guys this season.

    But the form has not kept up. We had a series of very disappointing results wedged around a close Irish Cup win over a lower division team.

    Name:  nifl 17-18 jan table.png
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    We are still bottom, 4 points back of a relegation playoff. This upcoming stretch of home fixtures are going to be crucial.

    I've been tactically tinkering but I just don't have the players I did last season. I wonder if one of my main problems was at goalkeeper. The GK I replaced last year's GK with was not as good aerially or communicating as my previous veteran keeper. This may have been the problem with my defense early in the season. I added another GK who is a bit stronger in this areas and I think I've improved defensively since that change. I just need to start finding some goals now.

    I may revert back to the 4-1-2-1-2 I used last year. I've been experimenting with a 3-5-2 and a 4-2-4 type to try to fit my better players but I haven't had much success offensively.
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  6. Good luck with this, don't see too many journeyman saves just in the UK so will be worth a follow. Cant believe how drastic your form is compared to last seasons success

  7. It's March 20th, 2018 and I've been sacked! .

    UK Journeyman-nifl-17-18-mar.png

    I was in a board meeting a few weeks before the end and I managed to get a draw and a win, but followed that with a pair of losses including a 2-0 home defeat to H&W Welders and it was too much.

    Here are my reflection of my job done here:

    - I was caught off-guard losing my key players and I didn't really work hard enough to replace them.
    - The scouting difference from this and FM14 (the previous version I purchased) is night and day. You really have to hustle to find talent.
    - I probably should have leaned a little more on my assistants for their tactical advice before I find my legs there in this ME.

    This is super disappointing because I was a nose hair away from being promoted last season.

    Disappointing but I'll try to learn from it. Time to dust off the CV.
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  8. I'm very surprised but also very happy as Chemlsford in the Vanarama National have decided to give me a shot. In FM14, I had to work much harder to get any chances outside of Northern Ireland in this type of journeyman save. It's nice to see that low-level English clubs will give you a shot if you've had a little bit of a CV build up. FM14 always felt kind of broken in this regard. I beat out Darren Bent for the job, who just retired from playing.

    It's a relegation rescue job, 1 point clear with 4 to play.

    UK Journeyman-chelmsford-hired.png

    Fixtures remaining: Aldershot H, Woking A, York H, Cheltenham A

    All four are in the top-half, two battling for a playoff spot. Surviving will not be a walk in the park. I'm going to need to channel some energy and focus on the detail in these last four matches.
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  9. Mixed results in Ireland but good luck on trying to save Chelmsford

  10. Thanks for following, Teddybear30!

    So did we rescue Chelmsford? Yes Sir!

    After scoping over the squad, it actually didn't look too shabby. Lots of balance. Unlike at Loughgall, I actually had some decent wingers to work with. Also the defenders on this team had some decent technical skills, allowing more play from the back and giving me a better chance at some possession.

    I usually like having a DMC in either a 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow or 4-1-2-2-1 Wide, but decided against it since my defenders were strong enough on the ball. I chose to utilize my stronger attacking players by opting for a 4-2-4.


    I never used anything like this at Loughgall but the players here fit this perfectly and I went with it here.

    Home v Aldershot - 0-0 draw. Shots and possession were even and there were no clear cut chances for anyone. Pleased to get the point in my debut against a team in a promotion playoff push.

    Away v Woking - 2-1 win. Phenomenal result that sent us 5 points clear of relegation. Went with the same 4-2-4 except with a direct counter attacking style and we got chances. Earned a penalty in the 21st and followed that up quickly in the 23rd. We surrendered a goal before half but played good defense to hold on for the points. Was able to do a defensive possession game in the second half with the slew of technical defenders this team has. Pleased.

    Home v York - 2-3 loss. Disappointing defeat as we led 2-0 at half, but it didn't make much difference as we cemented survival on this day.

    Away v Cheltenham - 0-0 draw. Didn't matter much, but pleased with the defensive effort.

    UK Journeyman-vnl-table.png

    Time to see if I can improve this squad. Unlike at Loughgall it's super relaxing to know that most of my players are under contract and are not going to get stolen. Based on the new scouting system, this offseason could take a while.
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  11. Well done on staying up! Any chance of screenshots of the squad?

  12. Ask the board for a senior affiliation as the players coming in are likely to be better than what you have or will improve over the season but good luck for the new season

  13. Chelmsford 2018-19 Preseason

    UK Journeyman-chelm-pre-18.png

    Let's start with the outs:

    David Norris - Retired after a long professional career, he did not contribute much to last year's squad. 22 apps, 0 gls, 1 asts, 0 pom, 6.35.
    DMC/MC Charlie Cooper (3*/4*)- 21-year old was a regular last year and started for me all 4 matches. Finished the season with 37 apps, 0 gls, 4 asts, 1 pom, 6.59. Was disappointed that Grimsby snatched him away. Very well rounded player, every one of his attributes were between 8 and 12.
    DCR/MCR Niall Cowperthwaite (2*/2*) - Another well-rounded player, but a level below Cooper. I used him at right fullback in a support role and he did okay, but we could do better. Just a 6.31 rating in 35 apps last year. He'll fit in better in the Vanarama north.
    ML/MC Harry Morgan (2*/2.5*) - Previous manager gave this guy a long run last year (6.22 in 32) in a plain 4-4-2 but there isn't much here. Just 21 but not much potential according to my assistants. I'll go for some higher upside kids.

    There was an important player not captured in the transfer report above as his contract expired at the end of May, and he didn't want to re-sign.

    GK Ross Fitzsimons (4.5*/5*) - Disappointed that he wouldn't re-sign with us, but it wasn't like the 24-year old Irish goalie was amazing last year. Just 6.57 rating in 42 matches, he got the inconsistent flag from my assistant so he may not be as good as his rating.


    Here's who we brought in:

    MC/DMC Rugare Musendo (2.5/3.5/4.5) - 19-year old Zimbabwean looks to immediately compete for a central midfield spot. Musendo was a product of the Southampton academy and possesses excellent first touch and passing skills, along with good speed for this level.

    GK Hugo Keto (3.5/4/5) - A Finnish youth international, Keto, 20, was just let go by Arsenal after failing to break through. Looks like a perfect replacement for Fitzsimons.

    DC Chad Field (2/3/4) - 21, he got some starts for Bromley and Whitehawk in the Vanarama National last season. He looks like good cover with a chance to be decent. Our youth squads were pretty bare when I took over, so I definetely looked to restock it.

    DCRL Tom Bonner (2.5/2.5/2.5) - 30-year old Scottish journeyman, played in the V-Sorth last year with Dartford (42 apps, 7 poms, 7.19). Not a first teamer but should be able to provide decent cover at three different positions.

    MC Harrison Davis (3/4/5) - Very fast (14 pc/13 acc) with a good first touch (13). Just 18 years old, he's another one spit out of the Southampton youth factory. Looking forward to seeing how he develops, but he should be in line for some first team action some point this season.

    DLC Jaydn Mundle-Smith (2/3/4) - Fulham academy prospect, very pacy (14/13), but needs work on his technicals. Just 18, he helps restock a barren Chelmsford farm.

    ST Danny Mills (3/3/3) - Scored 14 goals in 42 games for Whitehawk last year, the 27 yo poacher fits in as nice backup for the first team strikers here.

    DL Calvin Ughelumba (3/4/5) - Leicester product, he's a lightning quick (14/15) full back of Nigerian descent that was capped by the Italians at the u-21 level. My scout really likes his intangibles and he should feature for us at some point this year.

    ST Ashley Pope (2.5/4/5) - Released by Bournemouth, very phsyically impressive striker with well-rounded mentals who could be a superb defensive or deep-lying forward in a couple seasons if he develops.

    DLC Brian Van Den Bogaert (2.5/2.5/2.5) - 26-year old Belgium played in the V-South last season. I was drawn to him by his mentals (16 agg, 14 brav, 12 conc, 14 det). He has well-rounded technicals too. Not the most physically impressive defender in the league, but he could be a nice late sub to help protect leads.

    DRL Tariq Hines (3/4/5) - Out of Tottenham's academy, very physically impressive but needs more work on the rest of his game.

    GK Bobbie Biddie (2.5/3.5/4.5) - Didn't have any decent GK prospects in my system so this 18-year old from West Brom should be something worth developing.

    DC Timi Odusina (2.5/3/4) - Yet another young defender, this one by the way of Norwich. No stand out skill, just a well rounded 18-year old who hopefully improves.

