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European Domination

  1. European Domination

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    There are a lot of countries in Europe. A lot of clubs to win competitions. A lot of countries to win internationals. I'm not here to win the world cup. I'm not here to start small and then finish big. I'm here to win.

    The aim of this......long, long save is to win the top division in every country in Europe. Now, you might think that is a reasonable target. Not many countries loaded up from Europe on Football Manager, right. right? Wrong. What I have done is downloaded the largest database I could find, and have 54 countries to make my way through. To dominate each country is the aim. Winning the league is the goal, and then I move.

    This story/challenge isn't just for me, this can be done by everyone who wants to try it. The link to the database can be found on the Football Manager 2017 Transfer Leagues and Custom League section of the Website, and the thread is called [FM17] Around the World by Sangue Blu. I will leave the link below if it works, if it doesn't, then the thread should be easily accessible.

    To start, we go to the first country in the alphabet that is European. So lets say hello, or 'Përshëndetje' to Albania. Now we don't have to follow the alphabet around the board, you can skip to whatever country you like. But starting in Albania makes slight sense, as they are first, but you might then go to Sweden, or Iceland, or Bosnia. You just don't know.

    Below is going to be checklist for all the countries in this challenge, and i will also state whether or not i have completed that country, and also the page number so that you know which page relates to which country, so you can skip to the country you want to look at most.

    [FM17] Around The World - Pack of big leagues (Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa..).

    Albania = Pg 1 - 4
    Andorra =
    Armenia =
    Austria =
    Azerbaijan =
    Belarus =
    Belgium =
    Bosnia =
    Bulgaria =
    Croatia =
    Cyprus =
    Czech =
    Denmark =
    England =
    Estonia =
    Faroe Islands =
    Finland =
    France =
    FYR Macedonia =
    Georgia =
    Germany =
    Gibraltar =
    Greece =
    Holland =
    Hungary =
    Iceland =
    Ireland =
    Israel =
    Italy =
    Kazakhstan =
    Kosovo =
    Latvia =
    Lithuania = Pg 5 -
    Luxembourg =
    Malta =
    Moldova =
    Montenegro =
    N. Ireland =
    Norway =
    Poland =
    Portugal =
    Romania =
    Russia =
    San Marino =
    Scotland =
    Serbia =
    Slovakia =
    Slovenia =
    Spain =
    Sweden =
    Switzerland =
    Turkey =
    Ukraine =
    Wales =

    If you would like to take part in this challenge as well, please do keep me posted on how your progress is going by posting your success or failures through this thread. It would be nice to see how other people would fare if they attempted this challenge.

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  2. I am deeply sorry about the length of that opening, for some reason the table that I had created with all the countries in wasn't allowed to be attached to the thread, despite having it on both word and excel, so i had to write them out instead, my apologies.

  3. Really like the sound of this, good luck in your new challenge!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by NathanITFC View Post
    Really like the sound of this, good luck in your new challenge!
    Thanks man, yeah after the collapsed save from the Ipswich one I thought i'd try something new, and something that I haven't seen on here i don't think

  5. Click image for larger version

Name:	Delvina - Albania.png
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    First team of the challenge is KS Delvina who are an Albanian side in their 3rd tier. Yep, 3rd tier side. God this is gonna be fun. Probably going to give monthly updates rather than singular updates due to length of time this will take to move up the leagues. Due to this database being quite lengthy, i needed to add players to playable teams because otherwise i would have no one at all to play with. I started this save with 0 STAFF! The two best players that the team has for now is a striker and a centre back. Don't know much about them, both on non-contracts because we are a semi-professional side, but lets see what we can do.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-24-21.13.43.png European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-24-21.13.34.png

  6. European Domination-delvina-albania.png


    Ummm... its either I'm a very good manager, or this league is utter dog I think its probably the latter. What a month this has been. The Albania season starts in July rather than August, but that doesn't matter because we cannot stop scoring. We are predicted to finish 5th this season, but we're doing well so far.

    European Domination-game-1.png

    Great start to the season with a strong 4-1 victory away from home. Gjerji Rama with a hat-trick for the first game, and he will not stop banging the ball in the back of the net.

    European Domination-game-2.png

    This 5-0 was against a team in the division above. Great victory for the team in the first leg of the cup tournament in Albania.

    European Domination-game-3.png

    Ok this is getting silly now. I don't know what Rama has been eating but he is scoring as if he is bloody Suarez. Incredible 7-2 victory.

    European Domination-game-4.png

    What is this season, we are 4 games in and the goals are flying in, for both teams it seems. 10-4 victory on aggregate and into the next round of the cup.

