Enter the 'Yes' man.
Who is the yes man? My alias is Vladimir Litkinov from Anadyr in the far far east of Russia.

What exactly is a yes man?

A 'Yes' man is someone who always says yes, to every job opportunity no matter how big or small, loyalty is non-existent, not even money is a factor. It's just the joy of being wanted.

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Vladimir, with the face of Russian PM Vladimir Putin.

Leagues Loaded:

I wanted to explore the lower leagues of Russia so the best place to look was the Russian FM Forum and boy they haven't disappointed, 5 tiers of Russian Football to throw myself into!

Player Count:

All players based in Russia, all players from top division clubs, with national reputation and in continental competition in Europe.

Oh yea, I'm also unemployed but there are a Siberian shedload of jobs available to start.