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Won CL with Everton second season!?

  1. Sky Sports Won CL with Everton second season!?

    I have just finished my two first seasons of management in over 10 years - since the good old days (CM 01/02). Playing time irl around 5 days - without doing much more than FM, eating and sleeping.

    When I waited for the game to come, I read som threads in this forum about players to buy. Otherwise I would consider myself a real Sunday league manager, I haven't done any settings for set pieces, I haven't made tactic changes depending on opponent etc. I have not used any kind of downloaded help like tactic or editor or any other kind of cheat (more than buying recommended players - and some staff - from this forum). The only thing I have put some serious time in has been switching X11 depending on form/moral/etc, teamtalk and player interactions.

    The result for Everton
    2016/2017 3rd in PL, won FA-cup, left early in EFL
    2017/2018 4th in PL, left early in FA, won EFL, and..... .... .... .... WON CL!!?

    My team X11 with reserves, Evertonplayers from start in capital
    G Donnarumma (Lake, bought regen)
    CD Lemos (JAGIELKA)
    CD Goldaniga (Owen, my regen)
    RD COLEMAN (Robles)
    DMC Thiago Maia (M'Vila)
    MC Marco Asensio (Hughes)
    MC BARKLEY (Moth, my regen)
    AML Pavon (Lozano)
    AMR Dembele (DEULOFEU)
    A LUKAKU (Berahino)

    I've switched quite a few players out as you can see. But Marco Asensio, Dembele and Berahino were bought in winter window s2, so the team was succesful also before these signings, for example winning CL-group in front of Barcelona. I have also bought a lot of "forum" youngsters, Kuki, Soler, Melegoni and some more, but they are all on loan.

    How could I win CL? Is the game to easy? Did I have a hell lot of luck? What did just happen? Or is this team above in that capacity? What's the next target for this save? Feels like I've "achieved" the game already after only two seasons!

  2. Screen shots of transfers would be nice.

  3. As you please

    Currency SEK (divide w 10 for £ or €)

    Some 100M (SEK) plus in bank all together, but 500M (50M £) to spend, they board wants me to buy more and more and more. Have Tah (Leverkusen) on my way in for 200M. Bayern M have highlighted Lukaku as their main target and I hope to get him sold cause he has the worst stats in X11 and some youngsters praying for playing time.

    Now I'm thinking about taking a few days brake though, gotta get other thing going in life as well =)

  4. How did you sell besic for more then it cost you to buy donnarumma?

  5. Well if you put it that way I can't be too sad with that trade Is Donnarumma usually more expensive?

    I try to negotiate a lot when coming to buying and selling. If someone wants to buy my players I usually reject even if I like the price and they'll come back with a higher bid. Sometimes I fail though, like when PSG bid 480M for Pavon who I bought for 110M and already reached max potential. Bayern and ManC were also interested so I hoped for even more, but after that I couldn't even get 350M.. But 9 times out of 10 I have found it successful to pretend u don't wan't to sell, and they'll come back higher and higher.

  6. Also besic is injured at the start of the game for 8-9months aint he?

  7. Looks and sounds very sceptical to me haha
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  8. Didn't have any injuries at all in the beginning as I remember.

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