    European Domination-game-5.png

    Bit more of a realistic scoreline this time, but a solid 2-1 victory away from home.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-24-23.05.45.png

    3 league games so far and 13 goals scored. What a weird campaign this is. Sitting pretty at the top of the table, but can we stay their for the season. Onwards and upwards.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-24-23.05.28.png

    Who else. Who else would get player of the month. 5 games and 12 goals scored is incredible. I've never heard of this guy, but I see him as the Albanian Suarez.
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  7. European Domination-delvina-albania.png


    Another great month for the boys here with another 3 victories to take us to 18 points from a possible 18 so far in the league. Rama won't stop scoring, but all in all this team in playing really well.

    European Domination-game-6.png

    Comfortably 3-0 victory at home to Olimpiku. Rama of course scores 2 goals again. What is up with this guy and sticking the ball in the back of the net.

    European Domination-game-7.png

    Good 3-1 victory away from home despite going down to 10 men on 17 minutes and having to spend over an hour with 10 players on the pitch.

    European Domination-game-8.png

    A very difficult win for us at home here as the game finished with 19 players left on the pitch rather than the usual 22. Keeping the unbeaten run has been really beneficial for us.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-24-23.47.04.png

    Like I said, 6 wins from 6 games is a brilliant start to the season. Chopping and changing the team all the time due to every player in the league being on a non-contract, so signings are departures are coming in thick and fast.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-24-23.47.55.png

    Player of the month for me is the goalkeeper Prele Hysi. 1 goal conceded in 3 games is brilliant by our man between the sticks. Lets hope for some more clean sheets in the future.
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  8. Will be following this, lengthy but enjoyable journey you've got ahead I'm sure. Top form right now always found it 'easier' in the 'xtra downloadable leagues that you find

  9. Quote Originally Posted by dani3w View Post
    Will be following this, lengthy but enjoyable journey you've got ahead I'm sure. Top form right now always found it 'easier' in the 'xtra downloadable leagues that you find
    Thanks for following dani3w, yeah thats understandable as the downloadable league will always be slightly easier than the normal ones. Still, Rama is playing like he should be in the champions league

  10. Loving this! Quality start, Rama's first month of 5 games 12 goals is insane!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by NathanITFC View Post
    Loving this! Quality start, Rama's first month of 5 games 12 goals is insane!
    Thanks man. I know right, he won't stop scoring. Just banging them in for fun. Should get an update out tomorrow afternoon as I was out all of today.
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  12. European Domination-delvina-albania.png


    European Domination-game-9.png

    Good 1-0 victory at home to the team who are top of the division above mine. As it was in the cup, we had another leg to deal with. Lets hope we can make it through to the next round. Oh, Rama scored again. Of course he did.

    European Domination-game-10.png

    Brilliant away win for the team here. 4-0 against very strong opposition. Did I mention that Rama scored a hat trick? Of course he did.

    European Domination-game-11.png

    We made it through to the next round of the cup, beating out higher league opposition. Now we face a team in the top division in Albania. Great. Oh look, Rama scored. Course he bloody did.

    European Domination-game-12.png

    Our first draw of the season, quite annoying really as we got out goal in the 90th minute, so we could have easily lost this game. The goalscorer? Take a guess.

    European Domination-game-13.png

    Thats how we want it, back to winning ways again with a 3-0 home victory for the fans to enjoy. You'll never guess who scored. Oh, it's a bit obvious isn't it.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-26-17.41.11.png

    Still top of the league. Still unbeaten. 8 wins and 1 draw. Cant get much better than this now can it? Onwards and up the league we go.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-26-17.41.41.png

    Who else would be player of the month. Honestly, who else had a chance. 22 goals in 13 games. All i'm gonna say. Rama has scored in every competitive game of the season bar 1.

  13. European Domination-delvina-albania.png


    European Domination-game-14.png

    Only two games this month to talk about. First of was a 2-2 away dram against Devolli. Not much to say about this game. Very even game, both teams could of won. Rama scored........obvious.

    European Domination-game-15.png

    The second game was a much more comfortable 3-0 home victory with bloody Rama scoring ANOTHER goal for the side. I don't know how a team hasn't picked him up yet as he is only on a non-contract.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-26-18.19.01.png

    Not much has changed when it comes to the league. Still top, building our led from the teams behind. Hopefully we can go up this season, and start building and progressing towards the top division.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-26-18.22.10.png

    Surprisingly, I didn't go for Rama as player of the month. Despite scoring twice, I gave it to 17 year old Arber Hoti, who scored brilliant goal in the 3-0 win, and ultimately played the best across both games this month.

  14. Will definitely be following this, see how far ya can take it.

    Rama is a monster, can ya not tie him down to a contract?

  15. European Domination-delvina-albania.png


    European Domination-game-16.png

    First defeat of the season but it was against a team who play their football in the top division, two divisions above our own. We knew it would be a tough game, but we are the only side from Division 3 who are in this round. Rama didn't score. Devastated.

