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Vfl Bochum - reaching for the "Meisterschale"

  1. Vfl Bochum - reaching for the "Meisterschale"

    Vfl Bochum - reaching for the "Meisterschale"-vfl_bochum_logo.svg.png

    Vfl Bochum - a club with a great history. However, since the relegation in 2010 from the Bundesliga, the club is struggeling. Even though they have great youth facilities, a bit like 1860 Munich they never really reached their full potential. But what the heck is their full potential? I say nothing less than winning the Bundesliga! My aim is to be promoted to the Bundesliga and finally bring the "Meisterschale" to Bochum!

    After achieving to win the Bundesliga, I will see my mission as completed.

    Bochum's History:

    Vfl Bochum - reaching for the "Meisterschale"-history_bochum.jpg

    It feels good to be here. I know I can lead this club to glory. After firing half of my staff and accostumize it in the way I want it to be, I think me and my coaching team will be able to start something great here.

    The Squad

    Vfl Bochum - reaching for the "Meisterschale"-squad_bochum_16.jpg
    As you may see, we have quite an impressive defense here. Also, our central midfielders are determined and real leaders, I like that. The teamwork in this squad is also pretty high, from which we will hopefully profil throughout the season. However, there are two striking points. First: there is no left midfielder in my squad, what a bummer. Second: With Quatschner, who is on loan from RBL we only have one capable striker in our team. I need to fix this. Having a transfer budget of only 300.000€ I need to find some bargains and/or loans to fix this problem.

    The Tactics

    Vfl Bochum - reaching for the "Meisterschale"-tactics_bochum_16.jpg

    This asymetric tactics will hopefully lead to the results I want to have. Starting with the back four, the central defenders are here to defend. Not much more, I cannot expect them to play passes like Boateng or Pique. Hoogland is there to make sure our center is closed. The right back has a defense duty, maybe I will put him on support but the right midfielder will operate as a Raumdeuter, which means basically he does not defend too well. The left back should absolutely attack, and in combination with our (yet to come) left midfielder he will be a constant pain in the ass for our opponent. In order not to waste the space behind our right midfielder, the central midfielder will either play as a box to box midfielder or a central midfielder, he has got a lot of work to do. The attacking midfielder will be our playmaker, hopefully creating a lot of chances for our advanced forward to score.

    Vfl Bochum - reaching for the "Meisterschale"-tactics2_bochum_16.jpg

    I'm not sure about the exact instructions yet, I want a lot of creative freedom for the two in the front but a stable back four, so we will see.
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  2. good luck mate

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