    ST Chris Assombalonga (3/3/3) - A bit older player at 27, played with Dag & Red in the Sky Bet 2 last season and bagged a few goals on loan in the V-National. Should be decent cover.


    GK Hugo Keto (3.5/4/5) - Young Finn goes right into the lineup as our top keeper.
    DL Matthew George (3/4/5) - Bright youngster started 40 matches last year for Chelm.
    DC Zac Fagan (2.5/4.5) - Just a 6.49 last year, if he doesn't get off to a fast start, he's going to be dropped.
    DC Mark Roberts (2.5) - No pace anymore but the 34 year is an important leader. 6.96 in 25 matches last year.
    DR Quade Taylor (3.5/5) - 6.65 in 43 matches last year for us, he's back to dominate the air again.
    MC Justyn McKay (3) - 31 year old captain is back one more, he'll have to play well with the kids on his heels.
    MC Josh Rees (3/4.5) - Well rounded CM has been a staple in this team. Hurt last year, just 6.84 in 15 matches.
    AML David Martin (2) - Veteran journeyman played well last year, but decline could be around the corner.
    AMR Robbie Willmott (3) - Well rounded and consistent 27yo. 89 matches in last two seasons for Chelm.
    ST Michael Cregan (3/4/5) - 19yo Irishman, brought back for a 2nd loan tour from Stevenage.
    ST Harry Pratt (2.5/4/5) - Pacy 20yo bagged a couple goals for me in my four starts last year.


    - Created a Senior affiliation with Fulham worth over $30k/year to us. No interesting players to grab on loan as of yet.
    - Brought back all of the previous staff.
    - Friendlies went well enough and we are ready for the season!
    - Media pegged us for 19th this season with 250-1 odds to win the league.
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  14. I had Hugo Keto at Bishops Stortford and was a 7/10 every week! Also Tom Bonner is a very decent back up centre half!

  15. We're now in the middle of October and this is how things are looking.

    UK Journeyman-chelm-18-oct-fix.pngUK Journeyman-chelm-18-oct-tab.png

    - Got off to a slow start with just 1 point in our first three matches. Kept tweaking the roles and lineups and got it figured out for the nice 4-1 win over Wrexham. Our home form since that match was really solid, outside of a disappointing loss to Bromley

    - I really struggled a while to figure it out in away matches, so I ended up signing a defensive midfielder, Godfrey Poku. Away from home, starting with the Macclesfield match, I dumped my counter-attacking 4-2-4 by moving one of the strikers to DMC and giving Poku a defending, ball-winning midfielder role and it really did the trick. Poku came from Oxford City but looks very solid for this level. 14 str, 14 stam, 15 agg, 13 brav, 15 det, 14 work rate, and most of his technicals are decent. The downside is he is racking up yellow cards and even got sent off late in my last match, but he looks like a positive difference maker.

    Here are some of my better performers so far:

    GK Hugo Keto - 6.85 in 12 matches
    DC Quade Taylor - 6.89 in 14 matches, 2 Poms.
    DC Zac Fagan - 6.95 in 13 matches. Very pleased here, I thought this kid was going to be on his way out but he's been key. His attributes have been proving along the way as well.
    MC Rugare Musendo - 7.01 in 14 matches, 2 gls, 1 ast, 1 pom. Excellent June signing! Very happy with what we have here. Mostly in a central midfielder support role. Just turned 20 years old!
    MC Justyn McKay - 6.99 in 10 matches, 1 ast. Deep-lying playmaker role, might not be a perfect fit for it but doing decent work as a veteran.
    ST Michael Cregan - 7.29 in 14 matches. 10 goals, 2 asts, 4 Poms! Stevenage loanee has been huge for us in our Advanced Forward role. It's tough to let anyone else get any work in with the way he's playing.
    ST Chris Assombalonga - 7.16 in 8 apps (1 sub). 3 goals, 2 assists. This guy has surprised me and moved ahead of a couple other players on my depth chart.

    Other players of interest:

    DRL Tariq Hinds - Didn't give this prospect a ton of thought when I added him in the offseason, but I'm surprised that he's become one of the first guys I promoted from the u23s and he's started the last 4 games for us at right back. Playing okay so far, just a 6.58, but with some improved technicals I could see him being an important player next year.

    DL Calvin Ughelumba, DC Timi Odusina, MC Harrison Davis, AMR Tom Proctor, and ST Ashley Pope have all shown improvement in attributes at the u23 level and could have roles to play later this year. Maybe I'll work a few of them into these cup matches that I really do not care about.

    I haven't been totally pleased with my wing play, so just now I added AML/ST James Thorne on a free. He spent a few years in the Nottingham Forest youth teams. Well rounded winger, I'm hoping he gives us some consistency out there.

    I'm actually feeling quite confident about survival at this point. I have developed a good feel for what works and what doesn't work with these guys. The table is still very tight in the middle, I could see a hot streak sending us up the board quickly.
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  16. UK Journeyman-chelm-19-jan.pngUK Journeyman-chelm-19-jan-tab.png

    - League form has improved as we have climbed to 13th in the table. Playoffs don't seem to be in the cards, but we have a nice little cushion from safety. It's actually a shame too because we only got 1 point from three relegation battlers in Torquay, Braintree, and Dover. Seems like we are fighting hard as underdogs but having a tougher time getting up for matches we should win.

    - I kind of regret throwing the kids in our FA Cup match. I wish I would have made a more concerted effort there. I have played most of the starters in the FA Trophy and we have a little bit of run going on.

    - Still bouncing between 4-2-4 at home and 4-1-2-2-1 Wide away from home. Constantly tweaking roles to try to try to give my guys the best chance to succeed. I'm proud of one particular match in this sequence, we were down to Wrexham and weren't even in it and after some adjustments, we really took over. Scored in the 67th and the 90+2 to stun them.

    - ST Michael Cregan is on another level for me. He's been blowing the doors off the opposition. In 30 appearances, he now has 23 goals, 5 assists, 7 poms. A 7.30 average rating, he's been a machine in my Attacking Forward role. He's a second-year loanee from Sky Bet 2's Stevenage. I enquired about bringing him in permanently but they wanted $250k. Not happening. My best bet is hoping that they think he could use another year on loan.

    - I got my first offer from another club as Morton in the Scottish Championship came at me with $20k for my 20-year old Finnish GK Hugo Keto (27 apps, 6.81 rat). They later came with $25k. Not looking to replace my goalkeeper mid-season and he's one that looks like he'll get better.

    - Made three acquisitions over the past 3 months. My scouts turned up 18yo ST/AMC Joe Richards in the Woking youth setup and they rated his potential very highly. I had to cough up $500 and 30% of future sales for him, but he seems like a nice high-end prospect. I had to adjust the wage budget to bring him on, but we've been frugile there so it was no problem. Also signed DMC/MC/DR Jordan Wynter from Woking on a free. Needed some cover at DMC and he filled in nicely for me at DR when Tariq Hinds went down with a hamstring injury for 4 weeks. He's given me 6.85 rating in 7 starts, 4 sub appearances. Third acquisition was Romanian-American DC Danny Barbir, whom West Brom just gave the release. Barbir is slow as molasses (4/6), but extraordinary Jumping Reach (15) and Strength (15) for this level, makes him an excellent set piece weapon. He hasn't cracked my lineup yet, but hopefully I can squeeze him in before the end of the season.

    - Haven't worked many of my other youngsters in yet. A couple starts for DC Chad Field and DL Calvin Ughelumba here and there, but they haven't taken over full-time roles.

    - ST Chris Assombalonga cooled off and kind of faded away a little as Danny Mills has recently taken over as the primary strike partner for Cregan.

    - My squad has become a little over bloated. There were plenty of first teamers from last year that have had trouble getting starts. Thankfully not many of them have given me much trouble over playing. I'll have work to do in paring down the squad in the preseason.

  17. UK Journeyman-chelm-19-may-fix.pngUK Journeyman-chelm-19-may-tab.png

    Expectations were survival and they were met without much drama as we finished in 16th position, 9 points clear of relegation.

    - As you can see, we hit a wicked rough patch from February through mid-March where we only won one match. I was tinkering in this period and as you can see, unsuccessfully. We got back to basics (4-1-2-2-1 Wide) and we chalked a few results up on the board, including a nice 1-0 home win over league champions Lincoln!

    - My regens were garbage. Only one was even mildly interesting enough to keep around, a 1-star AMR with a 3-black star potential. Basic youth training facilities, Basic junior coaching, and Limited youth recruitment. Regen day is going to be pretty boring for this team for some time.

