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  1. Kaiserslautern - Back to glory

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    1. FC Kaiserslautern - a club with a great history. Winning the Bundesliga back in 1998, things have changed for the club. With the team now being in the 2. Bundesliga, winning the Bundesliga seems as unrealistic as Alaves winning the Primera Divison. My aim is to be promoted to the Bundesliga and finally bring the "Meisterschale" back to Kaiserslautern!

    After achieving to win the Bundesliga, I will see my mission as completed.

    So first things first, having played the pre-season so far, this is my squad:


    Kaiserslautern - Back to glory-goalkeeper.png
    Nothing too exciting here, I will play with Pollersbeck, who has a 5-star potential but I'm afraid his lack of determination will hinder him from fully reaching his potential.

    Kaiserslautern - Back to glory-defenders.png
    Vucur and Ewerton are my central defenders and quite strong. Vucurs arial ability is just rediculous. Unfortunately Ewerton is only on loan from Sporting, but we can sign him for 3.5 Mio. My wingbacks are Wijnaldum (whom I bought on a free, an absolute bargain) and Mudja.

    Kaiserslautern - Back to glory-midfielders.png
    My two key players are Ring and Moritz. When they perform, my team will too. I want to play with two inside forwards, unfortunately there aren't really exactly the players I would like to have for these positions. So I bought Maria on a free, we will see how he does as an inside forward from the left side. Kerk will be my inside forward on the right as soon as he is fit.

    Kaiserslautern - Back to glory-strikers.png
    Again, not the best of strikers. I loaned Reese from Schalke who can play a decend advanced forward and bought Yesil on a free as a substitute. Pryzybylko is a target man, I don't know if I like that.


    Kaiserslautern - Back to glory-tactics.png
    I want to play a possession based tactic. My central defenders should stay back all the time and close down much less, my wing backs need great work rate, positioning, crossing and stamina. Ring is the person responsible for taking the pressure of our central defenders, Moritz (in this case Frey, because Moritz is injured) needs to control our pace and is the brain of our system. Central midfielder Halfar plays on attack to support our offense and create chances and also score from time to time. Our wide midfielders are cutting inside, leaving space to exploit for our wing backs. Our advanced forward Reese is responsible for hitting the back of the net. And as you can see on the right bottom, that's me, looking smooth as hell.


    Not having the greatest amount of money to spend, I managed to get in quite some quality players:
    Kaiserslautern - Back to glory-transfers-20162017.png

    Reese will probably be my first choice for our advanced forward, Yesil gives some depth to our Squad. I'm extremely pleased with Wijnaldum, who immediatly got the starting spot as a left wing back. Maria is quite decend, he has the chance to improve quite a bit, nevertheless he only plays due to the fact he is the only player being able to play as an inside forward so far. Ristl is on loan from Stuttgart and a great talent, almost as good as Ring. Walczak is a decend central defender substitute, I sold Heubach for 1.1 Mio to Union Berlin and didn't want to lose on depth in our squad, so I brought him in.
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  2. Let's go Red Devils!

    The pre season was pretty good,winning every single match and conceiving only 2 goals. I know, all of the other sides were playing in leagues above the 2. Bundesliga, but nevertheless we pushed our moral and are confident to start the season!
    Kaiserslautern - Back to glory-pre-season-2016.png

    Unfortunately, Moritz is injured and will be missing for at least 3 weeks, a huge blow right before the start of the season.

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