    European Domination-game-17.png

    Probably the best win of the season so far, just because they are a top division side. And the fact it was away from home was brilliant as well. We do still go out of the cup, but the good news is Rama's dry streak of 1 game is over.

    European Domination-game-18.png

    Back to the league and we stomp the fixture 5-0 away from home. Rama's back, course he bloody is. Still creating a lead at the top, getting bigger each game.

    European Domination-game-19.png

    Finishing the month in a strong fashion with a good 4-2 victory at home. Of course Rama scores 2 goals.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-26-19.03.55.png

    Still unbeaten in the league after 13 games. 11 point gap at the top of the table is nice to see. Getting bigger each and every month.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-26-19.04.10.png

    Who else. Honestly. 30 goals in 19 games. Enough said.

  16. Rama is on fire! Unreal goals/games ratio

  17. Quote Originally Posted by dani3w View Post
    Rama is on fire! Unreal goals/games ratio
    Honestly have no idea how he hasn't been picked up yet

  18. European Domination-delvina-albania.png


    European Domination-game-20.png

    Starting the month the same way we finished the last, winning games. I don't think Rama does anything else except score goals, he's an absolute machine.

    European Domination-game-21.png

    Decent draw i'd say against the side in 3rd place in the league. Obvious goalscorer. Again. Man I love this guy, such a good player.

    European Domination-game-22.png

    Very nice 3-1 away victory in the league against the team in 2nd place. But OMFG Rama did not find the back of the net, thats it, he's dropped. I'm kidding, never dropping him

    European Domination-game-23.png

    Finishing 2016 with a decent 1-0 away victory in the league to boost the gap between myself and 2nd place. Only half way through the season but we are playing very very well.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-26-20.13.26.png

    14 point gap at the top of the table now, starting to pull away from the team below me. Transfer window is opening now. My main aim is to try and keep Rama at the team, but he will attract a lot of attention.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-26-20.13.48.png

    I went with Hoti for player of the month this time because he had scored 3 goals this month, and is now on 8 goals for the season. Overshadowed by Rama, but a quality player none the less.
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  19. European Domination-delvina-albania.png


    European Domination-game-24.png

    Strong victory at the start of the month, with a 4-1 victory at home with Rama scoring ANOTHER hat trick for the team. Love having him here.

    European Domination-game-25.png

    Good away win for the team here, 2-1 this team and we are moving even further away from the teams below us in the league now.

    European Domination-game-26.png

    We just can stop winning games. Rama didn't get on the scoresheet in this game, quite surprised really, but Hofi made up for that with a stunning goal to give us the lead.

    European Domination-game-27.png

    We've suffered our first league defeat of the season. We were on a great run until this game happened, but thats alright because we are still top the league. Rama hasn't scored in a couple of games now. Where's he disappeared to?

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-26-21.41.59.png

    Despite that first loss we still have a comfortable lead at the top of the table. Lets carry this lead into February and beyond.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-26-21.42.26.png

    I chose Refi as my player of the month because, despite Rama's hat trick, he has been very consistent over these last four games, keeping a very strong average throughout.

  20. European Domination-delvina-albania.png


    European Domination-game-28.png

    The month starts with a simple 1-1 draw at home. Still top of the league, and this point secured us a play off place with 11 games of the season left to play.

    European Domination-game-29.png

    Very nice 2-0 victory away from home. Moving closer to promotion now and ever-increasing the gap to second place. Rama scored. Obviously.

    European Domination-game-30.png

    Another home draw this time, 2-2 it finished in the end. Oh look, Rama scored a penalty. Such a rarity is a Rama goal. Right? And this point secured us.......

    European Domination-promotion.png

    PROMOTION! We make our way into the next division. The first stage of the European Domination is getting closer. Lets go and win the second division.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-26-23.14.43.png

    As you can see we still have a bunch of games left in the season. We play 32 games altogether, so some time to go. 26 points ahead of the play off place with 24 on offer puts us in the second division for next season.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-26-23.14.58.png

    30 games. 40 goals. Enough said.

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  21. European Domination-delvina-albania.png


    European Domination-game-31.png

    Nice way to start of the month of March with a strong 3-1 away victory in the league. These three points move us even closer to that elusive Division Title.

    European Domination-game-32.png

    A very nice 3-0 win with Rama getting on the scoresheet once more. This time he got two goals. I'm starting to lose track of how many goals he has scored now. And with that win.........

    European Domination-champions.png

    WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. of the Albanian 3rd division. Onwards and upwards.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-27-18.21.02.png

    As you can see we have secured ourselves the division with 6 games left to play. Gives me a chance to play some of the fringe players that didn't get much game time this season.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-27-18.21.30.png

    I feel like there is a theme going on. Bloody Rama is back again.