    - On loan ST Michael Cregan finished with 27 goals, 6 assists, and 7 poms in 44 league appearances. We may have relied on him too much early on as he faded quite a bit down the stretch, or opposing teams just concentrated on taking him out. Maybe a combination of both.. In the last 13 games he had just 3 goals, 1 assist. I'll definitely knock on Stevenage's door to see if I can get another tour with him.

    - Young MC Harrison Davis worked his way into the first team in the last 8 matches of the season and really showed me something. He's just 19 but he showed some real promise averaging 7.34 rating mostly from either a DLP or AP role in the central midfield. He's one of the Southampton products I snapped up in the last preseason. Take a look. I just inked him up for a 2-year deal.

    UK Journeyman-19-harrison-davis.png

    - DC Zac Fagan was my best defender with an even 7.00, 4 gls, 1 ast, 3 pom in 44 appearances.

    - GK Hugo Keto was decent with 6.77 rating in 44 matches but there were times when he'd drive me nuts by allowing some awful looking goals, and none of his attributes progressed throughout the year. It's an area I'm not looking to upgrade but if someone better comes along I think I'd be silly to pass them up.

    - AML Robbie Willmott did a real nice job for me out on the wing. He actually got off to a pretty slow start but finished with 9 goals, 11 assists, 3 pom, 6.98 rating in 44 apps, and he did most of that damage in the last 15 games of the season. He was really key in turning my form around in late-March

    - As I mentioned before, my squad is SUPER bloated. I have 7 defenders who got at least 10 appearances. A whole slew of defensive midfielders and support central midfielders. I really need to open the door and push a few of these rotation guys out. Take a look

    UK Journeyman-19-dc-dmc-mc.png

    That is something I'll have to sort through in the offseason.

    - My main areas of upgrade will be Left Fullback. Matthew George got most of the starts but he was uninspiring. Van Den Bogaert and Bonner did okay, but nothing spectacular. Bringing in an impact 4* DL would be the highlight of my offseason.

    - Second target would be an AML winger or inside forward type. James Thorne and Josh Walker turned in okay ratings there, but they combined for 5 goals and 4 assists in league matches. Ideally I'd like to find an AML who can give me the same production Willmott gave me on the right. ~10 goals, ~10 assists, ~7.00 rating.

    - My third goal would be to find a superstar at ANY position. DC, DR, DMC, MC, or even Striker if I can't bring Cregan back. I need real Vanarama National star to just completely dominate the opposition.

    If I can add a good DL, AML, and find that impact player, I think I can make a promotion push next season! I currently have about $3k/week payroll to work with. That should be getting spent here soon.

  18. Just getting into my preseason and got a bit of good news.

    I managed to talk my board into improving both, the junior coaching budget AND the youth recruitment network budget. We aren't in great shape financially, not bad either, just a small deficit throughout the year. This would have never happened on FM14 without a significant surplus in the budget, so I'm very pleased these changes have been made to the game and that the board rooms aren't so short sighted like they were.

    They've set the budget to $10.5k/week for the season. We're only currently spending $6,032/week. This will change as we have some contracts to work on but we should have plenty of budget left to add some upgrades.

  19. Getting ready to get into the friendlies. Here's the new players we added (Note: I adjusted my colors layout to show attributes 6-10 as yellow, 10-12 and green, and 13+ as blue)

    DL Ilias Chatzitheodoridis - 21 year old Greek youth international will slide right into the starting role in my weak left fullback role. "Chatz" spend last year with Staines in the Vanarama South, averaging 7.33 with 8 poms in 39 matches.

    UK Journeyman-chatz.png

    AMC/ST Levi Rowley - I like the balance of this 22-year old attacker. Results weren't quite there him at Dulwich Hamelt last season in the V-South (40 apps, 6 gls, 7 asts, 6.74). Looks like a nice cover piece at a couple of spots for me.
    UK Journeyman-rowley.png

    ST/AM(RL) Joshua Stockwell - Very pleased to bring this 23-year old in. He has a very good shot at the starting AML role and fits perfectly in an DLF position up top. 46 matches in the Vanarama National last year for Whitehawk. Tallied 12 goals, 15 assists, 4 poms and 7.02 avg rating. Could be the ideal left-sided compliment to my AMR Robbie Willmott!
    UK Journeyman-stockwell.png

    MC Lewis Hornby - Midfield cover, nothing more. I see him coming off the bench from time to time in a playmaker role. Solid mentals.
    UK Journeyman-hornby.png

    DR/DC Owen Moore - I could see him becoming a bit more than just defensive cover. He's a little better defensively than my current starting DR Tariq Hinds. I could envision him pushing Hinds for playing time at some point this year.
    UK Journeyman-moore.png

    MC Christian Oxlade-Chamberlain - Physically imposing midfielder. He's the only one I paid a transfer fee for ($500) as my scouts see future growth. If he can make gains in his technicals, I might have something very nice here. But for this year? He's probably in line for just 5-10 appearances.
    UK Journeyman-oxlade.png

    DL James Hancocks - Was torn between this guy and "Chatz", so I decided to grab them both. Both are young with upside, one or the other could really take off and give me the key DL I've been looking for.
    UK Journeyman-hancocks.png

    DR Lee Connor - Lightning fast full back that will spend the season in my youth setup. Like his blue numbers and his professional personality. Just needs to develop!
    UK Journeyman-connor.png

    AMC/ST Andrew Williamson - The affiliation with Fulham will make it's first impact to our club as we bring in this very interested attacking midfielder. Mentals are off the charts for my level. I'll probably have to carve a new formation as I haven't utilizied an AMC much at all. We'll figure something out.
    UK Journeyman-williamson.png

    Other News

    - Leading scorer ST Michael Cregan is back on loan once again. Stevanage would only agree to an 8-month deal, so we'll have to re-up later if he's still banging them in.

    - I set expectation for a mid-table finish. The media agrees, they have us pegged for 12th with 45-1 odds to win the league. Last year they had us 19th at 250-1 and we finished 16th. Trending in the right direction I think.
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  20. One late addition to the squad before the season begins. My non-contract backup GK Bobbie Biddle got taken from me, so I needed a replacement, and I found a guy who might actually push Hugo Keto for playing time.

    UK Journeyman-mccorkell.png

    Keto felt kind of flat at certain points last season. I think he could use some good healthy competition.

    Preseason went okay. We started off with a couple tough friendlies against Fulham and Celtic, and finished with a pair of wins over non-leaguers to get our morale up. We did have one bad injury to a first teamer, starting DC Quade Taylor will miss the first couple weeks of the season, but we have some similar looking depth there to play with.

    After an exhausting pre-season, it's time to play some REAL games!!

  21. First match of the season. This game can go fuck itself right about now.

    Attachment 1101068

  22. Zipped through a whole season without much updates. Here is what happened.

    UK Journeyman-chelm-20-first-half.png

    Got off to a terribly unlucky start. We deserved to win that other home match vs Chester, outshooting them 20-11 and holding a 59-41% edge. Wasn't feeling too good after that start, but then we got things rolling and climbed back up the table.

    UK Journeyman-chelm-20-second-half.png

    Went through an AWFUL stretch from Feb-early Mar where we got just 1 point from 7 matches. Nightmare. I corrected it by leaning on my assistant's advice to switch to a classic 4-4-2 flat. We rattled off a few wins to avoid a total collapse. It looks like we ended the season poorly but Newport and Torquay were tough outs, both made the playoffs and we played well.

    I finished with 58 points for 14th. two spots higher than last season. It feels like I'm ONE stud player away from really putting together a promotion push.

    UK Journeyman-chelm-20-tab.png

    Few highlights from the year:

    - ST Michael Cregan did not have as big a year for us as last. He was okay, 24 apps, 9 gls, 4 asts, 1 pom, 6.93, but not the 27 goal stud that he was the year before. I decided not to renew his loan for the final two months as I had others playing well and pushing him for playing time.

    - My Fulham loanee AMC/ST Andrew Williamson broke his leg early in the season and ended up missing several months. He did not return until March. He had a 7.29 rating with 3 goals, 1 ast in 8 apps. Disappointing we missed out on him, but he might be made of glass as he got hurt again in April.

    - AML/ST James Throne really took over for me, especially once I switched to the 4-4-2 and put him in one of the striker spots. He finished with 42 apps, 11 gls, 5 asts, 7 poms, 7.03.

