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Fiorentina – The New Italian Giants

  1. Fiorentina – The New Italian Giants

    Fiorentina – The New Italian Giants

    Fiorentina – The New Italian Giants-acf_fiorentina_2.svg.png

    So after growing bored of my Win Every League save, I decided on a new adventure. So after spending a couple of hours looking at challenges I could attempt had a look at the Italian league, league which has been run by 4 clubs during the last decade or so. Those being A.C. Milian, Inter Milian, Roma and of course Juventus. However one team you might of heard of who is basically the Arsenal of the Serie A is Fiorentina. This is a club that haven’t won a single bit of silverware since 2001 and haven’t won the league since 1969. My aim for the club is going to be to make them the biggest club in Italy and overtake Juventus as the most known club in Italy.

    · Win Serie A
    · Win Italian Cup
    · Win Italian Super Cup
    · Win Europa League
    · Win Champions League

    When I have achieved these aims I will count this save as complete.
    I have currently played 2 months into the save so I will show you what I have manged to achieve in that time.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	20170203031254_1.png
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    As you can see things where going very well at the start with us being undefeated in 4 games until Lazio came and ruined things and since then we have only managed to get a single point thanks to a nil-nil against Sassuolo. Something else you might notice is that our strikers have only scored on goal between them (I have 4 I am currently rotating around) and that was only against out last opponents Feyenoord and that was Kalinic.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	20170203031311_1.jpg
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    I only made 3 signings and they are very young with the oldest being Vido at 19, of course I had to spend the money on Donnarumma as I needed a new goalkeeper so why not splash for the best.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	20170203031341_1.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	20170203031350_1.jpg
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ID:	1101597

    This is the current squad I am using, and all the loan signings where already here when I took over and I am not able to terminate their loans yet, which is a shame as it meant we couldn’t sign any Non Eu players as the spots were already taken with players who wont even play.

    I am going to be updating this thread every 2 months of in game time to show progress and see how things progress, wish me luck.
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  2. looking good so far! will be following.

  3. Thanks fella

  4. October – November 2016

    (I need to say that this save crashed halfway through October and as I had auto save turned off, I had to start again. This means out Europa League draw is different but I made sure that all the outcomes of the matches were the same. This mean I won all the games I won and lost all the ones I lost)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20170204030730_1.jpg
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ID:	1101772

    We ended the last update with only picking up one point in 4 games, which meant we were slipping down the tables in both the Serie A and Europa League, this meant we needed a change to try and get better results and help our positions. As you can see things didn’t go to plan until after the West Ham game, we did manage a win with Atlanta but that was only because of an 88-minute penalty. We got a great goal in the 81st minute against INTER which then seemed to steamroll our mission on winning the league with winning 6 games out of 8 in the league and drawing the other two.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	20170204030743_1.jpg
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ID:	1101770

    As you can see we have went from 12th in the league to 5th which is 2 places above the predicted position we had from the media which I will take all day. Hopefully we can go even further up the table and get into the Champions league spots.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	20170204030721_1.jpg
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ID:	1101771

    I only made the one transfer since the last post and that was taking Gael Clitchy from Man City for 1.6 mil as I really needed a new left back and the board wants us to sign high profile player so thought why not.

    Anyway I will be back after the transfer window has closed and hopefully we have made some improvements to the squad.
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  5. December – January Season 1

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20170204214942_1.jpg
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ID:	1101901

    We were on a pretty good run on the last update, to bad we weren’t able to keep that form going with loses to Torino and A.C.Millian, but it is not the loses I am bothered about it is the numerous about of draws we have gotten. We can attack pretty well and with new signing Moses coming into the squad it has helped us out a lot up front, it is just the defence now we are making stupid mistakes at the back and with the board giving us no money for the transfer window and the only transfer I made was selling Nikola Kalinic for 11 million, I only got 7.75 mil to add to my budget which went on a decent striker.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	20170204215001_1.jpg
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ID:	1101902

    We have dropped down in the table to 6th which is out of the qualification spots but we are only a win away from 3rd so not to bad, just need to stop drawing stupid games.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	20170204220136_1.jpg
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ID:	1101903

    I only brought in 1 player and that is Victor Moses for 7.75 million and he is a great addition to the squad. I will also be bringing in Saido Berahino at the end of his contract to partner Moses up at the top of the field. This means in the summer I will be bringing in a lot of defenders to help out at the back and maybe bring in a youth striker with a decent potential for back up to the strikers.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20170204125721_1.jpg
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ID:	1101904

    In a bit of other news, I am the main man that both Southampton and Stoke City want to have take over their clubs, which was surprising seeing how I haven't applied or said I am looking for a new job but it is nice to know I am going to be recognized haha.

    My aim for the next 2 months is to not get destroyed by Manchester United in the Europa League and to try and get a place in the qualification spots.
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  6. I GOT SACKED!!!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20170205011508_1.jpg
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ID:	1101955
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20170205011209_1.jpg
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ID:	1101956

    I finished a game against Empoli and lost 2-0 and the board just sacked me, I was only 2 points from where the board wanted me to be with 9 games left to go which is more than doable. This looks like it is the end of this save just as I was starting to really enjoy it as well.

    If you could give me some ideas for a new save then I will do that and upload that as a new thread.

  7. Keep it going on this save

    I'd say keep this save going and apply for a couple of new jobs, especially with the interest you had from Southampton and Stoke

  8. That sucks! I would apply for other jobs and see where you end up!

    Could start a new thread when you get a job you like - or just start a new save all together....

  9. How did you find the Non-EU Rule? Im thinking of starting up a Lazio save but they have about 6 non EU Players...does the rule mean that only 2 of them can be registered to play? i dont really understand it...

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Andyplatt View Post
    How did you find the Non-EU Rule? Im thinking of starting up a Lazio save but they have about 6 non EU Players...does the rule mean that only 2 of them can be registered to play? i dont really understand it...
    As far as I can remember, that only applies to the number of players you can buy per season, meaning that you can only sign two "foreigner" players per season.
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