  22. I fear for Rama this summer, could be a big loss if you cant hold on to him, well done on the title

  23. Quote Originally Posted by dani3w View Post
    I fear for Rama this summer, could be a big loss if you cant hold on to him, well done on the title
    That is literally my main aim for the transfer window, try and keep hold of Rama. Hopefully the prospect of higher division football will tempt him to stay here. Thanks man, won it by a landslide

  24. European Domination-delvina-albania.png


    European Domination-game-33.png

    Solid victory to start the month of. We are already going up as champions so I decided to rotate the squad around, and they did not disappoint me.

    European Domination-game-34.png

    Very nice 1-0 win away from home. Another game which required rotation but another victory for the books, and another win for the season.

    European Domination-game-35.png

    Slight disappointment here with a 2-2 home draw to comprehend with. Maybe my decision to rotate the squad around might not have worked for this game.

    European Domination-game-36.png

    Another draw, but 1 point is better than 0. Only a few games left of the season now. Can Rama beat that 50 goal mark?

    European Domination-game-37.png

    Back to winning ways with a 4-2 win at home to Shqiponja. One game left of the season now. Has Rama smashed the 50 goal mark.

    European Domination-game-38.png

    What a way to finish the season. A fantastic 5-1 away victory pretty much sums up a brilliant season for the boys. Onto the second division we go.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-27-21.37.16.png

    We finished the season 23 points clear of the team in second. The only blip in the season is that one loss which meant we couldn't have an unbeaten season.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-27-21.37.28.png European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-27-21.37.43.png

    Obvious player of the year. Outstanding performance by Rama this year. I've never seen anything like this in a long time. He finishes the season with 51 goals and 45 of them cam win the league. Those goals were much needed as the next top scorer in the team had 11 goals. What I'm going to do for the upcoming seasons is to start to group some of the months together. Basically means we can start moving through the season quickly and we won't end up with a 1000 page story
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  25. Season 2 - 2017/18
    European Domination-delvina-albania.png

    July - August - September

    European Domination-1.-july-results.png

    What a start to the second division here in Albania. We play 46 games this season compared to the 32 from last. But to start the season unbeaten throughout the first month is absolutely insane.

    European Domination-1.-july-table.png

    As you can see, we have made a cracking start to the season. Top of the league after 5 games, 4 victories and 1 draw. Lets see if we can keep this run going.

    European Domination-2.-august-results.png

    AND...... back to earth. We knew how hard this season was going to be. We were credited to finish 7th last season, and we won the league and are now in a very tough division. Still, we have not dropped too far down the table.

    European Domination-2.-august-table.png

    Still 6th in the league however, which is still very impressive considering our club status. The media predict us to finish 16th this season, so anything above that would be a brilliant season.

    European Domination-3.-september-table.png

    Up and down month was September. 3 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw. The 7-2 defeat in the cup was played with a very young side, as we had won the first leg 3-0, so I thought we might have gotten through with ease. I was wrong. I was complacent.

    European Domination-3.-september-results.png

    Sitting pretty in 7th, 3 points of the promotion spots. The league is very close after 3 months, with each time showing they can win and lose games constantly.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-28-11.51.39.png

    The player of the 3 months for me is Armend Lekaj. The left and right winger has played brilliantly so far this season, as he has 8 goals and 6 assist in 17 games so far. He is also joint top scorer with club legend Rama, that is an achievement in its self.

  26. European Domination-delvina-albania.png

    October - November - December

    European Domination-4.-october-results.png

    Shortish month this time with only 4 games being played. 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 lose is pretty decent in a tough division. Showing we can compete at this level

    European Domination-4.-october-table.png

    Still sitting in 7th place, just outside the promotion and play off place. The league is getting even closer, so one slip up could push you further down the league.

    European Domination-5.-november-results.png

    And here is that slip up. One win in 5 games is probably what was expected of us when we got promoted last season, but I'm still disappointed at the kind of football we have been playing this month.

    European Domination-5.-november-table.png

    Those results pushed us down to 9th position in the league. I said that the league is close, and it still is, with us being only 6 points off 5th place.

    European Domination-6.-december-results.png

    Another half and half month for us. Struggling to stay consistent. 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 lose is decent I guess, but I would like to try and put some wins together.

    European Domination-6.-december-table.png

    Despite having a better month that last, we drop down 2 places to 11th, once again showing that any slip will be punished. The league is still so close, as we are 6 points of 5th once more, despite being two places lower.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-28-14.13.20.png

    Elton Dida has been the best player over the last few months with him notching up 11 goals for the season so far. He started off quite slow but has picked up recently with 4 goals in the last 3 games.

  27. European Domination-delvina-albania.png

    January - February - March

    European Domination-7.-january-results.png

    Perfect month to start of 2018. 4 brilliant victories for the team. 12 goals scored in 4 games with two clean sheets included in that as well.