    - M(RC) Josh Rees was my best midfielder, 42 apps, 6 gls, 2 asts, 2 poms, 7.04

    - DC Zac Fagan was my best defender for the second year in a row. 41 apps, 2 pom, 7.02.

    - GK Hugo Keto was okay again, not great. 42 apps, 58 allo, 12 sho, 6.79.

    I think I brought in too many players this last off-season. I'm not going to make a ton of changes and let these guys gel a little bit more. Maybe just 1 or 2 very big upgrades is all I feel I need.

    Just a heads up, this might be my last update for a bit as I'm due to go on a business trip tomorrow for several days.
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  23. Played quite a bit without updates, here is where we stand with Chelmsford City.

    UK Journeyman-chelm-hist.png

    I followed that 14th place season up with an improved 10th place finish in 2020/21.. I had a similar season to back that up. We have had no cup success at all. I think I got to the third round of the FA Trophy only once, and the 2nd round of the FA cup only once.

    It's now the 2022/2023 season, my 6th with Chelmsford and we are beginning to make some major headway. I started relying on loans from bigger clubs and they have paid dividends.

    It's February 15th, 2023 and this is where we stand:

    UK Journeyman-feb-2023.png

    We were within 2 points of the leaders about a month ago but had a little blip, but we are in nice position to make a late run at the title or at least hold onto a playoff spot.

    I actually got off to a little bit of a slow start this season, but then I took a gamble and made a unique tactical motif to take advantage of the squad's talent and it paid off handsomely. I had some nice attacking pieces, but I was also heavy with defensive midfielders so along with four attack-minded players (AML, AMC, AMR, ST), I decided to try TWO ball winning midfielders in the center of the pitch and it really worked like a charm. With two high-tackling, aggressive midfielders we began winning lots of possession in the middle of the pitch, setting off counter-attacks.

    UK Journeyman-23-tactics.png

    I had two AMCs in my squad who were perfect as Shadow Strikers so I created that role and have them rotating. I offset the positioning of that role and the Advanced Forward role to allow a little more space between them. They are flanked by support wingers.

    Then there's the two MC-Ball Winning Midfielders. One support, one defend. I have instructed the support role to 'Get Further Forward' so they are also helping a bit more in the attack. I actually have 4 guys on my squad who fit quite nicely into these roles and they rotate. The support role makes good passing lanes with the support Winger and Shadow Striker, with the BWM-Defend and FB-Support sitting behind him as a fall-back options. I really like spacing these roles give each other and I'm finding it covers space very balanced. It's been ideal for a short passing game.

    My fullbacks are both decent technically, so I decided I had no reason not to play out of the back, instructing my goalkeeper to play the ball to them. The entire back line is instructed for short passes for a steady build-up.

    My four forward players also are instructed to pass it short between one another and work it into the box. The only player with a direct passing instruction is the MC-BWM (Support) player. The guys I use in this role are decent passes with good vision, and I don't mind them looping a long pass over the back of the defense to keep the opposition honest.

    We have very strong possession (53%, 3rd) and pass completion rates (74%, 2nd).. There have been several games when we've finished with >60% possession. The one downside with two BWMs is that we rack up lots of fouls and yellow cards. We lead the league with 71 yellow cards, 12 more than the next team. I do not use any other instructions such as Get Stuck In or these guys would probably be getting sent off every game. Fortunately for me, they all seem to have enough sense not to pick up that second yellow card. I have not had very many red cards at all for a team that gets yellow cards constantly. I've only had three red cards.

    We also have the best defense in the league, allowing just 24 goals so far this season. We are 2nd in tackles.

    Our attendance numbers have steadily increased season over season.

    Name:  attendance.png
Views: 420
Size:  33.4 KB

    That's it for now.. Hopefully the next update has some very good news in it!!
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  24. Well Cambridge has not left their foot off the pedal, and it looks like we're heading for a certain playoff with 5 games remaining..... and this just happened...

    UK Journeyman-partick-thistle.png

    Okay.. Patrick Thistle are currently in the Ladbrokes Championship, this would be a healthy step up from the Vanarama, but the caveat is that they are currently in a relegation battle as they are tied for last place with 7 to play.

    Ladbrokes Championship is currently ranked 52nd reputation, Vanarama 79th... but if they were to be relegated, Ladbrokes League 1 is 83rd.

    Do I leave Chelmsford for this job? What would you do?

  25. I passed on the Partick Thistle job. I asked to be considered at the end of the season, and they moved on.

    My season? A heart breaking finished. We ended up 3rd in the table with 83 points, 5 back of the winners Cambridge. In the playoff semifinal, we lost the first leg away 2-1 and drew 2-2 home in the second leg.

    I did end up winning Vanarama National Manager of the Year award.

    Chelmsford proposed contract talks, I declined. My contract is up at the end of June and honestly I'd like to see what's out there. I'm not sure I can squeeze much more juice out of this team and I feel eager for a different challenge.

    I may end up coming back, I may bolt. We shall see.

  26. UK Journeyman-wycombe.png

    And we are GONE!

    Wycombe Wanderers, fresh off relegation from the Sky Bet League One, swooped in and snatched me from Chelmsford City. For the first time in this save I will be managing a fully professional club!

    The Chairboys were narrowly relegated the previous season, finishing tied for 20th, but losing out on goal differential.

    UK Journeyman-wycombe-squad.png

    Looking over the squad, it's pretty clear I have some work to do here. 5 of my 6 best players were loanees. I'll try to see if I can bring any of them back. The team looks barren of ball winning midfielders, which my newest tactic is based upon. I'll either have to bring some in or find a new solution with what I have.

    I'm quite pleased with the financial setup here and it looks like we have some flexibility. We have a $56,455 p/w payroll budget (with $33.6k p/w committed) and a $1.3m transfer budget. That's a long way from my $14k p/w Chelmsford squad!

    The quality of my staff seems decent enough, but I'm going to have the opportunity to add 3 more coaches to the staff along with 5 brand new scouts and a Chief Data Analyst. Never had a chance to use one of those yet.

    Lots of work to do here and I'll definitely miss my time in Chelmsford, but this next step in my journey looks very exciting!!

  27. I had forgotten how much work it is to take over a team. Lots of unrest from the relegation, lots of staff to add, and many new additions to the squad.

    - Wycombe is completely void of any youth system. Basic youth facilities, No junior coaching, No youth recruitment. And I have zero plans on changing any of it. I spent some time trying to build up Chelmsford but in the six seasons there very little actually got produced. There are funds here at Wycombe to build a system here, but I'm not going to bother. That money will be spent on first team players and 17-20 year olds who were produced elsewhere. Newgen day will not a non-event here for me. I created a parent affiliation with Tottenham worth $110k/year, so hopefully they can help supply me some important players in my climb

    - Biggest departure was Luke O'Nien for $625k to Rochdale. This BWM was excellent for Wycombe last year and would have been perfect for my preferred tactic. I tried hard to hang on to him, but he insisted he leave and he was beginning to upset some of the others. The next richest departure was Jacob Maddox, 24yo AMC, who we sold to Exeter for a cool $550k. He was unhappy about relegation and wanted to go. 40 matches, 5 gls, 6 asts, 6.57 avg rating last year in League One, I didn't have any problem getting out of his way. Fabio Abreu, 30yo ST, was the other one we sold for $275k. He had 9 goals in 42 matches last year, 6.61 avg rating. Cya. We also lost a handful of other role players, but those were the key two. We are struggling to hang onto 25yo DMC/MC Rubun Sammut. He wants to go but is also a nice BWM fit in my system and was excellent last year with a 6.94 rating in 17 matches. I'm going to try to hang onto him as long as I can and hopefully he doesn't cause any unrest. If we have some success maybe he'll change his mind.

    - We were able to bring back 4 of the 5 key loanees from last season which made me very happy as they were the best players on this team. We also added another loanee from QPR, 19yo DMC/MC Keith Murphy. Strong tackler, strong mentals, good physicals. Perfect fit for the center of our field. He just played at this level last season (6.61 in 38 apps for Blackpool), QPR snatched him up for $500k and loaned him back to the division!

