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Aston Villa: Past, Present and Future

  1. BBC Aston Villa: Past, Present and Future

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    Aston Villa, Randy Lerner and underachieving

    In 2016 Aston Villa, one of the few clubs to have been a constant in the Premier League since its inception were relegated to the Championship.Under the tenure of owner Randy Lerner, financial mismanagement and poor decision making led to this eventuality.

    Aston Villa: Past, Present and Future-randy-lerner.jpg (Randy Lerner)

    In 2015 Villa recorded a total revenue of 116 Million pound, the tenth highest in the league that season. Less then Newcastle, Everton and West Ham but ahead of teams like Southampton, Leicester and Swansea. This financial position only served to make the club's relegation all that more frustrating.
    The club's revenue from that year breaks down into:

    £14 Million - Matchday Income
    £28 Million - Commercial
    £71 Million - Broadcasting

    Out of context, these are healthy figures. With a 65% reliance on the league's inflated television deal, better then many other clubs and the seventh best commercial deal in the league. Yet much like Sunderland under Ellis Short, Villa have suffered from a lack of organic growth in revenue throughout the last decade. Relying heavily on their owner's investment.

    As a result of this, the club failed to make a annual profit during Lerner's tenure. With a loss of £28 Million in 2015, contributing to total losses accumulated throughout the previous nine years of 250 million pounds.

    Lerner's inconsistent approach to financial management was one of the reasons for the club's struggles. This manifested in periods of great expenditure followed by periods of frugal cost cutting. In Lerner's final year of ownership the club spent 52 million pounds on player transfers. Bringing in Idrissa Gueye, Jordan Ayew, Rudy Gestede, Jordan Amavi and more. Their new players helped them earn 17 points and relegation.

    276 million pound was spent for transfers during Lerner's ownership. With a net spend of 123 million pounds.With hindsight it can be suggested that this had more to do with poor player purchases and low sell on values rather then a club holding on to its best players.

    A frequent turnover of managers also contributed. Not just on the field but off it. Throughout Lerner's tenure. The club recorded 30 million pounds in exceptional costs. These costs included paying off fired managers and reducing the value of particular players.

    Generally speaking the issue wasn't with Lerner's intent but with his ability. He bought the club for 66 million pounds in 2006 and invested around 300 million pounds. This being said he hired poorly in coaching roles and in the boardroom.

    Chinese Businessman Dr. Tony Xia finally relieved Lerner of Aston Villa in 2016. Paying 52 Million Pounds for a 100% stake in the club and then paying a further 24 million pounds to clear the clubs overdraft.

    Aston Villa: Past, Present and Future-tony-xia.jpg(Tony Xia)

    Since then the new owner has invested heavily in the squad spending over 50 million pounds in the 2016 summer transfer window.

    With Villa's parachute payments seeing the club earn a estimated 40 million pounds from broadcasting income this season, which is significantly more the Championship average (5 Million Pounds). Focus must now be on regaining their premier league status before the parachute payments deplete after three seasons.

    Xia has said his aim is for Aston Villa to be a "Top 6 Club" within five years and one of the best three clubs in the world in the long term future.

    The future appeared brighter but with two managers already been sacked this season (Roberto Di Matteo and Steve Bruce) the supporters will already be hoping this isn't just history repeating itself.

    As of today's date 15th February 2017 Aston Villa find themselves in huge trouble:

    Aston Villa: Past, Present and Future-sky-bet-championship_-overview-stages.png

    Languishing in 18th position and only three points above the relegation zone. Unknown Desmond Pugh has been assigned caretaker manager until the end of the season.

    His assignment is simple: Keep Aston Villa in the Championship!
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  2. Aston Villa: Past, Present and Future-soccer-tactics-board.jpg
    Feb 15th 2017

    As i arrive at the office i realise that there is no assistant manager and half of the backroom staff had either been fired or had walked out. My first task was to find a assistant manager.

    As i was largely unknown by the supporters i wanted to get someone in who Aston Villa fans could relate to. A former player perhaps a fan favourite i ended up getting in:

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    David Platt

    David Platt is a villa favourite and arrives with a wealth of experience to his name. The former England u21 manager and Manchester City coach arrives to assist me with galvanising the players for these final thirteen games of the season.

    Me and 'Platty' sat down and look at the squad

    We noticed that the quality in the squad was at a good standard for this level, we both looked at each other confused. How is this team in this position?

    We sat and watched hours of this season's games and got to work about finding away to start winning games.

    First up was Brentford away....

    Aston Villa: Past, Present and Future-brentford-v-aston-villa_-preview-line-ups.png

    I decided that a 4-3-3 formation was best to go with. I told the team to attack from the first whistle and to play for the supporters. The pressure starts now. Every game is a must win game and it started against Brentford. I prayed for a first win...

    Aston Villa: Past, Present and Future-brentford-v-aston-villa_-pitch-split.png

    A great first win in charge of my beloved club. We were dominant throughout and a clean sheet was a added bonus. The team played brilliantly from start to finish and i am keen to take this performance into the next game...

    The 2nd city derby against BIRMINGHAM CITY
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    What a game to have in just my second game in charge. All throughout the week i was letting the lads know that Zola's Birmingham side like time on the ball. If we pressed high up the field and got stuck in then we should come away from the derby with all three points...

    Aston Villa: Past, Present and Future-aston-villa-v-birmingham_-pitch-split.png

    So a 1-1 draw isn't too bad. We dominated for large parts and hit the bar twice through Scott Hogan. The lads got the message from training and took it a bit too far. Seven Cautions and a nice £5,000 fine for our efforts courtesy of the F.A.

    However we were still unbeaten after two games and with eleven games left it was important to keep this run going.

    Aston Villa: Past, Present and Future-sky-bet-championship_-overview-stages.png

    With eleven games left it was crucial to pull away and secure safety

    (Note i will update with 3 games a post until end of the season... Hope you are enjoying it

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