Aaronmorrsi’s Journey Man Save

  1. Aaronmorrsi’s Journey Man Save

    After getting sacked for no reason by Fiorentina I decided on a new save, that is when I re discovered the save made by W4NKER where he completed the Pentagon Challenge and then went onto the champions league challenge. So I decided to do a similar kind of thing where I load up a lot of leagues and start from the bottom and work my way up. I am going to be taking a director of football sort of approach to this save as I will be making the tatics, signing the players and decided the squad but I will just instant result the games and see how far I can go. I will be using FM 17 Touch for this journey for the instant result button, plus the game goes a lot quicker on this version.

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    The first club I started with was FOR (Fortaleza Esporte Clube) in the third division of the Brazilian league. I joined the club half way through their league journey and the board only wanted them to avoid a relagation battle, but they were currently second so I just aimed to try and stay in the playoff zone. These are the results I got

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    This is the final table

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    And I got to the semi final of the third division league where I lost 3-0 overall which sucked. It was at the end of that game I decided on resigning and seeing what other jobs where available and see where my career is going to go. In the next post I will make a table so people are able to have a quick look at the progress I am making. Lets hope for a long save.

  2. Season Club League Nation Postion Win League?
    Third Division Brazil 1st
    2016-2017 Limavady United NIFL Premier Intermeditate Divison Northern Ireland 8th
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  3. Limavady United

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    I should really keep an eye on what position the clubs I am going to join are in before I join them. I joined Limavady United thinking they had just won the league and things were going to be fun. But boy was I wrong, when I took over they were bottom of the league with 7 points between them and the next team who were out of the relegation zone. The thing is the squad was easily the best squad in the league hence why they won it the year before, when I took over I used the same tactic that did pretty well in the Brazilian league and tried to see what I could do. With the club being semi-professional I had to make sure I could keep the players for as long as possible which was a struggle especially when they started playing well.

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    This what I managed to do with the games we had left, the only challenge I had was to get out of the relegation zone, so with the results I got I was very happy with my final overall position of the club.

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    As the club was semi-professional and already in £100,000 in debt (not my fault) I couldn’t offer any contracts to my good players so I knew they would all end up leaving. Which meant I was time to move clubs again. So far my record is 1 promotion and one successful relegation battle so teams everywhere hire me.

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