    UK Journeyman-keith-murphy.png

    - Our most expensive signing was Harry Brockbank, 24yo central defender who played 42 matches for Doncaster in League Two last year, 6.92 avg rating. We also added a versatile MC in 22yo Kirk Hardy for $190k. He's been at Huddersfield and loaned to League One and League Two the last few years, playing decently. Third key signing was 21yo Brighton newgen Leon Palmer, a central defender who was excellent on loan for Barnet in League One (11 apps, 6.97 avg). There were several other sightings, a few of which were youth prospects to populate our empty u23 squad, but the two notable free transfers were AMC Andrew Williamson and ST Sam Sinclair. They are notable because they were both Fulham loanees for me at Chelmsford last season and were vital to our second place finish. Williamson, a Shadow Striker, finished with 36 apps, 7 gls, 4 asts, 1 pom, 6.95. Sinclair finished with 20 apps, 13 gls, 8 asts, 6 pom, 7.36 rating and was sadly injured late in the year and missed our playoff matches.

    UK Journeyman-harry-brockbank.pngUK Journeyman-kirk-hardy.pngUK Journeyman-leon-palmer.pngUK Journeyman-andrew-williamson.pngUK Journeyman-sam-sinclair.png

    - After the end of preseason, I was very unsure whether I had sufficiently replaced my losses but I got some very soothing news from the bookies as I was tabbed as a 4-1 favorite to win Sky Bet League Two!

    - We have a payroll budget of $49k p/w, we have $35k p/w of committed spending. We have a transfer budget of $2.4m! I'm very happy I was able to put myself in position to be league favorites while improving finances. A big January window splash is not out of the question!

    Time to play some matches!
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  28. We've just crept into the January window and everything is on schedule.

    UK Journeyman-wyc-jan.png

    The books pegged us as the cream of the crop in League Two, and we haven't disappointed. It even feels like we've left some points on the table, but I cannot complain being 9 points clear into the promotion zone. But I don't want promotion, I want my first trophy!

    - We safely navigated the first two rounds of the FA Cup with fortunate fixtures vs non-league sides, we now have a Third Round home match coming up vs Ipswich Town (3rd in League One). We were blasted 4-2 by Ipswich town in the First Round of the EFL Cup back in August. Revenge in this spot would be wonderful.

    - My two best players have been AML Danny Clarke (26 apps, 8 gls, 10 ast, 7.32) and ST Lewis May (22 apps, 13 gls, 4 asts, 7.25). Both are loanees from Wolverhampton that were on this squad last year that I was able to bring back in the summer. But as you can see below, I'm getting very strong performances from most of my squad.

    UK Journeyman-wyc-squad-jan.png

    - I've mostly relied on my 4-2-3-1 DM, double BWM tactic that I previous discussed in this thread. From time to time it'll get stale and I've leaned on a second tactic, a 3-4-1-2, also with double BWMs. This tactic has been tearing apart weaker opponents at home.

    - Not sure what I'm going to do in the January window. Ideally I'd like to add a Left Fullback as my preseason signing Joe Bennett has been a little inconsistent and eventually got pissed at me and I wasn't quite sure why. It turned out I had promised a Wing Back role and I've been using a FB role, and it irritated the prick. Unless I can spot a superb upgrade, I do not envision any first team additions.

  29. An FA Cup tie they will be talking about for ages! I'm still shaking with excitement as I make this post.

    Attachment 1103498Attachment 1103499

    First match was a ping-pong battle that saw us come up breathtakingly short of a late winner.

    We completely dominated the replay away at Portman Road. We had 26 shots, 2 clear cut chances, 9 half-chances, 58% possession and it wasn't enough to keep it out of extra time. But a fabulous goal by Lewis May surely sent us onto the first round? No! A travesty of a penalty decision allowed them to equalize. GK Charis Eleftheriou saved the first penalty he face and that's all it took and we sent 2,307 away supporters into delirium.

    Fourth round draws sends us home to face Norwich City, who currently sit 7th in the Sky Bet Championship. This should be our first sellout of Adams Park (Capacity 10,264). Can the magic carpet ride continue?

    UK Journeyman-fa-cup-shock.png

    - Norwich City head coach Frank Lampard was disgusted at the penalty decision, but what's done is done and we pull off one of the great upsets in FA Cup history by tossing the Sky Bet Championship promotion contenders aside.

    - We set a gate receipts record from this match of $325K. Previous club record was $220k in a League One clash last season.

    - Lewis May's penalty kick gave him 21 on the season, breaking the Wycombe goal scoring record. The loanee was a Wolves newgen from 2018/19. Fabulous player.

    - The Fifth Round Draw? We are away to Preston North End, 20th in the Championship. Mixed feelings here. I would have like to have faced a giant but this may be a winnable match if we keep playing like we have been.

    - Our league form has dipped slightly. We are still holding 1st place, but only by 1 point to Wimbledon. We actually lost two straight, so the FA Cup may have us distracted a bit. We are still 9 points safe in promotion territory, but I WANT A TROPHY!

  31. Annnnnnd.. We're out.

    UK Journeyman-fa-preston.png

    We played well and had a few good chances but in the end it wasn't enough. Fantastic Cup run was a nice boost to our finances. We made net profit of over $400k in the month of February.

    Now it's time to focus on our battle for the League Two title, where we have slipped into second with a game in hand.

    UK Journeyman-wyc-feb.png


    UK Journeyman-wyc-sb2-fin.pngUK Journeyman-wyc-fix.pngUK Journeyman-wyc-stock.png

    We collapse at dusk by only securing one single point in our final three matches against mediocre competition. Wimbledon snatch the trophy away from us on the final match day. I am totally heartbroken.

    As you can see from the final match vs Stockport, one of my idiots collected TWO yellow cards in the first 7 minutes! Talk about checking out of a big match! Macauley Gillesphey was a "minor" January window signing for me and he ended up playing quite well for me, winning the Left Fullback role. Disaster.

    The silver lining is I won't have to pay out the big title bonus to my players and staff, but I desperately wanted that trophy for myself and my reputation. Ugh. Sucks.

    We do have some drama left in this season. I'm trying to play this out as if I it were real life. Wycombe is currently lowballing with a $1.6k p/w offer, a pretty tiny raise from my $1.3k p/w current wages. An instant promotion winning manager surely deserves more respect than this, no? I asked for $2.4k, they declined, and we've been at a stalemate for a month. If the right money offer comes along, I will have no hesitation in taking it. If not, the journey will continue at Wycombe for at least one more season.

    Stay tuned!

  33. After looking over the available options, I've decided to STAY at Wycombe. I've inked a 2-year deal worth $2.0k p/w. A nice and deserved pay raise.

    Next update will include the biggest transfer splash of my career!

  34. PRESEASON 2024/25

    UK Journeyman-wyc-24-transfers.png


    Kirk Hardy, $750k to Dundee Utd - Was a player we picked up for $230K from Scunthorpe last offseason and he delivered the goods for us in our midfield rotation. 25 apps, 3 gls, 2 asts, 7.00 avg. Hardy earns himself some Euro Cup action at Dundee United. Just 23 years old, I would have liked to kept him for another season but he showed his ambition in wanting to leave and I didn't stand in his way, turning a nice profit along the way!

    James Tarkowski, $165k to Hamilton - 31 year old central defender was a free transfer pickup for me last year so it was nice to get something for him in his declining years. 6.89 ratings in 21 league appearances.

    Jake Hessenthaler, Free Release - 30 year old center mid got 18 appearances for me last season, mostly in a substitutes role. We've upgraded this situation and he was no longer needed.

    Hakim Abdallah, Free Release - 26yo French target man just couldn't get going for me. Very physical striker, I tried my best to force him into the lineup but he just wouldn't bang in any goals for me.


    UK Journeyman-ryan-bennett.png
    Ryan Bennett, $1.4m from Southend - My number one goal was getting my Left Fullback of the future and I feel I accomplished that. Did I overspend? The media seemed to think so, but looking around at the other available options for me at DL and this was the only one that made sense. He's pacy and his mentals are phenomenal
    . There's room to grow on the technical side and we'll work on that, but I love what I get from this player compared to what I had. Bennett averaged a 6.92 in 32 apps for Southend last year in the Sky Bet League One. I signed him to a 3-year deal at a reasonable $4.2k p/w wage. He should improve well enough to be a steady Championship level defender for me.

    UK Journeyman-danny-clarke.png
    Danny Clarke, $425k from Wolves - Clarke is not a new addition as he was actually on loan here at Wycombe from Wolves the last two seasons and I decided to make it permanent. 37 apps, 7 gls, 7 asts, 2 pom, 7.02 avg. A very steady performer for me that I was happy to bring back. Just 22 years old, he's plenty good enough already to get me to the next level.

