Win Every Single League? Not Possible Right...

  1. Win Every Single League? Not Possible Right...

    I started this save thinking I would make Ajax the best team in the world, but I got half way through the season and just couldn’t be bothered with staying at one club for a long time. So that is what made me try and do this challenge of winning every single league FM17 has got (Including Gibraltar).
    So of course with starting with Ajax my reputation was a higher then normal and I choose the highesrt rep and coaching badge to try and help with the coaching staff so that also helped quite a bit when I was looking for jobs.
    Anyway my first season with Ajax went pretty well.
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    As you can see we won the league by 18 points which is not bad considering I used a lot of youths throughout the season. These are the transfers that where made in the first season
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    As you can see I bought a lot of youth players and when I decided I was leaving at the end of the season I decided to make a huge signing and by doing so I signed Jack Butland for 23m and 23m over 6 months. Once he was signed he was the sole reason we went from 3 points ahead to 18 as we couldn’t stop winning. Well that was until the Europa Semi Final where this happened.
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    We won the first leg away 3-1 and then fuck knows what happened and we lost 4-1 and Jack Butland got a rating of 5.9 so he fucked up a lot.
    After winning the league I resigned and went looking for a new job. So where did I go next? Spain, England maybe Italy. Nope we went to the mighty Scottish leagues, but who with Celtic, Rangers, hopefully Hearts?? No we went for the Scottish Giants EAST FIFE in Ladbrokes League 1.
    When I took over the team had just finished 5th in the league so I knew all I would have to do is get a few good players in and a few backups and things would be different and we could hopefully get two league wins in a row. So these are the transfers I made for East Fife.
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    So I spent a lot of money, a massive 55k, which compared to the 62M I spent in my first season was a bit weird but we will go for it. The one thing I did do the same as Ajax was spend the most amount of money on a goalkeeper, best part was he only played 3 times. Anyway you are probably wondering what the league result was and if you couldn’t tell by Championship under the East Fife name we won the league, but that is not all.
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    We won the league by 22 points and again it was all down to the youth players I signed who were 2 and a half star when I got them in but when I left they were 3, 3 and half and in one case a 4 star. We went on a 20 game unbeaten streak which helped a lot.
    Anyway we are on a new team now, not going to say who ill let you guess that and I will be back at the end of the season to see how we did.

  2. Have you got the game on easy mode or something? Sceptical how you've won by such a big margin both years

  3. No I think I just got very lucky on both occassions, with morale being high with both squads and results elsewhere going my way it has happened.

  4. This is where I am going to be putting all the league titles I have won since starting this save.

    Eredivisie (Holland)
    Ladbrokes League 1 (Scotland)
    Chinese First Divison (China)
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  5. Season 3 – 2018/2019

    So this is a weird season for me as I was in charge of two different teams but I wasn’t sacked. I wasn’t enjoying being in charge of Arbroath as the board weren’t agreeing to anything I wanted and refused to let me release any staff members to replace them with betters ones, so I just resigned and it took me 5 months to find a new job in the lovely place that is Russia.
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    Things were bad when I first took over SKA Khabarovsk in the Russian First Division as they were sitting in 14th place with only being 3 points from the relegation zone. Things didn’t get off to the best of starts either with 3 of the best players being injured and only having 4 subs which made me have to use players out of position as I didn’t have a good youth players to put up to the first team. That meant we lost the first two games but as you can see from the schedule (highlighted matches are the ones I was in charge for) things got a lot better with us winning and drawing a lot and only losing 3 games.
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    Next season I am going to be bringing in a lot of players to give us a healthier squad and bring in high quality players in the attacking and defence areas and with a decent transfer budget I can do this.

    I only paid money for one player when I took over and for once it wasn’t a goalkeeper I paid money for.
    So no league title this season but hopefully next season I can add to my collection with a decent squad.

  6. All the best, I wish

  7. Cheers fella

  8. Season 4 2019

    So for some reason I have decided to move club yet again but this time I did so because they actually came to be and asked if I wanted an interview and as the Chinese leagues are my favourite to manage in FM I couldn’t say no and see if I could get the job.
    Win Every Single League? Not Possible Right...-xinjiang_tianshan_leopard_f.c._logo.png
    So I am now currently the manager of Tianshan who are in the Chinese first division. They were one place above the relgation zone when I took over and I had to make some choices as the squad depth was not there as we didn’t even have a backup right back so we had to rely on the under 21s to do a job for us. Lucky though we managed to get some good results and get the team to get their most ever points total which is great to get as I hope to improve the team loads in the transfer window.
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    So my aim for the transfer window is to get more quality players that can help challenge for the league title which means getting a better Chinese goalkeeper as right now im sure any shot that goes on target goes in as the one at the club currently is just terrible. Try and make sure I have at least 2 3 star players for each postion and take advantage of the 3 forgien player rule and get a good defender, midfielder and attack to add real quality to the squad.

  9. Season 5 2020

    So we are still in China but this time we are with a new club, the new club being
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    The reason I moved clubs is because YongChang had been 3rd in this division for the last 2 seasons and the manager had moved for a different club so I applied for the job to see what would happen and lucky for me I got accepted and moved the next day. The club is leaps and bounds better then TianShan and it was a great decision to move.
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    I am also very happy to see that after a 3-year gap since the last one we finally have won a new league and it is time to move to somewhere new. We won the league very comfortably which to be honest is not surprising at all as the team is the best in this division by miles.
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    I only brought in two players to the team and they were both great additions, Cheng Yaun came into the team and scored 19 goals in 30 games and came second top scorer of the team only being beaten out by top goal scorer of the league and fellow team mate Diego Maurcio. The other was a solid young midfielder who played every game and got an average rating of 7.1.

    As you can see from the table we won comfortably but TianShan came 4th which showed the transfer I made for them which was basically a whole new squad helped them out a bunch and wont be surprised if they get promoted next season.

    I am going to be moving club as a self given rule I have given myself is that after winning the league I moved club, this will just mean I wont get to attached to a club and want to stay their for to long and change the way the save is going to go.

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