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    Hi all,

    I'm fully aware this may be the wrong place to post something like this, and if so I apologise and I won't post about it again. However, it is a football manager story, it's just that I'm doing it on YouTube.

    I'm very new to the YouTube, so I'm still not really 100% sure if I'm doing it right, so really I'm just looking for feedback on my videos.

    If you're interested, I've just started a series with Red Star Belgrade with the aim of winning them their second Champions League trophy, something I'm sure many of you have done before. Here is the link to the video:

    Thank you for watching and any feedback would be appreciated as I can see this becoming a hobby for me and I want to make as high a quality video as I can



  2. I think if you want to embed Youtube video, at Reply box here we got option "Insert Video". I just checked, you can just put your youtube link there and I assume it will embed your video automatically in post.

    Another way as far as I can recall, Youtube also have option for users to embed their youtube BB Code into forums. Probably can check at your video option I guess.

  3. Ah thanks very much! I wasn't aware I could do either of those things! Hopefully it worked this time.

    If you're interested I post the video's daily, I'll post episode 2 here as well, but I don't want to spam the thread with videos, especially as its a story forum, although my series is a story it's not quite the same format as the forum so I understand if its not the right place to share this stuff.

  4. i think that should not be an issue. just post your videos, people will flocks to see or comments if they think it is interesting.

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