    European Domination-7.-january-table.png

    Despite winning all 4 games we only move up to 9th place as it further emphasises the closeness of this league. Everyone can overtake everyone at this rate.

    European Domination-8.-february-results.png

    From the perfect month to a half and half month. 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss for the month of February. Two clean sheets for the final two games is nice to see as well.

    European Domination-8.-february-table.png

    Such a weird league. We win 4 on the bounce, only go up to 9th. We then lose and draw games, then two wins and it puts us up into 7th. God this league is confusing.

    European Domination-9.-march-results.png

    This league is so stressful. 1 draw, 1 wins and 2 losses doesn't suit us well if we want to move up the leagues quickly.

    European Domination-9.-march-table.png

    Those two losses at the end of March moves us down to 10th place, but we are only 8 points off 5th with 6 games left to play. All to play for now.

  28. European Domination-delvina-albania.png

    April - May

    European Domination-10.-april-results.png

    No consistency it seems for the end of the season. 2 wins and 2 losses, each alternating their way through the month. That final loss meant that we couldn't get enough points to qualify for the play offs.

    European Domination-10.-april-table.png

    Laying in 10th position with 2 games left the go. The highest I could finish at this point is 7th, and the lowest is 12th, which in its self is a massive achievement for the team.

    European Domination-11.-may-results.png

    We finish the season with 2 victories for a perfect May. Shame we couldn't have these victories in April, as we might have been able to challenge for promotion.

    European Domination-11.-may-table.png

    7th was the highest we could finish, and that is exactly where we placed. Finishing 7th in my first division 2 season, when we were predicted to finish 16th as a massive moment for the team. Lets build on this position for next season.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-28-17.46.51.png European Domination-screen-shot-2017-01-28-17.49.08.png

    My Player of the Year. Armend has been brilliant for us whether it has been at Left Midfield or Left Winger. A mix of goals and assists for him this year, double figures for both is brilliant,

  29. Season 3 - 2018/19
    European Domination-delvina-albania.png

    July - August - September

    European Domination-1.-july-results.png

    Great start to the 3rd season with Delvina. 4 wins and 1 lose, but that 1 lose didn't effect us to much as it was in the second leg of the cup, and we had made it through on aggregate.

    European Domination-1.-july-table.png

    Top of the league after three games, starting the season off well. Hopefully this could be our season, as we need to start moving towards the top division quickly

    European Domination-2.-august-results.png

    Half and half kind of month for August. 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses leaves us still in a good position after two months of football.

    European Domination-2.-august-table.png

    Sitting pretty in 3rd place right now. I'm starting to feel like this could be our year if we continue the kind of football we have been playing so far.

    European Domination-3.-september-results.png

    I guess I spoke to soon. 4 games without a win to finish off September is not what i want to see. Starting to slip down the table a bit now.

    European Domination-3.-september-table-.png

    7th place for the end of September. Not good enough right now by the time. We need to start stringing some results together in October.

  30. European Domination-delvina-albania.png

    October - November - December

    European Domination-4.-october-results.png

    The slump seems to continue. 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses for the month of October continues our poor form recently. Having started so well, we seem to have dropped off a bit.

    European Domination-4.-october-table.png

    Slowly dropping down the league. We really need to pick our form up soon because at this rate we might have to settle for another 'so close, yet so far' season.

    European Domination-5.-november-results.png

    Half and half month it seems. Better than last month with 2 victories, but also 2 defeats either side of the wins. Not showing any consistently so far.

    European Domination-5.-november-table.png

    Moving up and down all the time. Now in 9th position, similar to where we were this time last season. Hopefully we can push up towards the promotion spots.

    European Domination-6.-december-results.png

    Beginning to get better. 3 wins and 2 losses for the month of December. Some good victories, but also some very poor defeats.

    European Domination-6.-december-table.png

    Up to 7th place now, but we are 11 points off the lowest promotion spot, so we need to start picking up points at the top teams expense.

  31. European Domination-delvina-albania.png

    January - February - March

    European Domination-7.-january-results.png

    January plays out in the same way that December seemed to. 1 win, 2 draws and 1 lose shows how inconsistent we have been this season. Needs to improve.

    European Domination-7.-january-table.png

    Sitting in 10th place with 4 months left of the season to play. 14 games left and we are 7 points of the playoff place. 12 points of the promotion spots.

    European Domination-8.-february-results.png

    Much better by the team for this month. 3 wins and 1 draw is the kind of form that I need to be seeing from this side. Hopefully we can continue on for the next few months.

    European Domination-8.-february-table.png

    Bumped ourselves up to 7th position now with that brilliant month. 6 points of the play off spot now as every team around us seems to want to play brilliantly.