    UK Journeyman-ben-dunford.png
    Ben Dufford, $350k from Brighton - Dufford spent the last three seasons on loan with various Scottish clubs, most recently Hearts in the Premiership. Don't knock Brighton, they are currently an English Premiership side themselves, and I think I got a nice tidy central midfielder to add to my rotation. Nice first touch, passing and the mentals I like to see such as work rate, teamwork, and determination. Love the physicals, I don't have a single ball winning midfielder that is well rounded as this young man. A sweet $1.9k p/w wage for the next 2 years, he will flourish in my system. I predict seven-figure offers next summer for him.

    UK Journeyman-dominic-ghansah.png
    Dominic Ghansah, $300k from Luton - Another loanee from the past two seasons! 39 apps, 3 asts, 7.01 avg, Ghansan held down the right back situation for me in my promotion run. Too good of a deal to not bring him back!

    UK Journeyman-richard-mcevoy.png
    Richard McEvoy, $160k from Sunderland - Whoops, another loanee brought in permanently! He wasn't perfect for me last year, and tended to shreik in big matches but heck, 40 apps, 6 poms, 7.01? There's no reason I shouldn't have brought this hulk back for that price tag.

    UK Journeyman-andrew-murary.png
    Andrew Murray, $100k from Cardiff - Alright, here's a fresh face to our squad. Murray never played a minute for Cardiff, but on loan at League Two Oxford last year averaged 6.97 in 15 apps. Look, he's just 21 and the physicals are solid. There's a couple areas where I'd like to see improvement, such as concentration but the scouts think he's got room to grow. He figures to be the 3rd central defender on my depth chart, logging plenty of minutes. Could be a very good player down the road.

    UK Journeyman-wayne-dohert.png
    Wayne Doherty, $64k from Finn Harps - Pacy little winger comes over from the Irish First Division as some cover. Scouts liked him to grow some more, we'll see if he can contribute. May end up being loaned out.

    UK Journeyman-phil-anderson.png
    Phil Anderson, Free Transfer - Neat little poaching prospect that my scouts turned found at England Trial Day. Weird, this former Sunderland youngster bagged 17 goals in 37 matches for Carlisle in League Two last year and was just released on a free? 16 finishing? 16 acceleration? He's already no worse than the 3rd best striker on my squad, and for $1.4k p/w!

    Also returning to the squad.... LEWIS MAY! The Wolves prospect who bagged 22 goals for us in 37 apps last year is back on loan! I made an enquiry into making May a permanent fixture in my squad, but Wolves were starting negotiations at $6.5 million and it was too rich for my blood. I was happy they were willing to let me have at least one more year of him back on loan. Although he did pick up a knock in training camp and may miss the first couple weeks of fixtures.

    UK Journeyman-lewis-may.png

    Alright... It's time to kick this season off! Media has pegged us for 11th at 25-1. Quite the expectations for my first foray into League One, but we're prepared to meet the challenge!
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  35. Decided I'm going to try game recaps this year!

    UK Journeyman-broversaway.png

    We draw our season opener with Bristol Rovers. Not a just scoreline as we completely flattened them on the pitch. 21 shots to 2, 58% possession, we deserved all the points! POM: DC Richard McEvoy 7.5

    UK Journeyman-ipswichawayefl.png

    Same draw as last year's EFL Cup and we turned the tables. It was really an even match, but it was our youngster Phil Anderson who notched the first goal of the season for us! POM was another summer signing, DC Andrew Murray, who notched a 7.7 in his first appearance of the season. Well done Andy! We drew a home fixture to Premiership side Derby in the 2nd round! Exciting stuff.

    UK Journeyman-buryhome.png

    Oh Yes! The season is on folks! A scintillating performance by Andrew Williamson, who has been playing for me since my Chelmsford days! An absolute blinder, a 9.9 to earn the man of the match! We left Bury in shambles! I will also note an excellent performance by our $1.4 million summer splash, Ryan Bennett (8.9). Even a goal by Lewis "All Day" May in his season debut. This could be a special season.

    UK Journeyman-andywill.png
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  36. UK Journeyman-ip3wyc0.png

    Pretty typical performance following the Bury blowout, eh? Tried to get the boys fired up for this one but they were just flat and deserved to lose.

    UK Journeyman-wyc1chest0.png

    Back on track impressively! Chesterfield were previously unbeaten on the season and we earned all the points here. It took a while but we finally broke through and put Chesterfield to sleep with 58% possession.

    UK Journeyman-wyc0derb3.png

    We played hard, managed 9 shots, 3 on target and 51% possession but Derby were just too much class for us. We suffered a devastating injury to our starting left winger Danny Clarke. There's time left before the summer transfer window closes and we'll be looking for a replacement!

    UK Journeyman-swin0wyc0.png

    Tons of chances for us, the saved penalty was nice, but we really deserved to win this one. The goals will come.


    UK Journeyman-yan-dhanda.png

    We've spent the last remaining funds of our once plenty transfer budget on AML/AMC Yan Dhanda. He comes from fellow promotion side Swindon for $625k. He had 42 apps, 10 gls, 6 asts, 5 pom, 6.89 rating for The Robins last season. He'll immediately fill in for Danny Clarke out on the left, and when Clarke returns Dhanda has some versatility to play other attacking positions. We began the window around $2.5 million in transfer funds, we are down to $184k and a maxed payroll budget!

    Other News: I practically begged my board and they have finally agreed to expand our scouting range to all of Europe. Could be a game changer for Wycombe! Hmm, I'll need some more funds.
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  37. September 2024

    UK Journeyman-wycsept24.png

    The month started off well enough with an opening win in the Checkatrade Trophy, but we followed that up with a trio of disappointing efforts that saw us take just 2 points from 3 matches.

    I held a Team Meeting to boost morale and we proceeded to smash Pompey at Fratton Park thanks to a two-goal effort from Lewis May. We returned home and took care of business as heavy favorites against Blackburn. Newcomer Phil Anderson continued his impressive start for me, notching a brace as May got the day off.

    UK Journeyman-wycsept24tab.png

    We're ahead of schedule and in contention at the moment. It would be great to string together a few more wins!

    UK Journeyman-wycoct24.png

    The squad puts together a sensational run of League One victories that ends a bit disappointingly with an away loss to Wimbledon, where we conceded a free kick goal in the 89th minute. We just can't crack those guys at all.

    However, we've also currently built a little injury crisis as four first-team regulars are out with injuries. AMR Jay Beckford, AML Danny Clarke, DL Ryan Bennett, and DR Dominic Ghansah. It hasn't been easy but the depth of this squad has really come through to survive this situation.

    UK Journeyman-wycoct24tab.png

    - Barnsley are trying to run away from the league as they went unbeaten in October, but we are right in the thick of things!

    - The "UK Journeyman" save is evolving. For next season, I've decided to remove Ireland and Northern Ireland since I will likely not be returning to these countries. I added the top two divisions of Spain, Germany, France, and Italy as playable nations for next season. One of the reasons I did this is that my scouts are not finding much talent in their European searches, so adding more second-tier players should bear some fruit. Also since my reputation is climbing, I've decided I'm open to managing elsewhere if another club is interested.

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    UK Journeyman-wycnov24fix.png

    We are smashing League One into pieces, and if it wasn't for a send off against Barnsley, we would have buried the fellow title contenders!

    We are playing fabulous and I just collected my first League One Manager of the Month award. The squad I've put together have been amazing with one another and the hits just keep on coming.

    The free transfer signing, Phil Anderson, has worked himself into a full rotation with Lewis May. Anderson now has 8 goals in 7 starts, 6 sub appearances. 7.18 average rating.

    My $1.4 million left fullback signing, Ryan Bennett, has held up under the media pressure of that mega deal. 7.24 avg in 15 league appearances.

    The $625k deadline signing of Yan Dhanda that emptied my budget has proven my scouts brilliant! 13 apps, 5 gls, 3 asts, 2 pom, 7.32 avg rating!

    Everyone is playing well, my squad is getting healthy again. We are looking very difficult to stop at the moment!

    UK Journeyman-wycnovtab.png
    Last edited by sek729; 18/02/2017 at 04:25 PM.


    UK Journeyman-wycdecjanfix.png

    Another successful series of matches. We hit a little blip around the Holiday but turned it back around in January.

    - We were dominated by Championship side Huddersfield in the FA Cup Third Round, but snatched a late goal to force a home replay. We nearly stormed back from a 3-0 deficit and even had a chance in extra time to equalize but narrowly missed.

    - AFC Wimbledon dispatched us in the Checkatrade Quarterfinals. Those guys just have our number.

