Ok, ok. So eagled eyed nerds like myself may be able to work out which team this is about, for everyone else, thats a quote from Disneys Hercules, to loosely tie in (i know it's real loose) with my newest save.
The demons at Steam had somehow conspired against me, so my regular Leeds save (three seasons in and in the EPL might i add) would not load.
Sooo its back to the drawing board. That 3 day cycle of trying to choose a team, scouting the budgets on fm base, figuring out which of your wonderkids will sign for your club, before inevitably settling for one of your two go-to clubs. The ones you have a soft spot for. Im a Leeds united supporter so obviously they're high on my list. Along with Inverness CT and Hercules CF.
With the Spanish Third tiers practically untouched by the forums, i figured i could be the one to do it.

So without further ado, i present.

A Herculean task

I should've gone with that for the name, ok, new thread name from now is "A Herculean Task, pt.I" etc.

General Info

Full name - Hércules de Alicante Club de Fútbol
Nickname(s) - Los Herculanos (The Herculeans)
Los Griegos (The Greeks)
Los Blanquiazules (The White and Blues)
Founded - 1922
Ground - José Rico Pérez, Alicante
Capacity - 29,500 (yes you read that right. A third tier spanish team bigger than some EPL stadia)

The reasons behind that are quite remarkable. See Los Herculanos are somewhat inconsistent. Bouncing from La Liga all the way to the third tier and back. In this time they've gone unbeaten in 4 against the mighty Barcelona, beating them twice in the same season and effectively handing the title to Real Madrid ('96-'97 season) and a 2-0 win at the Nou Camp when they were promoted again in 2010, ending the Catalan giants one year three month unbeaten run at home. Yet after this remarkable feat they finished 19th, and were relegated in last place from Segunda division at the end of 2014.

My primary endgame will be to establish what is undoubtedly a big club as a La Liga team. The team itself is certainly good enough to push for immediate promotion with little recruitment. With the right youngsters brought in and monitored perhaps they'll have grown to la liga standard in a few seasons. Im not going to get ahead of myself, and im not going to be fixated on back to back promotions, i think thats where they've been faultering. Aimlessly shooting for the top flight without the foundations in place to sustain it.

Im in this for the long haul.

Next up, staff and player recruitment and initial thoughts on a tactical plan.

Thanks for reading, and remember, giving up is for rookies