    European Domination-9.-march-results.png

    Another really good month with 7 points from a possible 9. A 2-0 win against the team top of the table was also an excellent display from the boys.

    European Domination-9.-march-tables.png

    Still in 7th place but we are now only 2 points off the team in 5th, and only 8 points off the team who occupies the final promotion spot. Lets keep this good run going.

  32. European Domination-delvina-albania.png

    April - May

    European Domination-10.-april-results.png

    WOW! What a month from the boys. A perfect month you might say. 5 wins from a possible 5 is exactly the kind of end of season form we need.

    European Domination-10.-april-table.png

    Unbelievable. Those wins have pushed us into the final promotion place. The two teams below me both dropped points on the same week. Still, 1 point separates me from 5th, and 5th from 6th, so anything can happen in the final month.

    European Domination-11.-may-results.png

    2 wins and 1 draw to finish the season. The team we drew against were pushing us for the last few months, so we knew how important that match was. But did we complete the unthinkable.......

    European Domination-promotion.png European Domination-11.-may-table.png

    We did it! We bloody did it. We have won promotion to the top division of Albania despite being in 10th place only a few months ago. That draw secured us the promotion, but look how close it finished in the end. Still, we have been promoted. It will be a tough challenge next season, but we need to start building towards a title win, and one country dominated.

  33. feedback is always welcomed. Interesting to see if people still want me to carry on with this save because i am enjoying testing out different leagues and finding different players, or if people are starting to drift away from the challenge

  34. Still liking fhe challenge. Quick question: do you want to win every league in Europe or only the top divisions?

  35. Quote Originally Posted by bashuijsmans View Post
    Still liking fhe challenge. Quick question: do you want to win every league in Europe or only the top divisions?
    Top divisions. Winning every single league in Europe would take god knows how long. I started in the lowest league in Albania just so that I could build up my reputation quicker. Hopefully when I've completed Albania, I'll be able to move to a club that is in our just outside the top league, and so on and so forth.

  36. Season 4 - 2019/20

    European Domination-delvina-albania.png

    July - December

    European Domination-1.-july-results.png

    First set of games in the top division didn't go quite according to plan, but I knew from the moment we got promoted how tough this league was going to be, so the fact we got a point from one of the games is a good thing.

    European Domination-1.-july-table.png

    I may have accidentally played another game right at the start of the month before screen capping the table. I think we were 17th before the first game of this month.

    European Domination-2.-august-results.png

    As you saw in the table we actually picked up a win in the top division. Whats even better is that we somehow got a second win in the same month as well. Yeah it ended with 2 defeats, but still. Progress.

    European Domination-2.-august-table.png

    Despite those two wins, we still sit in 17th place in the table. The fact we are not bottom, which is where we are expected to finish at the end of the season.

    European Domination-3.-september-results.png

    Meh. That kind of explains the month. One win, One draw, One lose. Knocked out of the cup as well. Just keeping on moving towards the end of the season.

    European Domination-3.-september-table.png

    Still in 17th place, but in a similar way to the league last season. Everyone is so close together. No one near the bottom is pulling away or falling to far behind except for Illina in last place.

    European Domination-4.-october-results.png

    Only two games for this month. 1 draw and 1 lose. Not a very good month, but it doesn't affect us to much in terms of the table, luckily.

    European Domination-4.-october-table.png

    Drop down one place to 18th. But we are still not being left behind by the other teams. Everyone is sitting on low points in and around each other. Picking up those nitty gritty points once in a while is what we need.

    European Domination-5.-november-results.png

    Another month with only 2 games. 2 loses. Speaks for itself really.

    European Domination-5.-november-table.png

    Drop down to 19th with that lose, but once again we are not far away at all from the teams above us. Below us is a different story, as we are 10 points ahead of Illina.

    European Domination-6.-december-results.png

    Much better month. 3 games unbeaten in a row with 2 victories in that run moved us up to as high as 14th. The two defeats at the end of the month however brought us back down to earth.

    European Domination-6.-december-table.png

    Creating a gap between ourselves and 19th place now which is good, and we are not falling far behind the sides above. If we can start picking up little wins every now and again, we should be able to survive. I hope.

  37. European Domination-delvina-albania.png

    January - May

    European Domination-7.-january-results.png

    Half and Half month to start of 2020. 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat means that we are not pulling away from teams, but we are also not being dragged into a dangerous battle at the foot of the table.

    European Domination-7.-january-table.png

    Sitting pretty in 14th place for now, starting to move away from the relegation zone. This season is mainly about trying to survive the drop.

    European Domination-8.-february-results.png

    Not the best way to go about things for this month. 1 win, 1 draw and 2 defeats starts to move us back down towards the relegation area, which we need to try and avoid.

    European Domination-8.-february-table.png

    Dropped down to 15th place now, only one point ahead of the relegation playoff position. Lets try and gets some wins together and move back up the table.