    UK Journeyman-wycdecjantab.png

    - We have some MAJOR turnover in the squad. The transfer window opened and we got barraged with offers, some of whom we couldn't refuse. Here's the breakdown:


    DR Dominic Ghansah to Burnley for $1.4 million. Was a rock for this team for three seasons, first two on loan from West Brom until we bought him permanently for $300k in the summer. He was phenomenal this year, 7.23 rating in 23 appearances. Unfortunately $1.4 million was his transfer release fee and it was triggered. We make a nice profit, but lose a very solid player.

    DC Richard McEvoy to Barnsley for $1.2 million. An incredibly risky decision by me to part ways with McEvoy here. He was also a former loanee who we secured in the summer for just $160K. Barnsley look like our primary challenges for the League One title, and we just gave them our best central defender?!? Let's hope I know what I'm doing. I have solid depth to support the move, but this decision may make or break our season.


    With the fresh infusion in cash, players in the squad demanded that I make upgrades and I rallied the scouts to find options.

    MC Lewis Duncan from Ipswich Town for $625k

    UK Journeyman-lewisduncan.png

    A ball winning midfielder type that I love, that actually isn't better than my current options. Why make him my biggest January signing? One, my scouts see ton of room to grow and develop, and in my system of rotating MC-BWMs, he'll see plenty of playing time to develop. Two, The PACE! The ACCELERATION! After this guy improves some of his weaker technical areas such as tackling, he'll be an extremely valuable player. Acceleration is a very underrated aspect for these types of players. They can swoop in out of the clouds to win possession.

    DC Neil Hare from Bristol Rovers for $450k.

    UK Journeyman-neilhare.png

    Snatched this guy from League One relegation battlers Bristol Rovers where he averaged 6.87 in 25 apps. That kind of rating in a struggling team is actually something I look for and value. If he's rating that well surrounded by poor players, how good can be surrounded by good players? He's got all the right attributes and seems like a very solid replacement for McEvoy, and the scouts think he can get a little better.

    DR Trevor Chalobah from Ipwsich Town for $160k.

    UK Journeyman-trevohchalobah.png

    Not as good as Ghansah but not a horrible replacement, especially for the cheap fee and only $1.6k p/w wages. Pacy enough, decent skills, and even more versatile than Ghansah. We'll see..

    GK Jonathan De Bie from Hull for $67k.

    UK Journeyman-diebie.png

    The press gave me loads of shit for this one, and I see why it looks like a weird call. I have two goalkeepers who are solid, one is a loanee from Tottenham, but both have been good for me this year (~6.9ish consistently).

    This was more of an investment in my mind. Hull are a Premiership side and De Bie has struggled to break through. He hasn't played regularly in over 4 seasons since having 31 matches on loan with Bradford City (League One) for a 6.69 rating. I feel like if I give this guy some time, he will play well and his stock will skyrocket. He demanded a ridiculously high $5k p/w wage, he's one of my highest paid players now!


    - The Swansea City job came open in early January and I applied. I was given an interview but was not chosen for the position. This is my dream job and the only job I would go out of my way to apply for. They are currently in the Championship challenging for promotion.

    - Preston North End offered me an interview, I attended and was subsequently offered a $8k p/w deal. It was VERY tempting to take this until I really looked over the situation. Preston are sitting 23rd in the Championship, 10 points back of safety. It would take a miracle rescue and I had no interest in that when I have a title winning team.

    - Two other teams offered me an interview after I declined Preston. Inverness CT, another strong relegation candidate in the Ladbrokes Premiership. No thanks. An interesting one was Walsall, 19th in the Championship, look like a good bet for safety. I decided against an interview. Let's see Wycombe out and get there ourselves! But I'm LOVING the interest being shown in me.

    - We are facing a difficult stretch of fixtures in February, and with new faces I'm a little concerned about how we'll play. Let's hope for the best.

    Last edited by sek729; 19/02/2017 at 02:33 AM.


    UK Journeyman-wycfebmar25fix.png

    After a slow start to the post-window fixtures, the team started to put it together. We ran into a blip with our big summer signing, Ryan Bennett. He was unhappy with McEvoy leaving and wanted me to strengthen to squad. He apparently felt that the new signings did not do that and he's been discontent since. Disappointing, but he may have to be moved in the window.

    We hit a little injury bug towards the end of March, losing my key AMC Callum Gribbin (33 apps, 8 gls, 12 asts, 7.38). We dropped two matches that we should have definitely gotten points from.

    UK Journeyman-wycfebmar25tab.png

    Before our two losses, we were ahead by 11. It's down to 7 with 5 to play, and even automatic promotion is not guaranteed. After last season's League Two heartbreak, I would be absolutely devastated if I cannot lift the crown here. Outside of a titantic clash with Barnsley in match day 44, the fixtures are not particularly difficult, including home draws with Shrewsbury and Exeter, and away to Gillingham and Fleetwood.

    Time to wake up and put this baby away!


    UK Journeyman-wycombewinl1.png

    UK Journeyman-wycfinal25.png

    - We secure the title with a couple games to spare and it's an awesome feeling to win my first FM17 trophy!

    - After winning the crown, I requested a new contract from the board. They came back to me with $2.6k p/w! WHAT?! I just delivered a double promotion to this club and recently rejected a Preston NE offer me $6.0k p/w and these clowns are offering my $2.6k p/w!?! Needless to say, I rejected the offer and am keeping my options open as the preseason begins.

    - Reminder, I added two divisions each of the Spain, German, Italian, and French leagues that will be active in June. I will be taking the Ireland, Wales, and Northern Ireland league off.

  43. Summer Moves


    AMR Jay Beckford - $1.4m to Hibernian. 30 apps, 3 gls, 8 asts, 7.09 for me last season. 26-year old winger was coming off the bench more often in the second half of last season and seemed dispensable. I wasn't intending to get rid of him but the offer felt like excellent value.


    DC Lucas Votava -$1.1m from Brentford. My scouts like the potential of this 19yo Czech Republic youth international and I splashed on him. Should see plenty of action on my squad this year.

    UK Journeyman-lukasvotava.png

    MC Alan Williams - $800k from Exeter. 38 apps, 2 gls, 3 asts, 6.99 in League One last year, Exeter did well to get him on free transfer. I'll pay for his prime years. Perfect ball winning midfielder for my system.

    UK Journeyman-alan-williams%5D.png

    MC Sergey Fomin - $475k from Bayern Munich. Here we go, my first European signing that my scouts delivered to me since we expanded our range. He's not an ideal fit for my system but looks like such a fabulous player that I couldn't pass up the bargain. Although he did suffer a serious injury in a preseason friendly that will cost by 6-8 weeks so hopefully this guy isn't injury prone. This guy could end up being total class for us if he can keep healthy.

    UK Journeyman-sergeyfomin.png

    DC Ollie Cook - $275k from QPR. Stout defender who has spent most of his career in the Championship. He's a couple years removed from a 38 app, 2 pom, 6.93 season with Sheffield United. I wasn't planning on adding another central defender, and this guy might block the development of Votava, but if he can refind that form, he's an absolute bargain for $275k, and I'll need every legit defender I can find to avoid relegation.

    UK Journeyman-olliecook.png

    AMC Steve Arrowsmith, Loan from Tottenham. An excellent grab from my parent club, Arrowsmith just turned in 6 apps, 4 gls, 1 asts, 7.08 rating at the European U19 Championships for England. He was on loan at QPR last year in the Championship, 42 apps, 6 gls, 7 asts, 6.60. Tottenham want $19.5 million for him permanently.. Nice player!

    UK Journeyman-stevearrowsmith.png

    - Media has pegged us to get relegated with 1000-1 odds of winning of the title.

    UK Journeyman-wyccham.png

    I am sitting in 6th place with a team that was predicted to go down in flames. It's December 11th, I ask Wycombe's board for a contract raise from my puny $2.3k p/w. They offer me $3k p/w with a 3-year contract? I ask for a simple $3.5k for 2 more years of my service. "No." Are they mad? I'm one of the hottest coaching prospects in the world right now and these crazies are pinching pennies around me?

    UK Journeyman-fulhaminterview.png

    Oh my, what do we have here? Shahid Khan looks at his pitiful Fulham side and sees them sitting 20th in the Championship, a full 14 points behind my wonderful Wycombe Wanderers. Will Khan open up the checkbook and show me the respect I deserve?

