Create-a-Club - JLO FC - No Over 20's!

  1. Create-a-Club - JLO FC - No Over 20's!

    Hey guys!

    Second video is up from my brand new youtube channel!

    JLO FC are in the vanarama south and were looking to have a successful first season in existence with players aged 20 and younger!

    Starting the season off in this video with a preseason review including a home friendly against a full strength West Ham side!

    Thank you SO much if you take the time out to take a look I really appreciate it!

    Link is:

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  2. Third Ep Up!

    Third Vid Is Up!

    Getting use to the league in this episode with a few good results! Can we put together a few wins to climb up the league and put ourselves in a safe position from relegation?? Watch and find out!

    Again anybody who takes the time to take a look, I really appreciate it and it means a lot! Series is really coming along nicely now and already got some good footage for the next ep!

    Thanks Guys!
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  3. Hey Guys!

    Episode 4 is now out! Lots of goals involved so check it out! Would really really help me out if you could just take a second or two to have a look! Hopefully you enjoy and join the JLO FC adventure!

    As always any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank You!

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