    European Domination-9.-march-results.png

    Well thats not what you want to see near the end of the season. 3 losses and 1 draw to finish of March. I forgot to get a screenshot of the table but I believe we dropped down to 17th position and the end of the month.

    European Domination-10.-april-results.png

    Much better. Much much better. 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat is something that I need to see near the end of the campaign.

    European Domination-10-april-table.png

    Those wins move us up to 15th position, outside of the relegation playoff. But as it is with every season, the league is so very close. You can move up or down in 90 minutes of football.

    European Domination-11.-may-results.png

    Definitely not how I wanted to end the season, but the question is were we able to survive the drop despite the two defeats to cap off the season.....

    European Domination-11.-may-table.png

    We did it. We survived the drop in our first season in the top division. Incredible achievement considering we were predicted to finish 20th this season. We survive on the last day of the season.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-02-03-21.32.46.png

    Player of the season for me is Husein Demiri. The 24 year old Macedonian international signed in the summer for 21k from the Macedonian First Division. He has had to fill in the shoes of Gjergi Rama and he has done so this season. 10 goals and 3 assists, plus a bunch of MOTM's gives him the player of the season award.

  38. Season 5 - 2020/21

    European Domination-delvina-albania.png

    July - December

    European Domination-1.-july-results.png

    Good start to the new season with Delvina. 2 wins and 1 lose in the league. The one lose came either side of the first leg of the cup. We made it through to the next round of the cup which is good as well.

    European Domination-1.-july-table.png

    Sitting in 6th place after three games of the season. Hopefully we can finish in and around this position at the end of the season, and I will be very very happy.

    European Domination-2.-august-results.png

    Another half and half month from the boys. 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 lose. Still keeping ourselves in and around the big boys which is really good to see.

    European Domination-2.-august-table.png

    5th place now after 8 games is very nice to see. Had a bit of luck with some of the games this month but that is was you need when you are near the top of the league.

    European Domination-3.-september-results.png

    Started off the month poorly, but it has picked up by the end of the month. 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses to cap off the month of September.

    European Domination-3.-september-table.png

    Moved up to 4th place now after 11 games of the season being played. Knocked out of the cup but the league form is picking up.

    European Domination-4.-october-results.png

    Unbeaten month but only 6 points achieved from a possible 12. 1 win and 3 draws for the month of October, but it does mean we are unbeaten in 7 competitive games.

    European Domination-4.-october-table.png

    Dropped down to 6th place now after that month. Despite being unbeaten, those 3 draws hurt us as all the teams around us were winning there games.

    European Domination-5.-november-results.png

    November hasn't helped us that much with 2 losses and 1 win. We need to find the form from previous months so we can bounce back up the table.

    European Domination-5.-november-table.png

    Dropped to 8th place now. 2 months ago we were 4th and now we can't find our form. I don't want to slip down into relegation territory.

    European Domination-6.-december-results.png

    Perfect month. 3 wins from a possible 3. That is exactly the kind of form that we have needed to bump us back up the table.

    European Domination-6.-december-table.png

    Those 3 wins move us up to 5th for the end of 2020. Lets try and build on this form and push for the top of the league.

  39. European Domination-delvina-albania.png

    January - May

    European Domination-7.-january-results.png

    We keep on rolling through the months. 6 games unbeaten for the month of January. 3 wins and 3 draws keeps our brilliant run going.

    European Domination-7.-january-table.png

    Still sitting in 4th position, only two points behind the team in 3rd place. 11 points is the gap between us and 1st position. Is the title a possibility?

    European Domination-8.-febraury-results.png

    Another perfect month. I don't what these players have been eating but it should be considering cheating because we cannot stop picking up 3 points in tough games.

    European Domination-8.-february-table.png

    Wow. What a time to be a football manager. That brilliant month has put us up into 2nd position and only 6 points behind the leaders. We are predicted to finish bottom this season. We are not supposed to be playing like this.

    European Domination-9.-march-results.png

    Only two games in the month of march. One win and one lose. Our unbeaten run ends with not many games left to play in the season. Would it be a costly defeat?

    European Domination-9.-march-table.png

    With 5 games left we are 4 point behind the leaders. Somehow top of the table Byllis had a terrible month, and we are slowly catching them up. Is the unthinkable about to happen?

    European Domination-10.-april-results.png

    This is exactly what we needed for the end of the season. 3 brilliant victories from 3 tough games. only two games left of the season to play, how close to the title are we?

    European Domination-10.-april-table.png

    You cannot get any closer than this. 4 point separates the two sides with 2 games to go. We have a game in head to play. We need a victory to stay in this title race, and push it all the way to the final game of the season.