    UK Journeyman-fulhamoffer.png

    I'm not even going to haggle. I am going from $120,000 salary to $650,000 and a transfer budget that makes dreams! No sane person would reject this offer. Wycombe supporters, It's been amazing. But your manager is GONE.

    UK Journeyman-fulham_fc_-shield-.svg.png

    Welcome to Craven Cottage.

  45. Good luck

  46. UK Journeyman-fulham-start.png

    This is going to be tougher than I thought. I took over Fulham and their squad morale was in shambles. Lots and lots of work to do to repair morale and bring in players who fit my tactical approach. The team has some talent, but void of the hard-nosed ball winning midfielders that I've built my career on. The difficulty of this challenge is real. At Wycombe I built a collection of core players that had amazing chemistry with one another, and would usually only add 2, no more than 3 first team players to the squad each season, so I would never upset that chemistry. I do not have that here yet. Not even close.

    First thing I do is use my transfer budget to raid Wycombe of some of my former players.

    DC Leon Palmer - Three seasons ago I paid $120k for this young center back from Brighton. Under my guidance he has blossomed into an outstanding Championship level defender. He was averaging 7.10 rating in 26 matches for Wycombe this year, he'll cost me $2.5m to bring to Craven Cottage.

    MC Ben Dunford - The type of player that this Fulham squad is missing. A hard working, aggressive, middle of the pitch tackler who can also hold his own technically. Cost me $350k two years ago at Wycombe, now he's worth $2.6 million.

    ST Phil Anderson - As you may remember, I found this kid at trial day a few years ago and he's just nice developed into an excellent goal scorer. He had 7 in 16 matches for me, 7.23 rating. He's coming with me.

    I also found a couple players outside of my Wycombe circle to help me as well. All in all, I spent $13 million in the January window to try to save this club. It wasn't all deficit to our coffers as I sold three players that were here, including the best one, the excellent ST John Muirhead to Derby for $10.75m. Muirhead is an amazing player, but was disgruntled and did not want to play for me. Sucks for the both of us I think.

    As you can see from the fixture list, we have been picking things up towards the end of the month. We had temporarily sunk into relegation zone which really hurt team morale. A fantastic 3-1 victory over my former club was very sweet indeed. BTW, they are paying their new managers $14k p/w!!! After offering me 3k p/w just a week earlier! Piss on them!

  47. Enjoying this one mate keep them coming

  48. UK Journeyman-fulham-finish.png

    Now that's right! The team turns the corner in March and begins to gel together around my tactical approach. We finish the season as one of the hottest teams in the Championship, easily repelling the relegation threat to finish near the middle of the table.

    UK Journeyman-fulham-fin-table.png

    15th, not bad at all. 2027/28 could be my ticket to the Premiership, although the players were not amused when I suggested that the playoffs should be in the cards next season.

    - ST Phil Anderson, my poach from Wycombe, tallied 13 goals in 19 apps, 7 assists, 4 pom, 7.44. Phenomenal stuff.
    - My other two grabs from my former club, DC Leon Palmer (18 apps, 7.22) and MC Ben Dufford (15 apps, 6.99), helped shore up the problems that this team was having when I took over.
    - Another January window signing I made, AMC Ken Bettinelli, $900K from Sheffield Wednesday, took control of our midfield attack and in 12 appearances tallied 7 gls, 4 asts, 2 pom, 7.75 rating. Superb stuff.
    - When I took over, there was a left fullback from the French side Nice here, 22yo Killian Granger. Granger averaged a 7.2 over the last two months of the season, and because solid dependable left fullbacks seem to be a high commodity, I reached out to Nice and made Granger a permanent member of Fulham at the cost of $5.75 million!
    - There's a superb 18yo prospect here that I really started chomping at the bit to get playing time behind Bettinelli towards the end of the season, AMC Elliott Carr, who looks destined for some very big things.
    - I managed to get the board to upgrade the Youth Facilities. They are already quite good here, but this is an aspect I completely ignored at Wycombe because they had nothing to start with and it would have taken a long time to see any benefit. The Youth Intake in March seemed quite fruitful as it produced a 16-year old Barbadian midfielder Ben Hudson, who looks made for my tactical system. My coaches think he'll be a good one.

    UK Journeyman-ken-bettinelli.png

    UK Journeyman-killian-granger.png

    UK Journeyman-elliott-carr.png

    UK Journeyman-ben-hudson.png

    Bringing Granger back permanently ate into about half of my transfer budget. I don't think I will be super active in the summer, I may bring in 2 or 3 fresh faces, but likely no more than that. I quite like the team how I have it currently built and a ton of tweaking is not necessary. I'll probably definitely add a starting right fullback and a backup striker. If there is a superb, standout ball winning central midfielder available that would massively upgrade what we have, I would likely be open to adding that is well

  49. SUMMER 2026

    UK Journeyman-fultranf26.png

    Welp, I lied a little but when my top defender Alfie Jonesforced a summer move to Nottingham Forest, I had to adapt and do the best I could to fill the spot.

    DL Killian Granger, as discussed above, I made last year's Nice loanee a permanent fixture on our squad.

    DC Yan Flores, Our best attempt to replace Jones. My best scout loved his potential and he has all the physicals you want to see. Professional personality, so he should develop well.

    UK Journeyman-yannflores.png

    ST Atsushi Sakamoto, $725K from FC Hiroshima. Okay, here's an interesting one. His agent offered him up and I had no attributes and no ability to scout. I asked Shahid Khan to expand our scouting range and after initially resisting, he agreed to. We scouted Sakamoto, he looked good and we signed him and got a conditional work permit granted. Nice looking youngster isn't he?

    UK Journeyman-sakamota.png

    DC Ollie Cook, A part-role defender from my Wycombe days, I thought he'd be good cover with Jones leaving. Not a first team choice here at Fulham, but 6.91 in 37 matches for Wycombe last year.. I'll be happy if he can give me that in 15-20 appearances this year.

    ST Lewis May, A Wycombe loanee legend! He leaves Wolves on free after he was worth $5m-$6m for multiple seasons. This guy bagged piles of goals for me in my climb up the pyramid. He finished with 21 in 41 matches for Wycombe last year. A free transfer steal! Anderson and May are together again!

    UK Journeyman-lewismay.png

    MC Alban Mema. Don't overlook this free transfer! Mema is a newgen from 2017's PSV Eindhoven squad. 6 seasons ago in 2020/21, he played 19 matches for Blackburn averaging 6.84. The last few years he got some starts with PSV, but got his release this summer. My scouts turn him up and I'm bringing him back to England. He might just be my best midfielder! He's not the perfect BWM, but he's good enough to play for me! Yowsers, what a bargain! By the end of this season, I might be getting $5m+ offers for this guy.

    UK Journeyman-albanmema.png

    Alright, time to go. I've been itching to kick this season off. The media has us 14th, we'll show them. The bad news is that my top AMC Ken Bettinelli suffered a broken leg at the end of the preseason and may miss 6 months. Sigh. Guy was killing it for me the last two months of last season too. Let's get it on.


    UK Journeyman-fulaug.png

    I may have underestimated the impact of losing our best DC and best AMC. We've been quite bad to start the year, nowhere near in promotion form. We sit in 14th place just after the summer transfer deadline.

    I made some signings on deadline day, I hope they weren't in haste, but it felt like I needed a ton of improvement. I'm worried about how quick these new players can gel, and I'm getting that sinking feeling that promotion may be very far away from our reach right now. I brought in a trio of Spanish players, let's get to them!

    AMC Jony Montiel, $1 million from Rayo Vallecano, Spanish First Division

    UK Journeyman-jonymontiel.png

    Gorgeous signing here I think. He's got everything I'm looking for in my AMC, but can he blend in with the club quick enough to save our season? Not sure.

    AML Fede Vico, $625K from Sheffield United

    UK Journeyman-fede-vico.png

    My attacking options in the midfield seem much thinner this year after my first team. I had a few loanees in here last year that did well in pinches, but I did not retain them. Maybe a mistake. Hopefully it's not to late to correct.

    DC Rafa Benitez, $1.9 million from Almeria, Spanish Second Division

    UK Journeyman-rafabenitez.png

    My defense has been total shit this year. A defender I was relying on, Eric Teles, has been horribly inconsistent, making errors at the worst time. Benitez felt like a panic move in the final seconds of the Transfers window as I desperately wanted to add a DC and options kept falling apart. Hopefully this is not a mistake.

    Time to turn this around. If I can just hang around in mid-table until the January deadline and when my key injured player, Ken Bettinelli returns, I like my chances of at least getting into the playoffs.

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