    European Domination-11.-may-results.png

    We got the victory to put us one point behind with one game to play. It all comes down to the final game, and we draw at home. Top of the table Byllis played 19th placed, already relegated Besa to secure the title....

    European Domination-11.-may-table.png European Domination-divison-win.png

    They capitulated! We capitalised! They lost their game 2-1 and Delvina have won the Albanian First Division. What a triumphant occasion for the boys. Predicted last, finishes 1st. My legacy has been cemented in Albanian history.

    European Domination-poty.png

    What a season Gjergji Gjeka has had. Played at right midfield for most of the season, he still notches up 12 goals and 10 assists to catapult us up to first place. Kristin Jaupi finished the season with 16 goals, our top scorer. But credit must go to Cristian Olaleye who signed for us on a free in the winter window, and got 15 goals in 17 games to cement his quick success in the league.

  40. European Domination-delvina-albania.png

    And with that, the title win concludes the end of my time in Albania. I've had a great 6 or so years at the club. 2 promotions, 1 Top Tier Division win. But my career does not stop know. Europe still has a lot of countries to visit, and that is where I am going. I don't know specifically which country is next on my hit list, but I am sure it will be a fun ride.

    Goodbye Delvina. Goodbye Albania. I will always remember you as my first club. My first country. The domination of Europe...... continues.

  41. So I left Delvina and Albania just under a month ago, but it seems my success in the job has got me a new job relatively quickly. First interview I received, liked the club, slight money issues but can be easily sorted out. They seemed to like me as they offered me the job.

    The new country I have travelled to is in the East of Europe. One of these 8 countries is my next adventure. Can you guess where I've gone?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Lithuania.jpg
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  42. Name:  FK Lietava - Lithuania.png
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    After only a month out of the game, I got offered an interview by Lithuanian side FK Lietava. They liked me, I liked them, but before they offered me the interview and then subsequently offered me the job, I forgot to look at what league they were in. Fair to say I was thoroughly surprised.

    European Domination-screen-shot-2017-02-05-10.38.32.png

    We are starting our time in Lithuania in their top division. Lietava finished 5th last season! They sacked their manager for some reason, and I've got the job of a team who have finished in the top 5 of the league for the past 4 seasons. Let's hope my time in Lithuania is productive, as we could be leaving earlier than expected.

  43. Good work with the league title, now all the best in Lithuania mate

  44. Quote Originally Posted by dani3w View Post
    Good work with the league title, now all the best in Lithuania mate
    Cheers man, and thanks for following the story. Lets hope I can get Lithuania done quite quickly this time

  45. Season 6 - 2021/22

    Name:  FK Lietava - Lithuania.png
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    July - December

    European Domination-1.-july-results.png

    First month of charge of Lietava hasn't started off in the greatest fashion. 2 defeats and 1 win shows how I will have to change my style of play if I want to be successful here in Lithuania.

    European Domination-1.-july-table.png

    Sitting in 12th place after the first month of the season. Looking at the league in general, we are predicted to finish 8th this season, so it will be interesting to see who we will cope this year.

    European Domination-2.-august-results.png

    That is the kind of form I want to be seeing. 4 wins from 4 games suggests that my tactic does still work from my time in Albania. Long may this continue.

    European Domination-2.-august-table.png

    Wow, up to 4th place in the league already. Those four wins have rocketed us up the league table. Atlantas are defiantly the team to beat this year, they are in control so far.

    European Domination-3.-september-results.png

    Another really good month. 3 wins and 2 draws to cap of September. We played our first cup game of the season, and we qualified for the next round in comfortable fashion.

    European Domination-3.-september-table.png

    Up into European places now. I am very surprised at how well we are playing considering I have only been here a few months. Bringing in Olaleye from my old team Delvina has definitely helped us this season.

    European Domination-4.-october-results.png

    Another incredible month. What is this form we are in. 4 wins and 1 draw for this month, and we also get through to the next round of the cup with a win and a draw on aggregate sending us through.

    European Domination-4.-october-table.png

    We are top of the league. Say we are top of the league. This incredible unbeaten streak has seen us move above Atlantas into first place. Can we stay there?

    European Domination-5.-november-results.png

    No. No we can't. Honeymoon phase is over, as we suffer two defeats in the only two games of the month. Disappointing really, hoped we could build on our strong start to the season.

    European Domination-5.-november-table.png

    We drop down to 4th in the league now, but we are only 6 points of Atlantas in first place. Lets try and get back to winning ways now.

    European Domination-6.-december-results.png

    What an odd month. We make it through to the next round of the cup, but we also lose 3 out of the five league games this month. Im not sure why our form is dipping so much.

    European Domination-6.-december-table.png

    Lounging in 5th place know, 10 points off top spot who have a game in hand. Ending 2021 on a low note it seems, not to happy about how our league form is going. We need to change that in the new year.

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